A New Beginning For Chicken Scratch

This is the day the Lord hath made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

One of my favorite verses is how I’m going to start this day which is a sad day in Garner.  A young vibrant 51 year old mother dropped dead of a heart attack and today is her funeral.  It’s just too overwhelming to imagine for her family and friends.

Back to the storm – the huge tree was likely one of the original maple trees which were planted in a row when this farm was begun.  It was rotten in the trunk so it’s not surprising that it succumbed to the wind but Rick worked all day at trimming it up and hailing the limbs away to the north side of the grove.  The firewood size limbs were laid off to the side for now.  Oh, how God was watching out for us because the tree actually landed in the clearing with just a few branches touching the lawn mower shed which is full of expensive mowers!

So it took out the tiller and the snow blower but it could have been so much worse!  The dogs had a great day exploring it while Rick worked.

We moved the blog to a new server this week and that’s why I’m marking this day as a new beginning – I will hope for the best!  Although last nite a goofy post from last March appeared in Denise’s email along with many comments.  Did lots of you get that post?  It’s impossible for me to tell.  The ad clicks seem to be down so it makes me worry that the posts are not reaching some of you.  The stats say I have 2600 subscribers but I’m not so sure.

Now here is some great news and what I’ll be showing you through the weekend – our new book, A Country’s Call, with the most beautiful cover I’ve ever seen!

THIS cover quilt is the one I personally want to make exactly like the original – when can we do that?????

And now for some finishes and works in progress from Readers.


Here is Lynn’s rug in stages – one of the prettiest rugs I’ve ever seen and I want to make one in this color way, too.u

And another great Frank with his cat companion.

And one of our readers is a beginning quilter who started (?) with a raggy quilt for FFA.

Since the blog problems started on July 24 I have amassed almost a dozen books to give away.  I will show some in my next post.

And now, My Friends, I’m going to hit the publish button and say a prayer that my blog problems are over!

144 thoughts on “A New Beginning For Chicken Scratch

    1. Judy Gnade

      Mary, i’m So hopeful that your blog issues have been resolved. Prayers for continued success! Blessings, Judy

  1. Marie Beers

    Looking forward to the new book. I hope your computer problems are over as you are like a visiting friend every day.

  2. Marsha Ransom

    Oh, my, what a week you have had! We had heavy rain last night but thankful that the tornado 60 miles north of us stayed up there. Many out of power, lots of damage.

    This blog post came through just fine but I don’t know what the ad click part is about.

    I want to make one of those rugs someday when my life settles down. Not sure when that will be since our daughter moved back home 3 years ago and now we have a 2-year old granddaughter living with us as well. But life is good!


  3. MartyCae

    So happy that you didn’t have worse damage with that tree. But oh what a pain clean up is.
    No ads for me to click on this post.
    Cannot wait for the book. The cover is gorgeous.
    Beans are starting to turn in Emmet County – oh goodie!

  4. Marilyn In CT

    I hope this is your new beginning! I did get the post from March 2018 yesterday. That tree looks huge! No ads to click on.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Things are looking good Mary, can’t wait for the book to be available. The rugs are gorgeous and Frank is frankly scary. Mine is still in progress Xs three.
      In store for another stormy night, alerts already coming through.

  5. Marie Fibelstad

    Love the cover of the new quilt book.
    Haven’t started my rug but have the instructions and probably wait till winter when snowed in.
    Marie, IA

  6. Sue in Oregon

    What a great blog post, Mary. All photos seemed to have come in loud and clear and are So-o-o interesting. That tree just kind of blew up, didn’t it? And, aren’t the dogs having a good time. So cute.
    Oh, that rug. I love it. I am still working on getting mine warped. I keep having to cut more lengths. Also, got very busy these last few days.
    I am overwhelmed with garden produce right now, but beginning to see the end. Yah!
    The book cover is gorgeous and so is the quilt.
    Wishing you calm and easy blogging from now on.

  7. Carla

    Blog came through just great. Closed 6 ads too.
    Glad you were so fortunate with your tree. Big clean up going on in the next counties as tornadoes were on the ground for a bit last evening in western Michigan. We live to close Lake Michigan that our bad storms usually cause old trees to come down and worse winds are straight lines not swirls.
    Love the new book cover quilt. Looks to me a must make sooner than later quilt. Looking forward to the details.
    Rambled long enough, off to make cookie dough, then mid day big meal and my kitchen work will be done for the day so I can play with needle and thread.

