Storm! 12-15-21

Writing this from the basement – storm overhead!

17 thoughts on “Storm! 12-15-21

  1. Donna

    I just saw on WCCO you’re having wind rain & possible tornado 🙏. Pray you all stay safe, you two and all your animals. Some rain here in CG but winds are heading this way Stay safe Mary

  2. Kimberly Lusin

    Stay safe! Super wild winds here in Northwest Indiana. Wind advisory until 3 A. M. Hoping they don’t turn into tornadoes. Prayers for everyone.

  3. Carol Eberhardt

    Oh, Lord be with you. Praying you and your husband, and. your many animals/pets you are guardians of make it through this safely, and that there will be no property damage.
    Send a post letting us know all is well when the storm has passed.

  4. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Waiting for it to arrive here about 9 pm, husband is bowling, scheduled to come home about 9:30. Hope he waits till it passes.

  5. Joy

    Crazy! NW Iowa has crazy stuff too. Our tornado threat has been over for an hour but still lightening and thundering! Stay safe!

  6. the other Angie

    Mary! That must be frightening – especially with your animals. I hope I am seeing this when it’s over and you and all your farm family are safe! Are you alone?

  7. Janice Hebert

    Oh Mary! We saw that bad weather was coming your way. Please let us know that you are safe after the storm passes…prayers are with you and yours Jan in MA

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