Windy Monday, 11-28-22

We are blowing away today – not cold but too windy to be outside so it’s a sewing or decorating day. I have started putting up the Christmas quilts.

Here is where this quilt is hanging – since I was already up there on the ladder I decided it would be a good time to clean the fan blades so I pulled the chain to turn it off.

GOOD GRIEF!!! The chain came out in my hand!

The fan is going as fast as it can creating a wind through the living room. Now what? Today Rick went to the basement electrical box and flipped switches until we found the one that turned off the fan. Remember what Connie always says – you can’t make this stuff up! She’s right!

Tomorrow is the next installment of the Fresh Air Quiltalong and I’ll be posting the link as well as some sample blocks I made last night. You’ll want to see Connie’s king size quilt – it is spectacular!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the cover quilt – there’s just something about that green grass that enhances any quilt and the light outside in the “fresh air” is always better than inside a building. Get the pun?

A reader sent me these blocks – aren’t they wonderful?

Right now I’m waiting for the feed truck. I’m not needing it quite yet but since we supposed to get snow tomorrow I called today. Here’s my nearly empty feed room.

Reader quilts

Only one – 😕

More Christmas quilts through the house –

Remember this?
Better – I replaced that dark pink piece.

If it weren’t so windy I could show you the blue and hold bars – if YOU ordered this very simple pattern I need to write it up first.

I almost forgot – maybe because I want to? Both Iowa State mens and womens basketball teams got beat last night – and not by just a hair! They got beaten soundly and without any doubt. Sad.

So that’s it for today – I’m going to the barn to clean out the feed room before the co-op gets here.

49 thoughts on “Windy Monday, 11-28-22

        1. Rita in Iowa

          So Betty are you keeping us in suspense or will you be sending Mary the pattern so she can put it up for sale. It’s a great quilt. I still have a sled like that and gave one to each of my daughters. Keep us posted.
          Rita in Iowa

        2. Connie R

          Betty, is the sled pattern in a Country Threads book or a separate pattern? Just wanted to check if I already have it. Thanks!

  1. Montana Kathy

    Hi Mary, I love the Christmas tree quilt (2nd one down you showed of your quilts). I have most of your books and patterns, but don’t recall this one. Is it available by mail? (Please say yes!)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – designed for Martingale years and years ago – doubt it’s available now

  2. Frances E

    Good job that you called the feed store! All the quilts are so cute. Love the sled too. Stay warm.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, windy in New Zealand too, cool, not summer yet! Our quilt group had end of year lunch on Saturday, n8ce to catch up with people l hadn’t seen for years. On Friday I will make the trek into wellington to see my miramar craft group that l was part of for 16 years and meet my other son for lunch, Saturday l turn 73! Take care and best wishes from your old and decrepit friend! ,sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I’m a year older than you so I am even more decrepit! Haha!

  4. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    Love all the Christmas quilts up. I don’t have much hanging room, so mine are displayed folded or rolled in crates or on benches with other holiday decor. Two are actually on beds, which I love to see.
    Sorry about the fan chain incident. Scary, frustrating, but I had to giggle at your “slapstick” description.
    Snowing lightly here right now, maybe up to 3 inches, but we will get 8-10 inches in a couple days. Thank goodness for good neighbors and a snowblower. My husband is having back surgery in 3 weeks and cannot handle the snow removal this year. I did some shoveling on the last go round, but had help which was so appreciated.
    Waiting for a plumber this afternoon so I should be able to get some sewing done til he arrives. Tomato soup and grilled sandwiches for dinner. Straight
    up winter comfort food.

    1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

      I love tomato soup, but hubby doesn’t. I just might make some tomorrow for lunch.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Several years ago I made your sled quilt just like the sled Dad made with old parts for me many years ago. My niece asked for it, so it is at her house now. Guess I’ll have to make another as I really liked it. We lived north of Goldfield with no hills for miles, so the only place I could slide was the ditch. There was no steering, so I’d just get dumped at the bottom of the ditch. It didn’t bother me.
    Oh, ceiling fans……. I have one over the bed in my room. It was running and I got too ambiitious when I changed the sheets, really shaking the top sheet. The sheet went up to the ceiling, hit the fan chain which went over the fan blades which pulled the chain completely out. Got a new fan. AND I think of that every time I change the sheets! Beware everybody…….
    Betty in Rapid City

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Yours is probably a higher end of fan, Casablanca, so maybe it can be fixed? The wires on my fan were about 1/4″ and could not be rewired, nothing to work with. Just in case, don’t throw the blades away. People are using them in crafts. The neighbor put 2 ceiling fans in when we bought the house – $25 each. The new one was a $100 Hunter.

