Sunday night

Have you read about low volume fabrics? I am practicing with them on several blocks and I have decided I really like this one. This is an unknown “area” for us which will take some time and experience to understand how low volume fabrics work but I love the look, don’t you?

We will start packing up tomorrow for Columbus and we’ll load the truck on Tuesday. The heat index is going to be over 100 while we’re doing this. I am not looking forward to this.

12 thoughts on “Sunday night

  1. Cindy J

    Girl, the heat here in KC has been at 100 and above! So ready for october and cooler weather! Stay safe….and drink lots of water…

  2. Maryjane

    Enjoy beautiful Ohio! My friends and family there say the weather is in the 70s and perfect. Would love to go to the Country Living Fair but, alas, I am stuck in hot CA now. Have fun! Eat some buckeye candy while you’re there – great!

  3. Nancy

    I haven’t heard about low volume fabrics yet. Is that the pattern of a fat quarter? Not too sure about that look. I am positive that you, if anyone, can make that piece look attractive! Good luck!

  4. Pat O'Neill

    I have not heard of low volume fabrics? What exactly are these!! Love the block and the blend of the colors!! Safe Trip and a Great Show!!!

  5. LMK

    low volume fabric? haven’t heard of that before, will be waiting to hear more about it. not sure about the block. hope sally gets better real soon. have a safe trip and enjoy your time out there, will be waiting to hear about that too. i hope this heat is on it’s way out and no more for a real long time. a hot day in kasson sat. for city-wide garage sales, cut our day short and headed for home, nice and cool here.

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