  8. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Blog looks great! I only had three ads to close, I snapped those babies shut with a vengeance!
    Your Scripture verse is great. In fact, our pastor can often be heard singing it in the church hallways!

  9. patti leal

    yes! you made the decision to move to a new server. hopefully your headaches with the blog are over. God was definitely looking out for you with that storm. the finished pictures are great. love the yellow rug. i was just planning on random plaids on mine – red, blues, purple, etc can’t wait for your new book. do you know when it will become available? yeah, like i’m ready to sew. i’m still cutting out HIPS. so happy to think your blog issues are over. i make sure i close ads, everytime i see a post from you. quilti hugs, patti in florida

  10. Beryl in Owatonna

    God is so good!! The equipment can be replaced, you two can’t or you precious animal friends. Can’t get fire wood much closer to home!! LOL!
    The pictures came through just fine…no ads in what I received. Let’s hope this new server will be the answer.
    So sad to read of the damage in Souix Falls. We got alot of rain, more last night and more to come today. The sump pump is almost running all of the time! That is a good thing or there might be an indoor swimming pool here that wouldn’t be welcome!!
    Stay dry and safe!

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      After I posted my note…I had 6 ads to click on!! They weren’t there until I submitted my email!!

  11. Carolyn Boutilier

    Lets hope the blog is straightened out. the good Lord was watching out for you when that huge tree fell. It could have been a lot worse. Love love that quilt in the snow on your cover of your new book. there is a star block I have never made and I want to try it in this quilt. We were 92 yesterday and today the same but storm coming in this evening and only in the 70’s tomorrow. My kind of weather. New glasses today so Hopefully I can see colors and nature after having 2 cataract surgeries.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  12. Martha

    The photo with the sled and the name “A Country’s Call” is heartwarming. I live in Maine and that photo exemplifies the beauty of winter and quilts and the call of the country for all those who choose to be in such places.

  13. Angie from Baltimore

    New day and new beginning!!!
    I only had three ads which I clicked on so hope you get credit.
    We love you articles and hope this new server because we don’t want you to stop.

  14. Sharon Lowy

    Such a nice restarting place though I am sorry about the loss of your young friend. Sorry too about the tree, snowblower, etc. looks like Hazel has it under control. About the ads, they weren’t there when all the bad things were transpiring…at least not on my iPad. The “not secure” is still there.

    Love the quilt on the sled! It is stunning and in such a pretty color grouping.

  15. Alice

    I also received the post from March. This one came through great! There were no ads to close. So went back to the beginning & clicked on your banner & ads came up. I was able to close 5. Closing ads seems to be different for many of us, but most of the time this works for me.

  16. Debra Miller

    So sorry for all the work and damage involved with the tree and glad it didn’t crush the building or hit your house. We too have had several large trees fall this year. They were in the pasture and nothing was damaged. We have had deaths recently in our family and friends of people relatively young. We must accept and carry on.
    The post looked amazing! Lots of clear pictures, lots of ads-all able to close but 1. I did receive the throw back post last night and was like-it’s snowing in Iowa? Then I saw the date. It also vanished when I closed it. Take care and thanks for hanging in there on fixing the blog!

  17. Brenda

    Mary all through your troubles I always got you text but no pictures. Always ads to close. Today got pictures ads and text. Hope this is the beginning of a new day.
    Love the blog !!!!!

  18. Sharon Ray

    Hers hoping your blog works out. I could only see ads in the comment section (1) before and 2 after the section.

  19. Deb

    You are so dedicated to your blog readers to stick with it and find a solution to the hacker problem. I hope all the problems are behind you. I used to close ads but recently I’ve received your entire blog on email instead of having to click a link that brings me to your actual blog page where the ads are. I did not receive the blog post you talked about. Love your blog and the pictures of your farm and readers pictures of their projects! I have to make more rugs!

  20. Judt S

    Hope all goes well with the blog. If I read the post in gmail on my mobile there are no ads to click. I have to go the web to get ads. This may be why your numbers are down.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, this is the reason exactly. Many readers won’t go to the trouble of going to our blog site.

