Bullseye Quilt Pattern

Many of you have forgotten what the Bullseye Quilt looks like.  Here is Connie’s quilt.  If you think you might want to refer to this info down the road, please save it now.

Here is a closeup of it after it was quilted and before and after washing.


This single sheet pattern can be ordered for $3.00 and a SASE sent to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

Last Saturday we visited Rick’s brother and his wife – their 2 daughters were home from Colorado for the weekend.  Their families didn’t come along this time – it was fun to just sit and chat with them.  They’re both busy of course with jobs, families and pastimes. Here are Jen and Amy.

28 thoughts on “Bullseye Quilt Pattern

  1. Kathy in western NY

    I love love love the bullseyes quilt I made and just tonight I put together a backing for mine and will sandwich it tomorrow at a local church sew days. Looking forward to using it this winter. Appreciate the close up of Connie’s machine quilting. Nice picture of the girls visiting.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, you should have been getting “self addressed, self stamped” envelopes when we order patterns. And put the name of the pattern ordered at the top of your Country Threads address so you can see what we would like quickly. This would make it so much easier for you.
    The new book cover looks great. And September is almost half gone……. time does fly fast when we are busy having fun. Are we having fun yet? Betty

  3. Launa

    Mary, Nice to see Connie’s finished Bullseye 🎯 quilt again. I need to quilt my Bullseye runner.
    Closed 4 or 5 ads.
    Always nice to visit family! Looks like the sisters were having a great weekend!
    Football Thursday here!

  4. Becky from IA/TX

    Got all the pictures…..clicked on ads. All is good. Love that Bullseye Quilt. I think you could make it out of anything and it would be stunning!

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Looks like all had a great visit.
    The ads are slow to load on my iPad, but I will click them sooner or later.
    It’s becoming sweatshirt weather!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Really enjoyed hearing about the trials of raising young adults – something I know nothing about! Smile!

  6. Tina W.

    I think it’s working! The header doesn’t say “not secure” anymore and everything came through perfectly!
    Looking forward to your new book release! Have my #5 top completed. Now just need to figure out how to quilt it.
    Tina in Oregon

  7. Lisa B

    I looked at past blogs and somehow thought the Bullseye pattern was $8 so that is what I sent you yesterday. Along with $5 more for the Game board pattern. No envelope but did send an address label. Boy, did I ever screw that up. So sorry. Keep the extra..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      And for $8 you’ll get the full pattern with cover sheet and photo! I still have a few – all is good. I’ll watch for your order.

  8. Donna A

    Well, I got part of the pictures, so that’s a start. I so enjoy your blog…read it every day!!!

  9. Jean

    I love Connie’s bullseye quilt! She has a way with fabrics. I’m still waiting for the picture you promised of her anniversary quilt that the country threads girls made for her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, I am sorry, Jean! I did forget – can’t imagine what else has been on my mind! I’ll shoot Connie a text right now!

  10. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love Connie’s bright, cheery Bull’s Eye. I have done two of these in the past, both with Civil War fabrics; this inspires me to try it again with lighter, brighter, pieces for a change. I know you enjoyed your family visit, so much fun!

  11. Connie Heffner

    Only about half the pictures came through for me. Just big blank boxes on the ones that didn’t. Darn, I love your pictures.

    1. Janice Hebert

      I just love Connie’s Bullseye quilt! Such bright, cheery colors. I envy the stash of fabrics both of you have! Maybe I’ll find a quilt group nearby and we can swap fabrics. Your visit with Rick’s family must have been so enjoyable. Pretty girls. It’s beautiful here in Topsfield today. Rain tomorrow. Was hoping to go to our camp in NH but will wait until Sunday. Sounds like a nice stretch of days next week. I feel guilty leaving here though, so many peaches on the tree, raspberries in the garden and the tomatoes! My peaches are turning brown before ripening, not sure what’s going on. I’m so sad, they are such good peaches. I am getting some nice ones but so many are rotting right on the tree. Jan in MA

  12. Lyn.

    I have made 5 Bullseye quilts over past 10 years approximately. All flannel save one! Absolutely love this method. So addictive!!! Thanks for sharing again

  13. Candy

    Mary, I know you did a whole quilt-along on the Bullseye quilt in January and answered a hundred questions, but I don’t recall reading anything about whether you clip the edges of the circles like you do for a flannel “ragtime” quilt. It doesn’t look like it in the photos, but I’m just not sure. I think I’ll join the quilt-along now … ha, ha! Maybe I’ll get it done … a year late! Thanks for your help. By the way, I did a long-winded reply to your question about “Beaver Fever”, but it didn’t post. Anyway, the shorter answer is that it’s a parasitic illness officially called “Giardiasis”. People get it too, but it’s a different variety. I won’t bore all the non-doggie people (who?) with more details … LOL!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy – your explanation did post and I thanked you for that info. Circles do not need to be clipped. Did you look at the closeup photo of Connie’s Bullseye?

  14. Jan from TN

    Closed 4 ads. Should have been 6 but 2 “long” ads on the side weren’t really ads, just long rectangular yellow spaces, where ads usually are. Hmmm……….Love Connie’s Bulls Eye quilt!

  15. Connie

    I’m not receiving any new posts since the bullseye quilt post, even though I see that new posts have been made recently. I’ll keep watching for new posts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie – check your settings and resubscribe if you have to or go directly to the blog from your online browser.

  16. Paula Philpot

    Just read this one and saw the two girls Ads are there but none to close with the X. Paula in ky

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