Storm? 12 – 9 – 21

We are under a winter storm warning tomorrow – snow???

I finished the pieced sewing machine!

Here is the pattern info.

The quilt is made in sections and the confusing part was that the same fabric would have different numbers in different sections and that is why mine is an exact color copy of the pattern. It was just easier to follow – I can’t wait to quilt it and then hang it in my sewing room.

I just sent this little quilt to a friend who moved into a new house in Michigan.

Here are a couple quilts I found online – ones that I like!

This is a masterful use of fabric!! I love it!

I hung our old Christmas tree quilt – made for Martingale many years ago – can’t remember or even find the book!

Remember my chicks? Here they are today – they should start laying next month.

They’ve taken over Emma’s chair.

You would never believe how dirty your hands really are as you go about your ordinary day. I know because I wear these white cotton gloves as much as possible to protect my fingertips and I change them 3-4 times daily. I always sleep in a clean pair – ugh. The dermatologist told me it’s ordinary psoriasis. Really?????

What’s on YOUR mind?

48 thoughts on “Storm? 12 – 9 – 21

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    You found some great quilts .
    Today, my small quilting group had our Christmas lunch. Because of Covid, we haven’t gotten together much this year. We recommitted ourselves to getting together.
    Covid has hit us hard, many have lost friends, a cousin, 48 years old, is totally disabled. My little nephew, 11 years old, has had 2 strokes this week from that awful virus. We reviewed our safety precautions.
    Folks, this is still serious.

    Enough of my preaching.
    We are under a winter snow watch too…YEAH ,snow.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wy – an 11 year old had 2 strokes???? Oh, good heavens – I’ve never even heard of this. We have several in our congregation who are sick and I personally know of a couple of deaths from Covid but you have been hit very hard! How is your nephew now? And the cousin?

      1. Jo In Wyoming

        I got word this morning, he has had another stroke. He’s in ICU, but a lot of patients are in ICU with Covid.

  2. Susan from Michigan

    I took a ruler class today from a store in Indiana that sells Berninas. The sewing machine pattern you made was up on the pattern wall. Tomorrow I am visiting four quilt stores in Indiana with friends. Should be fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan from Michigan – oh, how fun! Was the sewing machine made up the same as on the cover? I can sure see why Bernina dealers sell this pattern – I bought mine at a Bernina store, too!

      1. Susan from Michigan

        I am pretty sure it was the same fabric wise. I haven’t purchased the pattern but it is pretty. I am so excited for my shop hop today even though I’m not typically an early riser!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan from MI – please tell us what you found on your shop hop to interest you – I’ve been home for so long I don’t know what’s new and fun.

          1. Susan from Michigan

            I saw that sewing machine pattern again. This time the store sample had very different fabrics. I wanted to take a picture for you, but didn’t know if the shop keeper would be upset. One gal, our driver, almost exclusively looks for kits. I tend to look for yardage. I got a few things, none of which were on my list. Another gal loves pink and valentines, and the other does embroidery and looks for fabrics for specific projects. The shop we liked the most today was called Thyme to Sew.

  3. Pat

    Hi Mary I like your sewing machine quilt.
    Looks like fun.
    Beside wearing gloves, what products have you been using on your hands? I’m interested to see what works for you.
    Stay warm

  4. Cheryl Regan

    Love your blog. Expecting snow, so going to spend a couple days with a friend. Bringing Chex mix and the makings for carmels and since she has a huge living room, going to lay out a quilt. Just pulling my stuff together so I can be there before it snows. Have a lovely day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl Regan – I am jealous of your days spent with a friend quilting, chatting and eating!

  5. Vicki

    I love Jeannie’s Christmas quilt! I like the red center. I used the fabric strip idea in a table runner, making it 18 inches wide. I like Jeannie’s quilt better. Time to cut more strips!

    Cheryl, staying with a friend during a snow storm sounds like an old fashioned overnighter with a dear friend. It sounds great! Plus anything that involves a quilt is fun.

