Actually this is pretty fun, 9-30-23

97 replies to my last post! You might even think I did this on purpose just so I can see who’s paying attention – haha, but I didn’t. I keep checking and I, too, am quite sure it’s nothing I did but for cryin out loud, can’t the Apple people do their job? If they want to update, don’t make all of us suffer.

The day hasn’t gone well – I have saved all these Fiestaware plates for 60 years and I put them in a box to give to Sam. As I’m going to the truck to put them in the front seat, the dogs ran to the door and the top plate slid off and broke on the garage floor. No!!


Every move I make involves three dogs and I’m very careful but one of these days I’m afraid they’re going to knock me down. I wouldn’t give one of them up but on the other hand everything I do takes longer and, if you hadn’t realized this by now, I want to do everything in my life FAST!!! Don’t laugh too hard –

I have gotten the ok from Sheryl to print Norma’s address and she just sent me a profile on her mom so we’ll all know more about her. I’ll get that together and post it tomorrow.

Reader photos

This is awesome, SUSAN!

And Grandma reads Oh, Susannah!

If you don’t get these pictures, don’t fret – by next week this will be resolved and I’ll repost them. Here’s the red box.

48 thoughts on “Actually this is pretty fun, 9-30-23

  1. Li

    Images that do not appear for me have a file name extension of “.heic”. Images that are good have a file name extension of “.jpg”. I sent an email of these details to you at Hope it helps.

  2. Sandi

    I got your pictures last night. The red box is gorgeous!! I love your red and black quilt too. I love bigger dogs but can’t have them. Nothing that can knock me down. I have 2 little doxies and they have learned not to get under my feet. I keep an eye out for them too. I would love a big one. Hugs,

  3. Deb in Idaho

    I received your pictures yesterday and today. Been super busy with the harvest. I’m glad to finely have a breather. Windy and rainy here in Idaho, so soon you’ll have some cooler weather. I love this blog about nothing. Have a great weekend.

  4. Wendy Tuma

    I can see the photos in the email, but as soon as I click on your blog title, which takes me to your site, then I can only see a few (no plates, and a few photos missing at end of post).

  5. Debby

    I still don’t know what the red box is! I haven’t gotten pictures for the last 3 days and I’m on a laptop. I did get a couple of quilt pictures today but the red box is killing me!

    1. Connie R.

      Debby, try going back to the previous days blog post. The pictures came up for me after a day or so on the older post. Might be worth a try.

  6. Debra Oscarson

    I saw all the pics. I love this nothing blog.
    I, too, have a dog always wanting to go where I go. Keeps you on your toes!!
    Deb in MN

  7. Diane in Colorado

    I have my Grandma’s vintage Fiesta dinnerware. I loved it as a kid when she would set the table with her Fiesta. I should get it out of the boxes and use it!!

    1. Cynthia from SW MN!

      Please do get out the fiesta dishes, we can create our fiesta with every meal! I too will be dressing things up, from the mundane to the magnifico! This shall be my challenge: Making meals fun for a change! (Sadly as of late, they are after thoughts).

  8. Diana in Des Moines

    I get all the reader photos, but not your photos. Weird.
    Your dogs, and my cat. She is ALWAYS where I need to walk and I can’t see her if my arms are full. I’m trying to be careful so as not to fall, but c’mon Pepper!!

    Ready for the fall weather later this week. I just don’t care for hot weather. ick

  9. Chris

    I see your pictures most of the time thankfully. There’s always so much to look at whether it’s the farm or the animals or the garden or quilts or whatever! Keep on doing what you do!!

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Yeah!!! The picture of the red box posted just fine today. I can see why it got so many comments.

    My kids came to town today. We got so many issues crossed off the list. Woodpecker holes filled and patched. Solar panels moved, the deck oiled. Gutter patched, door handles exchange. Recliner moved upstairs. Sprinkler blown out, sand trap cleaned. Grill repaired,
    We had lunch, they finished waterproofing the deck and went back to Laramie.
    It would have taken me 2 more weeks to get all that done.
    My mind says I can…then my body reminds me I’m old!

    1. Martha W in WY

      Jo, where are you at in WY? I live just north of Cheyenne. It sounds like you had quite the crew at your place and they got a lot done. We got a little shower tonight but it hardly wet the ground.

    2. Cynthia from SW MN!

      I am still in the throws of the mystery of the red box! I cleared all my browsing history on Safari, still the little blue box with the question mark inside…no red box! I will try the Microsoft laptop. My info is all on an iPad. Please keep trying to get the Red Box to post!

  11. Sue in Oregon

    No broken plate photos
    All of the reader’s quilts came through.
    No red box or Grandma reading Oh, Suzanna.
    Darn! Really want to see the red box.
    Oh, I forgot. I got some ads which I normally do not get. Clicked on one then they went away.

    1. Lois Ann Johnson

      My comment is similar to Sue in Oregon: no red box; no grandma reading “oh, suzanna” and no plates..

  12. DonnaJ of Wichita KS

    Mary did you root for the Hawkeyes tonight? I figured you’d watch the game. Or do you cheer on ISU instead? I am NOT a sports person but I will watch a fast pace basketball game if it’s Wichita State on a winning streak. Otherwise I’d rather watch old movies on TCM and do my hand appliqué.
    I read your blog on my phone. And enjoy it all.
    Take care and God Bless!