  6. Liz Deluhery

    Your red/cream quilt with the Circling Swallows is beautiful! That’s my favorite block ever.

  7. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Laughing a little about your fan story!! I know it’s a pain in the neck to fix, though. I was picturing that uncontrolled windstorm indoors!

    This is a post-storm memo:
    We had a lot of rain yesterday, more coming Thursday, the rate of snow melt is tremendous, sump pumps are running constantly, and we are now seeing the damage to our landscaping and worse, the community. We have lost a gorgeous hydrangea tree; we have ten, and at least one is snapped in the middle of the trunk. The others have so many branches broken that their pretty shapes are not looking that good, Our oak tree lost a huge lower branch, so huge that my husband had to take a saw to it and cut it into multiple four foot very heavy chunks. Our shrubs leading up to our side door appear to be devastated, all six of them. We had netted them the week before the storm so carefully, to keep the rabbits from eating them. The whole netted/staked arrangement is crushed into the ground, the bushes snapped to bits. So much more…

    However, these are minor concerns compared to businesses. A historic building housing a 100 year old bowling alley is razed at this point, the roof collapsed and 82 inches of snow just destroyed everything. A local greenhouse, celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, lost more than 8 of its greenhouses. The poor man whose business it is was on TV in tears. They have their main building open and are selling poinsettias; we will buy from him this year.
    There are multiple stories but I felt especially bad for those two business owners.

    So that’s the tail end of yet another Snovember in Western New York, it’s not yet December and I confess to looking forward to April!

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Carol, had the trees lost their leaves before the storm hit? Oct 3, 2013 we had a 3 day blizzard they named Atlas. The trees still had their leaves and were dissimated all over the area. Besides having the mountain of snow, we had a mountain of trees, too. There were piles at least 15′-20′ high with bull dozers packing them down. You may find more damage, too. You have my sympathy.

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Thank you for the update! So sorry for your losses and that of your community. Now all that rain and melting snow! Oh my… Saying prayers for everyone.

  8. Eva Miller

    Hi, would you consider putting the Sleigh with Bow as a pattern we could download? It is lovely !

  9. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hi! It was breezy here in NW Iowa also. Hubby has two appointments in Sioux Falls tomorrow and I said, the sound of the weather indicates we need to do some changing. Yay! It worked out, now we go on Friday. I don’t have to worry about driving!
    I didn’t make it to the hobby room today. Coffee with friends and this afternoon a family visitation for a classmate/friend of a dear friend. So it goes.
    Having the remainder of the turkey for supper. It was the best! It came from Michigan! Our son and daughter-in-law raised 4 of them last year and this was the last one. It was amazing. It really didn’t taste like turkey! We (daughter-in-law and I) baked it on Wednesday. We had approximately a gallon of juice we drained off of it. I saved enough to make gravy and the rest we put over the turkey in the big crockpot. When I took that juice out of the fridge, it had no fat on it! Amazing! Now my husband thinks we need to raise a few turkeys…….I said NO 😂
    Stay safe if you have to be out in the weather!

  10. Kathy in western NY

    I put out on my couch today a red and white quilt so it got me thinking I really should make more that color scheme as it looks so festive tonight. Looking at your holiday quilts must make you happy too. They are very nice to see. Love the blue embroidery piece Linda made. Gosh Mary , that is quite high up where that ceiling fan is. Be careful.
    I don’t like the sounds of this wind coming across the nation. Looks like we are once again in just the right area not to get any snow accumulation from it but others won’t be as lucky. Right now we are below average for November snowfall average for us but poor Carol in southern Buffalo got enough for the whole winter. I appreciate the update and feel awful for those businesses and yes, supporting the garden center when they had an anniversary is the decent thing to do.

  11. Carmen Montmarquet

    Love your Christmas quilts, especially the sled one! I have your Santa one need to put it on my to do list but will look through all your books here to see if the sled one could be in one of them! I agree the lighter color does look better on the Gypsy quilt!
    I am hoping replacing the chain on your Casablanca fan is all that is needed!
    We have been lucky so far here in NH, only rain and more to come.
    Good Luck with your fan Mary!

    1. Meta O’Connell

      I love your sled quilt Mary. I still have my Flexible Flyer, about 80 yrs old. Hope you will put the sled quilt pattern up for sale, I’d like one too. Thank you.