    1. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

      Thanks, Vicki. I made my quilt square, so I could use it on a table, but it looks great on my wine colored sofa. I am also cutting more strips for a tv runner. I loved this spontaneous project from Mary’s suggestion! 🎄🤗

  6. Kathy in western NY

    What lovely pictures to start a gray day. It’s going to 45 outside and a record high tomorrow over 62 with high wind warnings so I would take a snow storm instead to just let it fall from the sky. Losing power and possible tree limbs down is no fun to be in. Sounds like we all need to keep in touch this weekend with strange weather.
    I am with Jo knowing the after effects this horrible virus has done to so many lives. When my husband was in ICU over summer, I saw so much in front of me and I worked in health care. Back then medical decisions changed hourly but this is so complex and continues to mutate. In our circle everyone has gone through a death with a loved one and each story breaks your heart with how they died. It’s not what some want to believe it is till like Jo, you actually talk and hear their experience. I talked to a lady in hospital who’s 50 yr old daughter got it twice and can’t walk or talk due to damage to her lungs now. And she was perfectly healthy before. She was unvaccinated.
    Today I want to get some groceries (mask on for me still) and look for the magazine you are thinking of doing a quilt a-long with. I loved Connie’s comment about starting!! Cutting scraps I can do if we lose power.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – such a tragic story! I’m a vaccine supporter so I fail to see why people refuse. Like your story, it can be the difference between life and death. Hope you keep your power – it’s what I dread most about storms. I went back to wearing my mask in the grocery store, too.

  7. Linda Baker

    Storm coming for West Michigan tomorrow-high wind warnings are already in place. My Featherweight group will be meeting for a sew day, so I’m hoping the power doesn’t go out!
    Nice quilt pictures to look at again, inspiration for all of us.
    The holidays are fast approaching, and soon it will be a new year. Where does the time go?

  8. Lori

    Thanks for sharing, it’s always so fun to see the photos you post.

    Wondering, what hand cream/lotion did you find that works the best for you?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lori – sad to say that none of them really worked so now I’m using a prescription steroid cream. I still use the assorted lotions and I have very soft hands but need something stronger to actually heal. And my cuticles are looking great!

  9. Sally J.

    My family has experienced a horrible death from covid. My son Ronald lost his life to covid on October 11th. Words cannot describe all my feeling at this time. Keeping my faith and prayers help.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally J – Oh, Sally, we are all so very sorry! Parents should never outlive their children and when they do I find it impossible to imagine the depths of their grief. I have no words to offer except to say I am so sorry for your loss.

        1. Kathy in NY

          Oh Sally I am so sorry you lost your son. It’s not right younger ones are inflicted with this virus. My deepest sympathies.

    2. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

      Sally J,
      I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, Ronald. This pandemic has wreaked havoc in so many lives. Bereaved parents’ pain is unimaginable; sending prayers. Take Care

  10. Carmen

    I washed my winter gloves last week. The water was black! Amazing how dirty they get just going to the store, etc!

  11. Betty Klosterman

    This virus isn’t to be taken lightly. The side effects, both immediate and long haulers, are nothing to ignore. If a person is healthy, it can quickly become fatal, and even worse if there are other health problems involved. And to some it is no worse than a slight cold.
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the shots hopefully help slow it down. Masks are so simple and protect yourself and others. And staying away from crowds. Oh, common sense!!! That seems to be lacking.
    I’m staying home. It is lonesome, but there is so much fun making quilts, potholders, mug rugs….. Oh, maybe cleaning? That can wait! And Mary’s blog. It is wonderful to hear from everybody, their happiness or sadness. All the wonderful projects and the colors can always make us smile.
    I think we got about 5″ snow (no wind) last night. When I got up this morning the 20 something airman (airlady) was shoveling like a mad. I think she has muscles we never heard about. And another neighbor was out with his snow blower. How nice. I really appreciate them.
    Does anybody else remember getting vaccinations in school? I don’t know if the parents had to OK, but we lined up in the gym and took our turn, no questions about afraid of the needles. And the diphtheria (?) shot with the needle at least a foot long??
    In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your families. We WILL survive. Oh, the forecast is for zero tomorrow night!
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Betty – we are always here for you when you get lonesome. It’s been a long haul feeling isolated but like you, I want to live and do my best to ensure I will. So it means a lot we allhave each other and our many activities that we share to engage each other. And yes, I did member lining up for our polio sugar cube. Seeing people in iron lungs on tv opened my eyes at a young age that doing the right thing is common sense!
      I am going to pull out my Grandmas featherweight machine after Linda mentioned hers and set that up in case we lose power as I don’t like my older computerized Bernina running when power can shut off instantly. I can’t replace this older gem that I love.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – Oh, Betty, I love your down to earth reasoning and common sense! Yes, both Rick and I remember getting vaccinated in school – do you think it was just Iowans? I wish I lived next door to you – we could sew together, chat and eat! No cleaning for me!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Everyone in our school in Cuba, New York was vaccinated at the high school. We were in a long line and we got shots in about 1955 or 1956. My mom helped. One girl squirmed and acted out so one of the doctors just pushed her along—no shot. My mom agonized over whether she should call and tell the mother. My mom did call and the mother yelled at her for “ tattling”:on her daughter!! My mom was still glad she called. Sometimes people are mean.
        Love hearing from Betty and all the others. The quilts are lovely. As always, Mary, thank you for brining us together. Winds coming tonight to Central Ohio.

