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Wow – it’s the last Farm News before Christmas! My Ipad still isn’t working properly so I’m blogging from my phone which isn’t easy. As you probably know, Hercules went home and he was a very popular guy on the blog. Next Monday and Tuesday I am keeping another Great Dane named Lambeau as in Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. I’ve never met him but after my experience with Hercules, I know he’s probably another gentle giant.

Bailey is doing well and will be going to her new forever home very soon. More details on that later. Remember the black kitten that pooped behind the freezer? She moved to the basement and Telly has been playing hide and seek with her through the cat door. She lies on the kitchen side with her head through the flap and the kitten sits just out of reach on about the 2nd basement step. Yesterday I let Telly go to the basement to meet black kitty in person and it was fine. By next week I’m quite sure black kitty will be upstairs with us.



Here is my November UFO all quilted and bound. Whew! I don’t enjoy making big quilts and this one is queen size. I laid it in a chair after I finished binding it and found JB enjoying it the next morning. Here’s a better picture of the quilt and a close up – it’s called Talkin’ Turkey from Spring Fling by Bonnie Hunter. (Book available on our website.) I used all my red, brown, black and neutral scraps to make this quilt and it was beautifully quilted by Jan Shafer. I traded dog boarding last summer for her dog, Jackson, for quilting – I KNOW I came out ahead on that deal, don’t you?


Remember Baby Lucy? Here she is in her car seat last night. You can hardly see her little face.

The Free Online Quilt Sampler layout has been posted with all the block patterns. I made this quilt last year just using my scraps and as I was making it, I felt nothing would “go together” but I am tickled with this quilt now. These monthly patterns will remain on our website for those who are still making blocks and for all the others who would now like to start making blocks after seeing the quilt. The Free Quilt Block tab is at the top of our home page. I am working on the free online sampler quilt for 2014 and have the first two finished. Watch for the January block on or around January 1st.

Here is Millie in her favorite sleeping spot – under the Christmas tree on the quilt. The cats and even Faye drink out of the tree stand all the time – no wonder I have to water that tree so much!

And look at these 3 on the outside looking in! We were taking quilt pictures in the piano room and didn’t really need their help so we shut them out. They kept their eyes on us!

 I have finished the binding on Talkin’ Turkey, made January Charm School, a pink strip quilt, working on my birthday kit, and want to start another scrap project in one of Bonnie Hunter’s books. Never enough time to sew, is there?

Don’t forget we’re closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the next 2 weeks. Merry Christmas to all of you! And don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season!



11 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Dee W

    I love the Farm News! I’d love a houseful of pets, but the husband isn’t too keen on that. So I settle for one dog who was going to the pound and came here instead. Have a Wonderful Christmas! I’ve got to put my 2013 bom together and am looking forward to 2014’s. Thanks again.

  2. Liz M

    Oh I am so EXCITED for you and Bailey! Your news brought tears of JOY! I so wished I had a way to come and get her. I live in WA State and I don’t drive much nowadays or I would have been down and back with Bailey!

    Please do tell us how you found a home for her! 8)

  3. Ellie

    So glad Bailey has a home! Really enjoy the farm news and all the pets. We have two eighty plus pound furry babies ourselves,
    so I understand your feelings. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to get my bom together soon.

  4. donna mease

    Mary….thank you so much for the good feelings you extend to your readers when you send out the Farm News. I love it! I miss Iowa a good deal (lived there 11.5 yrs) but love Kansas where we are now. My hubby’s a pastor (Lutheran), so that’s how we got to live in Iowa. I am so happy you found Bailey a forever home. Bailey, I am sure, will miss your kindness. Looking forward to meeting Lambeau! I liked your turkey tracks quilt. you did get a great deal getting to have your quilting done for boarding her dog. You must be the greatest pet person in the world. Anyway….thanks for taking the time to do such a lovely blog/farm news. And…Merry Christmas, too! donna j from KS

  5. Diana Slifka

    I am so glad you found Bailey a forever home. I hope it is a good one because Goldens are the best and deserve the best. My daughter adopted the meanest Goldie out of a Rescue site a few years ago and through love and understanding he is a wonderful dog now. I don’t know what anyone could have done to him to make him so mean but he has finally turned out to be a lover.

  6. Diane

    Hi Mary–Soooo happy for Bailey. I love all the pet news, too. I didn’t get in on the 12 month UFO projects last year so I am starting my own for next year. How did I get more than 12 projects? LOL
    Merry Christmas.

  7. Joanna

    I love the mix of red, brown and black in the Talking Turkey quilt. I think I’ve been inspired to mix a few colors together for another one of her “two color” quilts. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  8. Michele

    Love that photo of Telly with her nose in the cat door!!! So funny. Telly just wants to be friends with Black Kitty and is pretty sure if she just gets close enough to BK that their friendship will get started. Such a Telly moment. Who doesn’t love Telly? 😉

  9. Carol Wilson


    Thank you for keeping such an up-to-date and fun blog. I sit in an office everyday; checking your blog is one of my first to-dos every morning. And then, I dream of the day I will be able to quilt all day long . . .


  10. Lynn Willis

    Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for all the efforts you put in everywhere and the great Farm News! It’s so much fun to read and brighten my day. You and your store are a “cut above”!

  11. Anne Manly

    Bailey was truly blessed when she found you! I prayed hard that she would find the right home to love her – if I had been closer and life not so crazy I would have been there in a heartbeat. Thank you for giving us all such a treat with your continuing saga of all the animals – it puts a big smile on my face as I follow all their antics! Many blessings, peace and joy to you all during the Christmas season and especially in the new year.

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