Stunning Win! 11-26-22

Iowa State Mens Basketball team beat Number 1 North Carolina last night at the Phil Knight Invitational Tourney in Portland!!! Remember I talk about mundane subjects that I’m interested in and we are excited!! They play in the championship game late Sunday night and I hope I’ll be posting another win on Monday morning.

Mollie has spent Thanksgiving with us and she and Keeper have had a ball.

It’s been awhile since I posted and I’m not quite sure where I left off on reader quilts so

Don’t know if I saw this block or if somebody sent it to me – I love it!

Another great idea for all those strips!

Now my finds at the antique mall:

Broken glass – $5.00 – I’ll have it replaced.

Since Becky’s last name is Rose I had to get this at the Salvation Army store.

This is my favorite chair so I wanted to buy a new one for the front room – I asked to see an old lady glider at the furniture store – ha! No such thing – they must not even make them anymore. I got this one at the thrift store and I think it’s perfect. I had settle for this small rocker – I brought it home in my van where it’s still waiting to be unloaded.

I finally finished quilting the blue and gold quilt which I’ll bind today and then take a picture.

Wow! That’s a long post – I got behind with Thanksgiving thrown in there. You loved the picture of the golden retriever eyeing the treat! Time to get the chores done so I’ll be ready for the Ohio vs Michigan game at 11. It will be a great college sports weekend!

52 thoughts on “Stunning Win! 11-26-22

  1. Paula

    I have that same chair you just bought! Love it! Everyone who comes over likes it too! Only bothers me when I sit too long (like ALLL day). Must mean I should get up and move more! Enjoy!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Great pictures of wonderful finds and beautiful quilts. So much inspiration.
    I hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving. It was at my house.
    Yesterday was Loretta’s birthday. She was 6 for us and I think a total of 9 years.
    I got my car serviced yesterday, the dealership had a new electric truck. I got some education on them. $81,000. That is sticker shock.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I saw a new electric truck at Thursdays on Main last summer – it was LOADED! $94,000!!!

  3. Pam in NC

    Mary, Love seeing all your thrift store finds! Since I live in NC, my ISU graduate made sure I knew that IA State beat UNC. I was driving so couldn’t watch. Very exciting! Can’t wait for church tomorrow to brag a little to all the UNC fans! HA! Have a good weekend!

  4. Linda

    I had to watch my recording of the Iowa State game beginning at 10 pm last night so it was hard to get to sleep after that win! Don’t forget the women play in their final Sunday night, maybe 6:30 your time, against UNC. Enjoy all the football today, then fire up for Sunday! Love that yellow block too!

  5. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary — you are such a good collector. Love the half-doll pincushion. I like your new chair and thought I should mention that your other favorite glider is called a Nursery Chair or Nursery Glider. You definitely can get them on line from Amazon, Wayfair, Pottery Barn and others. I think they make great stitching chairs because the arm height is good.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Katherine – really? A nursery chair – makes perfect sense!! Stitching – yes, that’s why I want another one.

  6. Lois Ann Johnson

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at my house with my four guests plus Bailey. It was a lovely day and everyone had enough to eat and lots to talk about! I was very tired by the time all went home but as my Mama would say: “It’s a ‘good tired.'” it took me many years to appreciate and understand what she was talking about! Now we prepare for Advent and Christmas! I loved seeing all of your thrift shop bargains, Mary! They will look lovely in your vintage farm house!

  7. Kathy Hanson

    Jerry and watched that game too! It was so exciting!! Knew you would be wThing it too! Your new chair looks wonderful!
    You find some really fun things at the thrift store!! Quilts today are beautiful!
    Jerry was sick last week with something that a nurse thought (when he called in about his symptoms) was some influenza of some kind and told him the usual. Of course I have it now! He is much better, thankfully. Our Thanksgiving was cancelled (our granddaughter was coming to my daughter’s with her new baby and our other great grandson and her boyfriend and his family but my daughter and spouse were sick so they turned around and went back home to Illinois. We all ended up sick here so no place for them to come and get sick here! That’s how it goes sometimes!!
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We will be watching that game today too!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I did read that everybody was sick in your family – several other readers said the same thing – SICK! Ugh.

  8. Robin in Washington

    I have one of this rockers and it was breaking I couldn’t find one either. My neighbor looked at it and he was able to fix it. Then he even took the cushion and had new foam in it. Just like new.
    my favorite place to sit.
    We had a great thanksgiving. We eat In The garage because my house is small we have a pellet stove out there and it can run you out. It really puts out a lot of heat my mom and both sisters with hubbys one daughter and hubby with her four children.
    The weather was great no rain
    I love to read your blog thank you so much for a you do to get it out for us to read

  9. Polly Perkins

    I have recently purchased two of those old lady rockers for me. They are small enough so I can comfortably sit in them. I purchased them at Gustafson’s in Rockford, Illinois

  10. Tanya T. in Houston

    Congrats on that winning team! And what treasures for your collections! Good work! I looked at Martingale’s post and think your new orange and blue quilt there looks to me like a Houston Astros quilt!

