I get by with a little help from my friends!




Becky came out after school to help me with Susannah – somebody needs to hold on to her while I milk her because obviously she is not in favor of getting milked. Today Nancy came and held her. Susannah’s condition is about the same – I picked up 2 more antibiotic shots for her – I will keep you posted.
Last night when I had friends here, we tried to get a picture of me with all the dogs. Becky is shown with 3 or 4 of them and then #5, the little Australian Shepherd arrived last night. We are one big happy circus – ha! But as you can see, nobody would pose for a picture so just use your imagination of 7 dogs all trying to lick my face at the same time.
Does anybody remember the Pokeberry Quilt by Jan Patek? Obviously I started it and did not finish because all the blocks are not here but I’m going to put together the ones I have. Hey, Jan, if you’re reading this, tell us what year this quilt was published. I know it was back in “the good old days”.
Here’s something I’ll bet none of you were aware of – Jan Patek brought me 2 little goats in June 2001. The end of October Susannah was born very unexpectedly – fathered by the young male goat named Jake for Jan’s grandson. I always think of Jan as Susannah’s grandma in Missouri. How’s that for some trivia?

15 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my friends!

  1. Stefanie Breslin

    I am loving the fact that you are posting your news. I feel like I get to keep in touch with my friend! Love all your borders! Between my two daughters and us, we have 7 dogs so I know what the circus is like when we all get together. They bring them over for holidays, Sundays, etc. Fun, Fun! Love your new “digs” for your sewing!

  2. Penny C

    Great pictures of you and the dogs! Clearly they love you and you love them!!!! Enjoy. Can’t wait to see the Jan Patek quilt put together, looks nice even in pieces!!! Enjoy.

  3. Eileen Mele

    I enjoy your posts! Glad to see people taking good care of animals. Some don’t have it so easy in this world. I can relate to going back and finishing an older project. I have a few a,a, styles and fabrics have changes, My hands won’t do all I would wish. So I’m thinking of tossing. I guess we all learn something from a good attempt. I swear I got more done when everybody was still home. Now I have the whole house to myself and produce very little. Is it called old age?!

  4. Launa

    Enjoyed seeing all the dogs who are enjoying their time with you while their owners are away.
    I am gearing up with Valentine hearts, runners and table toppers. Need to find a runner or something to hang on the front door as my retired son said it was time for the tall snowman to come down.
    Isabel drew #5 UFO so I’m needing to get that one repressed, sandwiched and quilted. Believe me I have more than 12 UFO’s, but wouldn’t toss any away. I hope Eileen Mele puts any she doesn’t want to finish in Zip Locks and takes to a quilt guild for their give away table.
    Love your Pokeberry fabrics. Can’t beat Jan’s patterns and books.

  5. Kathy Davis

    My friend and I were working at the Quilted Crow in Boxboro Ma. in 2004 and she made that quilt as a BOM for the shop & the date on her quilt is 2004. Jan may have designed it 2004 or before.

  6. Claire

    you ROCK!!! I love that you are so kind to animals. lol my grandsons call me Nanny so they decided years ago to call me Nanny goat lol baaaaa

  7. Sally Dunn

    I remember that quilt–mine is unfinished as well but I retired a year ago and like you, am working on all my projects too. I do remember reading in Jans newsletter that she face u goats ha ha……. Guess I’m showing my age huh? Looks like a lot of fun at your house–what could be better than being surrounded by animals!

  8. Ann Barlament

    Love all the dogs trying to give you kisses!!

    I am currently in an Assisted Living place and one of the residents dog went on a walk-about yesterday afternoon. The police picked her up and because she had no ID on her, was taken to the local Animal Shelter. The director called and picked Molly up this afternoon.

    I told the director that Molly is more than just a dog. To many of us she is our anti-depressant!!

  9. Kim T

    Mary….wonderful picture of you and all the dogs! Your post reminds me that I have my Pokeberry quilt top somewhere…I will have to get it out and get it quilted. It probably was around 2004…my husband passed away that year, and a lot of my quilting was put away. Look forward to seeing your quilt put together!

  10. Claudia

    Thanks for keeping the blog going. Love seeing you and the dogs and quilts and everything else !
    I look forward to reading every post.

  11. Elrid Johnson

    Hi–I did the Pokeberry Quilt at the Quilted Basket in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin in 2004. I remember the date because I was appliqueing the berries in the waiting room when I had my car in for a recall and the service manager came and told me my car was totaled when the mechanic took it out for a test drive! I learned what t-boned meant. That was a stunner–it took me several years until I could go back and finish it.. I love the quilt and it does have that story with it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Eldrid – I can see why you remember the date so well – now that really would be a shock- to have your car totaled on the test drive!

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