SUCH FUN! 10-23-22

YES! I heard from you and loved it! Now don’t stop just because you left one comment. All of us enjoy the rapport among the readers and I’ve always always said this – I even had this feature in the Goat Gazette:

EVERYBODY HAS A STORY!!! Everybody! YOU might not think you have anything interesting to say but I assure you we are all so much alike! I don’t think my life is so very interesting but I tell you all about it anyway, don’t I? Haha!!

Once again I’m watching the baseball game and since it’s a delayed start, we’ll be up late tonight. I have to be up early because Orkin is supposed to come. Remember when you all warned me about Orkin and I defended them saying I had a very solid contract? You had many stories of unfulfilled promises and I am here to tell you that you were right. They have not kept their word, they have not provided the services I signed up for and I don’t trust them one bit. Thank God I didn’t give them a credit card for billing – or they would have just kept piling on the charges. I was smart enough to think ahead on that issue. The rest of their “work” does not live up to any expectations I had nor the promises they made. They will get no more money from me and when their employee shows up tomorrow he’ll be taking all the bait boxes with him.

Whew – I got that off my chest and you’re welcome to tell me you told me so. Because you did.

This quilt is Midtown – pattern is $5.00.

This quilt is Jake’s Quilt – pattern is $5.00.

Send check or cash to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438. A SASE will be appreciated.

My spacing got all goofy on my previous post. So sorry. Tomorrow I will start getting my fabric for the quilt along sorted out and chosen. I don’t want this to be a stressful activity for you so look for a post tomorrow night so you, too, can start getting organized.

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  1. Susan d

    I really look forward to your emails. Thank you for taking the time . It is appreciated.

  2. Frances E

    Try to find a local company that provides the services that Orkin does. You might get better service.

  3. Bonny

    Mary I absolutely look forward to your posts and pictures about pets, plants, seasons and quilts. I can relate to Rick’s ankle issues as that is what my mother has. At 99 yrs 10 months she is still pretty much the same but this wound thing wears her down. Lots of appointments. I’m glad I’m able to care for her but it isn’t always easy. My quilting has been shelved for the time being. Fabric has a good shelf life!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – I’m so curious as to what products you’re using on her ankle ulcer – Mayo changes ours every month. It could wear anybody down.

  4. DebMac

    I am hoping to get a quilt made for my grandson this week. I’ve had it cut out for a couple of weeks but it’s been busy so no stitching. This week hubby is gone so this girl will play and NOT cook. In reality, I won’t cook but will be up until all hours and then sleep until noon. I can quilt at 2am; right? Have fun with your baseball game. Not a pro sports fan so don’t keep up with it at all.

    1. Polly Blank

      Yes, you can certainly quilt at 2:00 am or 2:30 am as that is the time now. I’m a night owl also. Drives my husband crazy.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    I wonder if the Orkin company big bosses would appreciate the poor work ethic their local company has provided. That contract was for a BIG amount of money as I remember! Beyond deciding it is a waste of money, I would make sure that the Corp bosses understood the problems. The results might be interesting.
    Now I am very tight when it comes to my bank account and do not appreciate them being able to deduct money at any time. In these times the banks and businesses don’t want any personal contact with customers. They just want to push a button and get the money not being bothered by a customer and questions. I don’t like that as it could get a person into horrible money trouble. Even worse with all the people who don’t pay attention. Too many years as a bookkeeper! One client even told me he liked the way I handled his money, just like it was my own. I just had to smile!
    Take care everybody and we’ll all look forward to the sew along. It should be interesting.
    Betty in Rapid City

  6. Angie from Baltimore

    Getting organized now that is a REAL. Test. I have great intentions but I start to get busy and get distracted so quickly. I just bought some adorable baby flannel and can’t wait to start. I decided to put some other chores ahead of starting the quilt then neither gets done.
    Tomorrow is Monday and I am promising myself that I got to start the quilt. Whether or not my other chores are done because the fabric is so darn cute.

  7. Debbie G in SE WI

    It has been a perfect weekend here. The weather couldn’t be better. I’m enjoying this burst of warm days before the cold comes. I replaced the windows in my 3 season room this summer. The siding on that room also needed to be replaced. Today my son came and helped me paint the new siding. Happy to have that done. Tomorrow I need to mow my lawn and am hoping its the last time for the year.