  21. Judy in MO

    Blog is looking good! I closed all ads so that should get your numbers up. That cover photo is wonderful. I want to make it too.

  22. Chris H. in Washington

    That looks like a huge tree. I’ve closed 8 ads although it looked like there was a duplicate one. I’m praying that the blog will be good to go on the new server. You certainly worked hard on it! When will the new book be out? Love the cover! Hope you have a blessed day. So sad about the young mother having a heart attack and going home to the Lord. 😢
    P.S. I believe I read that the Bullseye pattern was available. I can’t find the post but would love to purchase a copy. Could you let me know the cost and I’ll get a check in the mail. 💕

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I’m going to post that Bullseye picture and ordering instructions in a new post – hang on!

  23. JudyE Rochester, Mn

    Hurray Mary! Here’s hoping and praying the blog problems are over!
    It rained so hard a while ago this morning, that I couldn’t see across the street. There is a flood watch out too. Just heard more rain coming this afternoon and tonight. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny and in the upper 60’s.
    I love the pictures of Hazel “supervising “the tree removal.
    Looking forward to your new book!

  24. Lynn Handberg

    I did not receive the March blog, which is good!
    I clicked on 5 or 6 ads, also good.
    Pictures came through with no problem.
    Hope this is now the winner for you!

  25. Mary Meyer

    Inspiring & beautiful quilt on book cover.
    Praying for the young mother and her family.
    Always impressive how God takes care of us by landing fallen trees where they will do less damage!

  26. Beth T.

    What a beautiful cover for the new book. Today’s post was full of hard news and good news, the way some days seem to go. Helps to go through it together. Thanks for hanging in with the blog.

  27. Beth Haynes

    You mentioned that the ad clicks were down. I am finding that not all the ads allow me to click them. Today I could only do one of the four. Really enjoy your blog and ache for the trouble you have gone through to write and publish them. It must be so frustrating.

  28. Susan in PA

    I might be able to explain why the ad closures are down. Before all the blog trouble started and up to very recently when I opened emails from you there was a paragraph and maybe one picture. In order to read the entire blog I had to click on one of the links or the word “Comments” and it would open in my browser. That’s when I could read it all and the ads were there. For the past few days I have been able to read the entire message and see all the pictures straight from the email and there are no ads showing there. I can still click on “Comments” and see the browser version but I suppose many people wouldn’t bother doing that just so they can close ads if they have already read the blog from the email. Is this making any sense at all? I noticed that some have said there are no ads in today’s blog and I suspect they are just reading the email version. Also, if I re-open the blog a whole different batch of ads come up so I can close them and give you “extra credit”. That is not new. I’ve always been able to do that. I hope this helps.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      That makes sense to me – maybe I can figure out how to put in that link again so that readers are forced to go to our blog site to read the entire post. You’re probably right which means there are many many readers who aren’t willing to support this blog financially. And that is really upsetting to me after all the money we’ve spent in the past two months moving this blog to a new host. I’d hate to tell you how much. Thank you, Susan, for shedding light on this subject. I also believe those who say there are never any ads have not taken the ad blocker off our site. Does that make sense to you?

      1. Susan in PA

        I didn’t even know there is such a thing as an ad blocker because I am not that clever about computers. I don’t think most who aren’t closing ads have noticed that they need to go tot the blog in the browser to do it. I would rather think they are as blind to these things as I am and just don’t know. While you are trying to resolve the problem maybe you could tell them to go to the browser version and do the ads. I hope when you are fixing this it doesn’t mess up what is now working beautifully. I’m so glad you didn’t give up like I probably would have done. I look forward to your posts and always open them before anything else in my mailbox each day.

  29. Penny C Maryland

    I had plenty of ads to click! How sad to loose an old awesome tree. Sorry about the tiller and snow blower. I love the cover quilt for you New book, I must have your book and make it!!

  30. Jean

    Hallelujah Amen! This truly is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be good and rejoice in it!
    BEAUTIFUL cover quilt. Oh my.

  31. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, your post yesterday gave me quite a shock when you said you had sleet and snow. I’m thinking how is that possible when I’m roasting here in Ohio?! 😝 Whoever made Frank, I just love his Jacket and the cat too!

