Poor Choice


I have 2 yds. of this great 60″ chair fabric and I wanted to make a quilt to use it completely. The block I chose measures 18″ so 3 across was going to work fine at 54″. However 4 blocks down is exactly 72″ — what was I thinking? When the blocks are laid out, they form a zig zag row so a square quilt isn’t really a good choice. Back to the drawing board.
We had very bad blizzard conditions this morning but it is better now. Guess I’ll venture out to the shop for some inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Poor Choice

  1. Launa

    Been thinking of you and the sweet critters in those frigid temperatures. Read an article in today’s paper that frost bite in toes and fingers can happen in 10 to 15 minutes with the wind chill.

    Terrific colors in your chair print and the block shown. I concur about adding a top and bottom strip of your background fabric. Black always makes colors “pop” and it’s in your chair print so that would be an alternative.

    I did notice that Farm Chick has a free BOM for 2015. Got the buttons and embroidery on a winter Snowman pillow from 100 Blocks mag. issue 7 from last year. Quilted the back to batt last night and plan to finish and stuff tomorrow.

    My youngest granddaughter stopped in this afternoon. She’ll be around for the weekend with her sister..and a grand-dog or two will be sitting by the kitchen “treat” corner.

    Stay warm!!

  2. Peggy

    The chair fabric is great! Why not just put a solid color strip (matching one of the colors in the chairs) on the top & bottom of the backing. 60″ wide should handle the width! Just sayin’……..

  3. Shelley

    So I would sew three more blocks, turn them 90 degrees from your picture and sew them together with a three inch wide background strip added at each end and then place it in the middle of your chairs from side to side. That’s my solution for what it’s worth!

  4. Brenda A

    How large are the small squares in the blocks? It looks like they’re 3″ which would be enough if you eliminate the top row at the top of your vertical run and eliminate the bottom row at the end of your vertical run and squeeze them to a little less that 72″? Or border your entire backing with a few inches of a fabric to match the background? I’ve been trying to make the backs of some of my quilts as interesting as the fronts and do receive comments from evaluators when I do. Good luck and stay warm.

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