Sunday Night, 2 – 6 – 22

Lots of good news – I’m feeling great except for a lingering cough but felt well enough to play for two separate church services this morning. Good results in the barn, too – I got a rat on Saturday morning and Sunday morning, too! This is just too much fun – hahaha!!!

Just to be very clear – I love the blog and don’t intend to stop writing. I hate the technology and my inability to understand how to fix something when it goes terribly wrong. It’s at that moment I realize how old I am and just wish I had a 5th grader around to help.

Back to watching the Olympics!

57 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 2 – 6 – 22

  1. Carmen

    When we had (have) trouble getting our tv, cable, etc all working together, we always say we need a teenager. Nowadays, I agree, a 5th grader could probably fix it!! Glad you keep getting rats, scary to think about the number.

  2. Patty

    Big smile here! Loved your good news!
    When I worked at school the students would grab my phone from me and show me how to do things! Some of my Very Favorite memories!

  3. Kimberly Lusin

    Glad you are feeling better! Glad you are getting those rats!! 🐀 Love your blog and you!!

  4. Angie from Baltimore

    You’re going to be known as the RAT catcher/ killer. You would think their buddies would ask each other “where did Bob go? How about Sam? Anyone see Rufus?”
    And move on.
    Glad you are feeling better enough to play at services. I am sure you were missed.
    Hope good things keep coming along.
    Olympics happen only every 4 years and I was never a participant but I can sure cheer them on. Enjoy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – I have thought the same – do they know the rest have disappeared????

  5. MaureenHP

    Glad that…
    …you are feeling better
    …catching lots of rats
    …intend to keep blogging!

  6. Barbara

    I recall a show that was on in the past…”Are you smarter than a Fifth grader”. When it comes to technology the answer is No!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – I remember that show! And no, I am not smarter than a fifth grader! Haha!

  7. Henners /Henry

    Mary I wonder how long before the family of rats of obliterated? Hopefully soon 🤞

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Henners – I have wondered the same thing! I will keep a trap in the barn permanently from now on!

      1. janet S

        My dad claimed that if you get rid of all the rats in a location, they won’t come back again. As a kid, the family cleaned out a corn crib and killed the rats. That ended the problem. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  8. Joyce from NY

    Glad to hear your feeling better. Technology can be challenging for us older folks, you’re right we need the 5th graders, my grandchildren fix things with such ease!! So glad you’re sticking with the blog I would miss it badly!

  9. Deb Bayne

    So glad you are keeping up with the blogging. Also very very glad you didn’t rub in the Iowa defeat of the Gophers this afternoon.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb Bayne – I would never “rub it in” – in fact I didn’t even know about it! Hahaha!!! There’s just too much good stuff on tv right now and you know how much I love college basketball!

  10. Debbie G

    You are not the only one who is technically challenged!! Dint give up! I love the blog and look forward to your writings. Happy you are feeling well again. This was the 5th anniversary of my husband passing away. Last night I went with a group of my long time friends to the Winterfest event in Lake Geneva. The US National snow sculpting championship always takes place on this weekend. Boy it was COLD! Today, my 8 year old grandson asked if he could spend the day with me and of course I said yes. We had a great time watching Encanto on Disney + . We also played Go Fish. It was a good day. I enjoy my time with him. Now watching the Olympics and doing a bit of cross stitch. Have a good week.

  11. Diane, Sqyeak, and Buddy in Central Ihio

    Great news on your health, the rats( yippee), and hoping the blog behaves!! We all love it! I just came back from a quilt retreat. We each had an 8’ table, a huge room for 25 of us, and masked. I will send pictures of my finishes. Fun weekend. We had a HUGE ice and snow storm before it so we couldn’t leave until 1 PM. Our driveway still has 3 inches of ice and snow mixed in it..My husband shoveled and used the snow blower as much as he could. Whew!

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    GREAT NEWS today.

    I’m catching a few Olympics…I just don’t understand curling 🥌 and the luge is insanity.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Jo I did curling once with a group of medical coworkers. It was interesting to say the least. My husband liked it more than I did. I felt like I was bowling bent way over in a cold rink! I could never squat like that now.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Talk about feeling old….I am packing up my heavy to handle stoneware dinner dishes to goodwill and going for a new set of melmac or Corelle dishes. I am losing strength and that bothers me so need to adjust for what’s easier ahead.
    Glad you felt well for playing at both churches. Take care Mary.

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      I gave my heavy dishes away also! I had a set of all white square dishes, gave them to my SIL who works in a Thrift Store…she gave me in exchange a set of square Corelle dishes. I liked my old ones better but the just got too heavy.
      Mary, so glad you are feeling better! Rest when you need to. So glad the rats ‘like’ your trap enough to visit it daily!! So glad others have trouble with all the technology. My poor brother is my go to and he is in Florida until the first week of March!! Keep up with the blog…you don’t have to be on every night…you do have a life too!! Thanks for all you do!

