Oh Happy Day!

UPS delivered a small book box today – could it be an advance copy?

Oh my gosh, it was so exciting!  There it was in front of me!

AND a personal note from Jennifer Keltner, Publisher & Chief Visionary Officer, Martingale.

The book retails for $25.99 plus postage which will require me to take a single book in a mailer to the post office to see what that will cost.  Please don’t send your check until I can do that on Monday and then I’ll let you know.

And now while I have your attention I’m going to try to post those missing pictures from yesterday that didn’t post for some of you.

I hope these show up – here’s a couple more.

And more projects!


And I leave you with a thought – who could imagine my current pet peeve – setting my cane down in chicken manure and then bringing it into the house?  Haha!  You just have to see the funny side of things!

56 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. Carla J

    Oh wow! New book looks wonderful! Yes, another birthday treat to myself. Maybe a bit early but I’m not telling anyone else. Checkbook is ready, lol.
    Your tree photos are scary, glad you are safe.
    Closing ads when I get to the blog page, none in emails.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Off to cut and stitch.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    How exciting to have another book published with your quilts. I can’t wait to make the cover one.

  3. Penny C Maryland

    Oh happy day is right! A great Friday the 13th. I must have you New book, I love what I see so far! I will need one for my Sister -in-laws too. She an her husband belong to a civil war reenactment group and she has just started quilting!

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    Love the new book!! I see some things for when the snow flies!!
    Your pet peeve…I am sure you aren’t the only who might do the same thing!! LOL!
    Hoping the rain and storms are done for a little bit, I am ready for some sunshine…soon.
    Is Reed working on anything right now? I am sure he was disappointed with the fair judges, I thought he did a wonderful job on his first quilt. Blue ribbon in my estimation! I hope he enters more next year.

  5. Susan in PA

    Your book is lovely and the quilts are made from my favorite fabrics. Congratulations.
    Speaking of pet peeves, my friend just slipped and fell in cow pucky this week and had to disrobe in the barn because her clothes were such a mess. I’ll bet that was a sight. She is our age. Fortunately the only thing bruised was her dignity.

  6. Dee Winter

    Chicken Manured! Only us country girls have those problems. Love your pictures, lots of bad storm damage here also.

  7. Jan B from TN

    Wow! That was some big tree! So glad damage was minor & no one was hurt!
    Love the new book! Guess I’ll have to put that on my Christmas wish list this year!
    Have a great weekend!

    I hope you read my comment on your 9/12/19 post. I only posted it tonight because I’m once again playing catch-up with my emails. That post was my thoughts about your blog posting, ad closures, etc. It’s way down at the bottom of all those comments on that day! 😉

  8. Kathy

    So good you are back! I can t get enough of daily life stories. And Hazel, my favorite. So photogenic.
    You are right. Your book cover is so so gorgeous.

  9. Chris in NW PA

    Your pictures came through perfectly. The book is gorgeous. Looking forward to ordering
    the book.

  10. Diane Bauer

    You deserved to get that special package in the mail today after the week (and month!!!) you’ve had!! Congratulations!! It is beautiful!! I will be ordering the book just as soon as you post the total to send!! In the meantime, the Count and the Gameboard patterns arrived today, so I’ve got projects to keep me busy!

    Your pet peeve provided a chuckle! I agree with the above–perhaps you need two canes!

  11. Joyce from NY

    All the pictures came through just great. Your new book is beautiful and love the new picture of the bullseye quilt & that cute table topper, love the colors in it. Closed 3 ads, hope it helps.

  12. Pat Smith

    Most people who need a cane aren’t out where the cane could get in manure. I say, more power to you! Also, it makes for great laughs. The book looks wonderful and I look forward to ordering a copy when it is available. Really exciting to have a book that will be enjoyed by so many.

  13. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    Love all the pictures! Especially the one of your two pups trotting across the tree trunk! But I’m sorry your snow blower and tiller were wiped out.

    Your new book looks like another winner! Well done!

    Hearing about your encounter with manure makes me laugh. I’m sure those of us living around farm animals can all share a tale or two… haha!

