Something Wonderful To Show You!

Remember I mentioned we moved our Junkin Gal booth last week?  Well, a friend/old customer has the space next to us and I saw a wonderful pitcher on her shelf.  I could not forget about it and by the end of the week I stopped and bought it.

You won’t see how amazing it is until I remove the hydrangeas and you see it full view.

Oh, my gosh, I’m in love with it!  When I came home and told Rick about it, he said “why didn’t you buy it?”  It is dated 1890 on an Etsy site.  It is extremely heavy crockery without a crack or chip anywhere.  Who could imagine a swan on top of a pitcher?

Tammy got into the action, didn’t she?  Now where can I enjoy this wonderful pitcher where it will be safe from the cats?

A couple more 3’s came in:

Regarding the large beautiful Jade plant – upon close inspection, it looks like the squirrels chewed off the branches and not just once – twice!  So that makes 2 more pots of Jade trees to care for.  What’s left of the original plant now resides in the screened porch.

And yes, the Bullseye pattern is still available WITH PHOTO for $8.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

48 thoughts on “Something Wonderful To Show You!

  1. debby

    The vase is AMAZING! This blog post came through fine, pictures and text, but there’s not a single ad to close. I didn’t know squirrels would chew on a jade plant, so now I have to watch out for mine (I summer them outside).

  2. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    The pitcher is truly amazing, love it. You got an incredible buy. It is a treasure that should be kept away from the cats. I know they like birds but hopefully not the swan.

  3. Peggy S

    What a beautiful vase!, So glad you were still able to buy it after seeing it!! Like some signs I’ve seen in fabric stores. . . . “ it won’t be here when you come back!!! “. Be sure to find a “cat safe” place for it!!
    Love the #3 sent by Margie!!

  4. Diane Bauer

    Oh, my goodness!! I see why you fell in love with that pitcher! It’s gorgeous and so unique!!
    I spent the afternoon on the industrial machine at my local sewing center, upcycling more grain bags! I’m hooked, Mary!! The owner of the shop absolutely loves the bags! I’ll be taking her an empty grain bag so she can make her own and inspire others to do the same. Jenica is excited to get another one to add to her collection!
    Jade plants are magical in that you can just plant the fallen pieces, but oh, my, you can plant a whole lot of fallen pieces, can’t you?!?!?!?!

  5. Betty Klosterman

    That vase definitely looks valuable. Do you have a china cupboard where you can put it inside? Did you look it up on the Internet to see if it is valuable. It does make one wonder who had it and their history with the vase? Pretty neat.
    Oh, couldn’t you have put the jade plant remains in 1 pot? The squirrels must have thought it was a tasty treat.
    We’ve got a few squirrels, but there are lots of flying grasshoppers around here. We’ve had so much rain the grass is still green in September with no watering all year. A few of the trees are starting to turn and some of the grasses are ripening. The snakes who lived under my back step all summer have left for the winter. Hope they come back next year as I didn’t have a single ant problem all summer. And they were pretty interesting to watch.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hey, Betty – I planted the first bunch of Jade branches and 2 days later it happened again so that’s why they’re in 2 pots. I did look the pitcher up and one site called it rare and valuable in the $200 range. I didn’t buy it for resale though so it doesn’t really matter to me. I have NEVER seen one like it before! Have you?

  6. Jennie

    Great vase!!! Glad you bought it. If not it would have haunted you. Going to start my rug soon. Had to lay off using my hands and arms much. Getting better. Blessings Jennie

  7. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful pitcher! No wonder you love it! I am on vacation in California and not getting much done on #5! Back home on Thursday so will have to get busy! Have my star fabrics cut for the sew-along but that’s it! Whew!!

  8. Teresa

    I’m glad you got the vase, it’s beautiful and unique. I have collected McCoy pottery so vases and pitchers are my thing too.

    What a fun group of #3’s today! I love seeing everyone’s work and projects.

    Rainy week in store so hoping to get more stitching done then usual and it gives me an excuse to put off cleaning up the yard before snow flies.

  9. Tammy Guerrero

    I love love love the pitcher. It is so creative with the goose on top. Could you share a picture of the quilt pattern that you mentioned in your post . I forgot what it looks like. Thank you. Love your posts!

  10. Caryn Goulden

    The pitcher is wonderful! Glad you got it, and thank you for sharing!

    To: Margie Braaksma – where did you get the pattern for your #3? Is it one from Country Threads? Thanks!

  11. Pat Smith

    Oh my gosh, what a great pitcher! I’m so glad you got it and think it will be a long term treasure (as opposed to a rental!) I don’t love all old things, but I sure do love that pitcher.

  12. Patti in W Barnstable

    Hi Mary, what a beautiful pitcher! I’ve seen anything like it. You are fortunate it was still there. I hope you enjoy it for many, many years.

  13. Robin Boggan

    What a beautiful pitcher! I am so glad you went back and got it. It belongs in your home to enjoy.

  14. Candy

    Oh, those paddling feet just make the vase … so sweet! I’m sure you’ll use and enjoy it all the time. I also love Margie’s #3.