      1. Kathy

        Beryl- I was on line looking at the price of Corelle and gosh that has gone up so might watch at thrift stores for awhile. Not like I am in a hurry as I don’t do large dinner parties anymore. Someone will enjoy my old heavy dishes as much as I liked them I don’t like the way my wrists feel holding them and my grip drops more things. Arthritis makes my hands & fingers look horrible now and I want to save them for sewing more than anything else!

        1. Mary Says Sew!

          Be aware that Corelle gets brittle with age, and when it breaks, it shatters into hundreds of small, sharp pieces. Have you ever dropped one and had it shatter? Yipes!

          We threw all ours out breaking a few. The last straw was when DH put his dinner plate with hot food on our glass-top table and it immediately shattered into dozens of pieces. Thermal Shock!

    2. Pat Williams

      Kathy, I did that about 2 years ago. Had very nice Longaberger stoneware dishes but they just got too heavy to handle. Got just plain white Corelle and what a difference it made. Wise decision. You will be glad you did that. Pat in Iowa City

  14. Kathy Hanson

    So glad you are better and are back to playing at church! Congratulations at getting rid of the rats, good thing you found such a good tool!!

  15. Jane Boyer

    I, too, get frustrated with technology. Our son-in-law just rolls his eyes when we have problems. We bought a new monitor a couple of years ago and got one without a camera. Now with COVID we wish we had gotten one with a camera. I’m tempted to get a independent camera but then would have to find someone with enough knowledge to hook it up. I just don’t care enough to spend a lot of time learning all the newest things when I can be spending my time quilting.

  16. Cathy — SE Alabama

    Oh my, how I love your blog. So glad you are getting better. Well, I did not have children so I fully get that it is hard to keep up with technology. I always said I could use a geeky nephew. However, my sister did not have children so no luck there. Kept up the rat patrol. Happy quilting.

  17. Anonymous

    I sympathize with you, Mary, about the technology. However, you are still ahead of most of us ‘quasi seniors’. I admire your determination to continue with the blog. I look forward to it each evening I open my iPad, especially if there is something about Hazel and the other furry friends. I downloaded an upgrade to my computer and now half the people in my organization here can’t open the attachments. Aggg…just don’t change stuff on me!. I should just stick to quilting.
    Thanks for reducing the rat population. We won’t miss those few at all.
    Bobby in Maryland.

  18. Mary in Davenport ia

    So good you are feeling better I love all your newsy stuff always fun and all the pictures

  19. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – I’m glad you’ll continue blogging and that you’re feeling better! How many rats have you caught so far? I’m sad to say I haven’t caught any of the Olympics so far! I had my granddaughter overnight twice this week and have been exhausted since she was up for hours in the middle of the night both nights! Stay warm!

  20. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So happy you feel better, and I am sure both churches were delighted to have you back!
    It was nice and sunny here today, so we went for a ride and picked up a pizza for lunch. I am still amazed at how much snow is piled up along the roads and in parking lots. We received a seed catalog in the mail this weekend, so that is a nice harbinger of spring.
    Take Care, 🥰

  21. Donna Giddens

    You do great Mary . I think we all feel as you do from time to time on technology. Those of a “certain “ age.
    We’d all miss you terribly. Sure glad you are hanging in there.

  22. Susy Boyer from San Diego, CA

    I can’t believe how many rats you’re catching. That’s awesome!
    Technology is a pain sometimes and so wonderful at other times. Just think you are keeping your mind sharp, ha, ha. I’m 70 years young, I’m hoping so.
    Thanks Mary… love you,

  23. Jean

    Mary thank you for relieving our anxiety about quitting the blog! Just the thought of that happening is awful. Kudos to you for sticking with it.

  24. Marcia

    Love hearing from you even though the technology end is frustrating for you. My 6th grade granddaughter is very helpful to me. I understand where you are .
    Keep up the rat hunting. My mom always said if you catch one there are 10 more to take its place. Your task has no end.

  25. Kim from TN

    I’m with everyone else, we love the blog and you Mary, please keep it going. Congrats on catching all those rats, Yikes! Wonderful to read that you played at church this past week, I know they missed you. It’s been raining in Middle TN and my poor pansies will need galoshes soon. I wish the sun would shine for a few days. We have been watching lots of curling events, it’s so interesting and everything else is taped for later.

