Pictures of Hercules










Still blogging from my phone but wanted to post pictures of Herc with his family. Believe it or not, I have another Great Dane coming next week for just 2 days!

16 thoughts on “Pictures of Hercules

  1. PJ Combs

    So love all your pictures of your animals…we have a Great Dane in our neighborhood n the r one grand dog!!!! He looks very comfy in his chair!!!!

  2. Ann Barlament

    I see that at one point he discovered the bed!! And I LOVE the picture of him discovering the ‘doggie door’. On the inside, did it look like a head mounted on the wall? lol

    I bet Hercules was very happy to see his “people” again!!!

  3. Nanette

    Those pictures are priceless !! It is obvious that dog thinks he is a big “little kid” – he is lucky his family found you to babysit !
    I just LOVE your animal pictures !!

  4. Jane Clinton

    I love that he makes himself right at home!
    Hercules is a gentle giant for sure!

    I keep forgetting to tell you that my step-daughter and her husband live in Garner. He is Luke Crotty I hear you guys know him! We will be out in April to visit and I will be stopping by the store once again!!! I am saving my pennies already!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We know Luke from the care center – what a kind hearted guy! Mom always liked him the best.

  5. Peggy

    Love the pics of the “gentle giant.” I see he finally mastered getting his whole-self in the chair. Legs & all! What a guy!!

  6. donna mease

    Absolutely loved the photos of the Gentle Giant! But my favorite one was his paw against your hand. Huge! How sweet can he possibly be?! You will have to post pics of the next Great Dane, too.
    donna j

  7. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    Still haven’t thanked you for a wonderful time at camp in October. It is a beautiful memory.
    I have been showing all my kids (Oliver Henry, Sonny, Beaux, and Artemus Gordon, I hope you know these are my dog kids!!) the pics of your kids. haha they want to come and hang out at your house. They are really good at sharing chairs and beds. Again thank you for a wonderful time. Hope to see you again.

  8. Lynn Willis

    Love the pic of him poking his head in the doggie door like “you seriously expect me to fit thru this??” LOL

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