Sunday, 9-12-21

It was such a beautiful fall day – warm, sunny, and no wind, something that all Iowans appreciate because we get so few calm days. Connie will be writing about their trip to Shanksville, PA for the memorial service.

This was the highlight of our day – fun in the barn. Hazel was living her best life as a Jack Russell Terrier – digging under the broken cement floor in the barn.

Did you know that JRTs are pulled out of holes using their tail as a handle?

Telly played backup. And tonight Hazel had a bath! She wasn’t going to sleep with me looking like a mudball!

Reader quilts:

Remember Penny?

This is red twig dogwood that I grew in a pot from branches purchased with my spruce tops last Christmas – isn’t it beautiful? Those red veins through the leaf are lovely. It will soon be time to buy spruce tops and red twig dogwood branches again.

22 thoughts on “Sunday, 9-12-21

  1. Sherrill

    Oh my gosh!! Did you pull Hazel out by her tail?! Ha! So do you plant all the spruce tops & dogwood branches or are they used in other ways? I’ve never heard of that. The picture of the corgi made me think of my neighbor up the street who lost his corgi to a bobcat a couple of weeks ago. So sad.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherill – I can’t bear to think that someone’s beloved dog was killed by a bobcat! Did this happen in their yard???
      Spruce tops are sold in bundles for Christmas decorating and usually are stuck into containers of sand to make them stand upright with red twigs mixed in. Oh, I wish I hadn’t read about that dog right before bed! The poor man! How did he know it happened – did he see it? How does one get over that?

      1. Sherrill

        Yes, the dog was in their yard and I think he saw it just after. UGH! So sorry you read the comment before bed. Those folks have always had corgis and I’ve always thought they were so cute. I guess the coyotes and bobcats, foxes, etc. have nowhere to go as we’re building everywhere here. There’ve also been others commenting on the loss of their cats and other small dogs.

  2. Jan VanDeWalle

    Things are very dry and windy today in NW Oregon, The Fir trees are the only green I see out my window. Our well won’t let us irrigate more than the garden and my pots. The neighbor down the road has lovely green lawn, but his side of the hill water is more plentiful.
    I had heard that JRT’s were pulled out of holes by their tails, after seeing your pictures I can see why that would be necessary .;)
    I haven’t been sewing much this summer but think that will change real soon .Love your posts and all the pretty quilts people share, always enjoy the pictures of your yard and critters.
    Jan, Oregon

  3. Sue in Oregon

    Mudball or not….she was having so much fun. Perfect digging for a Jack Russell. Ha Ha.

    Your red twig is gorgeous. We had quite a bit of wind today and the forecast is for lots more. Hmmm Usually we have calm weather in the fall. Did we trade weather?

    Love all the quilts today, especially the pumpkins.

    Cute little Welsh Corgi. Did the queen visit you and leave one of her dogs? Don’t mind me. I’m kind of goofy tonight.

    Good night from our farm to yours…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – this sweet little Corgi lives in Rochester,MN with a friend of mine – before Covid I shopped in that town quite a bit even tho it’s two hours away- I gotta go back for a visit!

  4. Betty Klosterman

    You survived the week. I’m sure the funeral was beautiful and your music was perfect. Hopefully things will improve this week. Sounds like the weather will be nice. A bit of rain is forecast for us, but we’re not holding our breath. Hopefully the hot weather is done for this year.
    As usual, the quilts are all so pretty. We appreciate all your patterns and the special ideas people think up. And we appreciate all your efforts reporting the trials and tribulations of farm life.
    Many years ago I flushed some tuna down the toilet and the cat dove right in after it. I grabbed her tail and she didn’t get flushed! That could have been interesting ‘the cat has plugged up the toilet?’ Thank God for her tail.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I have a feeling you and I could trade some pretty entertaining stories! I have more to tell from the weekend

  5. Kim J LeMere

    I just reading about the daily adventures on your farm and Oh my the JRT pictures were wonderful. I sure hope the playing for the funeral service went well, It sounded quite stressful. Wonderful to see those lovely quilt finishes from everyone.
    Its cooling off in middle TN and the weather is perfect for being outside. I managed to clean up some flower beds and I hope to plant some pansy this fall. They bloom all winter for us and I so enjoy seeing the color in my drab flower beds.

