Sun dogs

For those of you who don’t live in a frigid area, I am sending a picture of the sun dogs on either side of the sun (one is not showing in the picture because I didn’t want to walk further down the sidewalk in 40 below wind chill temps). When it’s this cold bright rainbow edged spots appear on either side of the sun – I think they’re ice crystals reflecting the light.

Went to the barn to check on everybody and discovered I have no water. Looks like the heat bulb in the pump house burned out so I replaced it and now will wait to see if the water lines and pump will thaw out. It might be too cold for a heat bulb to get ahead of the severe cold. No laundry today. Guess I’ll have to sew – started a new quilt last night.
Be very careful, everybody – this cold is life threatening!

17 thoughts on “Sun dogs

  1. Dee W

    Yep, pretty cold here just a couple counties south. We have had luck plugging in a space heater and aiming toward the pump/line to get things moving. We have heat tape, but when it’s really cold— You do what you got to do. Take care.

  2. VA Mann

    Thank you for the picture..never heard of sun dogs. For those living in the north, please please be careful. Hope you have water soon. Take care and will be thinking and praying for everyone.

  3. Sally Dunn

    Beautiful pic! It’s really cold in PA too! Oh darn, you’ll have to sew today ha ha!

  4. Cynthia

    I live in San Diego, and at times I complain that I get tired of all the “perfect” weather, and would love a change–however, 40 below doesn’t sound like fun at all! Hopefully, everyone in your area–as well as the critters, stay safe and warm. BTW, I always look forward to your blog postings.

  5. brenda A

    I escaped from Chicago to AZ 20 years ago and now I whine when it gets below 50°! We have had some 32° weather here this week, so I’ve done a lot of whining. But then, I go back to working on my landscape quilt of Icy Point Straight in AK and that reminds me of what cold really is.
    Had never seen sun dogs before. Thanks for posting the picture and please take care of yourself and be super careful outside.

  6. Cindy L

    Mighty cold here in south east MI, cant say that I have ever seen a sun dog before though. Keep warm everybody and stay safe.

  7. Rose Mikulski

    Well, I was expecting a picture of Telly and Faye but instead learned something new. It is cold here too and there’s really nothing to do but sew. Stay warm!!!

  8. Sandy Hoover

    Great picture! Today, and it looks like tomorrow will be good days to stay in and sew. Hope your water situation is fixed.

  9. kay kopacek

    I think sewing is a excellent thing to do today—no fun without water–hope it thaws out for you — stay warm

  10. betty cummings

    Beautiful! I’ve never heard of this phenomenon either. Thank you for risking frigid temperatures to share. Southern Indiana is even having below zero temperatures. Trying to keep the pipes from freezing at my shop. I’m so glad you’re continuing to post – I love to read them and see what you’re working on.

  11. Launa

    Thanks for the sun dogs’ picture Mary. Never saw one during a Connecticut winter, but the winter after we moved back to CA…power was lost in Sandy Hook for nearly two weeks. The new owners of our home there had both fireplaces going.

    Tread carefully on your trips to the barn to check on the special critters. There have been some good tips on neighbor’s calling each other, etc.

    What new quilt pattern did you start?

  12. Carol

    Simply beautiful photo…something I have never seen or experienced. We were at 85 degrees today, warm even for SoCal. I wish I could send you some heat! Stay safe. Can’t wait to see the quilt you are working on!

  13. Reva Coash

    We have sun dogs here in Kansas – but mostly in sun set. When we remodeled the kitchen, i put the sink on the north wall so i could look out on the back wall – duh! Now, most of the winter we have to keep the cabinet doors open and water dripping. Has in 48 years, only frozen once – but that is enough. I have a new Stepping Stone Bible, so am reading that since my eyes are rebelling at sewing 1/4 inch consistently. Was due to go to eye dr 65 miles away on Tuesday, but choose to stay home – if you have car trouble, someone has to get out in the cold to rescue you. “Ole blue” our van is in the shop AGAin for creaming a deer. o cold here, school closed two days. Take care! my cats have not been outside for several days, cats know what to do – they sleep! revac

  14. Ann Barlament

    Sun-dogs are awesome, I stare in wonder every time I see them!!

    Only drawback of living with animals – is dealing with winter. Someone always has to go outside to see to their needs. Hope your ‘barn water problems’ get resolved and be careful on the walk between house and barn!!

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