Surprise on Monday morning

First snow of the season—- and the leaves are not raked yet! Yikes! They’re not even all off the trees.

14 thoughts on “Surprise on Monday morning

  1. Linda Lutz

    Isn’t it a strange year? I had to wait until the snow melted before I could rake! Gotta love it!!

  2. Louise

    We haven’t gotten our first snow yet here in AR. Yours is so pretty…good weather for staying in and sewing!

  3. Nancy Angerer

    Your picture made me glad we moved from IL to AL this past summer. Today it got up to 75 degrees:)

  4. Carole

    The first snow is always so beautful. We might be getting a little here in Omaha but nothing yet. Hubby just took the still great looking plants (even a couple blooming petunias!!) from all the planters yesterday and hated doing it since they looked so alive and well. However, it’s supposed to be 14 degrees tonight. Ouch! A good night to get all the furry critters in bed with you.

  5. Mary Evans

    So beautiful. Take a ‘snow day’. Feed the animals. Sew.
    We have sunshine in Oregon and the squirrels are teasing the dogs, as usual. Would like to see snow at 500 ft. this year. Cheers!

  6. Sue Dietz

    I’m working like mad with my husband to get what is down raked and out of here. We may get snow tomorrow here in eastern Tennessee. It’s beautiful today. Good day to be out.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    I read your comments and think “oh.” Our first blizzard/snow of this year was Oct. 4 and it was a doozy. It started out as 2″ rain and then at least 24″ of snow blown into 6′ drifts or more all over the area. The trees still had their leaves and really got a lot of damage which they are still cleaning up. Power was out in town for days and 2 weeks in the country. The worst was all the livestock that died. But, yes, I like to see a nice “snow” which we are also getting today. It is a lot easier to shovel.

  8. Sheryl

    How nice for you………….as a southern Iowan, I wish you much more and those of us in the south…..none. No offense!!!

    Love your store! We’ll be back (maybe in Spring).

  9. Gail

    Hi Mary!! I’m Up North in Michigan and it snowed here last night, too. Just enough to cover the ground. Wind is blowing like crazy over the lake so I had to take my flag down and it’s Veteran’s Day. Anyway, I’m hunkering down, fireplace on, sewing merrily away, going nowhere. Hope you can do the same. Gail

  10. Lynn Willis

    Exactly what Maryjane said!! Gorgeous! I miss the snow, part of the reason I’m going to move back north. Have fun making snow angels!

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