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  1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Hey Mary! I see 3 photos on my iPhone on your blog. When I go to comment they change into small squares with a question mark. We’re you able to get pictures I sent earlier?

  2. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I see the pictures in my email on my ipad, but when I go to the blog in safari to comment (still on my ipad) I see the little boxes with a question mark.

    1. Judy

      My comments are the same as Fiona’s. I see the pictures in my email, but when I click on the title to go to the blog in Safari, there are no pictures.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mine is the same as these 2 readers…okay to see in my email but when I go to the web like them with iPad, it’s boxes. But I am sooo glad I still get your automated emails sent to me so that’s a good thing.

    2. Marsha from Kansas

      My pictures are the same as Fiona. I love my Fiesta dishes. Are these the vintage with lead or the newer ones? So sorry one broke. I have some vintage I got from my Grandma when she downsized to assisted living. She ate off them and lived to be 80! I was so glad when they were made again. I have a four or five piece setting of most of the colors. We use them every day.

  3. Alice in SW Ohio

    Got all 3 pictures & also got all the pictures from your previous post. I’m viewing your blog on an Android phone. Just checked my tablet & all pictures are there, but take a few seconds to appear.

  4. Kathryn Schwartz in SW MN

    Sorry, no pics here. No red box; no Fiesta plate–how sad and what a loss!!
    Got the pics of the reader quiits–very nice!!
    Thanks for the blog and all of your work.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Computers are very nice when they work right……… but, still no pictures. These are the times that try women’s soles??
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Kris in WI

      Betty–The times that try this woman’s “soles” are when I have to make two trips to the basement because I forgot what I needed to find the first time! Thanks for the chuckle. Kris

  6. Kathie Pieper

    I’ve got 3 photos and I am on the I-Pad. Was working today but yesterday I just had text and no photos.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m getting these pictures on my iPad. I haven’t tried the phone. I generally don’t read your email on the phone.

  8. Connie lutz

    Your broken plate looks so sad. I had heavy pottery dishes that were so pretty. But I have gotten older it has become more difficult to stack them on the cupboard. They are just too heavy. So I bought my old lady dishes. Corelle are slightly smaller but so much easier to carry. Best of all they don’t break. I dropped 2-3 plates on the tile floor and not a scratch. And the bonus is that they aren’t expensive

  9. Brenda in N Calif

    I hope you get the pictures fixed soon as I truly miss them. I get the readers pics but not yours. I don’t have Apple products and have not followed all the comments so I’m not sure why it’s there fault.

  10. Lindah

    Sorry, but no pics.
    Otherwise, I hope you are having a great weekend. It was a lovely, cool day here, even tho most of it was spent at a memorial service. Lots of food and hope for tomorrow. hmm, Why do we need to eat at memorial/funeral services?

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Linda I was at a memorial service yesterday too and it was a full church. I did not go back to the fellowship hall afterwards even though I wanted to chat with the sons of the man who passed. They had so much family and friends come in from out of town who are professionals that I know they scheduled this out for traveling and planning. The wife provided all the food and our fellowship group didn’t have to do anything which was unusual for us but she wanted it to be a meal prepared to gather and catch up. Hence when I saw the crowds of her family and so immaculately dressed in suits and black dresses, I knew they needed this time to show respect for the man who passed by being together sharing in food and I saw it in a whole different view that before. Because they are a family who invited all into their homes who come here from other countries to work or go to school, I figured this was just who they were outside of church but the hall gave them a bigger room to gather. His wife will be okay I thought with this much support around her and talking with a varied amount of distant relatives and friends. Besides she sees me every week in church to chat.

  11. Carolyn Boutilier

    nope . I have a desk top computer.
    Carolyn b
    My goldendoodle has knocked me over. I am 83 so now I take a cane or walker and she does not bother me.

  12. Deb in Japan

    Got them all. But then I’ve always gotten them all.

    Yep, I do love the red box.

  13. Arrowhead Gramma

    I received three photos in you Test post.

    Keep smiling and stay strong. 💖

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, 3 photos made it to New Zealand!,take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  15. Brendalynne

    Yellow platter-no comment. Clever red box cute kids who wanted to escape and play in some dirt

  16. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Mary, I see photos on my phone but if I go to the blog, no, I don’t see them. I’ve been mainly reading and enjoying from the email, but I see now what everyone else is talking about, there are no photos on the blog. You must be very frustrated. So sorry.

  17. Diane, Squeak and Buddy

    Got it. Thanks. On the way home to see squeak and Buddy. I should be able to catch with the blog now😀

  18. Cindy Kuipers

    No photos. As for the previous posts, I see some of the photos, but not all.
    I am using my desktop computer.

  19. Jan

    I see the pictures in my email on my desktop computer, but when I go to the blog using Firefox to comment I see the little boxes with a question mark.