    Last December, I bought a Christmas cactus. I have never been a “plant” person. Well, its still alive and my fingers are crossed that at some point it will have beautiful flowers. In the meantime, I’ve adopted 4 more plants from people in my neighborhood. Makes me happy to have a couple plants in my house.

  8. Mary

    So I am curious. Is the rat problem solved. I would go nuts if I had rats. They are so creepy.

  9. Deb in Idaho

    I love your emails and life on a farm or next to one. I live in a subdivision with lovely neighbors and I’m busy all the time. I’m retired but so busy I wonder how I ever worked. I’m off to sandwich a quilt. Have a good night.

  10. Jeanine from Iowa

    My husband is happy because our renters got the corn out Saturday here at home. The renter had to wait for have it done by another farmer, so it took awhile. The good thing was, the weather was perfect, and the corn tested 14.2, so it does not have to be dried. That alone saves a lot of money. We picked up a few ears of corn that were knocked down and gave it to a gal at church that wanted some for the squirrels. It is so dry here in southeast Iowa. We were suppose to get some rain today, but not enough to measure in the rain gauge. They had rain in town, but none here and we are only 3-4 miles from town as the crow flies. That is how it has been all summer with the rain here.

    I, too, have been wondering about the rat problem. Maybe we need an update. Love to read your blog and the comments. Have a good day tomorrow.

  11. Heidi

    That is terrible, have not had experience with Orkin, but so sorry to hear that. With Fall ahead a new generation of those beasts will be looking for warmer homes. Hope they don’t find all the corn for the squirrels. Sounds like you need a whole litter of rat terriers.

  12. Karen Pidcock

    Companies and their promises are not reliable. Discouraging for us consumers. I took a big hit in the wallet from Leaffilter. Their gutter protection product looks great but it is overpriced and they subcontract the installation to private contractors, not “company” employees. I would not recommend the product.

    I hope the baseball games are going your way.

  13. Joy in NW Iowa

    Wow! We got some thunder, lightening and RAIN! Not sure how much but much more than e have had in a long time! I thought it would smell really clean out…..opened the door to manure perfume. And we don’t have any animals! But a mile from us in all directions they do…..we do live in the country 🥴. I received my quilt book today….that’s ready. Hubby is starting to cough less as I am, thankfully. Have a good night.

  14. Andra Sims

    Does Jake”s quilt count as a red one? My daughter and I are going to the DMAQ retreat next wk. end so I thought that might be a good project. Thx. Andra

  15. Mary Rhodes.

    So sorry on Orrin. I use Termanx for termites n pest. So far good. I have lot old trees n tre that got attacked by longhorn beetle. Load of leaves did 2 big rounds of mulch n moving leaves. Supposive done that today instead did a purple rose to clip in hair for follow red hatter. Celebrating her birthday Tuesday. Finally got my cousin quilt sew now press backing sew it together. Need send picture. Ohio state quilt. Too busy this week funeral, red hat celebration. Leaves . We had 3 wonderful dry warm days! Weather guessers say we need rain. Not! Harvesting going on here. So much to do in little time. Hope to get organizing done n freezer clean out!! My 2 cats r such dears . Hope hubby gets ankle healed. Oh biggy didnt kill the Christmas catus- has new leaf! I have black thumbs !

  16. Ginger S

    So sorry to hear about your problems with Orkin. Easy for me to say, but I think you should present your issues to “the higher ups” if you haven’t already. That guy who comes out tomorrow will know you’re upset but he may not pass that info on. Good luck. My pumpkins have all been ravaged by chipmunks and squirrels. Today I looked out my sewing room window and saw the neighbor’s cat stalking something in the leaves. He pounced, chased and pounced again and came up with a chipmunk. Then he pranced back to his house to show it off. That’s good pest control service right there! The cat and Hazel would make a dynamic duo.

  17. Chris in Alaska

    Mary I always read your posts and don’t always have time to reply ( even though I’m retired LOL) ! I started a small sewing business since retiring in Alaska 4 years ago and I make bags and purses for a little cal shop on consignment . My other forte
    is appliquéd Christmas Stockings with a rustic Alaskan theme : such as moose , bear, caribou . I started this a year a 1/2 ago and this year I am super busy !! Have you heard of the Santa Claus House in North Pole ? It’s on the way to Fairbanks from where we are . Anyway they just placed an order for 12 more stockings ! I feel like Mrs . Claus . I’ll send you a picture 🙂

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Chris, I loved hearing about your new business. Gives me hope that consumers do appreciate home made tokens of love such as stockings. I am going to be making a stocking from camping fabric for a friend who loves his new RV. I also have to tell you I just love love love watching Alaska Daily show on ABC Thursday night with Hillary Swank. It’s a soft mystery show, no gorie crap, just good tracking down of the bad guys with wonderful scenery which I do hope is Alaska cause it’s so interesting to me.