  32. Donna Sproston

    So glad the tree fell in the right place. You could have awakened under its branches!
    I cannot wait for the new book! That cover is a real draw!

    As for the ads, I am now seeing the full text in the email and there are no ads! I have to remember to click on the url and then I see the page with your logo and all the ads. Today I closed seven. Some days none have an x, just an arrow and two of those companies are quilting sites.

    Such sad need for your friends and the family in Garner. It is a reminder to all of us to make the most of each day and love one another.

  33. Janet

    I love the photo of Hazel overseeing from the big tree. She is fearless.
    Thank you for keeping this blog. I look forward to it.

  34. Barb

    I find a few ads to close in the comments section. Also I couldn’t see the cat after Frank in the post but it was above the comments in that section. Saw the old post in the comments section yesterday too. Everything else was great.

  35. Jeanne H

    Dear Mary, For some odd reason, even though the URL is the same, when I clicked on what I’ve had bookmarked on my computer for your blog, I wasn’t getting the newer posts. Maybe the same thing has happened to other readers, and that has been why readership is down. I’ve re-bookmarked it, so hopefully I will get your (new) blog now.

    Sorry about that tree coming down, but yay for firewood. ; )

    Best – Jeanne

  36. Vickie Devore

    The pictures are fantastic. So glad there wasn’t more problems with the storm. Love the quilt picture and would like to make it too! Love you all, vickie

  37. Diane Bauer

    So excited for the new book!!!!! The cover quilt is gorgeous and I, too, would like to make it exactly as it’s shown!!

    That tree is massive!! Again, so glad no one was hurt. Snowblowers can be replaced (albeit expensively), but people can’t be. The dogs sure had fun exploring from the looks of it!

    This post seems to have arrived in my inbox just fine. I hope the blog problems are over. What a long time you have spent on resolving the issues caused in one day by that hacker. Thank you so much for not giving up!! I had 8 ads to close and have had ads pretty consistently–hopefully that part gets straightened out with the server move as well.

    I love seeing everyone’s finishes!! That Frank is so fun with the candycorn suit jacket!! And the sunny yellow rug!! It’s so fun to see what colors and fabrics other people are drawn to. I tend to be a red/white/blue gal and am constantly trying to stretch my color palette. I’m finishing up another baby quilt today as we had so much rain and hail last night that I can’t go see Patch because the arena is a muddy mess.

  38. Sandi McGuire

    Love the new cover quilt!! I want to make it too! No ads to click on!!!!
    My favorite part of my day is reading your blog! Just LOVE IT!

  39. Jan Reliford

    Yippee! It worked just fine Mary!!!
    I’m so thankful the maple tree didn’t do any more damage except to the tiller and snow blower. Your pictures of the tree are amazing…especially the hollow inside! Goodness!!
    We’ve had storm after storm here in the mountains of CO all summer long and everything is STILL all green in the middle of September! And A Basin had its first snowfall last night so it makes me wonder what kind of winter I’m in for!!! LOL.
    Thanks for working so hard on your posts…im sorry thus happened and happy you’re through it. Here’s a big hug!!!

  40. Caryn Goulden

    Can’t wait for the new book! The cover quilt is gorgeous! The blog looks great and there were 7 ads to close. Such fun to see the dogs, especially little Hazel, climbing on that big tree. Glad there wasn’t more damage done.

  41. Meredith

    So happy to see a new post from you! Those rugs are beautiful; gotta think about doing one myself. The new book tease means I can’t wait to get my hands on one. When will it be released? Thank you for sticking with your blog. You’ve made so many people happy today!

  42. Pat Smith

    So glad the blog is up and running again. I got the old one yesterday and fell hook, line, and sinker. I saw the snow picture at the end and remembered you had a storm recently. Since we live in northern VT, I wasn’t surprised to see a fluke in northern Iowa. When I showed it to my husband, he wouldn’t accept the snow as truth. Then I saw in the comments about March Maddness and groaned at my gullibility. I never see adds unless I click on “comments”. Then they all come up—6 today. Thank you for persevering through all this mess. We all appreciate the time and effort it took. Can’t wait to see the new book and would love to make the cover quilt (but not until the end of Oct). So sad at the loss of someone so young and so important to their family.