  12. Mary MRhoded

    Sorry about your fan n chain. Maybe it can b fixed without buying a new one. If remember right mine broke my cousin fixed it after got part at Home depo. Got notice by water department i way over usage possible leak. Had different ones here they couldn’t it out side. Plumber comes Thursday. Just in case toliet in b one bath turn it off. Now got to clear areas . Emergency turn off has to b totally replaced! Lucky me! Have reschedule appointments! Love thequilts . Good luck

  13. Susan K in Texas

    Beautiful quilts today. Changing out that one block made a big difference. Your reader has been busy. I like her blocks in the quilt along.
    It’s too bad about your fan. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. We have ceiling fans in almost every room. They make such a big difference.
    We haven’t started Christmas decorating. I’ve started hanging quilts on the bannisters of the stairway. It’s fun to change out the quilts as the seasons change.

  14. Janet S

    Carol at Pin Oak Quilting – Thank you for the update. I always wonder about the aftermath of such huge weather events. The story doesn’t stop when the storm clears. A wonderful post today with lots of stories. The wall hanging with a sled is adorable and I would also love to get the pattern. Take care everyone.

  15. Pattie from PA

    Love the tree quilt! Too bad about the fan. Makes me appreciate my ranch house with 8 ft ceilings and fans that I can reach with a step stool.
    I just got back from a trip to Nappanee, Indiana last week where I had some work done on the RV at the Newmar service center. The 2 day trip out there was a little nerve wracking. The first day was 20 degrees all day and windy. The 2nd day through Ohio was even more windy. Fought the steering wheel for at least 100 miles. As I looked around I saw I was surrounded by windmill farms. I came home on a different road!
    Not sure how I feel about all this holiday decorating. This is the first one without my husband and I don’t plan to be home so I will not pull anything out. It’s just me and the dogs so what’s the point.
    My plan is to leave the 14th to visit friends in Oklahoma and then down to Austin to spend the holidays with my stepdaughter and her husband. I’m hoping for good weather. Then onto AZ and vicinity until spring.
    I’ve at least started the fresh air quilt but have yet to put a block together. I decided to make all the flying geese units first using Eleanor Burns rulers. It’s my favorite way and I love the accuracy. I actually have made a couple quilts lately, just haven’t sent the pictures yet.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Pattie, I wondered too about your trip to the Newmar factory as we went there once. Do they still provide tours? Lots of workers (mostly amish) building those interiors so you know the carpentry work for the cabinets was top notch. It’s always at the mercy of the weather driving any RV so proud that you had control of the steering wheel. Being with family in Austin is a comfort during this first holiday without your husband I am sure. I bring a small Janome sewing machine in our motor home and a project already cut out. Some of my best memories sitting at a picnic table under the awning sewing away.

    2. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      I’m sorry you’re having your first Christmas without the love of your life. I think about that once in a while, having hit 70 this year, and I feel sad just thinking it.
      Your Christmas decorations: maybe have “Christmas in July” by pulling that stuff out, save the things that make you the happiest or bring back fond memories, arrange the rest on a table or surfaces and have family and dear friends over for a picnic. And let them “shop” your goodies. You’ll know a piece of you and your husband stay with people you love, and what they don’t want, donate to a thrift store. You know Mary lives a good thrift find, you’ll be sharing some if your married live with others you don’t even know.
      Just a suggestion; I actually thought this up before reading your post, as we decorated the tree and I thought, “I’ll never do this by myself someday”.
      I hope you have a lovely holiday season despite your inner grief. Best wishes for happiness in 2023.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carol – I, too, feel so bad about your lovely landscaping being crushed and ruined. And the greenhouse!! Oh my gosh! Until we hear these specific stories we don’t understand the ramifications of such a storm – how will people recover from such losses? I guess I never think about doing everything alone anymore because I’ve always done it alone. I can’t imagine any farmer around here decorating a tree – unbelievable and almost laughable. Wish it were different.

        1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

          Ha ha, we suburbanites have our ways! And… I cannot imagine doing so many things you do … my life is definitely very different from yours, I think that’s why I do so enjoy your blog, I learn something new more often than not.

        2. Diane in Maryland

          Maybe decorating is not a farmer’s thing. I had visions of “the Hallmark Christmas” the first year I was married. He threw tinsel (remember that..I don’t use it anymore) on the tree by hands full laughing. It was not funny to me and still isn’t. He tells people that he doesn’t help because I don’t like the way he does it! So, I do the decorating but our grown granddaughter did most of the tree this year. She carefully placed each ornament and the tree is lovely.