    Let us know if you chart out a similar pattern for this cute yellow and white and blue polka dot block in the blog! Any size, but would be darling small or nice even big. You know how we hate to do the math! 🙂

    Lots of rain over the holiday here, but clear today. Lots to be thankful for this year!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tanya – orange and blue mens shirts are plentiful at the thrift stores – you should make an Astros quilt fir your little guy! I’ll figure out the math and post it

  11. Nancy from western PA

    I’m happy to see that someone besides me puts a quilt on their commode.🤣. Love it!!

  12. DebMac

    Your rocker was all the rage in the late 70’s early 80s.I remember seeing so many of them on yard sales during the 90s. I wanted one so bad until I sat in my sister in laws. Probably the most uncomfortable rocker I ever sat in. She never liked it either (it was a gift from coworkers when her first child was born) but we are both tall. I have an old Mission Style rocker that people gravitate to and a couple of Tell City rockers that are built on the tall side. Rockers have to fit to be comfortable.

    1. DebMac

      They are also known as platform rockers. I can’t find and edit button so will reply to myself.

  13. Angie from Baltimore

    I know what you mean. I am a HUGE fan of British Football/ soccer and world champion tournament is on. I usually watch he Premier League and yesterday USA played but it was a 0-0 tie. Glad I like hand sewing as I don’t feel I am wasting my time. I live in a retirement community and am sure shouting coming from my apartment is weird but now they somewhat understand. If not too bad
    Enjoy the games.

  14. Carol

    Love your thrift store finds! And love your new chair. I’ve been looking for a nice new chair and yours looks perfect! Do you know who makes it? Go Iowa!

  15. Barb Onnen

    You certainly hit the jackpot of treasures. My favorite is the lady pincushion. I, too, also have a number of pincushions. Use a few daily but the others are displayed. I made several of them. Here in southwest Iowa many of us are Husker fans and yesterday they pulled off a win against the big rivalry with Iowa- after 11 years I believe. Have finished putting up my lights – 3 wreaths and 24 window candles. Those candle lights are a chore working around furniture,etc. But I love them and do them just for me. How big is the little doll bed quilt? Those pieces must be miniscule! Enjoy the ball games, Mary. My KC Chiefs play tomorrow.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Barb, the doll quilt finished at about 17” x21”. I cut the pieces of fabric 1 1/2”x 2 1/2”. I wish I made time to sew a new doll quilt every month but other things get in the way.

  16. Rita in Iowa

    We had my side of the family Thanksgiving last night. We ended up with 44 members. We all had a good time. I had a brother and his wife who couldn’t make up because of a maybe upcoming surgery and didn’t want to be exposed to anything that might be going around. And of course my sister from Washington state didn’t make it. But there was a show of 9 siblings and lots of their families. My brothers have the job of hosting it next year. Much to their dismay.

    The quilts are fabulous, thanks ladies for sharing. We’re are the men who make quilts. Or maybe they should share what they are designing,lol.

    Mary I love all your finds at the thrift stores. Thanks for sharing these. It allows me to say I can share joy in your finds.

  17. Marcia Rocheleau

    Nothing mundane about College Championship basketball!
    I just love outdoor photos displaying quilts. The bright strips on the old buggy makes a striking scene.

    in Minnesota

  18. Paula S.

    We watch the college games here; basketball, football, etc. Love the quilt show and your thrifting goodies. Mary, our local Amish furniture store carries the glider rockers. Do you have any Mennonite or Amish furniture stores in your neck of the woods? I do love the chair you brought home however!

  19. Launa

    Thanks for pictures…
    Watching Michigan – Ohio State since it started! Score has changed quite a few times….Michigan just scored …tis Michigan 24—20 Ohio State now!
    Sunny n cold up here in Idaho! No new snow! Just the old 25 inches

  20. Beryl BC

    Go Iowa State!
    We have a similar glider rocker to the one pictured. It came from a store in our area that specializes in Amish made furniture. I’m sure you could find one in Holmes County Ohio, although that is a little far from you.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    Sue in Oregon, I like your red quilt. My question is what is in the red bowl?
    The last couple days have been a real pleasure with 60’s and all the sales. Now it is clouding up and may get rain or snow and we really can use the moisture, but it isn’t always good for traveling. Tonight is the Parade of Lights. If it is cold people just put on more clothes.
    Mary, those thrift store people must really like to see you come to their store! More power to you. And it is fun for the rest of us to see your treasures, too. And that it all goes back to the thrift store is a good idea.
    I have the fall picture you have above the fireplace. I’ve come to the conclusion it is in a different frame as the dates, etc don’t match the picture. I think it might have been given to my folks for a wedding present, maybe? We’ll never know.
    Can hardly believe the end of the year is very near. Sure don’t know where the time goes, but we just aren’t as efficient as we used to be??
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Enjoying the hunt at the thrift stores and antique malls is a “rental” arrangement. When I get tired of some things they go back to a thrift store – I just enjoy seeing them around for awhile and some stay permanently.

