It’s a new day! 2-4-22

Thank you for telling me my test post #9 reached you. The first two posts had photos and when those failed to upload I got smart and just wrote Test and tried to publish. I would miss all of you so much if I quit blogging but I honestly don’t know how to keep this going and if I said I hate technology and want my old life back, would any of you agree with me?

Both Rick and I tested negative for Covid – I know you’ve been wondering – so whatever we both had was just a traveling bug. This past week two of my friends lost their dogs which is so sad. Sarah Jane, a Cavalier, was elderly and so was Ode, pronounced O -Day. Ode lived in Minneapolis with her rescuer, Becky’s friend Pam. When Ode was a puppy some cruel, deranged young men burned her ears off!!

Kayla has been busy putting new patterns into the online store.

Souvenirs of Spring
Just A Little Nine Patch

Some of you will be excited to know that future patterns shown here on the blog can now be ordered directly from the shop and I will copy and mail the patterns. It would be helpful to have an address label when you mail me your check.

And here is the first February Friday Five Dollar pattern – HONOR AMERICA.

Honor America 16” x 20”

All of the Five Dollar Friday patterns will be available for the entire month of February and should be ordered directly from Country Threads – cash or check, no credit cards. This offer expires February 28, no exceptions. Our address can be found under our photo.

Reader quilts:

All plans got changed today about 10:30 am when the wind came up creating a ground blizzard again – ugh. This is the longest winter!!! Guess I’ll have to play with Hazel!

53 thoughts on “It’s a new day! 2-4-22

  1. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Mary, I love your blog, and I have learned so much from you and Connie.

    I have been teaching our great nephew how to weave Rugs from Rags.

    However, I want you to be happy. If it is too much for you, you need to stop.

    Most of us are so far away. When you have troubles, all we can do is pray.

  2. Dee in Ohio

    I understand your frustration with technology. I would feel the same but you would sure be missed. I love hearing all the adventures you have with Hazel and the farm animals and your good heart with playing for the nursing home.

  3. Vickie Devore

    So glad to hear from you in this weird winter. I have followed Country Threads for a long time. I took a class from you in Indianapolis, Indiana — sorry don’t remember dates at all — but the pattern was the beautiful cardinal quilt. I have had a lot of patterns, some made, some not. But I love giving away boxes with a few patterns, some fabric and magazines (and any extra notions I seem to collect) to various people/groups. I too an getting much older and my memory is sometimes really bad — unless it involves quilting — LOL. You have given so much — don’t downgrade yourself for wanting more “resting” time. It’s not happy to do but life doesn’t always let us to as much. Sometimes, it just needs to be less. love you and all of your patterns. vickie.

  4. Marilyn Miller

    Playing with Hazel sounds like a wonderful plan. I would miss your log just terribly. When I check my email I always save it for last as a ‘treat’, I enjoy it so much. I’m glad that neither of you had COVID and hope that you can still say that when it history, if that ever happens. Stay warm. Hugs to your four legged babies.

  5. Rosalie

    I wonder what happened to the other test posts… I don’t have a clue how any of this works. Just glad it does.

  6. Sandra Goddard

    My heart goes out to the families who lost their dear dogs. Always so hard. Glad you both tested negative. Our middle grandson age 12 was positive 2 werks ago. Missed a week of school. He had just had his booster shot that Thursday and was positive Saturday. Technology is another whole rabbit hole. Good went it works but when it doesn’t I dislike it tremendously. I to long for the good old days. But then I think how I love being able to connect with other like minds around the USA. I would miss you if you stopped !

  7. Deb

    I understand not liking technology, but if it gets to be to much, and you need to stop,you will be missed. I sometimes feel our world is to fast and have to have a break from all the technology and noise. I do love your life on the farm and would miss hearing about the animals

  8. Brenda Ks

    I have made so many of your patterns and attended as many quilt in the barns that I could. Even attended the one over the garage. Have all the goat gazettes and look forward to your blog every morning. Would miss you terribly. Am working on Scrap Roll Adventure now.

  9. Tina in Oregon

    I love reading your posts. Maybe if you just pencil in several days off from blogging and do it only two or three times a month???? We’d miss you and yours terribly but understand if you need time off for yourself. It’s so sad about the missing dogs. Keep warm and stay well.

  10. Launa

    Happy to share I finished my #5; a pair of new slacks needed hemming. I had ordered them months ago and they were backordered. My sewing room door is always open @ end of hall, but it was 52o in there so the Rinnai propane wall heater was up to 70o quickly. The chill doesn’t seem to bother Bernina!
    There were so many response posts for the question…none of us want you to quit, Mary!
    Loved the patterns you posted today. Also the finished quilt angled over your piano!
    Looks like our sunny 11o morning is clouding over this afternoon for more snow; the wind chill is awful.
    Catch any more rats?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – I have not caught any rats for several days but those traps are staying right there from now on! I really doubt I’ve gotten them all.

