Blizzard Update


Wow, that was one of the worst white-outs I can remember in the past 30 years! Today we’re cleaning up. Rick was able to get home so all snow removal is up to him. The water got thawed out late that day and all heat has remained on in the barn so all is well. This little dog named Lizzie came on Monday and needs to be very close to me at all times as you can see. Yesterday morning in the first white-out, these 2 chow dogs arrived – brother and sister, Tillie and Leonard. They love the snow and are enjoying it to the max. I had to force them to come in out of the storm yesterday.
That’s all for now – Rick is going to drive me to my chiropractor appointment and then the grocery store.

12 thoughts on “Blizzard Update

  1. Sue Dietz

    I can’t thank you enough for keeping us up to date with your farm and friends. I feel like I’m “home” having lived in Iowa and Mankato for many years.

  2. Carol

    Curious about the pups…do you do animal rescue, or are these family members trying to keep warm?

  3. PJ

    Love your animal picture keep them coming…that blizzard was nasty to say the least, when we cannot see across the streets in Mason, I remember as living on a farm growing up how bad it gets in the country!!!

  4. Angie Rowland

    It looks like the kitty was there first and ignoring the guy that came last. LOVE it. Am enjoying the blog. Hated giving up news from the farm. Stay safe and warm.

  5. Connie

    I didn’t see the brother/sister chow dogs you referenced. Maybe next post can include a photo of them? Glad Rick is home – it just feels better knowing you have a partner in solving any problems that come up. Winters seem to be getting ‘more wintery’…. we’re at freezing temps mid day in Georgia… unusual to say the least. :-\

  6. Jeanice Domino

    Thank you for the updates and the wonderful photos! Lizzie is a cutie pie! Would you be willing to post a picture of the chows? I think they are such
    beautiful dogs.

  7. Launa

    Good to “see” you Mary along with your new “best friend”, Lizzie and the cats.
    Saw a crockpot Tomato Basil Parmesan soup recipe online at The Scrappy Quilter’s blog so I’m going to give it a whirl today so I can sew; it had rave reviews and came from Pinterest. Thought it would be good for the golfer’s dinner.

    Some fog here in the valley this AM and old sol is just popping thru the haze. Hope your weather warms up soon.

    Comforting to know you have Rick home to drive you today and to do snow removal. Is the nest still in the tree?

  8. Karen

    Looks like those “friends” are helping you stay warm, Mary!
    LOVED seeing your Bernie 1230 in 1 of the photos — I have one too — best machine ever! Other folks keep hinting that I need to upgrade since it is 25 years old but I’m happy and content with what I have.
    I really enjoy your photos and notes — so what kind of “remember the winter of 2015” project will you sew?

  9. Ann Barlament

    Well, you certainly have a lap full of wiggly warmth.

    Received a box filled with I-Spy packets from a friend in Alabama, I will be making them into kids quilts and then donated to the Children’s Hospital – cancer ward. She even included extra fabric for the backs. Was a nice surprise and will give me hours of stitching fun!

  10. Bernadette Jackson

    I see a black cat at your knees, checking out maybe where best to land. So cute. Thx, Mary, for the blog. Am enjoying it.

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