Post #3.

More quilts.

Quilts made in a workshop by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

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Improv In Pink – one of my favorites in the show.

Exquisite embroidery work.

Check out this fussy cutting.

Miscellaneous that I loved.

More great appliqué- there was so many wonderful appliqued quilts.

I have to stop for tonite – three hours of work and I don’t want my site to crash. Talk tomorrow.

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  1. Carol

    I love the one called “Lollipop Trees”, so much lovely appliqué! Going to a show tomorrow, I hope it’s as good!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Thank you for taking us to the Des Moines quilt show. Next best thing to being there. So many wonderful ideas. I’m going to see if I can find the pattern called “OMG” by Sue Garman. Of course it is scrappy and I love it. I took a picture of it and if worse comes to worse, I’ll get my graph paper and colored pencils out.
    A bit of news: Hill City got at least 5″ of snow last night. Today they had the buffalo roundup in Custer State Park. Brought in 1300 head of buffalo to the pens. In the past there have been about 20,000 people there to watch, hear the thunder and feel the ground shake. People come from all over the world to watch.

  3. Tina Zee

    I was at the buffalo roundup today! What a coincidence. I’m in South Dakota with my DH and two other couples. Once a year, one of us picks a place and plans the whole trip. This year it was all the wonderful things
    to see in South Dakota. The state did not disappoint!
    Thanks for taking us to the quilt show, it was great!

    1. Betty Klosterman

      If you drove in from Chamberlain? Did you see “Dignity?” She is beautiful and even more at night. Glad you are enjoying western South Dakota. I was raised in Iowa, but am here to stay.

  4. Jeri

    It’s so sad that I grew up in Des Moines until I was 15, pre-quilting times, when all the time (perhaps) there were or was wonderful quilt shows going on right there in my hometown. If only I could go back in time!

  5. Gail

    Thanks so much for posting pics of so many great quilts. You share generously- and I appreciate it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gail – you’re welcome and the way to express your thanks is so easy – close a couple ads each time you read a post ….. and thank you to everyone who helps.

  6. Kathy

    It’s so interesting to see what others make in areas of our country. I remember going to one in Myrtle Beach and there were so many bright happy colors on most of the quilts and I thought many of the vendors reflected that seaside type colors because possibly it was popular with quilters to like those in their homes. It’s nice to see such a variety you showed. I bought that crabapple hill embroidery pattern for the witches and I am so happy you showed it. It gave me a chance to see how it was quilted which I have no vision once I make something. It’s going to challenge me to color and then embroider that one! Thanks again for sharing your day with us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – we thought the witches were beautifully colored – added a whole new dimension to the embroidery.

  7. sandy williams

    Mary, thank you for sharing… many beautiful quilts made by some very talented people!

  8. Diane Moffett

    Ditto to the other replies.. Thank you so much for taking us to the quilt show! What beautiful quilts! Loved to read the comments and enjoyed those about South Dakota and the buffalo roundup. My husband asked what do they do with the buffalo after they round them up.. turn them loose again? We are on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Today is sunny, blue skies, cool this morning but going into the mid 70’s. I’m watching a hummingbird at the feeder. A few stranglers coming thru on their way south.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Moffett – let’s ask Betty about what they do with the buffalo – Betty, will you please tell us in the comments -readers want to know, me, too!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        OK. Here goes. First, when the buffalo are rounded up their hooves sound like thunder and the ground shakes. The bulls can weigh at least 1500 lbs. They are really majestic animals. In the fall the buffalo are brought to the pens where they are checked out for physical problems, given shots, cows checked for pregnancy, bulls for fertility and anything else that is necessary. This herd is pure bred. After they decide how many head of buffalo the park will support they pick out 100-200 head to auction off. The auction is live and now over the internet, too. This money goes to the upkeep of Custer State Park and the buffalo. This was an interesting year as the week before Christmas, 2017, there was a big fire in the park that lasted a week before brought under control. Three burrows and 1 buffalo didn’t survive. Some had burned lips and singed eye lashes and were all kept under close observation for problems. The park really came back last summer. It is an amazing place to visit and the buffalo are free range so the visitors keep their distance. If you have more questions, I’ll try to answer.