    2. Tina W in Oregon

      Chris, I’ve been to that store at the North Pole! It was several years ago. It will be wonderful for people to purchase well made items not made in China!

  18. Robin

    I love reading your blog. I’m always amazed at how much you do with your farm and animals. Then you wrote a post most everyday to all of your readers. We do appreciate your time and effort. Please don’t stop

  19. Marsha from Kansas

    I enjoyed all the comments, too. Unfortunately, I’m not planning to join your sew along, but I will enjoy follow everybody’s progress. I told myself before you mentioned having one, no more sew alongs until I get some UFOs pieced for my LAQ. I’m already doing two weekly sew alongs and one BOM. Not really as many as I sometimes do. But I’m still working on my Lori Holt Vintage Farm Girl 2 blocks. I need to do the embroidery on the Vintage Farm Girl 1 and her Christmas quilt blocks. I embroidered years ago. Then started cross stitch. But haven’t done either since 1993. So I’m trying to get these older hands to cooperate. Angela Walters was at our guild and I will paraphrase what she said that has stuck with me as I am trying new things and relearning embroidery stitches. Do the best that you can do each day and be satisfied with it. The only way you are going to get better is to keep practicing. I got my sewing machine back but still cutting things out. My paper plate stack is starting to tilt!! Just a couple Three Yard quilts to cut out and I will be ready to get my nice clean machine humming again.

    1. Jackie in NY

      Marsha – you sound so busy! Wow! What a treat to see Angela Walters! I agree with her – just do your best each day and be happy with it.

  20. Pattie from PA

    I briefly thought my dog Lucas had caught a rat before I left home. He was laying in the backyard so contented and didn’t want to come in. Later I noticed he still hadn’t moved which was odd so I walked over to him and there lay an animal between his paws and I immediately thought it was a rat but then I saw the tail over on the other side of him. He caught a squirrel and obviously pulled off his tail but didn’t do anything except lay there with his prize. Couldn’t believe he had caught it!

  21. Pamela Dempsey

    I’m in Northeast Texas and we are promised rain for tomorrow! 🥰 our rescue dog, Alfie, is doing better each day but our 🐈‍⬛, Emily, is still wanting none of it. Hopefully they will get used to each other soon. She’s 14 and doesn’t want change.

  22. Kim from TN

    I’m sorry Orkin turned out to be a disappointment. I would follow up with a letter to someone higher up than the local folks. Spent the day watching some football and ordered a pizza for delivery while did some binding work. A perfect Sunday for us.

  23. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l bought a new rotary blare, but it was also cutting a small slither along with the main cut,when l took it apart,l found there were 2 blades in there. I had forgotten you get 2 blades with the small cutter! Are you still having rat problems Mary? All those cats need to start earning their keep! Found hundreds of half square triangles in the tidy up(where did they come from? ) . Need to live to 100 to use up all this fabric! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  24. Jo in Wyoming

    Sandy, that made me chuckle!!!
    Mary, I hope you didn’t pay the whole estimate at once, I recall that was HUGE. I would have to get a loan from the bank to pay that bill. We haven’t had a rat count for quite some time, I just assumed they were under total control.
    I’m binding a second baby quilt. Two of the therapists at my gym are pregnant. It’s so exciting to see them grow.
    I’ve signed up to learn line dancing…what was I thinking? The instructor is a long time friend and personally ask me to join. It is a challenge knowing which way to step.

  25. Susy from San Diego

    Hi Mary, Truly, it’s live and learn. The older you get the more you know. Orkin did help you get rid of the rats, but I guess in the long term it’s a different story. We are all doing the best we can. Hugs, Susy

  26. Elizabeth

    Hi Mary! Just popping in to say hello and have a lovely day. I’m in Wisconsin and it’s been sunny and 70’s all weekend which made it even better!

  27. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – we never used Orkin but we had Meerkat. I think they did everything they told us they would but they are very hard sell. You can’t just call them to get rid of pests. You have to buy a contract. Then they come and set the traps, bait stations. They do t get rid of any dead critters you killed trapped yourself and they don’t clean up anything (like mouse droppings in the basement). The contract is for a year and they come quarterly- it snows a lot here in upstate NY – the outdoor bait stations are covered in snow for two of the four visits. So what are they doing on those visits? Needless to say, after a year of using them, we didn’t renew. We bought our own traps and bait stations and have about the same results. Live and learn.

