Staff Christmas Breakfast






We gathered for breakfast this first morning of winter and enjoyed biscuits and gravy, French toast, blueberry buckle, cranberry orange muffins, cream cheese Danish, juice and coffee. Now to work!

24 thoughts on “Staff Christmas Breakfast

  1. Marsha Ivers

    Mary, I wantto thank you for all of your posts. I really enjoy hearing what you are up to and am amazed and exhausted by your busy schedule. Keep it up, you make my life much better, thanks, Marsha Ivers

  2. Sharon Hultgren

    Just have to ask! Did the cat stay on the table while you ate?? 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas!! Thank you for bringing your “gift” of “shop tales”(tails” so often! Love it!!
    God bless!

  3. Diane

    Oh Mary–I am sooo glad to see the gorgeous red cat on the table. Just like here only it’s Squeak–Millie’s twin. Only difference is, we turn the plates over until everyone is seated or she runs on them. Yes, I do re-wash them if that happens:)

  4. Bonnie in Oregon

    Love the kitty on the table….don’t they always know the best spots to position themselves!? 😉
    Merry Christmas and New Year’s blessings to you all!

  5. Mary

    You must be loving your house addition Mary. Now that you all have your carbs up, you can get some serious work/sewing done! Best to all of you.

  6. MartyCae

    Yummy menu! My centerpiece is black, white and orange! Looks good on black and white quilts! Merry Christmas to all!

  7. Barb

    Would love to see your room in person. What do you have hanging above the windows? Pictures? Of what? Also what is hanging between each window? You have such a great eye for decorating!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Above the windows are vintage dog pictures and between the windows I have an old dog collar, an old iron rake head, a wooden pulley from my childhood barn, a wheel, a metal flower basket and a treadle sewing machine pedal. I should take some pictures of these things – remind me after Christmas!
      Off to the sewing room!

  8. Dianne H.

    Such a pretty room. Perfect for a party. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at Country Threads.

  9. Lee

    Yum! Thanks for sharing your life and Country Threads with us.
    Merry Christmas and blessings in 2014.

  10. Joyce Miller

    You let your guests eat at a table where the cat had been sitting?? Not afraid of cat hair in your food? I would be!

  11. Jackie Baumhauer

    I love all the pictures but especially the cat on the table. A lady that Drew works with told him not to eat a dish that someone had brought to share. She said that their cats get up on the counter. We had to laugh…if only she knew!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!!!

  12. Jeanie

    Mary, I know you are extremely busy, so I appreciate so much your taking the time to post these beautiful pictures. I love the cat centerpiece; we have had many like that.

  13. LMK

    sorry but i’m with joyce, just not crazy about cats on the table or counter, AND yes, we have had pets, at least 3 different house cats but they never got on the table or the counter. do you know where they’ve been? (in the cat box) that’s gross and probably not real healthy. but then that’s just me, looks lie alot of people don’t mend it. denise’s cats get on both and now we don’t eat there any more. “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  14. LMK

    forgot to tell you, i really lie your porch but guess i’d have curtains, at least on part of the window, i think it makes it look and feel more homey and makes it feel warmer, in the winter, dark curtains, then have light curtains in the summer. guess everyone likes something different, huh??? i like color, paul painted one wall in out kitchen a real dark navy, i love it, we have like a lime green in the bathroom, before it was a bright yellow. our bedroom is blurple (blue and purple) can’t wait to hear your news in the new year.

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