447 thoughts on “Test #9

  1. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    Oops. Sorry. I did not receive #8. I saw it when I look at #9. But, I did for sure get #9

  2. Pam D

    Pos came through. thanks for all the effort you put in on your blog. As a quilter and animal lover it makes my day!

  3. Donna Sproston

    I got 9 but no 8 or 1 through 7. Wish technology was as reliable as this winter forecast was!


    Per a previous post, I would like to see Connie’s sale online also. Either as an auction or better yet just listed items possibly on a facebook sewing sale site. I’m sure that she has some wonderful fabric. Would be will to pay the high shipping to obtain some of it. Thanks!

  5. Brenda Furlong

    Not sure about what this means, but I got an email asking did I get this test but not an actual test of any kind. Some of the replies are asking if you are having problems with your messages getting through, so I am assuming that is what kind of test you mean.

    1. Jan Hebert

      We’re right behind you here in MA, yucky snow, sleet and rain. Dreaming of Spring, Jan in MA

  6. Janice Brown

    Got #9. Someone earlier in the responses mentioned getting #8 as well. Never saw a #8 email.

  7. Marian in MN

    Got it!
    Mary, look at all the replies. It is astounding. All us folks waiting for your utterances every day. You must be proud ❀️❀️❀️🐢🐈🀩

  8. amelia

    Due to arthritis, it is very difficult to use a needle & thread or a sewing machine.
    I enjoyr quilts shown ,comments received; another way to stay in touch with quilting

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