Stop!!!! 1-5-23

After much discussion since I posted the blog, it has come to my attention that I am not able to offer you the charm book patterns on $5.00 Friday. I am so sorry. Please give me time to sort this out before you mail me any money for patterns.

I’ll post again when I understand our position with patterns published by Martingale since they have announced they’re going out of business.

Please don’t send me anything until I clarify all details.

3 thoughts on “Stop!!!! 1-5-23

  1. Sue in Marion, IN

    I’m so sorry to see Martingale go out of business. I started quilting “for real” around 1990-I had dabbled in patchwork before, but never finished a quilt. My quilting “grew up” with Martingale, Country Threads, Little Quilts, and Fons and Porter and I feel like all of you who founded these businesses are friends. I even got to take a class with Alice and Sylvia at Quilt America in Indianapolis circa 1994. I was reminded of all this last night as I was going through old magazines to weed them out. I was a charter subscriber to American Patchwork and Quilting and I’d cleaned out the majority of the newer ones during the pandemic. I kept all of the earliest ones and I’m keeping them still! Such a joy to look at those early issues with at least one pattern from you and Connie, sometimes two! Lots of Little Quilts patterns and F and P. I still love all of those!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Marion – thank you, Sue! We were also teaching at Quilt America a couple of those years. The Little Quilts girls remain friends today and we chat occasionally. We had such plans for $5 Friday – ☹️

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