  11. Connie in kansas

    I have discovered online shopping. I love it when the doorbell rings and a delivery person leaves me a package. Imagine my surprise last week when the box had been opened. Like box cutter opened. It was so disappointing. I’d heard about porch pirates on the news but never thought it would happen to me. As I picked up the box I realized it wasn’t empty…just opened. My purchase was still. I’m still trying to decide if I’m feeling grateful or insulted that my burglar didn’t want my new American Patchwork quilting book. Lol

  12. Launa

    PS…how horrible about the innocent dog Ode who must have suffered terribly at the hands of the crazed individual who burned off its ears. Fortunately Ode was adopted by a kind person Pam who changed life for the better. Ode will be greatly missed by Pam.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – Pam is heartbroken like all dog owners who lose their pets. I’m sad for her.

  13. Montana Kathy

    So sad about the dogs. My best pal down the hill lost all 3 of her dogs in the space of the last 2 months. One was old and failing badly, (a rescue dog who had spent the first 5 years of her life in a cage, kept only for breeding, and who was fearful of going outside having never been allowed out before. The next 5 years she had a good home and got to be as spoiled as she deserved!) The 2nd one was hurting and in terrible pain from a back injury and could no longer walk, and the 3rd one died of cancer in a very short period of time. To lose all 3 dogs together like that was devastating. I’m trying to convince them to get another dog, maybe an older rescue dog, but they’re resisting, saying they’re too old (in their 70’s like us) .
    I just can’t imagine life without dogs! Anyway, sorry for going on like this (it’s just so sad), and sorry for you to continue to have such computer problems. I know you are frustrated, but we would be lost without your blog. You’re sunshine on a cold, snowy day! Keep well.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – dog people simply won’t be happy and content without a dog in their lives. I think the answer is to adopt an older dog who has maybe already lost their aging parent to death or a care facility. That’s my plan – I’ll likely lose Telly long before I lose Hazel but I would be sooooo lonely without a dog!

  14. Amy M

    I think sometime my technology problems are related to my internet provider not providing a stable connection and the correct speed. Times when things spin or webpages won’t open, I don’t think is user error, I believe it is the internet provider. My TV cable connection is digital through the internet and sometimes the TV screen freezes etc. So don’t stress when the blog isn’t cooperating, it may be forces outside your control!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy m – but how do I know when it’s something beyond my control? It brings me to tears!

  15. Mary M Rhodes

    Technology is good yet bad. I agree its frustrating. 2 of my cousins r computer geeks for living dont envy at all. Blog maybe not do it everyday – once week or so. I would miss your blog. Did like the goatzate that you had. Enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for everything you do. Thanks on letting on Firday pattern till end of month. Right now southern part Ohio ice. Sleet n snow! I have ice on everything. Praying the electric dont give out last night. Can’t wait for melting Temps! My 3 cats just had get out there to see they ran back in! Got 2 sick from fleas! Meds given by vet getting better slowly!. Suppose b low as 0 ugh! Glad your better..

  16. Diana in Des Moines

    I so love your log, but would understand if you want your life back. I hate technology, but it does keep us in touch with friends and family.

    So glad you missed the Covid bug. We seem to have all had it at Christmas. Hopefully, never again.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Warm weather is on its way!!

  17. Candy

    Glad Covid missed you & Rick! DH & I have finally resigned ourselves to the fact that we’re all going to get Covid at some point, we just have to take care, wear masks and get all the recommended vaccines. It’s going to be like the flu … it’s here every year in some form or another. We just hope when we do get it, our vaccines will offer some degree of protection. Aren’t we all so sick of talking/hearing about Covid?!*. I agree about technology… what a pain it can be! We got a new router a few months ago, and we’ve had nothing but problems with our computer, printer & iPads ever since … grrrr! Hang in there, Mary … you have lots of supporters (even if we can’t do much more than cheer you on)!

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m with you…technology is great when it works, frustrating when it doesn’t. I spent an hour trying to order a book from Barns and Noble. Finally gave up and went to the store. On line they told me to go to another computer! 🙄
    I’d be lost without your blog. It’s the only one I read. So much joy in my life.
    My kids are fostering another dog, this time a puppy. Sooo cute.
    I don’t know how humans can be mean to an animal.
    Glad you tested negative.
    Have a great and warm weekend…I’m going to win the lottery this weekend!!!

