Sugar Maple Quilt – Taking Orders Now

This little quilt was a Country Threads pattern in 2002 and the original quilt was sold when we closed. It’s too good not to remake it!

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The first time I made it I used brighter colors for the leaves but as I thought about it I realized that we don’t get such vibrant leaves so this time I toned it down. I always think of early fall days being golden so that’s why my background pieces have a yellow cast. Here’s another view.

This is the backside of the playhouse where I hung my dried gourds.

Someone asked how I get the binding on so fast. I do it all by machine, that’s how!

I quilted with straight lines as usual.

Yes, you can order Sugar Maple for $3 and include a mailing label. We’d welcome a stamped business size envelope but it’s not required.

On September 1 we will introduce the 2 Hour Couch Quilt. Connie and I each made one with different decorator fabric from Hobby Lobby and the photos have already been taken. Since the couch quilt is timeless and Sugar Maple should be made NOW, we will hold up the couch quilt pattern. On October 1 we will introduce a Christmas quilt so you’ll have time to sew it before you decorate your home.

Last Saturday Gayle’s son, Chris, helped Reed and me clean the barn. It smells so good with new bedding and I am so thankful for his help! He said it was nothing but it was everything to me!

I leave you with visions of maple leaves dancing in your head!

25 thoughts on “Sugar Maple Quilt – Taking Orders Now

  1. Eileen mele

    Love the quilt. Am making up four maple blocks for a very small fall price. As my hands have aged along with the rest of me!! This is my best favorite season. We see few changes here but I do recall Utah. Spectacular autumns there. It’s Gods special palette

  2. Carol Shaw

    I just love all your photos. They add so much to everything you write. I will send for the pattern, your quilt is lovely. I live in southern CA and we are, sadly, too hot and burning up. It is nice to see autumn leaves! Reed is too cute-you should write a book about your times together!

  3. Pat Williams

    Your binding looks so nice and the stitching is so straight and neat. I have the worst time sewing it on with machine. Any tips? Love hearing about your busy life. Pat

  4. Cathy D

    When you say couch quilt, I’m imagining the red (I think it was) one you showed in a previous post to protect your couch and chairs from the dogs. I hope so – I loved it!

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Love the maple leaf quilt. We lived in Vermont for 15 years and love anything maple including syrup. Sending for pattern tomorrow. We have so much rain the tomatoes are not ripening. Wish we could send some rain to the fires out west.
    Carolyn B Shenandoah Valley VA

  6. Andi

    This is my first time asking a question, but had loved your shop for years, and stopped when ever I got the chance. Please, where do I send the $3 for the pattern?
    Thanks much!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Andi – address is always posted on our home page.
      Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438

  7. Dorothy

    I absolutely love the picture of the quilt on the red play house with the gourds hanging above it. That picture screams “fall” to me (I am assuming that the old dirty bedding goes into the “compost pile” ? I am not a “farm girl”)

  8. BettyK

    I love seeing the gourds. What are they called (officially). I have one gourd from my mom’s garden. She has been gone many years but I still see in my mind see her gardens in our Arizona home.
    Betty K

  9. Pat Smith

    I love the quilt—perfect for fall here in Vermont. I especially loved seeing it hanging against the red building with the gourds, a magazine worthy photo. I’d love to get it made and hanging this year although I know the warp speed in which I accomplish things—sigh. Still I’ll order it and give it a try.

  10. Delores

    Another spectacular picture! Thanks for all the pictures, especially love that Chris and Reed were there handling the chores. Life happens! ;>)

  11. Amy M

    I say ditto, ditto, ditto. The pictures are magazine quality, I love that Chris and Reed helped with the chores and I’d love a post about your machine binding. I do enjoy doing hand binding while watching TV but sometimes a machine binding would be nice to get it done quickly. I’ve tried but it never seams to come out evenly and as nicely as yours. Can’t wait for the couch quilt 🙂 I have a “stash” of decorator fabric I was going to take to the donation center but I think I’ll hold out for awhile just in case. But I’m sure none of it will but “just right” and I’ll end up buying new 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy – keep your decorator fabric – you need 1-3/4 yds. Ok – the next time I have something to bind I’ll do a tutorial. You’re not the only one who has asked so it must be something readers want to know. I love taking pictures around the farm – you guys are my captive audience – haha!

      1. Amy

        Yes a binding tutorial would be great!!! We are your audience for the pictures but I wouldn’t call us captives, we are all here but choice 🙂

  12. Martha Engstler

    Reed’s shovel is almost as big as he is. It’s great that he helps with the dirty jobs too. Love that boy.

  13. Kathy erickson

    I saw a picture of one of your patterns and was wondering if it was still available. It was called leaf/leap #477. It was a cat leaping over some pumpkins (appliqued). Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Erickson – I can send you Leap for $10 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438. Please note which pattern you’re ordering.

  14. Kathy Erickson

    Yes, thank you. I would also like the sugar maple pattern. I made the acorn pattern many years ago and have it hanging right now. Do you want a check or Paypal? Let me know the total cost.

    Thank you very much!

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