Spring Cleaning?????



It’s been years since I scrubbed the floor in my sewing room on my hands and knees but today felt like spring cleaning. I am sorting through 30 years of sewing room paraphernalia, taking some out to the shop, keeping some in the house and pricing some for our yard sale next spring. I love organizing stuff and looking at all of it and then deciding what stays where. I always regret taking a “before” picture but it looks so bad when I start that I’m embarrassed. I won’t be able to finish tonight but I’ve made a big dent in the mess. More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning?????

  1. Lori Gust

    My sewing room stays a mess…I just shut the door…If I put things away I’d never find them again…I’m glad your getting time to do what you want…how is Susanah doing?

  2. Carole

    Don’t be embarrassed … be so very very happy that you still have knees that will let you scrub floors! PS: My sewing room looks waaaaaayyyy worse than yours. LOL

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