      2. RuthW in MD

        In California, I remember getting shots in grade school, the whole class lining up in the hallway to go through the nurse’s office. And in 3rd grade, the smallpox scratch on the lower left shoulder blade on my back, itched like crazy!! My mom took us to the Junior High School to eat our pink polio drops on sugar cubes several years later.

  12. Joy

    What’s on my mind? Snow!! Here in NW Iowa there is NO school anywhere! And it is snowing! Glad we can stay home and watch it instead of have to drive in it! Good day to sew and do cards. Stay safe!

  13. Linda in So Cal

    Love the sewing machine quilt. Great too see the girls using Emma’s chair. How’s Bob? Any word from Blanche? We got rain…finally. There’s snow in the mountains too. Big rain storm predicted for Monday/Tuesday. We need it. Looks like you’ll have a White Christmas.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in so cal – I’m so sorry to say Bob died but Blanche,now named Blitz, is doing well in Colorado.

  14. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Sally, so sorry Ron died. My husband and I prayed every day for him. We will change our prayer to Ron’s family now.

    We also pray for Kathy’s husband, Bonnie’s husband, and Judy who had surgery.

    Anyone else need our thoughts and prayers?

    We had 1/2 inch of wonderful rain last night. A gift in the desert.

  15. Diane in WI

    I’m so sorry for the losses and pain Covid19 has caused some of you. I’ll keep you in my prayers. No snow here; it is north of us. It is raining though. I spent part of the day sewing two aprons for my granddaughter. I also made a dog coat for her Boston terrier Perla. I also took some baked goods to our church for the Christmas bake sale. Take care everyone.

  16. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    I ,too, am sorry for all of the Covid deaths. So sad. We have never stopped wearing our masks to groceries, restaurants, and stores. We have been triple vaccinated, but do not want Covid. Stay safe everyone. Masks are so simple and easy and keep us safer.

  17. Jennie Cruzan

    Lynn we can use your prayers. My husband has liver cancer and is on Hospice. It is so hard to watch him getting worse. It is one day at a time. Thank you. Jennie in Texas

    1. Kathy

      Jennie – my prayers for your husband for restful peace. Liver cancer is awful.
      Stay strong for him and we are all thinking of you.

    2. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ


      I am so sorry your husband is on hospice. Will pray for both of you and your family.

  18. Janice Brown

    Good morning Mary, I live north of Traverse City, MI. We are in the path of the same storm. Woke up to the news of the tornadoes in Illinois and Kentucky. The temperature here is 40 degrees. Currently, we are getting a thunderstorm. The rain is suppose to turn to snow later this morning with high winds in the afternoon. Sunday through Thursday we are suppose to get highs at or above 40 degrees. Strange weather for winter!

    Did you get much snow and wind from this storm?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Brown – very white this morning – probably 4” or so but going to be very warm in the next few days. The friend I made the little quilt for moved to Traverse City from CO.

  19. Sue in Marion IN

    We live in east central Indiana and got a big honkin’ thunderstorm during the night. Apparently the power went off as the clocks were all blinking this morning. We’re still under a wind warning. When I got up it was 57 degrees but it’s going to drop to 37 by noon. We’re still getting power blips…I think there are probably branches blowing up against our lines intermittently.

    Covid: I’ m so sorry for everyone who has lost someone or had serious illness from this awful, unpredictable virus. My daughter quit her job this summer and started an accelerated BSN program. She got a job as a med tech while she’s in nursing school….she starts Monday in the ICU at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis..She’s fully vaccinated and boosted, but I’m still going to worry. All Indianapolis hospitals have requested National Guard help as we are in a covid surge as bad as last year. My son is doing his medical school rotations, but he’s not in ICU’s so I’m not as worried about him. All you can do is pray.

    PS…I bought the sewing machine pattern from the old Crafts site…..have I made it?😵‍💫

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Marion, IN – if you do start the sewing machine quilt, email me first – I can help make it easier.

  20. Susan K in Texas

    We had unseasonably warm weather this week and then last night the wind shifted. Tonight there is a chance we’ll get our first freeze. Last night my husband was watching the weather and told me the storm over Kentucky was a bad one. I’m so sad so many lost their lives.
    I love your sewing machine quilt and your tree quilt.

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