Storm – #2

It has passed over us and we are back upstairs – this is one for the books! Seeking shelter in the basement in mid December!! Whew!

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  1. Carol Eberhardt

    Great relief! What a blessing to have not been hurt in any way, when you think of the power of Mother Nature. Tomorrow might be your day to get a lottery ticket!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Holy Moly Mary! I thought the 70 mph ones we got Sat nite were bad.
        Can’t believe this weather. Tomorrow we will set a 3rd day of record highs in this month alone. Glad you are safe. Hope barn animals are ok

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Wonderful relief that you are safe. Hope your fur babies are weathering the storm .
    Prayers for no more storms.
    Carolyn b

  3. Helen

    So glad you are ok. This has been one crazy December with the weather. Do take care everyone out there!

  4. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Oh, my, Mary. Glad you, Rick, and pets are ok.

    Praying for those in the storm’s path.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    It’s dark outside. Can you tell if you had any damage, wind, etc? Yes, I know all about the tornadoes and that is probably a good reason I’m in South Dakota!
    We’ve had strong winds — 70 mph gusts — all day. They were moving a trailer house on the interstate, which I’d think was rather stupid….. It fell off the trailer. Also a travel trailer (?) turned over near New Underwood. Again, rather stupid to be on the east -west Interstate. I’m sure the truckstops were full of semis waiting for the wind to go down. We didn’t get any snow, but haven’t heard about outside of town.
    Except for putting the garbage cans out and back after pickup, I’ve been in the house all day.
    This weather does build character. I fixed Iowa goulash and baked potatoes…..
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  6. Lynette W

    Glad you are safe. My son is in Colorado and he said it was bad. Sent me pictures of all sorts of things including trees blown over in his yard, Be safe everyone!!!

  7. Bobby from Maryland

    So glad it passed by with no damage to you and all your furr babies are ok. Prayers for all in the path of the storm.

  8. Kathy Hanson

    So glad it was good to you, it is on it’s way here, I hope we have the same result!!

  9. Sandra Goddard

    We had a wind storm Saturday here in Western New York. Had a old maple tree come down. No damage just cutting it up and clean up. Glad you are OK. Keeping the people, in Kentucky and the surrounding area in my prayers.

  10. the other Angie

    Good to hear from you and to know all is well with you and Rick and all your farm family. You really are having crazy weather! Someone else asked, but is there a tornado in your area? Has the wind moved on past you for the night? It is so awful when these things happen at night! So glad you are all safe and well. I hope the rest of your night is calm and bright..

  11. Deb Bayne

    Just hitting Minneapolis now. Lots of rain and thunder/lightening. Tornado warning until 11pm. Hope it doesn’t get any worse. No wind yet.

  12. Cheryl

    I was worried about you and your family when I saw the Iowa small red triangle on the weather map. Hoping that all families in that area would be safe. We are at the tip of Lake Superior and are expecting some rain/ice and snow and big winds from this same storm. Thanks for your postings, they are the highlight of my day.

  13. Pat Smith

    So glad it has passed. I’ve never heard of having to go to the basement in Dec. in Iowa.

  14. Kim J LeMere

    Thank God, thankful that you are safe and back upstairs. Those storms are not to be taken lightly.

  15. Mary McCarron

    Storm is just starting here in SE Wisconsin winds are picking up Guinea pigs are in the laundry basket ready to head down basement stairs if needed Glad you and yours are safe

  16. Launa

    Good you all are safe!
    We had a sunny 15o to start this morning! No new snow this sunny day…high was 26o, but we are 17o @ near 8 pm now! Other areas had high winds and trees blown over.
    Good you have a basement!

  17. Bobbie Woodruff

    Boy, tornadoes are scary. So glad you were passed over. I pray for all the people who it didn’t pass over. Not having any control over what is happening is also scary. I pray the tornadoes are over for a while.
    I pray for people this Christmas season. To remember what we celebrate at this time of year. The birth of Christ.
    If others who haven’t been effective by this natural disasters could you please give to help others. There are several places that help, Red Cross, Salvation Army, you choose and every little bit helps. Even a dollar or two.
    God bless everyone.

  18. Beryl in Owatonna

    We had some wind here a little rain and then it was over, unless more for tonight later. We had a tornado watch but no warning. The flickered a couple of times. I am s thankful it blew over. Now our 61 degrees will go to a high of 27 tomorrow!! I am wondering how the lawn decorations made it through the winds.
    So glad you are OK, I am waiting to hear what happened down by Marshalltown,, if anything. Hopefully nothing, they have had enough in the last couple of years.

  19. Jo in Wyoming

    I saw on the news you were in the path of rough weather this evening. We’re all so glad you were passed over.
    Stay safe everyone.

  20. Ann in PA

    Thank God you are all safe. What a scare & in December ~ the weather is so unsettling. Must have been frightening for your farm family.

  21. Sherry Whalen

    I don’t think we had too much damage in Kasson – but I’ve been listening to the scanner and apparently there are several power lines down, a few trees and maybe a couple of buildings damaged around the county, they have been talking nonstop with their reports. It sounds like east of you in Rudd there was quite a bit of damage. The way the wind is howling right now at 11pm – I think it is going to be a long night! I just turned on the deck light and could see what I thought was drops of mist flying by, I opened the door and stuck my arm out and it wasn’t wet. Apparently we are getting farmland soil moving to town.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry Whalen – yes, sounds like Rudd got hit pretty hard. I just came back from the barn – and thank God I made myself go because the wind had worked a big staple out and the door it was holding on the west side was flapping back and forth!! I wonder what things will look like in the morning.

  22. Diane in WI

    Good to know you are OK. I saw the radar and realized how close the storms were to you. The wind is gusting here in southeast Wisconsin. The radar showed rain. I think the storm front fell apart. The plastic I put on my south window in the dining is pushed in absolutely taut. Hope everyone is safe tonight.

  23. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve been thinking of you all night. My husband saw that you were expecting bad winds today. Our son is on the east side of Iowa.
    We’ve had bad winds all day but nothing as bad as what you had.
    Take care!

  24. Mary M Rhodes

    Glad that you n hubby ok. Hope there wasn’t much damage to your farm from. Winds. Hope animals are ok. This weather is nuts . Day after tornado hit kentucky. In Manchester Ohio had earthquake quake. Its just nuts.

  25. Bonnie McKee

    I’m relieved you are ok. One of our daughters lives in Tennessee just south of the KY border. It’s been a tragic and nerve wracking week for so many of you folks this past week.
    Stay safe,
    Bonnie, in Oregon
    P.S. Your church cantata was lovely ❤️🎄

  26. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    My husband was watching the news and commented you were in the path of bad weather. So glad it has passed and you are safe.

  27. Mandy Stewart

    Living in Oklahoma we were being kept up on the storms heading your way. We had horrible winds yesterday and some rain but no tornados. Glad to hear you’re safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mandy – and I know you probably live in “tornado alley” so you’re used to this.

  28. A

    Glad you made it through OK. My daughter and family in New Ulm, MN also OK. My sister in Hartland, MN has damage inside and outside of her house. Window, siding, fences. No power. Had to assess more in the daylight. Humans and dog unhurt which is most important. It was a very scary storm.

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