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        Thanks Mary,
        Chase goes to school for 2 hours, 2 days a week. He is just too tired to do more.
        On the other days, he does 2 hours from home. Then he sleeps.
        He has a mean streak now. He has never been aggressive with anything. He is very timid and laidback.
        He still has strokes, but they are mild. He’s on a ton of medication.
        I think he’s frustrated with all of it, and is having a very hard time accepting the situation.

  19. Gloria from CC

    So happy that you and Rick tested negative for Covid. Such an ongoing nuisance.
    My heart breaks for the loss of the two dogs. As for the torture of Ode – God will take care of the young man who burned his ears off. It makes me so angry when I hear something like this and I often wonder what I would do if I witnessed someone torturing an animal. I guess all I can say is that I wouldn’t want to be that person after I got done with them. It has been proven in national studies that serial killers tortured animals when they were young.

  20. Joy in NW Iowa

    If there was no technology, I wouldn’t be able to read your blog! I wouldn’t know you even existed! Now that is sad! I do wish the everyone wasn’t so addicted to their phones. They have forgotten how to communicate with each other! I’m glad you weren’t sick long! My hubby had a uti and had antibiotics for a week. Then he got another bug, which he shared…then he started running a fever every day at 4 pm. Teeth chattering shaking fever. I took his temp…103! My daughter and I took him to the ER. No Covid, no uti, go home, take Tylenol alternative with advil, well, he kept getting worse! So to the doc. Another uti with antibiotics for 3 weeks!! Well, we at the end of 3 weeks and he is finally on top of it! Take care…warmer weather is coming!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – oh my gosh! You’re an attending nurse, too! I hope you’re a better and more patient caregiver than I am. It gets very long day in and day out. I wish I could be better. Hope it’s ok at your house.

      1. Joy in NW Iowa

        Mary, it has been difficult! I’m a mess with my back. I have spinal stenosis and having surgery at the Mayo on the 17th. Then when he was sick, it was quite the deal….nothing got done around here…oh well! But, we managed. He didn’t want to eat….so it was toast and jelly, Campbell’s chicken soup…me not much more, I didn’t eat the soup tho, saved it for him. He lost 15 pounds…..which he did not have to lose! Ugh! But, I’m so thankful he is better now! Our dear daughter (a teacher who have part of a day off) came and used the scrubber on our tile floors! Plus, she cleaned all the edges and mop boards and bathrooms behind all the stools! Wow! It is sparkling clean! Plus, she brought supper! She brought one of their golden retrievers to love me. He was busy sniffing all around and then I got to play with his ears and rub his belly. Awe! You are a fine nurse, I am sure! I’ll bet Rick would say you are!

  21. Gloria B.

    So so sad that anyone could do that to Ode. May he and Sarah Jane romp in eternal happiness.

    Can’t imagine not hearing from you! Totally understand if you need to reduce your outreaches. We just need to hear from you! Glad to hear Covid didn’t strike you.

  22. Pam

    Glad you are back up and running . Totally agree with you on the technology front. It’s great when it works, but when it doesn’t…. very frustrating. Hang in there. You would be missed. Glad you didn’t have civic. My daughter had the same stuff. Also not covid.

  23. Pam

    Glad you are back up and running . Totally agree with you on the technology front. It’s great when it works, but when it doesn’t…. very frustrating. Hang in there. You would be missed. Glad you didn’t have covid. My daughter had the same stuff. Also not covid.

  24. Rita in Iowa

    Mary so glad you and Rick are doing better. Love reading about your life and the animals. But also all your followers comments. An inexpensive way to keep in touch. Remember when long distance phone calls costs were so high so they sometimes were infrequent. Well now we can keep in touch with many friends.
    Hang in there and stay safe.
    Spent the day with my quilting buddy next door and worked on a scrap quilt, Carolina Chain. Using scraps that were given to her. We each spent time cutting colors and then sharing. Today was all about sewing!

  25. Susan K In Texas

    So glad you didn’t have covid! And thanks for continuing with the blog. It seems that with technology as soon as you figure out what to do they change it and it doesn’t work! I look forward to your posts.
    How sad for your friends to lose their dogs. It’s always on hard when our furry friends pass. There’s such a hole in our hearts and homes.
    It’s been cold here. We had rain, sleet, and then snow. We haven’t left the house. Gary has a head cold and I’m afraid I’ll fall and further hit my back. I wish I could say I’ve spent hours quilting but I can only do about an hour a day. So I’ve been designing new quilts.