    Have a great weekend, all!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  14. Carol Reents

    I am so glad you reposted the missing pictures. You have had so much trouble lately I hated to say that some pictures didn’t post. I can’t wait to have time to make that little 2 1/2 square pieced quilt.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Congratulations on your new “baby” I can’t wait to meet her…she’s beautiful.
    Chicken manure is a very nice way of putting it, I think I’d call it something else! I’m sure you did many times over.
    Thanks for the chuckle

  16. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Love the sneak peek at your new book! Plus your sense of humor….glad you are safe!

  17. Marsha Ransom

    How exciting it is to get those advance copies!! This looks like a must-have – your designs & Martingale combined = irresistible! 🙂

    Sorry for the tree mess – btdt, too!

    Looking forward to more blog posts!

  18. Teresa

    Such a nice gesture for your publisher to include the personal note. I’m excited to get the new book! Mary, you and Connie just keep coming up with design after design and I’m so thankful that your retirement from the shop wasn’t a retirement from designing and sharing your love of fabric arts with the world.

    Big game day tomorrow in Iowa. Will give you a reason to sit down and put your knee up. Hoping for a Cyclone victory!

  19. Marie Fibelstad

    Just a suggestion with the cane incident, tie baggie on cane when out doing chores and then throw away!!!
    Love the new book cover and pictures. Marie

  20. patti leal

    your new book looks wonderful. congrats. i love all the quilts. all the finishes look wonderful. thank for not giving up on talking to us. quilty hugs, patti in florida

  21. Becky from IA/TX

    Not bad for Friday the 13th…..new book….great posts on the blog and chicken poop…..what a day! Cant wait to get the book….love the cover quilt

  22. Cindy Karas

    Yeah!!! Everything came thru today! Oh, the book looks wonderful, it’s just great everything is going well-chicken poo on your cane is easier to fix than a blog!! Tomorrow morning 2500 people on bikes will be riding by our house it is just the coolest noise. The sun is supposed to shine-I hope so it’s been cold and rainy since September arrived. Cindy in nw wis.

  23. Sunflower from Michigan

    Thanks for posting the missing pictures. I love seeing the quilting projects and absolutely loved Lynn’s rug from a few days ago. The new book is beautiful. Enjoy the football games this weekend, Michigan has a bye but I’ll watch the other games. I’m closing lots of ads.

  24. Barb K

    I can only imagine how exciting it must be to get a first look at your own new book–and it looks like a great one–Wow!!! Am so glad your posts are working again–I really enjoy all your pictures from your daily life and all your animals, flowers and collections–quilts and otherwise. Your newly found Swan vase is lovely–I have a set of Swan planters with a mother and three small ones following her–they have very long beaks and necks in the air.

  25. Charlotte

    So sorry about the tree but so delighted about your new book. Congratulations to you and Connie. It looks moving and beautiful and I look forward to ordering my copy.

  26. Andria R. in CA

    I love the pic of your pups exploring the tree. So precious! I’m glad everyone was safe.
    We had a huge tree in our backyard come down during a bad storm back in May. It missed the roof of our bedroom by mere inches and took the gutters off on it’s way down. It was 3 o’clock in the morning and the sound was horrendous. Like your tree, ours had apparently been rotting inside for years.

  27. Jean

    Oh gosh. What a great blog today! Those quilts!! The cover one is SO great. Kudos to both you and connie .

  28. Marilyn

    Mary you are the best of the best. Thank you for all do to make this so much a joy to read and see the pictures you post, the stories of life to go with. And now a new book I can’t wait b8 I will until Monday. God continue to bless you. Marilyn

  29. Mary Ann

    Love reading your posts because we all relate in one way or another to what you share. I am so excited about your next book.

  30. Rita AM in CT

    Glad that your back. Love the picture of the dogs walking on the fallen tree they look so happy to have a new thing to explore.
    Congratulations on the book it is another must have.
    I refreshed and closed a dozen ads.

  31. Mary

    I didn’t get any pictures in your post. And only got one picture in the last post. Don’t know why some people did and I didn’t.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – try clicking on blog post title or our logo and see if the pictures show up.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Try clicking on the title of the post or our logo and see if you get the pictures.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – sat am and I posted again. See if you get the pictures when you click on the link

  32. Luci

    Sorry, but I didn’t get any pictures this time, whether or not I clicked on the link. I closed all the ads, though.

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