  15. patti leal

    hi mary. great vase, just love it. wanted to let you know i’m doing the rug. about 2/3 of the way with the warp (irst strips) i ran into a problem of a knot right at the nail.i ended up cutting the rest of the ‘ball’ apart so i could use it. just frustrating. i’ve cut more strips so i can fiinish. i am also cutting for the HIPS project. but i started by cutting for the four patches. it always takes longer when you use scraps. plan to use some of my dear jane leftovers. i go slow but at least i still go. patti in florida

  16. Patricia

    Oh my gosh, that pitcher – what a treasure. I know that feeling of seeing something and wanting it, and talking yourself out of it. I wonder if I would allowed myself to buy it? I’m glad you got it. I’m sure you will smile every time you look at it. Someone mentioned snow. I can’t bear to think of winter and cold and SNOW. Our summer has been hot and humid but cooler as of late but oh so dry. Our soil is like cement. We have watered but when I look around the neighborhood the Yoshino cherry trees have pretty much lost all their leaves. We do need the rain. I hope we have a beautiful Fall. We deserve it. Love all the pictures.

  17. Bonnie McKee

    I LOVE your beautiful pitcher! What a treasure!
    It was meant to be yours ❤️
    Oregon Bonnie

  18. Sue in Oregon

    Mary, the pitcher is stunning. I would have bought it too. It appears to be in excellent condition for one so old. Your hydrangeas are perfect for it.
    The cats are adorable and the other two 3s are awesome as well. My face is red because I still have so far to go. But I did have time to warp half of the rug frame today.

  19. Diane

    What a great find. That pitcher is a treasure!! Enjoy it each time you fill it😃. I like making those little stars, too.

  20. Jan VanDeWalle

    That Swan pitcher is wonderful, I have never seen any thing like it , and I was a dealer for 18 years, so glad it was still there when you went back. Just finished the Raggy quilt that I have been working on. Made with a layer cake of FFA themed squares and 2 layers of flannel. Took pictures but don’t know how to share them. I made it for the Annual FFA Alumni dinner Auction to raise money for the local FFA kids. Scholarships and other travel expenses. I made one last year also. Some of the ads didn’t have the X to close them but got the ones that did. Rainy day her in Oregon today. I have an over grown jungle of Jade plants too, they are looking pretty droopy and dusty need to get them out side in the rain. Jan in Oregon

  21. Bonnie Specchio

    The Swan picture is awesome! I raise swans and would certainly love to have a vase like that.

  22. Rita in Iowa

    Love your vase, you have quite the eye for beautiful things. The quilted pictures are wonderful also. Way to go girls.
    Spent yesterday finishing up the upstairs window between rain showers. Just had to do the outside as I cleaned the inside on Sunday. Now just need to do the basement windows.
    Have a Great Day.

  23. Angie from Baltimore

    That swan pitcher is FABULOUS. I wouldn’t have been able to resist either. In fact it is unique enough to sit and admire it alone. Good that you brought it home to love. Poor Rick, he is so innocent. Got to love him

  24. Sally J.

    Very unique and remarkable pitcher!! What a great find!!

    The Mountain Between Us/Charles Martin
    The Wedding Dress/Hauck
    The Tuscan Child/Rhys Bowen
    Ordinary Grace/Krueger

    Enjoying all the pictures of finished projects.

  25. Penny C Maryland

    I love the vase! Wonderful #3’s. My hydrangea blooms burnt up in the sun by early August, they get no shade.

  26. Jean

    Mary. I’m not so much I to antiques but I LOVE that swan piece!!! You are so lucky to be able to look at it everyday. Joy!

  27. Joyce from NY

    Your pitcher is wonderful, so glad you got it, so unique. All the #3’s are so creative. I closed 3 ads. I will be sending a check for Frank & the Bullseye Quilt, thank you.

  28. Nikki M in Tx

    Great find… wonderful pitcher….have never seen anything like it. I am glad you made a home for such a treasure. At Home Depot over weekend & purchased a 3 inch pot of jade plant… will give it a try… my thumb is not anywhere near green, but I keep trying.

  29. Marie Fibelstad

    Where is your booth that you sell stuff in? Town and hrs it is open.
    Might have to make a road trip from Storm Lake.
    Enjoy the dog, cat, and bird pictures and can’t wait to see the fall arrangements outside at your farm.

  30. Janice Hebert

    Love your pitcher! I love collecting pottery and planters. Have never seen anything like this swan, so pretty! I’m busy making jam and raspberry cordial. Peaches are almost ripe. Tomatoes are prolific this year! So haven’t caught up with my Dirty Dozen let alone the rugalong. I do plan on making a rug this year though. Thank you for inspiring us all, Mary! Jan in MA

  31. Judy

    That is a beautiful and unusual vase. I am so glad it was still there when you went back to purchase it.

  32. Diane in WI

    That vase is truly a collector’s item. It will look beautiful with spring flowers in it. Some of the dinner plate dahlias or Asiatic lilies would be striking in it. I have lots of projects to sew. Time to get busy. I really like the star blocks.

  33. Meredith

    Neat pitcher, it would fit right in with my collection of ‘gaudy pots’, just sayin’. Love Margie’s cat sampler, she does beautiful work!

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