Surgery Tomorrow


Tomorrow morning I will be having surgery — a brow lift and eyelid lift. As you can see by the pictures, gravity has taken its toll and those droopy eyelids are affecting my vision. I will spend one night in the hospital and then recuperate at home for about 2 weeks. Since I will not be able to go into the barn because of the dust, move snow or clean litter boxes, Rick is going to be home for 2 weeks to help. (How do you suppose this is going to go?) I plan to post my picture every day so you can watch. I’m not supposed to read, watch tv or use the computer so words may be brief.

Libby and Tasha went home today and tonight the house is very quiet. No boarders for several weeks until Bentley comes for a short weekend.

Wish me luck!

40 thoughts on “Surgery Tomorrow

  1. Donna Sproston

    Good luck! My father had the procedure done and he was amazed at how much bigger his world became! This is a good time of year to have this done. Listen to some books on tape and get caught up on sleep.

  2. Cindy J

    Good luck to you….hope it goes well, and just concentrate on yourself! We will still be here when you are ready to post again! Love your life and the challenges you face! You make it seem so easy!

  3. Diane

    Good luck, Mary. A friend had it done, not painful, but very “pretty” purple eyes:). Rest, rest.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Hope you have a pile of the audio books. Luckily you will probably have company of a couple cats and dogs. They will do their best to help.

  5. Lynda

    Wish you luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery. My hubby’s going in tomorrow for cataract surgery so we’re hoping and praying for a speedy recovery as well.

    1. Kay Karstaedt

      I saw your note on Country Threads and thought I would share. The cataract surgery is a piece of cake. However, the recovery takes longer then they say (I’m 69). If I watched too much TV or read too much or even just a little I got an awful eye strain headache – so tell your husband to chill – easy to say in this weather.

  6. Shirleyann VanDyken

    Hi , I have had 3 friends have this procedure done in the last month, and they look wonderful. They said that it is a little uncomfortable, but OK. You will love the look and being able to ‘see’ again…..

  7. carole

    I add you to my prayer list and hope that your recovery is totally boring and uneventful. Take it easy. Petting doting dogs and cats should be your most strenuous activity.

  8. Jeanie

    Take it easy and best wishes, Mary. With your energetic personality, resting will probably be the most difficult aspect of your recovery. I am sure you will receive lots of “care” from your four-legged children.

  9. Dee W

    I remember that Helen Kelly had this done also. She was amazed as to how much she could see, how much she obviously hadn’t been seeing! We’ll all think good thoughts and it’ll be fine.

  10. Karen

    Well from first hand experience it will be absolutely so much more vivid – your world will become so much more alive. You have been missing so much. It’s funny how it slips away so slowly that we don’t notice. But WOW ….. when you get it all back! God Bless.

  11. Mary Evans

    My bestest thoughts will be with you tomorrow! W ow, people will start accusing Rick of robbing the cradle, LOL!

    Good luck, god bless.

  12. Kathy Davis

    Best of luck, will be thinking of you! Your recuperation may be more stressful than your operation, ha ha. Only kidding I’m sure all will go well.

  13. donna j

    I worked in surgery with one of the finest oculo-plastics surgeon I know. He did the same surgery on my mother. He does the most marvelous work. So I know how yours is going to turn out. Best of wishes and prayers to you! Know that the nurses and doctors in the surgical suite will have your best interests at heart. they are very caring.
    I will miss your notes and photos every day! but will look forward to seeing the progress as you post it. the nurse never goes out of me.

  14. Cathy Platzer

    More than just luck, but love and prays covering you. You are in the best Hands. The hardest part will be following doctors orders no reading. God’s speed.

  15. Kay Karstaedt

    I wish you all the luck in the world – I have been thinking about doing the same thing myself so the timing is perfect. And I appreciate your willingness to share your experience w/your followers – Kay

  16. Jackie Baumhauer

    Good luck with your surgery. We will all be thinking of you.
    Prayers too.

  17. Marian

    Best of luck to you with your surgery…..we’ll be looking forward to the pictures of your progress……you’ll be gorgeous when it’s all healed!

  18. Lynn Willis

    Good luck Mary! I hope your recovery goes smoothly but if you can’t watch tv or read, can you quilt?? If it were me I’d have withdrawl symptoms!!

  19. Sandy

    Good luck Mary. I will be keeping you in my prayers. I had eyelids done and it was a breeze…….. Sandy

  20. Robin Rauk

    Good Luck Mary, Hope everything went well.
    Thank you so much for taking such wonderul
    care of my Libby.
    Take care of yourself !!

  21. Esther Lautenbach

    Wishing you all the best. My brother-in-law had the eyelids done but he somehow poked his finger in one and had to have it redone, so watch where your fingers are. (;

  22. Sandy

    Mom is 87 and had this 3 wks ago. The ice packs made a huge difference (I believe). The ice packs had to cover her eyes, or she had to keep them closed so it felt crazy, but great results. Slight swelling still there, but not noticeable to others. She had no restrictions for computer, r eading or other. Best of luck to you…that means prayers.

  23. Linda Love

    I haven’t been good at opening emails for a few months so just found out about your surgery. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the results. We got about 3 inches of snow here in Cedar Falls and hope you didn’t get much. Felt so sorry for those people in Georgia who don’t know how to drive in snow. I do think of you often and all your uplifting messages for me when I had knee surgery.

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