  43. Gloria from CC

    So glad you changed servers. Hopefully all the problems are behind you. I’ve said this before – I only read your blog on my iPhone and I always have at least 8 ads to close. On my IPhone there are always a bunch of ads below yours and Connie’s picture after the reply/comments section.
    At our lake home in NW Wisc we recently lost a 100’ oak tree due to straight line winds and we’re still cleaning up the mess!!! Pooh is still doing great – 17 years and 3 months. Since he can’t see he gets confused so I pick him up and then he softly sighs. Breaks my heart.

  44. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works! Of the 7 ads today, only 3 were able to be closed. The cover on that book is gorgeous, winter here we come!

  45. Nikki M in Tx

    What a beautiful book cover . Keep us posted please as to when can purchase from you & the check will be in the mail!
    Just a thought for what it is worth.. often the same ad will be in the blog 2 or 3 times.. click on each ad separately but are they counted separately?
    So sorry for the loss of your friend, always hard but more so when young . Yes 51 is young.
    Glad no one was harmed in the fall of the tree. Material items can be replaced. Loss of the tree & equipment still a pain in the backside.

  46. Freda in AL

    Great PIC’s of Tree! So Sorry about the, 51 year, young mother’s death! The family will be in our Prayers!!!
    Hope the Changes you made to the Blog are “A Go!”
    l will have to re-read the ‘Comment’ about bring up Ads…So… I can read some of them & Close them All ! Your Blog is the only one I get and really… one of the only reasons I open my Email!
    We all LOVE you Mary & you must LOVE us for working so hard to keep it going!!!
    Thank You, Thank You ! Thank You! Freda

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Freda, I do love you readers! I, also, open this blog first thing every morning with my coffee!

  47. Peggy

    The post came through fine. I have been clicking six or seven ads per post. (Have to change the security on my computer to have them come up.) Some are duplicates. Love the quilt on you book cover.

  48. Kathy Zuehl

    Lynn’s rug is awesome!!! I love those colors too!!! I also love the colors of the quilt book cover!!!

  49. Mary

    I didn’t get the old post you mentined so thwt’s good. Everything else worked ok. With the crazy weather we’re all experiencing, please get your new snow blower soon!

  50. Saundra

    Thanks Mary for your endurance! You are a true blessing. Just wanted you to know I got your blog along with great pictures!

  51. Marian Stever

    MARY, sorry to hear the bad news about the young friend. The pictures came through loud and clear but no ads for me. I hope this new server works out for you. Love all the quilts and the rugs. So pretty. Hazel is so cute exploring all the damage.

  52. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Can’t wait for you and Connie’s new book. Glad no one was hurt when the tree came down. I remember a huge old tree coming down in the garden when I was a child: it took out my mother’s clothes-drying line and the fence around the vegetable garden, but the goats loved it!

  53. Deb - SW Minnesota

    Good to have your blog back, Mary. Sometimes I don’t get any ads to close but just hit the refresh button and they always show up. We’ve had rain, rain and more rain in SW Minnesota. Roads and highways are closed with water running over. Hoping to see some sunshine soon. Sub pump is getting a work out.

  54. Carmen Montmarquet

    All looks good. Can’t wait for your new book to come out!
    I clicked on your blog and was able to click on 2 ads, then I clicked on comment and was able to click on 4 more!!! Hope more do this as I don’t want your blogs to stop!!! I so enjoy reading about anything you write!
    Hope all keeps going well!

  55. Christina

    Hooray! I got to see pictures today for the first time in a very long time 🙂 can’t wait for your new book and I love the cover and the quilt too ! Even closed a few ads … hopefully it continues:)

  56. Sue H

    Well, hot diggity! All pictures came through! The dogs surely looked like they were having fun and all the quilt posts showed wonderful quilts & rugs. Yahoo!

  57. Diane

    All looking good. I am behind on my rug, but hope to catch up soon. Great pictures, Mary. I am thankful you all were away from that lovely big tree!!

  58. Linda in Oconomowoc

    That cover is beautiful. Can’t wait til we can purchase it!
    Good thing the dogs were in pictures. We can really see the size of that tree!!

  59. Launa

    Congrats Mary….love this blog! Great pictures…sorry about your tree and some equipment loss!
    Closed 5 ads.
    Sunny 55o outside and breezy today!