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – we are also surrounded by wind farms and it’s no mystery why – but driving a RV in those winds is an exercise in strength training! That’s a big vehicle to control – you’re doing well to travel so far! I did all the Christmas decorating with the quilts just for ME – I won’t do much more actually but I haven’t seen these quilts for several years. I still can’t imagine driving across the country by myself in an RV! I am proud of you!!

  16. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, I hope you had a good.Thanksgiving. I have the same wooden sled on my porch. I think it is German? I bought it at a thrift shop many years ago! Linda G, I love your blue work. Is there a book with that pattern? Also, Mary, your house is looking great😺. It will be about 56 to 60* here today then down to 30’s and 40’s.

    1. Linda Greethurst

      No book. It is from Bonnie Hunter and a stand alone pattern. “Warm Hands, Warm Heart”. Can get a digital copy from her store…

  17. Bridget

    This morning my closet light flickered and went out. I went to unscrew it and the bulb came out in my hand but the metal part stayed in the socket…um, this just got harder! lol Mary I would love to send pictures of my finished quilts but currently I have 3 tops getting ready for the quilter…so pictures later. Maybe others are keeping their projects secret until Christmas. 🙂

  18. Alice

    Mary, if the chain can be fixed on your fan you may think about having it put on a dial switch to regulate the speed. My former home had 3 speeds & since we had vaulted ceilings in the LR this certainly helped. It did a fabulous job of cooling off the upstairs in the summer! My current home has the same dial on all the fans. Just makes life simpler & the chains don’t break.
    This is my second Christmas without my husband. He passed in 2020. I chose to decorate & have the big Christmas dinner for my grown children & grandkids as it was hard on all of us without him. We all deal with the loss of loved ones in different ways & this did help my kids & grandkids. Last year I invited my widowed neighbor across the street to join us & it made his Christmas much happier. He also loved helping in the preparation & cleanup of the meal! It made it much easier for me as well! Left overs were sent to an elderly neighbor next door who especially enjoyed the sweets!! Today I will begin decorating. Not many Christmas gifts to buy this year as my family prefers $$ & shop after the holidays. No little ones to buy for, but I still do stocking stuffers! Have started on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt & love doing the MQ’s! I think this is my 4th one! Mary, good luck with that fan!
    Alice in SW Ohio

  19. Linda in Michigan

    Hi, everyone! I so look forward to reading this blog every day, and this one did not disappoint. What lovely quilts, every one of them! Believe it or not, I don’t have any Christmas quilts, not one! What have I been sewing all these years??
    We will get your wind after midnight tonight. Weather gal says “the wind will be howling”. Took the outdoor fall decorations down this morning, but won’t start the Christmas stuff just yet. Was hoping to put up a live Christmas tree this year, but with three cats in the house, the tree wouldn’t stand a chance. So it will be the small artificial tree again.
    The fan story, can only imagine what you were thinking when that chain came off.
    Carol, thanks for the update, I was wondering if you would have a lot of flooding when all that snow started to melt. When I was working, one of the co-workers often said “Mother Nature will kill you if you let her.” I believe it’s true!

  20. Beryl BC

    I very much appreciated all the comments today. Thanks for the update on the NY storm. I like all the quilts, especially the one with Santa and the evergreen trees. Are those log cabin chickens at the bottom? We are expecting rain in SW Ohio this evening; the wind has started but the temps are still quite pleasant pushing 60 this afternoon.

  21. Carol Brooks

    What a great quilt show! So many awesome patterns! In the picture of Santa and the trees, there is an awesome red/white quilt, I love it…can you tell me where to find the pattern please.

  22. Linda from Georgia

    Add me to your list sled pattern lovers. I lived in Miami for 40 years and somehow a sled never seemed to fit into my christmas decor. Nor did snowmen. I did still collect folkart santas and decorated my tree with shells. One year I came home and all the starfish were missing from the bottom half of the tree. Now who would steal starfish? I went into my room to change clothes and there in my doberman’s bed was a lot of sand. Quit apparently Annie had an afternoon snack. She never got sick. I purchased more and put a drop of that doggie “stay away” stuff and she never touched them again. She was a very sweet girl. Always was with me when I sewed.
    Now that I live in Georgia sleds and snowmen seem to work. (Not shells)

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