    Also, I noticed that after every comment made on your blog it says Loading…

    Haven’t noticed that before.

  20. Barbara Yarnell

    None of the “Test” pictures came through. I got all of the Reader photos on the last post but not the Fiesta plate or the red box. I always read your blog on my Android phone. So frustrating for you because there seems to be no pattern to it! As my wise mother used to say, This too shall pass…

    1. Barbara Yarnell

      Now I looked again several hours later and all the pictures are there. So weird!

  21. Linda from Georgia

    Only got the reader photos. Sorry about the plate. Over the years my dogs have broken special things of mine. But you still love them. If only they could say they are sorry!

  22. JeanneH in the Finger Lakes of New York

    Nothing today. Sometimes a photo shows, but quite a few of them don’t. No Apple products here.

  23. Barbara Firesheets

    All 3 pictures came through. Reading this post via email on my iPhone. 😊

    1. Barbara Firesheets

      PS: At first I saw little boxes. It took the pictures a minute to load., but they did come through.

  24. Janice Brown

    Mary, no photos in the email and I can’t see photos for this posting on your blog.

    1. Janice Brown

      Good day Mary. As of Sunday 4:30 PM (EST):

      Test Post: All 3 photos now are visible. About 4:15 PM, I viewed this post and only one photo was visible, I then exited my laptop/ restarted it and then came to the blog. That is when I found all 3 were now visible.

      Reposting Pictures, 9-30-23 post: all photos are now visible

      Actually this is pretty fun, 9-30-23 post: all photos are now visible

      86 degrees! 9-29-23 post: original problem post, still has the problem where some photos a visible (Norma and reader quilts) and some still not visible (the first 5 and the last one)

      I use a mac laptop / firefox.

      Thank you for reposting the photos.

  25. Sheryl Harrison

    I did not get pictures on my HP laptop. Barbara commented she got pictures on her iPhone so I tried my iPhone and I still don’t get pictures. On yesterday’s post, someone got pictures on her iPad so I tried that and still don’t get pictures. I hoped the device would be the common problem but maybe not.

  26. Linda in central IA

    The issue may be our own spam checkers, browser guards, etc. on our various devices. Try turning them off and then view the blog. If pix do now load, then create the exception for Mary’s blog.

  27. Donna A

    If this is a test to see if I got some pictures, I didn’t get any. What a bummer! Now you have my attention for sure….I want to know what you put on there!!!! Nothing going on here…it’s just too hot. This is supposed to be the first of October and it sure doesn’t feel like it. Guess it will by next weekend and I’ll maybe feel like cleaning off my flower beds.

  28. Lynn E. McMahon

    Hi Mary,

    Sorry the blog posts do not always work for everyone. Technology is great when it works, but sends me into orbit when it doesn’t. I never seem to have trouble seeing what you post. I have Apple products. I appreciate keeping up with all that is happening with your life on the farm. Country Threads was my happy place for a lot of years!!! Take care.


  29. Vicki Ibarra

    No pictures. I waited a while, like one reader said, but still no pictures. I miss them. It is a head scratcher.

  30. ChristieB

    No photos (insert sad face here)! I have tried on both google chrome and microsoft edge browsers. And have tried on my android smart phone (which is waaaayyy smarter than me)! Hopefully the web witches will move out and things will return to normal soon! Keep posting. We would miss you if you did. HUGS… and stitches

  31. Sue McLeod

    Came through just perfectly, however I have gotten the little boxes and writing many times before

    1. Sheryl Harrison

      That really is a mystery if you got pictures and not text. Several are asking about the broken plate. It seems they got the pictures and not text. I got your text about the plate but no pictures. I thought maybe it was the device but I tried an HP laptop, iPad and iPhone and got no pictures. Others with iPads and iPhones got the pictures. Someone suggested the browser and I tried several browsers and still no pictures.

      Someone mentioned readers pictures but not Mary’s. I got readers’ pictures. Maybe that is the clue why some pictures show up and others don’t.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sheryl – I won’t be able to post about your mom until I get this fixed.

  32. Lorraine

    Nope didn’t get photos. Just get little boxes. This is very frustrating for you I am sure. However, I did see in the comments that some viewers did get photos.

  33. Colleen in Central Oregon

    I got all the pictures today. It seems like the reader pictures show up first, then your pictures take a little longer to load Mary. I am low tech, so I have no idea why.

  34. Dot in NC

    I think Li, who commented yesterday, has a clue. Several of the problem photos are in the HEIC format, not JPEG. I still don’t see those photos on my iPad or iPhone, but they do show up on my Mac.

    If you’re taking the photos with an iPhone, see the email I just sent, with instructions on how you can change the phone settings to make the photos be JPEG.