  13. patti

    hi all, the yellow place mats are from me. sent four to each of my two kids. my grandson will learn all the different colors of yellow. the larger quilt (48″x56″) will be donated next friday to my charity group along with a backing and binding. it will go to a group that supplies quilts and housing supplies to women and famillies escaping domestic abuse. i have another one but when i put it up to take a picture, it was way too ‘friendly’ and i’ve had to take off the last border. last time i’ll measure it on my bed. argh! i love seeing the creativity in all the reader quilts/ very inspiring. patti in florida who knows the ‘missing’ pictures will show up. it’s the cyber gremlins.

  14. Sally

    Lovely reader quilts everyone! I see the reader quilts, but the other 4 are blue box question marks.

  15. Martha W in WY

    Those rambunctious pets! We do need to be extra careful. My cat, Kitty, almost tripped me last night. By the way, none of the photos showed up again except the readers’ quilt ones. All those quilts were beautiful. We got a little rain tonight (Saturday night). It barely got the ground damp though. The garage cleaning is coming along. We will be able to get car #2 in by tomorrow night.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the grandma reading oh Susannah! I am reading a story about Chinese new year to Stella and Luna, they are going back to Taiwan for a month in January. Luna talks to her friend in Chinese at kindy, isn’t it great to speak 2 languages at 3 years old! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  17. Charlotte S in northern California

    I got the pictures of the reader’s quilts. Great job, ladies. They are beautiful.
    The other pictures didn’t come through.

  18. Amy Kollasch

    I have not had 1 problem with your pictures on your blog. I can see them all. I am on a Samsung phone. Hope this helps a bit. Love the blog. Just been extra crazy busy.

  19. Linda in MI

    I want to see the red box too! I haven’t seen your pictures in 3 days, I can see the readers quilts but have missed your red treasure so please keep posting it until everyone can see it.

    When my cousins were here we went junking and I found a small oak umbrella stand. According to Sharon and Jamie I had to get it, it matched my quarter sawn oak antiques that they were fascinated by. I also bought the little old wooden parasol that was in the stand. I didn’t need either one, but it looks adorable by my front door.

    I’m hoping to cut fabric today to prepare for my upcoming retreat. We have so much fun and my friend and I bought Halloween pjs to wear. I ordered mine from Tar-j, they are mummy pjs that glow in the dark! I haven’t tried them yet, they said to wash before wearing and I’m hoping whatever makes them glow doesn’t break me out from head to toe!

  20. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Oooh Mary! Photos on the blog! Yea! I love the Square in a Square quilt. I think sometimes the dimokest quilt blocks make the best quilts. The half square triangle quilt, also lovely. And the blues, very Celtic knot looking to me.
    Your red box is a pretty little treasure.

  21. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Dimokest, of course, is “I’m in a hurry” for SIMPLEST. The simplest blocks make the best quilts!

  22. Sherryl Arno-Bosker

    A few of the pictures show up, but I am positive all of the ads showed up! Interesting how that works!

  23. patricia farrell

    I enjoy so much reading your blog and each day you bring a smile or a chuckle to my day. I enjoy all the quilt pictures that quilters make. So thank you for the time you take to write and share your day

  24. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Such a pity about the plate. Yes, be careful with three rambunctious pups around. I fell at the end of August (garden hose replied me up) and broke my right wrist! I only just had the cast removed this past week. I, like you, am always rushing but you can believe that I’m moving just a bit more cautiously these days.

  25. Jill Norenberg

    I’m sorry about your Fiesta dishes. Yours look to be “original”. I have a set as well but yours look a bit more pastel. Where did you get the awesome “Side by Side” picture????? All of your readers are so talented! Have a great Sunday!

  26. Jeanine from Iowa

    The same happened to me as Wendy…..all pictures on my email (computer), but some missing when I click on the blue title and go to your blog. Crazy! But I did get to see all the pictures. Love seeing all the quilts.

  27. Susan in VA

    On this post I got all of the reader photos, but did not get the Fiesta photos or the last couple you posted.

  28. janice brown

    Mary, I only six of the read quilts a viewable. Your beginning photos and the last two, grandma reads and the red box do not show up.

  29. Jean

    Got pics! I have two pups who I swear are going to cause a broken hip one day. If not them then my cat just loves to cut directly in front of me when I’m walking.

  30. susie Q

    glad I don’t have to look at broken Fiestaware……. but then again I love seeing Fiestaware

  31. Brenda Furlong

    This seems really strange. I got no photos above or below the readers quilts. All the test comes through just fine. It will be really interesting to find out what all this means. Good luck. I really want to see the red box too!

  32. Vicki Ibarra

    I received the reader quilt pictures, but not any others. I have the pattern to Teresa’s flag and star wall hanging and this reminds me I should make it. So many ideas, not enough time. Laugh.

    It was a long Iowa Hawkeye game last evening. Thank goodness for the excitement of the last 7 minutes and the win.

  33. Sue D

    Glad I wasn’t the only one having trouble. I still don’t have the quilts showing.

  34. Vickie

    How interesting! I got all the pictures every time you sent. Maybe it is Apple. I read my email on a Dell laptoop or my Samsung phone. Good luck figuring it all out. And do be careful around those dogs.

  35. San

    Oh, what a shame to break such a pretty dish. I too am a fan of pretty dishes. Good thing my kitchen is small.

    Was the red box used to display seed packets?

    San / Gypsy Quilter

  36. Cynthia Sabinske from SW MN!

    And today is October One! I got my fall decorations out today, and it was 94* here near Marshall. I am still collecting cosmos seed and picking tomatoes!

  37. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Well I’m lucky and can see all the pictures on both my iPhone and iPad. Thank you. That fiestaware is beautiful. Love all the readers quilts too.

  38. Cathy D

    I read the blog on a Samsung device and the pictures you post do not show up. The reader quilts do though 🤔.

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