  60. Nancy A Poole

    Love this blog. I do find I need to go to blog site to click ads. My phone and e-mail don’t show ads. But I will continue to link to blog site the pictures are larger there than on my e-mail.
    Thanks for all your effort Mary.

  61. Kathy in western NY

    I get the full blog post on my email with no ads but I love reading the comments from your readers as I am interested in their lives too, so I most definitely hit comments which takes me to the blog post again and I am able to close several ads there just fine. I do it a couple times in the day just to read more of the comments and close more ads to help you. Guess you have to spell it out in a blog post for your readers to go that extra step to make sure you get the credit you so deserve for the work you put out. And YES I love your cover quilt and I would do the exact same colors as well. Better look for scraps of that aqua or is it blue shade? Very sorry you are saying goodbye to such a young mother who died suddenly. So sad for the family to lose her. God was good to you with that huge tree not harming your house or lawn tractors shed.
    Thank you again Mary for keeping us in your life with this blog!!!

  62. Patty

    That tree fell on some important machines!
    Love the things others are making and the Country’s Call quilt . shown. I love it too!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your new blog server.
    I see the ads and have clicked..
    Be well.

  63. Karen in Wisconsin

    I hope the new server will be the end of the blog woes. I had 5-6 ads but could close only one.

    “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it.” were words to one of my very favorite camp songs.

  64. Nancy T

    Glad everyone is ok. We have had 3inches of rain in 3 days and it is still raining. Blog is looking good. I want the book when it is out. Love the cover quilt. I will add it it as my #13— but will do it sooner. Thanks for all your hard work.

  65. Darlene from Texas

    Glad the tree didn’t hit the house. My in-laws had a giant oak tree fall on the kitchen and dining room. It took about six months to get the house repaired and the kitchen back in working order. I had six ads to click on. The cover of the new book is lovely. You can count me in on a quilt along.

  66. Jeanine

    I clicked on 6 ads. I always go to your blog to read so I can also read the comments. Many times I refresh the page to read new comments, and then I can click on the ads again, as I will do after I post this comment. We had .5″ of rain in Oskaloosa this morning in about a half hour. But we can use the rain here as we have missed it until this morning. The blog looks great and I’m so glad you are still going forward with it. Hopefully your problems are over now.

  67. Sue R

    OH, I just love the cover quilt!!! I can’t wait to see the book. A quilt along perhaps? I am sorry for your troubles. That was a big tree to deal with. Brighter days are ahead.

  68. Holly in Two Harbors

    I love the cover quilt! Such a beautiful calico kitty!

    On the old server I would have to click to view the online version of the blog to read the entire thing, then I would see the ads. Now I can read the whole blog in my email, but I opened it online to see the ads and I had quite a few I could click. Some don’t have Xs, but most do.

  69. BarBQue

    What a huge tree. Sorry you had to lose it. Hope your new server works out well, I want you to continue your blog. Nice to see the picture. But I do miss seeing Reid, but then I suppose he’s in school.

  70. Candy

    Great pix today! Your Hazel is such a hoot. My little dog is very sceptical about anything ‘out of place’ or unusual … she wouldn’t go near that tree! Just found out today she has “Beaver Fever” … so we’ve got meds for a week. I’m with you on the ‘cover’ quilt … I want to make it just as is! The colors are great … the snow … not so much … LOL! Still clicking all the ads I can. I don’t get your blog by email, I google it every day. You never know if you’re going to get 0 ads or 10 or 20! I don’t know if the new server will change any of that, but I always look forward to whatever you share!

  71. Jo in Wyoming

    I did laugh when I saw that little white fanny checking the tree! She is a pistol. Your branch managers have their work cut out for them now.
    The pictures are great.
    Very sad about the young mother.

  72. Gayle Shumaker

    Hope the problems are over regarding the blog. In today’s edition there was only on ad and that only showed up after I clicked to leave you a message.

  73. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary-all the blog reads good today! The snow cover w/quilt very beautiful! All the entries are appealing. I have enjoyed seeing ALL the submitted entries and how creative each one. Thanks for all your effort and patience. We have dealt with fallen trees before and that is a lot of work. Oh! I do close ads and hope your computer issues are behind you. Over the years I have learned so much from you and Connie and appreciate continuing to do so.

