Stitches of Love

I “rescued” this old cross stitched baby quilt from a family who felt it wasn’t worth keeping. I took off the orange backing, repaired a few spots and laundered it and now I’m going to give it to the “baby” for Christmas. The “baby” is 36 years old.
Mary Baker, Connie, Joan and I are sewing in the classroom today. It’s fun to hear what everybody has been doing – too bad more couldn’t join us. Connie is making a Christmas gift, Joan is working on her camp project and Mary is cutting out Mark and Shelby’s wedding quilt from several years ago. I am piecing the red check backing for the king size log cabin quilt. Going to Pizza Ranch for lunch.

3 thoughts on “Stitches of Love

  1. Holly

    It sounds like a fun day with the girls. I love the cross-stitch pictures on your quilt top–really fun. The king and queen are a hoot!

  2. Jeanie

    I love your blog! And, after I hear about what you and your friends are doing, I always feel like accomplishing something in my sewing room. Thank You, Jeanie

  3. Judith

    My Mom made this same blanket for our son back in 1977. He left it at a motel when we were traveling. Sweet memories…thanks for sharing.

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