Susannah Update

She’s had her shot today, treats and Rick and I tried unsuccessfully to milk her out this morning. I think she is improving but until he gets that udder removed, I can’t say for sure.
And Tammy, JB’s sister Orange tabby, is at the vet’s now with a high fever that I have no idea about. She doesn’t go outside, no strange cats have been here and none of the dogs are sick. What in the world?
Biscuit and Sassy are still here and the two big Goldens, Lexie and Gipper, arrived this morning for 3 weeks. Tonight Mia, the border collie, arrives for about a week so it’s a good day to stay home and sew.
And that’s the news from the farm.

4 thoughts on “Susannah Update

  1. MartyCae

    Mary – when my kitty had a fever it was from an infected tooth. I hope it is something as simple as that.

  2. Launa

    Hi Mary,
    Thankfully it sounds like Susannah is on the mend! No fun to be a sick kitty either.
    It’s a sunny morning here and we are hoping for the rain on Saturday as we certainly need it.

    The smallest Granddog was here visiting yesterday since both girls came over after school. A belated birthday dinner for the 16 year old at a wonderful local restaurant.

    Things are really hopping at the AG Center where the International AG Expo will be held the 10th thru 12th.

    Hope you get some good kitty news.


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