    1. Linda

      Thanks for your and Mary’s stories of Orkin…I need them and won’t hire them now ….Husband has a weird situation at a pretty new office….I always thought they find where the nasty things get in and fix it etc….

  28. Bonnie Specchio

    Mary, so sorry Orkin was a bust. Seems giving good service is becoming a thing of the past. So how is the rat situation now? Is Hazel still on the hunt?

  29. Cindy R

    Love both new patterns! Midtown is so versatile. I immediately thought about a group of Whimsicals lounging in my stash. Those stripe designs would be great cut WOF to use mixed with the allover. I think my next focus will be some blocks from Wear Warm Clothes in a collage quilt. I want to personalize it with my pets, etc using that book and a few of your other books. You are right, so many quilts and ideas! Have a great week!

  30. Linda

    We usually hire as local as we can and get the best results. One time we bought a Tuff Shed and the construction was sub-contracted to a couple of guys from about 30 miles away. Hubby chatted with them a lot and found out they do local handyman type jobs between contract jobs. They did a very good job with the shed so hubby asked if they would reside our garage. They did the wonderful job of matching the trim work to the shed, even did the painting to match. Now garage and shed look like they went up at the same time instead of 60 years apart! We’ve hire them for new gutters too. So, get to know the sub-contractors and they can be very knowledgeable and helpful even with recommendations. We went through a big company for residing the house and the job was subcontracted. Nope – they were not as helpful but we did learn that they have to do exactly what the big company writes into the contract. So read that contract for the little details to be written in. If you don’t know what those details are – watch a bunch of YouTube “how to” shows!

  31. Connie R.

    We had several beautiful 70 degree days that really helped in getting outside chores done before the snow season starts. I’m getting ready for a craft show this weekend so, my house is torn apart while I work on being creative. I’m trying to finish some UFOs and other projects so, I won’t join the sew along. However, I look forward to seeing the blog posts and finished projects.

    Sorry about Orkin not living up to their promises. Seems to be the trend now days. Makes a person skeptical about promises businesses make to get our money.

  32. Rickie

    I enjoy this site so much and love watching the seasons change in Iowa. I have a new rescue cat I’ve named Oliver who looks like Three’s cousin. How did your kitty get his name?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rickie – my first orange and white cat 40 years ago was called Jack Benny. The next orange and white cat that showed up became JB (Jack Benny – JB for short), and this guy was dropped off (?) and he just had to be Jack Benny, JB 2, and now JB 3. That name has been shortened to THREE!

  33. Patricia

    Dealing with mice is bad enough. Oh so discouraging that Orkin doesn’t do what they promise. But I also hate to have any kind of poison around. Mary you a whirling dervish, in constant movement. Well I hope you tell your Orkin man a thing or two. I understand completely the movement of plants from outside to inside. Would love to keep them all going but just keeping them all watered takes time. I also love seeing your posts. Thanks a bunch.

  34. Gerry

    Look forward to reading your comments about the corn across the road, the rat exercise, your husbands medical problems, your antiquing, pin cushion collection, dragging all the potted plants in and out and especially anything to do with quilting. This is my first comment although I have been following you for several years. Gerry

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gerry – THANK YOU for leaving a comment which is what makes this blog enjoyable to me – I hate doing all the talking!

  35. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    Hi Mary, your newly cleaned windows look so nice. We live in the woods and husband picked up leaves yesterday – a very dusty job. I lost my eyeglasses in the woods on the trail and we spent a good deal of time looking for them but no luck. Going back out today to try again again. But it’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack ! I have an old pair but not as good. Maybe I’ll get lucky today !