    2. Sue

      Hi Betty…I bought those little dried berries plus the dug-out bowl in a shop on Etsy. I am not sure what the berries (for lack of a better word) are, but they look like tiny, tiny pumpkins. Really cute. The shop is called The Pumpkin Ladies. Thanks for liking my quilt.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I thought they looked like little pumpkins! They look very nice. And the quilt, too. Aren’t we all so lucky that we just love making quilts of any size. The blog is my picture to the world. Betty in Rapid City

  22. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Well, our Buckeyes did not get it done. Sad. The post today is wonderful! I Love all the colors in the quilts. I knew you’d be excited about Iowa😃😃. I love college basketball more than football. Our daughter and son in law hosted our Thanksgiving this year. It was wonderful. They both cook and bake. My husband usually helps a lot, but is having many neck issues. MRI Tuesday so hoping for some answers. Your antique store finds are super. I love the tiny ones. Do you have Amish near you? We get lots of furniture from them. They have glider chairs, but I like your new one a lot. Hoping your games go well😀. 55* here today.

  23. Betty Klosterman

    The scrap quilt on draped on the buggy is pattern from BH&G (?) published in scrap quilt collections and I love it. Also, the blue and yellow block is very nice.
    Nice idea to add an object like the seam ripper in the pictures to get an idea of sizes.
    Have fun watching all the games.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – I love the blue and yellow block – maybe I’ll draft it up and make one today. I’ll post the measurements. And the scrap quilt is really what I should work on – so many strips and squares in my tubs!!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I looked up the Buggy quilt and it is called :Sticks and Stones” by Ruth Ann Sheffield and was included in the Quilter’s World October 2012 issue. I cut the pattern out of the magazine, so if anybody would want it, I know where to get it????? I think it is a delightful quilt, too.
        Take care. Betty

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Betty K – probably wouldn’t even need the actual pattern – looks like a fun one to make!

  24. Kathy in western NY

    Have fun with the game watching. Love to always see your thrift store purchases.
    It was 52 here today and sunny, but I sewed with some friends most of the day so didn’t get any outside holiday decorating done yet. Time goes so fast and I can’t believe Christmas is this close.

  25. Jane Boyer

    We are Iowa State fans as we’ve watched Gabe Kalsouer play for many years. He escaped from Minnesota and is appreciated more. We don’t watch pro basketball but love to watch college games. Go Cyclones!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – I don’t even know who Gabe – coach? player? I don’t watch pro either. My favorite – college basketball – is coming up!!!

  26. Claudia Koch

    If you’re wishing for a wooden rocker glider with loose cushions, shop at an Amish furniture store. They also have glider foot stools to go with them! So comfy!

  27. Jeanne H in the Finger Lakes of New York

    Mary, I’ve had a glider like yours and it was fine for me for a while, then I decided I wanted a recliner, and got a rocker-recliner 16 years ago. DH has been using the glider since then, but now he’s decided on a recliner since he should elevate his legs. He ordered a high-leg (no rocking, swivel or gliding motions) power recliner with buttons on the side of it at LaZBoy, and a week later we went back and I ordered a power swivel-glider recliner with a remote that fits into the side of the chair. With any luck, the remote shouldn’t get misplaced! ; )

    What I’m getting to is that I prefer the motion of a glider-recliner to a rocker-recliner since trying to get out of the old rocker-recliner can mean that sometimes I have to rock back in the recliner, then forward to propel myself out of it! LOL

    I do hope you can find a glider you like. I am so glad that they are still made so you can get one. I agree with DebMac that you have to sit in a chair, any kind of chair, to get one that fits comfortably which becomes more of an issue as one ages and arthritis gets worse.

    Interestingly, the new recliner I ordered supposedly is proportioned for someone taller than my 5′ 4.5″ (that 1/2 inch is important you know!), so sitting in a chair to try it I think is very important. For that reason, I’d be leery of ordering one online that I hadn’t sat in. I say “in” because I like sort of a nest. 😉

    FWIW – Jeanne

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – I agree 100% – I would never order a chair I hadn’t sat in!

  28. Susan K in Texas

    We’ve had a busy Thanksgiving week. My son’s girlfriend came in for the week. She teaches in Mexico. We had hockey game’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hubby’s side of the family (mom and sister), two sons, one girlfriend, and the two of us for Thursday’s meal. Cracker Barrel meal – picked up Wednesday and cooked Thursday. It was yummy. Saturday was my side of the family – only one brother, two sisters, my parents, and four younger generation were able to make it. It’s usually a group of 35-40 when we’re all together. Good times were had.
    Today was rest and sew day. I’ve got two quilts to bind and finish now – yay!
    Nice reader quilts once again and I really like your thrift store finds.

  29. Vicki Ibarra

    I had a great Thanksgiving. My youngest son and daughter-in-law spent the day with us. She is a photographer/artist and she helped me mat/frame/hang one of their wedding photo prints I had purchased. Over the weekend, I used my time to cut fabric and sew blocks. Yesterday I “auditioned” the block location in the quilt top, shifting blocks around until I was pleased. The next time I can sew, I will sew the blocks into rows. Yay! Progress is nice.

  30. Tracy P

    I was in Brick Furniture in Albert Lea last summer and they told me they still carry “old lady gliders” and that is exactly what he called it! He says there is always an old lady looking to replace theirs!

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