  9. Kim LeMere

    Amazing quilts and such great use of colors in each of them, thanks for taking us along. I really need to plan to go since I have family in Iowa to stay with.

  10. Pat Smith

    Thanks for a wonderful trip to the quilt show in Des Moines. I really loved the cactus quilt. My sister lives in Phoenix and it would be fun to make it for her. I also loved the quilt with the itty bitty triangles-flying geese? I would go blind making it, but I love the outcome. And of course, I love Connie’s house quilt. I’ve always wanted to make one and keep saving pictures of them. I realized when I put Nashua, IA (where Whole Country Cabnodle is) in Google maps that we drove right by Nashua on 218 after leaving GNR in July. Who knew? I want to be sure to stop there next summer. Again thanks for letting us go to a quilt show the easy way—in our jammies!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I don’t think Leanne has a retail brick and mortar store. You can go to her website though and order any pattern – she has laser cut appliquĂ©s and fabric, too. We spent a lot of time in her booth. Her husband and daughter help her which she agrees is a Godsend! We have known her for years!

  11. Diane in Ohio

    Wow. Thanks for taking us to the quilt show. I can go back anytime I want through your great pictures:)
    Hmmm–was the cactus quilt for Reed or for someone else who loves cacti and succulents? lol. I am going to visit Whole Country Caboodle, too. Thanks for that info. I love seeing the antique quilts because I have many that were my grandmothers or I bought at auctions to save from being cut up. Mr. Roy was at Paducah in 2005 and I approached him. He was so kind and interesting and told me some good info about my quilts. Thanks, Mary:)

  12. Vickie Devore

    Thank you so much for all the pics and showing me places that I just can’t go — maybe someday. Love you guys!!

  13. Beth T.

    Thanks for the effort that went into sharing these photos with us. I loved seeing your quilt show. My mom was a farm girl from Corning, IA and my aunt lived in Des Moines until her passing a few years ago, so I’ll always feel an Iowa connection.

    I was at the big quilt show in Portland, OR today, and they had a display of quilts from the same Victoria Findlay Wolfe class. Interesting, eh? Also had a display of different Gypsy Wife quilts–I was surprised to see how different they looked depending on fabric choices. With so much going on in that busy quilt, there was still room for a quilter’s personality to shine through.

    1. Linda Thompson

      I was in Chaska, Minnesota on Friday and met Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I shopped in her booth and admired her beautiful display of quilts on the long wall next to her booth. I have a pillow kit, a Christmas quilt kit, and another pattern for a small or baby quilt. I totally forgot to get her autograph. I would love to visit her shop sometime just a bit west and a few blocks one way or the other from Time Square. Her lecture was in the evening, and a three hour drive after, so we just enjoyed the chat. Lovely lovely lady.

  14. Holly in TH

    Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us! I particularly liked the modern quilts and the applique. That single block picture of the vase with three floors is amazing! There’s a lot of inspiration there. I hope to put it to good use!

  15. Kathy

    thanks so much for sharing, can decide which one i love the best, probable the which one, they are my favorite. but all so beautiful

  16. Julie B

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I had foot surgery this week so am non-weight bearing for awhile. I have not been to the Des Moines show, but went to Madison last year. The quilts are absolutely amazing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie B – your turn will come! Rick was non weight bearing for 12 weeks – we understand how tedious it is!

  17. Paula in Texas

    Thank you for sharing the special “finds” from the quilt show. So glad Connie entered her quilt, it is such a fabulous work of color! Have a great week……Fall is coming your way!

  18. Barbara Rovelli

    sorry i write from Italy. it’s possible buy a quilt? Or in Milano where can i buy?
    Thanks a lot .


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara Rovelli in Italy – maybe we can help you purchase a quilt. First I need to know what kind of quilt you’re looking for and how big it needs to be. If you’d like to use my email address, I can answer your reply directly. I’ll wait to hear back from you! Mary

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