  36. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, I have been told that a product called Mighty Mint will get rid of mice, rats and other unwanted critters. The directions say it’s safe to use around pets and animals when used as directed. Apparently mice and rats can’t stand the smell of peppermint. It comes in spray bottles as well as gallon jugs with spray nozzles. Sold at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. I have never used it myself. I have used whole cloves to keep mice out of our garages. They don’t like the smell of cloves either. Let me know if Mighty Mint works if you decide to try it. I’m thinking I may get some and try it as I prefer the smell of mint to cloves.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – hmmm, you might find this interesting as well. I have something called Sweet Annie growing unchecked around here after I brought a “bouquet” at the Country Living Fair. I like the smell but I cut down huge bunches of it and hung it in the barn – now I have no idea if that chased the rats away or the poison I put down the holes but they seem to be gone.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        That is interesting! Whichever it was, good riddance! Sounds like a nice plant to have around. 😊

  37. Robin Ciuffetti

    I’m sending a recipe to help with the rats, maybe! I called a local exterminator when I found a family of them living in my garage. The bait boxes worked great but also killed my squirrels, chipmunks, and the pigeons, the pigeons make a mess any way but I felt horrible but who wants to live with mice and rats. But if you have pinterest look up farmer Jerry Hanson, he has a simple recipe, it might work!! If you don’t, let me know and I’ll try to condense it and put it here. We love your posts and thank you for making me smile!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Robin – no Jerry Hanson found on my Pinterest search. Is the recipe cake mix and baking soda?

  38. Quilting Sister

    Love the “Jake” pattern!! And what a bummer about Orkin, you’d think they would care about their reputation. There just has to be a way to get rid of those dang rats.

    Thinking of you!

  39. Betty Klosterman

    Very interesting comments on Orkin, etc. Maybe the simple bucket trap would be simpler to use — just drown them, no poison. Or don’t feed the cats so good?? I know, Mary, you don’t like that idea. Local business has to live with the people they are serving. Not a bad idea. A good friend, who was
    a pilot and a airplane mechanic, always used moth balls to winterize the planes. It worked and I put them in the garage, too. Just can’t have little kids in with them. Stinks, but better than critters?
    You see, ladies, you all have ideas on how to save the world. Why don’t the powers that be listen to us? We just might be smarter than the average bear?
    Take care and don’t forget to laugh. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Kathy in western NY

      We used moth balls inside our park model camper for the winter as we were back in woods in a campground. Learned it was a trick the other campers used when they closed up their places, leaving them there, before heading to winter in FL. We never had an issue in the 8 years but one couple left their car and squirrels chewed wires so the car was junk when they returned in spring. I will never forget that. We sold the park model and bought our motor home which stays inside one of our newer barns so no critters so far, knock on wood.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I have many buckets of water in the barn and no rats in any of them. The only cat in the barn is Mama Kitty and she’s too little to take on a rat – the other cats don’t even walk to the barn except maybe Three and he just follows me and back again to the house. I will blog tonight about Orkin.

  40. Marsha

    Whew! You have more energy than I do – staying up late and getting up early? This Grama raising a 5-yr old tries to be in bed by 8:30 to get up at 6:15, and I’m still tired.

    I hope you found your glasses! My son who has amblyopia and only sees very well out of one eye lost his driving a 4-wheeler in our friend’s Sugar bush in the snow in the UP. He and my husband looked and looked. Didn’t find them. Someone found them in the spring. They were mangled so maybe he or others drive over them??

  41. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, I am so sorry about Orkin. I didn’t have any experience with them so didn’t comment. I am a letter writer so you might try writing to the company? Not sure they care, but I usually feel better after ranting!!
    We have an excellent pest control company here that is owned by a family. MANY years ago we went to NY to visit family, our cat had just had kittens, we came home to FLEAS!! The company came, we left for 4 hours, and so the fleas, spiders and any other bugs you could imagine left for good. It was wonderful:)
    MY mom used Mothballs to keep neighbor cats out of her flowers. Would that help?
    Another beautiful day here–76* and lovely.
    Good luck.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Cats don’t like moth balls. The son of a quilting friend had bought a cabin in Montana and went hunting with 3 friends. He parked his suv (?) in some grass out of the way for 5 days. On their way home, they stopped to get something out of the back and somebody noticed an odd smell, and about 2 minutes later the vehicle burst into flame and destroyed everything. A mouse had made a nest in the engine. It scares me to think what would have happened as they were driving down the road! They should of had some mothballs.
      That ‘bucket trap’ was a 5 gal bucket with 4-5″ of water, a contraption rigged acrosss the top with a baited trap in the middle that turned over freely. There was a ramp (piece of board) that the rats could go up to get the bait. They’d reach for the bait trap which turned and they fell into the bucket and drown. If you want more information, I can get it for you. Dumping the dead rats wouldn’t be nice, but better than live ones?? He said that years ago they had a building on the ranch with rats and this worked very good. And cheap.
      Betty in Rapid City

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