  26. Sherrill

    I’m so glad those puppies found families who loved them. I can’t imagine anyone mistreating an animal. I’m contemplating getting another kitty. Mine’s been gone over 2 years and I swore I’d never get another (because putting him down was HORRIBLE) but I miss having a fur ball so will see what the shelter has.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – ooohh! I hope you find a kitty or even an older cat to come home with you!

      1. Sherrill

        I DID!! Got her yesterday. She’s about 1, they think, and she’s a lap cat. Makes it hard to do anything when she’s taking up the lap! 😂

  27. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I hope you continue to blog. I watch for it every day and am worried your having trouble when I don’t see it before I go to bed. So glad you and Rick are not covid patients. My husband is better, but now my quilting buddy and her husband have it. They just finished their infusion treatments. My dogs really wish it would warm up, its so cold to go outside to potty. We are predicted to be -10 tonight. I am working on organizaing my Mount Scrapmore. Sorting my scraps and passing anything smaller than 12″ strips on to a friend that loves making little things. Getting them organized so I can make more quilt as you go placemats for our Meals on Wheels program.

  28. Marie C

    I love your blog. I look forward to reading it whenever a new one appears. I have finished more unfinished projects ever since you started the dirty dozen. I also like reading about your animals and your life. I still have to send in my January finish. Need to get pictures taken. Hope you get the technology issue figured out. I would miss reading about your adventures.

  29. Sheila in WI

    Aww! Poor Ode with the burned ears. Cute in spite of it.
    Glad to hear you and Rick didn’t have covid and you are feeling better.
    I love reading your blog and all the comments, your sharing of your animals and life, and the quilts that you and readers submit. But I also understand that technology can be frustrating and make life difficult. So if you would ever stop writing your blog, I would miss it like crazy but would certainly understand. A heartfelt thank you for all you do to try and keep it going.

  30. Lynn in NE Iowa

    Today was a great day for me. Was my day off work and 3 quilting friends came over. We talked, had lunch, fixed the tension on Carolyn’s Featherweight, Donna did some knitting and I trimmed a big bunch of half square triangles. We don’t see each other much since Covid started and was so nice to catch up. One thing good about technology is that we have been able to stay connected with text messages, sending pictures and video chats. Technology is wonderful when it works! I really enjoy your blog and would miss it. You have a very interesting life, even I’d you do not think so. Take care, stay safe. I think of you often and wonder how your day is going.

  31. Kathy in western NY

    Good evening from snowy NY. We got about 12” so far. But nothing we can’t handle. So thankful you and Rick are doing much better. It was wise to test to be sure as relapses aren’t ideal as we get older, sadly. I will take any vaccine offered that helps me from getting all these nasty viruses.
    I feel sad for those who lose their beloved pets who gave them such rich rewarding lives and hope they find the heart to love another needed pet someday. I would miss EVERYONE on this blog but I understand you do this as a great service keeping us connected. Tonight we listened to our grandson announce a college game and kept losing connection to it but this is technology and I don’t understand how it works other than they say our area needs it upgraded. No more than I understand how airplanes can’t fly near wireless 5G towers or whatever all that meant. I am sure teachers all over the country pulled their hair out going remote with their classes as did parents trying to figure it all out. Computers, covid, you name it, we are all in this together.

  32. Betty Klosterman

    Of course, we all, including you, Mary, would all miss it if you ended your blog. That time will come, but we all hope that is a long time away. This technology is so above most of us — and if we could ever learn all about it, it would all be changed and we wouldn’t know a thing. Kind of like opening a child proof pill bottle. We need a 5 year old to open it. It seems when something new comes along, it is a gift to us, but others can use it for bad things.
    And others can be so horrible to both people and animals. They must have had a horrible childhood. I feel sorry for them and their victims.
    In the meantime, the rest of us are very happy in the middle of our piles of fabric and patterns. And your blog. It is such great way to be in touch with so many people all over the world. To share all the problems and the good things is so special to us. It would be very lonely without it. But if it gets too much for you, by all means, don’t torture yourself. We will survive on the memories.
    I talked to a friend about the 5 gal bucket rat trap. He said they made it by drilling a hole of opposite sides of the top edge. They made a hole in a plastic bottle, strung a wire thru the bottle and tied the wires to the holes across the bucket. They put peanut butter on the bottle, water in the bottom of the bucket and the rats would climb up, fall in and drown…….Cheap trap. And the crows could have supper. Nature doesn’t waste anything!
    The stock show is going full blast, but I’m not going. They will never miss me. We see all the reports on the news. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that mass of people. But I do miss the petting zoo.
    Take care. We do our best each day and rise to meet the challenges. Somehow, we manage to go on the next day.
    Betty in Rapid City

  33. Sue In Oregon

    I would agree with you Mary, that it sometimes just gets too hard. Plus, it takes enormous amounts of time to do what you do. And, then there are the days when you write and photograph and put it out there for us to enjoy and “Poof” it all goes away. It is so disheartening, not to mention maddening. I wrestle with something similar every day too. Shall I quit now, as I am not getting any younger, or should I stay with it? Is it worth it to spend so much time and effort? I know you must ask yourself these questions and probably every day you get a different answer. That’s the way it is with me, anyway.
    We all love your blog. I sure do. But, the bottom line is only you can make the decision and whatever it is we will still love and support you and remember the great time we had with you here on these pages.

