Some of Our Purchases at the Quilt Show

I know how many of you are dog lovers so I wanted to show you more of Leanne’s items and here are many. Here is how the basic dog head patterns are purchased, 3 for $12 or $6 each.

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And here’s the best part – she has laser cut appliqués for all the dogs in all sizes. This small Border Collie fits on this sweet little clipboard which says “You are my favorite hello”. Buy the laser cut pieces and the clipboard to hang the finished dog head on and give it to a friend with that breed of dog! Oh, how fun is that?

I also bought this little book of devotions for dog lovers – I love doing business with another Christian businesswoman!

Another Iowa shop that we like a lot is The Woolen Needle in Williamsburg. Connie made the biggest purchase here and I will take pictures when I see her again.

I bought these wool circles for Reed to try wool appliqué. If he doesn’t really care for it, I won’t have spent lots of time preparing.

I also bought these two small packets of yummy reproduction fabrics. Now I can dream about what I’m going to do with them.

Connie got herself started on a big hand piecing project and she wanted me to do it with her but I know better.

More on this subject when Connie is here. Today she and Roy are at a wedding and we are puppy sitting Betty.

Hazel loves to race around the yard with Betty chasing her but Hazel can turn on a dime and Betty is pretty clumsy – big feet and round tummy, you know how puppies are.

Betty upends any water bowl she finds so I had to get out the mop – haha!

On Thursday I stopped at the Village Store and got a gem of a treasure – the Serenity Prayer in cross stitch – for $1.00! Be still my beating heart!

I’m not quite caught up on blog subjects but that’s enough for today. Gotta keep an eye on Betty!

30 thoughts on “Some of Our Purchases at the Quilt Show

  1. Marsha

    I love your stitchery finds! I love cross-stitch and rescue pieces wherever I find them. Hearts, houses and patriotic subjects grab me!!

  2. Katherine Gourley

    Mary — I love both you and Connie. I just purchased one of the doggy patterns (not my breed Wheaten Terrier), but so close. I live far from Williamsburg, IA, but went on a bus shop hop and lost all sense of discipline. You would have thought that I was independently wealthy the way bought and bought. I have not made a dent in all of the kits I have. The Serenity Prayer is the prayer I say when I just do not know what to do about something. $1 was incredible. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Katherine Gourley – I know she has a Wheaten Terrier now because I saw it. I understand completely about no discipline – most of the purchases I made a year ago on our trip to Omaha are still on the table and not even touched! It happens to all of us.

  3. Diane in Central Ohio

    I love when you shop and I get to enjoy all of it for free:) Thanks for sharing. Betty and Hazel are so cute together, like piano keys:) Have fun with all of your purchases. It was cool here this AM, but will be up to about 65 or so this afternoon. Lovely.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Central Ohio – I’m going to tag this pair as piano keys – I love it!

      1. Diane Central Ohio

        Great idea!

        The Whole Country Caboodle has Cat kits, too, and even a Tuxedo Cat for Squeak and Millie:) Yippee:)

        I have to quit looking at all these neat things and finish a binding–LOL.

  4. Sue in Oregon

    I love, love, love that Border Collie pattern. We had a Border for 15 years and miss him terribly. We talk about BC’s all the time and search them out on commercials and wherever we go. I should get that pattern for sure. My husband would love it. Several years ago I made him a quilt using lots of a BC cotton print. He still loves it.
    I am jealous of your reproduction fabrics. I collect them too. I especially love those reds.

    PS….Have been clicking ads for you.

  5. Carol

    I bought The Airedale pattern at the Lancaster PA quilt show in March, sent to a friend who has an Airedale…Biscuit … who evidently got her name due to her coloring!

  6. Darlynn Venne

    Love, love the Woolen Needle!!! Anxiously awaiting the share from Connie’s haul.
    So enjoy your blog. Thank you

  7. Judy Emmons

    Do you know if LeAnn has a shop somewhere or does she sell only at
    Quilt Shows?
    Wish I had known about this show, from
    what you shared it looks awesome.
    Thanks for all your pictures!
    Today is fall in Minnesota!

  8. Kathy Hanson

    Seeing Hazel and Betty together is such fun – you must really enjoy it. Great find at the thrift store, too bad that so many folks don’t appreciate the work that goes into those cross stitched projects. Looks like you have a fabulous time at the quilt show and the other places you went. Hope that Reed will give the wool appliqué a try – I haven’t, I love seeing it but I just can’t do another thing!! I have a sewing room full of fabrics, cross stitch projects and on and on. I still buy more fabric that I love but………..

  9. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    You girls had a fun time! I enjoyed looking at all your purchases and Betty and Hazel.

  10. Pat Smith

    You find the best stuff! Imagine how much work went into that cross stitch. I used to do it myself and I know. I let myself buy the fabric for the leaf quilt, but I’m not letting myself buy anything else. If you can imagine, I still have a couple of kits from your shop. When you were closing, I raced around like a maniac buying everything in sight like money was no object. My husband sat outside with your animals waiting. Thanks for the heads up that Leanne doesn’t have a brick and mortar shop. I probably would have driven there looking for it. As it is I’ll order her sheltie pattern. So many ideas, so little time!

  11. Carolyn Rector

    Love all the pictures from the quilt show in DesMoines. Learned to quilt in Iowa in 1979-80. Loved living in Cedar Rapids, but now I’m in Troy, Ohio, my home state. Perfect weather here today, great football weather. Going to watch Ohio State vs Penn State tonight. Promises to be a good game. So many people out in their Ohio State gear today. Thanks for sharing all that you do!!

  12. Colleen-San Francisco Bay Area

    Another interesting post the wool circles look perfect to try out the wool appliqué I haven’t tried it as we do get wool eating moths. I think we have a problem with them because we keep the house open and don’t put away seasonal clothes.
    I know there are was to not have a wool/moth problem
    I just don’t use wool clothing or blankets that’s my solution
    I also don’t dry clean so I don’t buy clothes that are dry clean only
    Of course I live in a very mild climate area of California

    1. Launa

      Lived on Alameda Island for many years. Found keeping dried eucalyptus in a coat closet saved woolens from moths.

  13. Tammy Guerrero

    I love the dog pattern. That would be fun to do. I’ve never tried applique, put it on my bucket list. Love the puppy, love labs. I just received a boxer pup from my kids as a gift. We have had a terrible summer. List a horse that we had for 25 years, 3 pups. A month and a day apart. My husband youngest brother, my dad passed away Sept. 2nd. My heart is heavy but, there is nothing like a energetic puppy to brighten anyones day. Love your blogs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tammy Guerrero – I’d say you’ve had a bad summer! I am so sorry. Did you lose the horse AND 3 pups, too?

  14. lorraine bujnowski

    I am in love with Betty! We are lab lovers here in PA and a there is nothing quite as lovable as a new lab puppy.

  15. Connie

    I checked out the website and pictures for the Woolen Needle and, only wish I lived closer. Thanks for sharing all your “finds”. I always look forward to seeing all the treasures you discovered.

  16. Jo's Country Junction

    Mary…I would have had to fight you for that cross stitch. Ever since seeing so many of yours I’ve hunted them down. $1 is a great deal….plus the serenity prayer. We all need that prayer!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo’s Country Junction – wasn’t that a find? Sometimes things are so cheap there and at the same time they’ll want $4 for a 9×13 cake pan! And yes, we all need that prayer!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Michele – order from Whole Country Caboodle in Nashua – and tell your friends with other dogs. They’re all great!

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