Big News From Martingale, 1-5-23

Martingale Publishing is going out of business and yes, we have known for awhile but we were sworn to secrecy. Can you believe I kept my mouth shut? My nickname is Windy, you know!

Knowing this was going to happen we decided to concentrate on our first charm book, Country Threads Goes To Charm School, 2010, for our $5.00 Friday patterns. We have been busy remaking these old quilts in new fabric ways but not necessarily from charm packs.

Here’s the first $5.00 Friday pattern – “Say Please”.

Here’s the original quilt:

These patterns are available by mail ONLY because we are both old, we didn’t grow up with computers and we simply don’t know how to put these patterns into an online store for you to purchase and download. There is simply nothing to be done about that – we have tried several times to hire someone to help us but we have not been successful.

That being said – all pattern orders must come to:


2345 Palm Ave.

Garner, IA 50438

Cost will be $5.00 per pattern and will require a SASE which will hold two patterns. Payment can be cash or check only – no credit cards. Checks should be made out to Country Threads. Direct any questions or concerns to my email –

We will make this work!

Tomorrow I’m going to take you along on a tour of Connie’s new sewing room at the lake.

Beamer’s mom and I were talking the other night about scraps and I sent her this picture –

She sent this picture back to me!

How’s that for a chuckle?

I can tell where the geese were sitting all night –

One of our furnaces quit working and today the repairman found two dead birds inside – blew out the motor!! No wonder it was so cold upstairs last night!

Three enjoying the windowsill sun.

Hazel being the pistol she is!

And that’s it from the farm today – see you back here tomorrow for Connie’s sewing room tour!

32 thoughts on “Big News From Martingale, 1-5-23

  1. MARGIE in CA

    oh what a shocker today, Martingale going out of business !
    our favorite quilt authors and wonderful books we all treasure
    and especially COUNTRY THREADS, ever since way back when
    very sad news for all of us

  2. Rhoda Ebersole

    Sad to read Martingale is going out of business.

    Rainy here in Las Vegas today.

  3. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Frankly horrified to get the message from Martingale that they are going out of business! I have so many of their books (including all of yours!). They are my favourite quilt book company. So sad for all the people who work there and with them. I had noticed that there were no new ‘coming soon’ books for some months, but hoped that was just supply and printing issues, not the beginning of the end. Ah well, I guess my own quilting library just became more special, and it’s not as if I’m short of quilts to make!
    Thank you for the lovely winter photo’s Mary, and I love the response to the scrap jar photo! That’s real humour!

  4. Jane Dumler

    Very surprised at the news from Martingale this morning. I tried to get into the website but it was overloaded. The quilting industry is changing.

  5. Susan Sundermeyer

    Sorry to hear about Martingale. Could you hear me laughing all the way from Ohio about your scraps post? Too funny!

  6. Joy in NW Iowa

    We had a lot more snow than you! My hubby has been scooping with the tractor all day! Piles everywhere! 15-17 inches! I really laughed when I saw the waste basket…..that was my thought exactly. You do display your scraps pretty tho! I’m not sure we will even get mail today. The local school was closed again today. My they will be going really late in May this year!
    I sewed today. Tomorrow I’ll do laundry and go to the grocery store. Have a good night!

  7. Carmen Ostrander

    I understand about wanting to retire, and I know you do too. Just makes me wonder, who wlll publish new quilt books, and what will happen to all of Martingale’s catalog? Will the books just be OOP?

  8. NancyTD

    Shocked about Martingale going out of business.
    I started making Crystal Carters bed size quilt with 3 inch log cabin blocks.
    It is the Spring Easter Parade. A 1993 published. I have been thinking of making it that long!
    Scraps can overcome the place. Pitching is good once in awhile. I have a lot of yardage I wish I could find something to make.
    Looking forward to seeing Connie’s new sewing room.
    Hope everyone is dug out from the snow and ice storms.

