My newest boarder, Tasha, just arrived at Happy Dog Farm — ha ha! Her parents are going snowmobiling in Wisconsin and tomorrow her cousin, Libby, is arriving. These 2 little girls know each other well and Tasha will be happy to greet her friend.
I bought this book by Anita Shreve last May at Powell’s bookstore in Portland when we were there for Quilt Market. Finally got it read and quickly – it was good!

6 thoughts on “Tasha

  1. Linda Lutz

    Tasha and Libby are adorable!! Tasha looks so much like our Ellie! And it is so funny that I’m reading the last pages tonight of Rescue! Love her books!

  2. Anita Fetzer

    Looks exactly like our Raz…can’t wait to see her cousin….we lost our Raz 2 yrs ago. They are wonderful dogs…you will love having her with you….Love the sweater….she would know she looks good in it too….

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Can’t wait to see Libby when she arrives. I’m beginning to think that you have a requirement that your boarders have to be cute with personality. You’ve been very lucky with having such greater boarders that make your blogs fun to read (along with the quilts and fabric of course) Tasha reminds me of the very cute Linus that boarded with you. Did Chewie go home?

  4. Beryl

    Wish you had a ‘like’ button!! LOL!
    Can’t wait to see the two together!! I have a brother and sister pair, and they are!! Mine are Baxter and Trinket…so fun.

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