  6. Glenda Fletcher

    Can’t believe Hazel!! Farm life is so interesting. Love the quilts, all your thoughts, your activities, everyone else ideas, etc. What’s not to like, everything is good. Enjoy ready your emails. Well, it wasn’t quiet in SE South Dakota a couple weeks ago on Aug. 28. Lennox, SD made the Argus Leader! We had an EF-1 tornado with 95 miles an hour wind. It was 3 blocks from us. The rain was coming down so hard(no horizontal)!! debris flying against our house. Took 3/4 roof off a Morton building, , damage to the roof of the high school(water in the school), took a storage shed, lots of trees damaged and uprooted( the golf course had 15 to 20 uprooted) , trees and limbs on homes/sheds/garages. No electricity so lots of water in basements including ours. We slept in the basement that night. I got up around 12 and needless to say the one rug was wet. We bailed water until my son brought a generator that he just purchased that morning early as the owner opened up for him. Wow what a night. Thank goodness we took 4 big trees down last summer other wise we would have been in trouble too. We had 2″ of rain on Aug. 27, 3″ on Aug 28, then
    4″ after 10:00 on the 28th, Monday 30th had 1 7/8″, then Sept. 2nd 7/8″!!!!! No rain until yesterday early 1/4″ . We could have used this rain when the crops needed it, as some are looking pretty bad here. That is as close as I want to get to a tornado. No one got hurt. Thank God for that. Am working on another quilt. Am watering the flowers again. I can’t believe I am saying that. Have a good day everyone.

    1. Rhonda in Iowa

      Glenda, My mom grew up in Lennox and my grandparents lived there until they passed. Know that area well but missed the tornado news. Sorry to hear about that but thankful there were no injuries.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Glenda – oh my gosh! That sounds like a mini tornado to me! We had a similar storm several weeks ago – the corn was twisted flat to the ground, some beans, too. Many limbs and branches, even some trees in town but nothing here too bad. Yes, I know what you mean about rather having that rain in July – it’s sad. And yes, farm life is never boring, is it?

  7. Kathy in western NY

    So cute to see Pennys picture again. Sweet puppy dog. I loved seeing Telly look at Hazel making a mess thinking to herself guess who will be getting a bath tonight and I will just sit and get petted and brushed by Rick. They sure keep us entertained. Lovely quilts to view and good to see on this bright Monday morning. I love the pumpkin lighter colors used in borders.
    Our weather is still pretty warm for fall so not in the mood to decorate yet. I will start yanking out the pathetic looking summer flowers I planted but all my marigolds, Begonias and impatience pots are gorgeous yet. Not many porches have pots of mums out yet but I did see one cute display at a physical therapy entrance with mums sitting in old round market baskets and burlap wove around it.

  8. Pat Smith

    Do you have any idea what Hazel was after In the big dig? Those JRT’s are such driven little dogs. She’s pretty driven about her tennis balls too. Love the way Telly was the supervisor of the dig not getting dirty at all. I love to see the Halloween pumpkin quilts. I made several from your pattern last year that never got quilted, but this year they will so I can put them up.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Smith – there might have been a mouse in the floor at one time – nothing there now but she could still smell it – haha! Yes, she’s a wild child, for sure, but the love of my life!

  9. Kathy B

    I love reading your stories ❤ and seeing the beautiful quilts. Thank you! I would love finding those dogwoods to plant here in Missouri.

  10. Diane in Maryland

    Loved the pictures of Hazel, Telly and the quilt show! The “lights” around the one quilt are very cute! Like some of your readers, I have not done much sewing over the summer. Been doing some flower gardening but wonder what else have I done? Seems I’m busy all the time but not much to show for it. I will change out the summer for fall decorations today even though it is going to be a hot week and the AC is back on. Have a good day, everyone.

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    Our AC was in again last night! Sure glad we put it in.
    Miss Hazel keeps you busy. Such a happy dog. I’m sure she is entertaining Telly too.
    The quilts are great today….love seeing them. And, I love seeing others sewing rooms. Back when I taught classes, I walked around and looked in everyone’s sewing baskets and supplies box. What fun it was, so many “special” tools.

  12. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    I’ll bet your playing at the funeral was perfect. I loved seeing Telly watching Hazel—lol. Telly must think why is she doing that?
    The quilt show is excellent. I hope to put some on soon.
    We have coyotes around us which is why I was so set on getting our stray cat, Buddy, to the Vet and into our home. He is settling in very nicely except he’s afraid of Squeak. I don’t blame him—she hisses, screeches, and growls at him. He is probably 15 + pounds and she is 8! Wild child.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Aww Diane, love hearing the tales of Buddy adapting to life inside a warm loving home! You have such a heart bringing him in. Our vet always said a stray cat finds you and this was what our Buddy did too. Found us. Your by line with all three names reminded me of a law firm – ha ha!

  13. Kathy Hanson

    Such fun to see that darling Hazel in her element! She is such a special pup! Always having great adventures1

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