    1. Richard

      Hey Dot,

      This is Richard, I have been helping Mary with her blog, and you were right on the money. Mary is taking these photos with her iPhone, and normally, when they are uploaded to her site, they should have been auto-converted to the proper format, but they weren’t. Mary has swapped the setting on her phone, so with any luck this problem should be solved.

      Thank you!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Richard – you are a lifesaver!!! Thank you for helping Mary as we love hearing from her and she has readers from all over the world! Thank you so much!!

      2. Vicki Ibarra

        Yay, Richard. I look forward to seeing all Mary’s photos. Thanks for making this possible.

  35. Tina W in Oregon

    I’ve been receiving all the pictures every time. I read your blog on my iPad.

  36. Vicki Ibarra

    Early this morning, no pictures. Just opened the blog again and there was one picture. Strange.

  37. Joan

    Received the photos…the poor Fiesta dinner plate. The yellow would have been my mom’s plate as the five members in my immediate family each had their own color. Hope your computer troubles are over. So frustrating for you.

  38. Helen

    I haven’t seen any pictures in the last 3 emails. Just the little blue boxes. Didn’t have trouble till now. I hope you can work it out. Thanks for trying! Can’t do without your news of the farm, animals, quilts, and your life! Helen

  39. Cynthia from SW MN!

    I had one photo with the cartoon in the frame and lamp. I am using an iPad.

  40. Li

    The broken plate image and all the other images now appear. I notice the file name extension is now “.jpg” instead of “.heic”


    1. Richard

      Hey Li, you were right on the file extensions! The website does not support the .HEIC file format that an iPhone takes by default, however, they are normally supposed to be auto-converted to a .JPG file when they are uploaded. For whatever reason, they weren’t before. I helped Mary to ensure that her phone is now taking .JPG photos instead of .HEIC photos, and the problem should be solved now! Thanks for the insight!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Li – where do you see a file name extension? And if you know that why didn’t you tell me how to fix it?

  41. ChristieB

    I responded earlier this morning that I didn’t see any of the test photos, and now… I see all 3 photos! What in the world is going on! Oh well, I’ll take it. So glad I can see them now, hopefully the problem has worked itself out!

    1. Richard

      Hey Christie, I was able to fix the photos throughout the day, so that was why you hadn’t seen them before, and why they’re showing up now! Thanks for reading the blog!

  42. Marthanne, Massachusetts

    I also came back on to see if I could see the photos. They are now there.

  43. Vicki Ibarra

    I tried just now, 10 hours after my first try without success, and I now have all three pictures. Yay! I am glad Richard figured out the issue (as did one of the readers). Thanks to both of you.

  44. Pat in Michigan

    Yes, I got the pictures today. Love the red box and the grandma reading to the children.

  45. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – sorry about the broken dish! I love the picture of the dog and it’s human with the wording “side by side”.

  46. Beryl BC

    I’m just now checking my computer for the day. I see all the pictures, even those from the post of 9-29-2023, when this all started. Good work, Mary and Richard!

  47. Judith Jaques

    I LOVE the red box!!!!!Do you think it is a painters box.As in art type painting?
    I haven’t had time to go through all the last few posts. Headaches this time of year.

  48. Kathryn Schwartz

    All photos came through on my desktop. (I don’t have any other toys.) The red box is wonderful. I wonder what it was used for originally. Poor Fiesta plate. i just bought an orange very small bowl for 99 cents at Goodwill. It is my only piece of Fiesta. We took out some beans this afternoon–11% moisture and 60 bushels to the acre. Happy, happy. Thanks to Richard and thanks for getting all “back in oder.”

  49. Candy

    I only saw 1 picture earlier today, but tonight they’re all there. Thanks for your persistence … we appreciate you!

  50. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    First time I looked and yes I see all three pics – using my iPhone Thanks for persevering.

  51. Lindah in northern CA

    Eureka! I have found your pics; they came thru this time. Gorgeous photos. Thank you for reposting. I was frustrated not to be able to see the them in the first posting, but I can’t imagine how frustrated you must have been to have done all that work for nothing. And then to turn around and do it all over. Thank you.

  52. Cynthia from SW MN

    Today all the photos are visible! No little blue squares with a question mark. I love the red box! Take a day off. That is good. I helped my neighbor unplug her lawn mower, she is picking up the leaves from her trees. She will take smaller drives tjphru the leaves, I told her if it does get plugged up again, I will gladly help. The hard part is getting the tube in lipped and separated from the attachment, and the mower is off. Windy and warm here. 83* at 11:00 and wind is at 7mph but in the last hour 19mph. I really like our wind and them gauge!

  53. Lynne from NJ

    I know I’m late to the party, but I just dragged out my laptop. I can see the pictures on my laptop but not on my phone (Samsung). Sorry about your fiestaware. My mother-in-law had those dishes and I’m sorry to say I did not claim them for my daughter when she passed.

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