  74. Jeanie S, SW Illinois

    Pictures are great, Mary. I especially loved seeing Telly and Hazel playing on the tree.
    Thank you for your perseverance with the blog.

  75. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I hope switching to a different platform will help with your posting problems. Only 3 ads to close today…there are usually more of them. Could that be the reason the ad-clicks are down?

  76. Ellie

    So sorry you lost the tree but that it didn’t fall on the house,! Hope the new server works out for you. I’m sure the reason people aren’t seeing ads is that people are reading posts as email and not going to the blog. Ad blockers don’t help either. Love the cover quilt from the new book. When will it be available.?
    Everything looks great today!

  77. Rosalie

    5 ads
    I read your posts in my iPhone and today (and recently also ) the entire post is on the email this I don’t have ads to click like I do if I have to click “read more” and get linked up to the website.

  78. Rebecca

    Got your blog beautifully. I read it on my iphone. I use to have ads to click on but not anymore. Not sure where they went😧

  79. Connie Rademacher

    What a lovely way to start your blog today… with a Bible verse. Even among the sadness of the young mother’s death and the storm damage, there is much to rejoice about in each day.

  80. Melinda

    No ads in this post.

    Maples must have kind heart-wood. I had a huge, old maple go down in my back yard and fell in the only direction that it did not hit house, other trees or garden. It took out one branch of another tree about 25-30 feet off the ground. LOTS of firewood!

  81. Stef Breslin

    I have been closing what seems to be a bazillion ads! Your blog came through beautifully today! I’m so happy your tree missed hitting anything important, especially you dear Mary! I love the quilt book cover as well. One more project to ad to my list😉

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hey, Steph! Could we meet in Ames again some Saturday for lunch and a visit to the quilt shop?

  82. Linda in North Carolina

    Looks like the new server did the trick. I read the email but get no ads. When I click read the comments the blog comes up again and the ads are there so I click away and the comments are at the end. I got the old March blog, didn’t realize it was old at first so thought you had a snow storm, ha ha!
    Love the new book cover and the beautiful colors of the rug. So glad the tree did not do more damage.
    I have been on vacation so need to catch up and I am going to order Frank.

  83. Nancy Norris

    Mary 51 is way too young to go. Prayers for you and her family.
    Love the cover of the new book and excited about the quilt on the
    cover. Its sad to loose old trees. But you’ll have some good firewood.
    Glad you got the blog fixed.

  84. Jan VanDeWalle

    Hooray for a new day ! What a surprise to see my quilt on here. Sorry about the young woman who passed, prayers for her family. Sorry about that big tree coming down but glad it missed most every thing. Love the dogs checking out the tree. The new book cover is beautiful. Warm here today but clouding over so might get more showers tonight, will make the woods safer for the hunters to be out.. I need to order the rug book. would be easier on my fingers than crocheting rugs and lay flatter too I am sure. I have been clicking ads even when there was nothing to read. some of the local to me ads don’t have the x to close.
    Jan in Oregon.

  85. Beth

    Yes, I saw the March post 🙂
    The cover quilt is really speaking to me – fabulous photography
    So glad that the tree did minimal damage

  86. Carol Collier

    I love your blog!! The cover quilt is beautiful!! Just not ready for the snow! We had a huge pine tree fall on our house several years ago — took 5 months to get back in our house. So glad everyone is OK.

  87. Becky from IA/TX

    God is good…..All the time! received all pictures…..oh my goodness that tree was huge! Love the new book cover…..excited to see the upcoming post! You did it!!!!

  88. Cynthia S alias Cinders

    Love the cover photo for your latest book! I would love to do a quilt with those same colors as well. I only could close two adds today others just have arrow no x in the corner. I am behind on my quilt from last month so have to get motivated so I can start on the most recent one. Gardening season is soon over, my Zinnias are still blooming beautifully but I should pull the cucumber vines and give up on the season. Your maple tree was ginormous, glad it did not cause any more damage than it did. Enjoy your updates so much.

  89. Linda

    Unfortunately, Four of the pictures were just blank spots for me. I am so sorry you are having so much trouble.
    Love the rug colors,

  90. Jennie

    Love the new book cover. I for one will be with you making that quilt. All pictures came through and had 6 or 7 adds to close. Hope you are getting credit for all adds closed. We had a tree about a third of the size of yours fall from ice last year. such a mess. Blessing Jennie

  91. Cindy K-NW Wis

    Well, I hate to crash the party-I only saw the new cover and the yellow rug. Closed ads-I’m hoping that will change. I’m so sorry, I almost didn’t send this note, but hoping tomorrow is another day!