  26. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary I feel your pain! Technology is a good thing until it isn’t….. lol. My poor son gets all my questions/issues to solve. Told him he’d be off the hook if I had grandchildren — I’d just bug them. I’ve been enjoying the olympics myself. I have such a new respect for those that do the ski jumping after seeing the ramps in Norway and in Utah. They are higher and steeper than one can imagine!!!!! Don’t know how they do it!!! It was fascinating to watch them train in Utah — they go down a ramp and into a swimming pool. (yes, it was summer). Since there are no spectators I wish they could pipe in our cheers!

  27. Gretchen

    There is a ‘crud’ going around. I had a friend who had the ‘crud’ then a month later became sick with covid. The crud was so much worse since she was already vaccinated for covid.

  28. Lori

    So glad you are feeling better. I had a cold this past week, but only last 5 to 6 days.
    You have a good rat trap!

  29. Wonda Myers

    I enjoy your blog. I know where your coming from with the technology 😩 you certainly have a lot to keep up with, farm, hubby, quilting! I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Glenda Fletcher/SD

    I am with everyone else in saying that I am glad you are feeling better. I don’t like being sick. Hurray with the rats. The traps are well worth it. Glad you got to play piano on Sunday as I know you enjoy it. Thank you for wanting to keep your blog a going. I look forward to it. I have learned a lot from you, Connie and every one else.

  31. Dot

    I think you should make a little stencil, and paint rat silhouettes on the barn wall, like the fighter pilots in WWII. Preferable in full view of the rat hole. I hope the blog thrives for a good long time. It would be easier if they didn’t keep changing the blog software under your feet.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      Rat stencils – that made me laugh out loud! And paint a red X over each one…..mafia level rat intimidation – ‘Rufus, take a look at what happened to Fred….this could happen to you’ – haha!!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sherry Whalen – haha! I laughed, too! What has happened to our quilting blog???? So fun!

        1. Sherry Whalen

          Well, I sprayed the sip of water I had just taken… I must say that this IS the only blog I read that is currently discussing rats though! Hilarious!! I am glad you are having good luck with your trap, it sounds like the perfect application.

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Sherry – never let it be said we aren’t a diversified group!! Haha!!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Betty K – I think my traps have taken the fun of the hunt away from Hazel – she’s just bored with it all. And I will never again leave the barn without a rat trap ready to go. I wonder if it’s been this bad because it’s cold – I really have not seen signs in the barn that rats were there – except remember when I got those baby chicks in late summer? And remember I lost half of them when they were little – just the size for a rat to kill. Ugh. How are you, Betty? What are you up to these days? Haven’t heard much from you!

          1. Sherry Whalen

            I thought of this when you said there were rats in the barn – that they were abducting your chicks. When I was a kid on our farm we were losing pullet sized chickens, and it was determined that it was rats that had taken up residence under the cement floor and were consuming the young chickens. Dad fed the rats buckets of poison, and in the end we had to tear out the cement and put in a new floor. It was mainly hollow under that cement floor and we finished them off smacking them with shovels and our dog chased down dozens. So gross. Mice are one thing – rats….are way another.

  32. Polly Perkins

    I agree. Technology is great when it works but I have no idea how it works or who to fix it. So frustrating.

    I just read that rats may carry the Corona Virus. Also was wondering if they were killing your chickens.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Polly Perkins – the rats can’t kill the adult hens but remember when I was losing young chicks last summer? I wonder now if those losses were due to rats. I had no idea!!

  33. Teresa

    Mary, many of us have the same issues with technology, we all need access to an IT person who is willing to freelance! I have not had a personal blog or website and don’t have the know-how to set one up and run it. You can only do what you can do so when you have issues with the blog, you know we’ll all be here waiting for you to come back online. ❤️✍🏻❤️

    Glad your rat traps are doing their job, mice in the barn is one thing, rats are a whole nuther level!! 🐭🐭

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – mice don’t bother me but you’re right, rats take it to a whole new level of disgust!

  34. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love Dots idea of stenciling rats on wall! I would keep a log with Roman numerals . New Zealand has won its first gold at the Olympics for snowboarding, lots of Olympic skiers train at snowfields in the South Island as our seasons are opposite to yours. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I thought of you when she won! I do not understand anyone’s love of snowboarding!

  35. Dorothy

    Glad your on the mend and happy to hear that you still want to continue your wonderful blog!

  36. Lynn in Northeast Iowa

    Such a fun blog to read. Love the comments. Technology is great when it works, but when it does not ……. Maybe catching rats could be an Olympic sport, ‘‘tis then season. Glad you are better Mary. You have such adventures.

  37. Linda Schluchter

    So good to hear you are feeling great and having fun catching rats! I’ve only seen cute little mice in my barn thank heavens, even had one climb up my clothes to my shoulder one morning when the dogs were chasing the little guy. I hate finding where they have drowned in the horse’s water buckets!

    Stay on the healthy side! Linda

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