This very large maple tree came crashing to the ground this morning at 4:30 am during some high winds.  I heard it splinter and crash from my bedroom which is on that side of the house.

More about this later.

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  1. Joyce from NY

    Holy cow, that’s a huge tree, it must have shook the whole house. Glad you’re all ok.

  2. Diane Bauer

    Very scary! Glad you are all safe and that it didn’t hit the house! So sorry you lost such a big tree!

    I had a project for our local CrossFit club that needed an industrial machine, so I spent most of Tuesday afternoon at The Sewing Circle. Managed to stitch up another few grain bags as long as I was on that machine! The gal who owns the shops is very enthused about them, so I took her a few bags so she can make some. She was so excited!

    1. Betty P. Cain

      Yes shock big tree fall down hard and you feel like earthquake – but thanks God is so good you safe and how close to your bedroom and any damages…Lots of cutting all this tree…Bless you be safe!

    2. Sue McLeod

      Mary, we all love your persistence with the blog, always wonderful to get your “letter from home” so bother us anytime you want! Just read Diane Bauer’s post and got me to wondering if anybody has any of the Purina Nature’s Match Sow & Pig feed bags they would consider parting with. I don’t have access or need of 50#’s of it but would love the empty bag to haul groceries with…..anybody??? It’s the bag with the cute pig face on it, can’t copy/paste a picture, sorry.

      PM me, I would easily pay for the shipping and handling Sue McLeod

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Sue – I’ll ask some of my neighbors, too! If you could send me a picture to my email, I can post it here for you.

  3. debby

    Am so glad you didn’t have damage to the house. How scary. Am glad you are safe. Sorry you lost such a beautiful tree.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m sure that scared the begebbers out of you! We had several coyotes close last night carrying on. Loretta, the watch dog, snuggled up a little closer!
    So glad everybody is ok and hope not too much damage.

  5. Jessica in FL

    Oh my word! So thankful it didn’t hit your home. Seems like Telly is enjoying it now, though. HA

  6. Jan Reid

    Oh No! So sorry about the tree. What a mess to clean up. However, Hazel looks like she is having a fine time climbing and investigating. So glad no one was hurt and no building damage. You have just gained another sunny spot on your property.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      AND I have plans for that sunny spot – raised strawberry beds! Rick doesn’t know yet – haha!

  7. Dee Winter

    I was out today and drove home the scenic route and saw lots of trees, mostly big ones, on the ground. Some looked like they had tried to hold on as long as possible.

  8. Vicki in Seattle

    So thankful it missed you and your 🏡!
    Sorry about the loss of your 🌳!
    And thank you so much for all the time you are spending getting the blog back on track!💜

  9. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hey Mary, glad everyone is safe and the tree fell away from your home! Looks like your pup is enjoying a new experience. Do you think your goats will climb it??? They seem to like being on top of their world.

    Well, now that my mom is healing nicely, and actually wants to go to the senior center tomorrow to be with her friends… I spent the day with my husband at his surgeon’s office, and then pre-op testing, scheduling a visit to a cardiologist for clearance, and the GP for clearance… he has to have the same surgery as my mother. What??!? Crazy!

    Prayers would be appreciated.

    Falling behind on my dirty dozen… but they’ve been hanging around a while, they may as well hang some more…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Carol! Now your husband? For cryin out loud – you better be careful because they both need YOU! Your mom must be feeling great if she wants to go see her friends and isn’t that just wonderful? My Dirty Dozen is still sitting here staring at me, too, but maybe it’s weekend?

  10. Sandy

    So glad you are safe after the big storm. I hope you honor that big tree and let someone make something wonderful from it. I so admire woodworkers and their skills. Like quilters, they can see possibilities in wood as quilters see possibilities in fabric. Someone could work magic with that gorgeous tree and it would live on.

  11. Brenda archambault

    Looks like the same problem we had last week. A 24 year old tree came down in a monsoon storm. I had gone to bed and didn’t hear a thing but the major branch covered three windows in the back (east side) of the house that had given us shade every day and kept a lot of heat out. It took part of a gutter but that was it. Landscapers came two days later and cut it up and removed it. Now we have to find a replacement to help keep the heat down next year. It’s always something!
    Hope you’re walking gingerly and taking care of your knee. It’s time to get it done.

  12. Caryn Goulden

    So glad you are all safe! Sorry about losing the tree. Looks like there is enough wood to have someone make a keepsake from it.

  13. Beth Laverty

    Oh my…. glad you are safe. What a loss though. A couple of years ago my husband was out in his workshop when he heard what he thought was a rifle shot. It was an extremely large mulberry tree splitting and crashing down. It is a very scary thing. The deer from up in our woods feasted on Mulberrys for days!!
    I am so thankful you are continuing to be persistent with this blog. What would we do without you!!!!!

  14. Carolyn Rector from SW Ohio

    You are blessed that the tree didn’t hit the house. Thank God. Glad you escaped injury. And now you have to be careful when the tree is removed. Hope you can get experts to do that. Praying for your knee.

  15. Joy in NW iowa

    We live 1/2 hour east of Sioux Falls where they have confirmed 3 tornados! We had 3.75 inches of rain and hail with heavy winds, crops look awful! So sad!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joy – it began to hail just a little bit and I held my breath and prayed for the crops. Hail at this point would be so devastating and I saw SF on the news which looked terrible! Oh, I’m so sorry for your farmers!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – there must have been a squirrel in the tree because it died in the crash but Telly needed to search for more? Ha!

  16. Ruth

    Tonight I could see the picture of the tree down and the dog on it, but when I clicked to read the comments, the pictures disappeared. That storm must have affected quite a large area. Glad you are safe!

  17. Ruth

    Still can’t see the two pictures after clicking to read the comments – one rectangle of yellow and one white square framed with a black line and a gray icon in the upper left corner of ?a piece of paper torn in half? that does nothing when I click on it.
    The comments said “26 replies” before I clicked on it, then “37 replies” after I clicked on it and it opened, but my reply from Saturday the 14th is the last one I can see now on Monday, Sept. 15. Just trying to help with some curious details!
    I appreciate the offer to allow me to follow my email, but I choose to “follow” by going to the blog and reading it there. I don’t like posts stacking up in my email giving me something else to keep up with. I prefer to make my own choices every day. I so enjoy the blogs that talk about fabric and crafts and life all together, like yours!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No problem at all, Ruth – you should read the blog wherever you choose. Just FYI however, I’ve posted several times since The Storm, the post that you commented on.

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