  92. Marsha Ivers

    I hate to be the negative poster, but I only got the cover front quilt and the three pictures of the beautiful rug made out of yellows. I closed six ads, but not all the pictures. Sorry.
    Marsha Ivers

  93. Candy

    Hi, Mary! “Beaver Fever” is scientifically known as “Giardiasis “ (sp.?). It’s a waterborne parasitic illness that is passed from the feces of various mammals ( beavers – hence the moniker, deer, raccoons, etc., and is passed in the water in streams, etc., and also just in the grass and bushes where affected animals may have done their business. It’s common in mountainous regions. We’ve travelled in areas where the water was undrinkable for humans, due to “Beaver Fever”. This is the same type of illness, but I don’t think the same strain affects pets and humans … at least I hope not … I don’t want the diarrhea our little Hannah has had for several days! We’re hoping that now that it’s been diagnosed her meds will clear things up soon! Wow, that was scientific (and hopefully all correct) wasn’t it? Sorry to share all of that for those who want to talk quilting … including me!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I honestly have never heard of Beaver Fever – I appreciate the info. This blog is not just about quilting, is it? And I’m glad we talk about many subjects.

  94. Sandy

    Can’t remember what ” hips” is short for! Can you explain please Mary,thank you from new Zealand.sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      HIPS is for Hidden In Plain Sight, the quiltalong from Beyond The Battlefield that we’re doing. Would you like to join us?

  95. Jane Plourde

    Sorry to say I did not get all the pictures but I did get some.
    I am happy to get the ones I did but thought I
    would inform you it still is not perfect. Thank you for all
    the work you have put into your posts before and after
    all the problems.

  96. Sally J.

    I also only saw book cover and rug pics…no Frank, tree etc. I’m able to close ads after clicking on comment. Closed 6 ads today and after I summit this more ads to close. Enjoy your blog friendship each day!!

  97. Mary Waller

    I too look forward to your pictures and feel you frustration when they all do not come through. Unfortunately, there were three pictures that did not make it.

  98. Deb Neumann

    I’m hoping everything is great from here on out with the blog! Most of the pictures were blank…but I’m glad to see that the header isn’t saying your blog wasn’t secure like it used to!

  99. Donna in Kentucky

    It is Friday morning, and I am just now reading the post. I too only got the picture of the book cover and the yellow rug. It is gorgeous!


    Got the post in Southern California!! Yeah!!! Love to hear your news even when you have sadness like the death of this young mother. May her family be comforted by the love others had for her and the impact she left in this world. May your day be blessed, off to breakfast with my quilting buddies…

  101. Jan from TN

    Closed 5 ads on this blog post dated 9/12/19, reading on my desktop. I’m catching up.
    Here’s what seems to be happening, Mary. A long while back, I’d get your entire blog post via email & I felt I had no reason to actually go to the blog. Then, I started getting just a part of your blog post as an email & I’d have to click the “click to read more” button to read the rest of it & then I’d see the ads & started closing them as soon as you “reminded” us about them (tho I didn’t even know that closing them helped you & Connie). Then you started to have all the issues with the pictures posting, etc. & now I’m getting the entire blog post as an email again. If everyone is, they won’t see the ads so I think you need to ad the “click to see more” button again, if you can, so we MUST go to your blog to read all of it. I just clicked on comments as I know that’ll take me to your blog post & I can read them & close the ads. Hope this makes sense to you & your other readers. (I can’t say what happens on smart phones or tablets because while I do have each, I prefer to check most of my mail on my laptop each evening.) You can send some rain to TN. We could really use it now. It’s been really hot & really dry this entire month & a large part of August, too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thanks, Jan! I will look into this – not sure I have that option with this new server. It’s always something!

  102. Paula Philpot

    Mary, I just read this post after writing you an email this morning and writing another tonight before finding this. I can see the quilt you want to make and the ladies yellow rug and scraps, There were ads but none with the X to close. Today is Wed. Sept 18. Hope this info helps you find your subscribers. Paula in KY

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