  34. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love the Friday Quilt pattern and the springy ones, too. I guess I am done with winter; we now have 11” of snow on the ground.
    As for the blog, Mary, please do whatever works best for you. You have a lot going on with Rick needing extra care and being totally responsible for the daily upkeep of the farm.
    I really appreciate all you have done for us. I have so enjoyed getting to know you and have learned so much about quilting from you and Connie.
    If my husband wasn’t an IT person, I probably would not even have a computer, and I swear our printer hates me. 😂
    Take Care and Stay Warm, 🥰

  35. Sally J.

    Thanks Mary for all that you do to keep the blog going. I would greatly miss if you decide to stop but totally understand. Maybe cut back to one or two blogs a week.
    Love the spring quilt patterns and the Friday February!! Will be sending my check.
    My heart goes out to the dog owners who’s babies crossed the rainbow bridge. Loss is so lonely and hard.
    Very happy and thankful you and Rick tested negative!!! Thank you Lord.
    Hugs from Sally J. in sunny Florida.

  36. NancyTD

    Technology is great when all goes well. Never understood why things can’ have directions. I just got my new iPad figured out and had to do an update. I made an appointment at Verizon to figure it out. My fear is I will really mess something up.
    I look forward to the blog. I can’t thank you enough for the dirty dozen. I have started and Finished many projects that were nesting in the cupboard. I never thought I would finish hand quilting the king size quilt. Now Iam working on a kit I have had about 3 years. Sampler with lots of small pieces.
    Glad you and Rick did’t have Covid. Stay healthy so he can have his surgery on the 25 th.
    The snow is starting to blow. Wind is out of the South. Guess that means a warmup. I hope so!
    Stay healthy and keep quilting. A hug to you!!

  37. Margaret

    Margaret, Illinois
    I enjoy your blog so much and if I don’t get an email I start to worry. I am so glad you tested negative. My grandkids who are adults have had several bouts with it.. Jim and I been staying in except getting groc once in awhile. Masking always. We just had snow 81/2-9 here and roads have been closed till today. But this morn it was -1 , coldest yet. I love seeeing all your quilts andseei g all the animals, especially Hazel. She is adorable but quite the digger..
    I am almost 82 and it hit me so hard, but doing ok and love all thing quilting.
    Keep those post coming . We love them

  38. Dorothy

    Mary I understand how you feel about technology. It is a necessary evil I think! We need it and so have to learn to live with it in this world. I just spent hours erasing many emails, I’m embarrassed to say how many! Then I haven’t been getting any email for days and so just spent lots of time trying to figure that out, I am happy to say it’s fixed for now it takes up sooooo much time! I have loved reading about your life and your animals and would miss keeping up with you through your words and pictures but this is about you and it should not be such a chore for you. Life is too short to not enjoy it so I say do what makes YOU happy.

  39. Kris in WI

    I agree that technology can be a pain. When I retired I was so relieved not to check my email constantly. Why someone couldn’t just come up to see me or call on the phone for something simple I could never figure out. Now I check it every few days and love the times when I have several updates from you and two other blogs that I follow…though none have anything close to the Adventures of Mary and Hazel that you post! Even my husband asks about you if I haven’t checked lately. So, yes, we would all miss you, but especially with your responsibilities and Rick’s medical issues if you need to let something go and it is the blog, by all means cut back or stop. Thanks for the peak into your home and life on the farm. With Covid keeping us housebound, your “visits” have been like having a cup of tea with a good friend; a few laughs and a few sighs. So glad you escaped Covid and best wishes for peace and good health in the months to come.

  40. Janet of MN

    All your readers love to hear from you and I totally agree with all the responses but please feel free to do whatever you need. Personally, I would love it if you would continue part time if that’s an option. Just let us know so we don’t worry.
    In our church, before covid, several of us older members got so burned out from all the work (and no appreciation) that we had to just quit doing so much. Guess what, life has gone on, maybe different but that’s okay too.

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