  9. Jill Klop

    I was so surprised when I saw the email that Martingale was going out! You were good in keeping that secret! I’m still waiting to see the ‘Don’t bring a beer to a job interview’ quilt! Ha ha. I hope I didn’t dream that title!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – hope you read my recent post – I don’t think I can post that pattern since Martingale published it. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I just saw that at about 5 PM, but the site might have crashed a little b/c it kept saying error or something else. Trying again now. Love the pics😀😀. Hazel—toooo cute😹. Colder here today—44*, but able to walk.
    Squeak will not come out of her suite since I took her to the Vet. She doesn’t trust me. Since she is healthy, we may not take her again unless she is ill. She has not gone outdoors in all 11years with us!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I hope your back is feeling better.
      Did you hear the good news on Damar, our beloved Bills player? He woke up last night. The wonderful doctors in Cincinnati said he wrote on paper who won the game and they told him “ You did. You won the game of life”. Just amazing!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Hi Kathy, I did see that. We are near Columbus so each station has a reporter outside the hospital which has been great for us Bills fans!! We are relieved to hear the news and can’t wait to see him walk out of the hospital. We have had friends in that hospital and it is a very good one! It has been great to see the outpouring of support outside the hospital from Bengals and Bills fans. My back is coming along, Jargy, thanks for checking. I am very healthy so it has been an oddity to me. I am taking fewer Tylenols so moving along😀😺

          1. Kathy

            Good to hear you are on less pain pills and improving.
            Back pain can be awful to cope with.
            It has been comforting to see prayer vigils with both teams of fans together United. Our news has shown all the support the teams and family has received in Ohio.

  11. Connie R. In NE Wis.

    I was also surprised and saddened by the news about Martingale. They always published such wonderful quilt books. I tried to get online to order some books at their discounted price but, couldn’t get on the website. Must have been overwhelmed. I took it as a sign that I had enough pattern books already.

  12. Susan K in Texas

    I saw that they’re also not going to publish Quilt Sampler magazine any longer. I always tried to find those magazines and have visited quite a few shops they featured.
    I was able to get on the Martingale website and order some books. I even got your book Fresh Start Quilts. When I first started quilting many many years ago I would check out quilt books from the library and study them. I don’t use books the same as before. Social media has changed the quilt world.
    I can’t wait to see Connie’s new sewing room.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – did you remember we were on the cover of the very first Quilt Sampler? Facing our own morality is sad.

      1. Kris in WI

        Mary, I think your “morality” is exceptionally good! Now, facing our mortality is something else again. Sad to hear Martingale is locking the door. They did the nicest quilt books…and what! No more Quilt Sampler? I loved “traveling” to quilt shops all over the country while never leaving home. I hope you can retain the rights to your patterns. I’ve been enjoying the new versions of past favorites. Best of luck to you in getting through that situation.

        Three sure knows how to find a sunbeam! We laughed at Keeper under the table while Hazel was giving kisses to Connie! Stay well…and warm! Kris

      2. Susan K in Texas

        I did not realize that. I’ll have to go through my old issues and see if I have that one. I don’t have the full collection but have quite a few.

  13. Debbie Miller

    You kept the secret well! I am like you-I am old and prefer books/paper patterns much more than PDF patterns. When I download something-I am prone to forget it without I immediately print. And I had much rather browse a book as search on my computer.
    Hazel looks like such a corker! My girl miniature daschund Maggie passed away in October she was 15. Her twin brother Woody-though much larger passed last year. I had sent their picture once with our goat pictures. I miss them horribly but am going to take a while to decide if I really want to take on that responsibility again.
    I had also read that the magazine Quilts & More is ceasing publication.

  14. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love the picture of Three napping in the sun using a pumpkin for a pillow. I love that precious kitten.
    We are back to winter, had snow this morning.

  15. Linda in Estherville

    Did you see this in the Martingale blog? Just a small portion of the article with photos.

    “Fresh Start Quilts” Sew-Along (Week 4)
    Posted by Lisa on December 6, 2022, in quilting & sewing, author guest posts, authors, bestsellers, machine quilting, patchwork, quick & easy quilts, quick and easy quilts, quilt along, quilt designers, quilt finishing, quilt tips, quilt-alongs, scrap quilts, videos
    It’s week 4 of the “Fresh Start Quilts” Sew-Along!
    Let’s hear from authors Connie Tesene and Mary Etherington!

  16. Carolyn Harris

    So sad to hear of your decision… Martingale has been
    Publishing books for quilters for years… happy retirement and hope you have time to pursue
    A wonderful hobby!!! Thanks for sharing the good
    Years with quilters!!!

  17. Cynthia from SWMinnesota

    Good brisk morning from Marshall/Ghent in SWMN! It is 11* out now. Looking forward to seeing Connie’s sewing room! Getting ready to do another table runner, have to square it up first. This is from your book Sew Charming, will make two table runners which will no doubt turn into two more..Split Squares! I was impulsive and bought three 5” charm packs, and while they are so pretty in fabric, work involved making the Split Squares, so need to get this project done. It really is more beautiful as a completed project. I will send you an email with photos when I am done. Friday already! Hope the snow is done now for a while. What we have could last me for the rest of the winter!

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