Thank goodness Kathy told me last night that the photos are appearing distorted when I post them.  They are correct on my photo stream so I made an adjustment – ha!  I checked image on one of the screens and I have no idea what that will do but here is a photo I just took of Emma.  Let’s see if it makes a difference.  If not I’ll try something else.  Ugh!  I hate when something changes on its own after working perfectly for so long – how will I know what to do to change it back?  Keep in mind I’m 67 years old and not 17.  Here goes.

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  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary. i use an IPad and I had noticed that the pictures were distorted. Looking at the picture of the snowball quilty, you can really notice it since the snowballs should be squared. Felicia

  2. Sheryn Lewis

    On my regular computer the photos are elongated, but they are fine on my Ipad. Weird! Love reading you blog.

  3. Jane B.

    Your pictures are coming in fine here. Now if only I could get auto correct to accept my changes to their “corrections,”

  4. Pam

    Photo is great and the subjects are even better! Here’s hoping Faye has a good day tomorrow.

  5. Jeanine

    Mine are fine in the email, but stretched out when I go online and read.

  6. Carol

    Photos are fine in email format, distort on the iPad but we sure do get the beauty of your daily life coming through. These chickens are not your new crop of peeps, are they?

  7. Shirley

    I use a Mac, and your photos have been fine. But now that you’ve changed the settings, everything looks long and narrow. Ah…the challenges of technology.

  8. Rose Mikulski

    I have an iPhone and MAC and the photos have been distorted for awhile but I still enjoy them.

  9. Kathie

    I’ve never had a problem with the emails. Look perfect on I-Pad and desktop. Love the blog.

  10. Martha Engstler

    I’m like Donna O. The email comes thru perfect but on comments it is a little distorted but also closer up so in a way it’s a good trade off. I’m so pleased to get it any way. Thanks for your time.

  11. Diane

    Hi Mary–I thought it was just me or my computer so no worries–LOL. When I open them, they look fine, but when I hit Comments, they get all skinny–I’d like it to do that to me:)

    Love Emma and who is the beautiful chicken in the background?

  12. Susan Sundermeyer

    I look at your pictures first before reading your blog and everything is great! It’s just the way the pixels come through.

  13. Anna Jo

    The pictures show up great in my email. But when I click on the comments and go to your website they are distorted, not bad just everything is a little longer. I went back to check earlier postings and everything is good till April 4th and the outside picture of Rick and the dogs is distorted but the quilt blocks and the chicks and everything else is great. Maybe different cameras(cell phone,camera)???
    Hope this helps! I love your postings distorted or not!

  14. Dot

    When I open the blog page on my Mac, using Firefox, Safari or Chrome, the photos are distorted. They are also distorted in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on my iPad. I don’t get email notices, since I use the Feedly RSS reader. In the Feedly preview of the page, they are NOT distorted! Go figure! The April 19 photos, and those in all earlier posts, are good. I can’t be sure about April 22 istelf, but everything after April 22 is distorted. EXCEPT, the photo of Connie’s fabric, which may be a photo she sent you, is not distorted. And the photo of the two Snowball quilts at the top of the May 2 post is also not distorted. It, again, may be an older photo that you reposted. All the other May 2 photos are distorted. Hope these details help you figure it out.

  15. Vickie Devore

    Looks great to me (but then I’m in your boat — will be 67 in October). love your posts, vickie

  16. Pat Moore

    In the email they are great, just too big for me. On the site, they are elongated. I enjoy seeing what you are doing with the furry and feathered ones.

  17. Dee

    Maybe I should add that they aren’t distorted on my Samsung phone or my iPad.

  18. Mary McCarron

    Looks okay on my iPhone Question Can I still get the book/dvd for making the rugs? Thanks for your posts Truely enjoy all the pictures

  19. Karen

    The pictures in the actual email are not distorted but are too big for the screen and have been that way since forever. So I click on the caption above the pictre/posting to have it come through page size so I can read it and for about 2 weeks or so that has resulted in yes, a smaller picture but one that is really long and skinny/distorted.

    I have also had problems with the text itself being really small when I visit some sites — yahoo groups, for instance … not yours.

    So am thinking it is some kind of interface between software browsers? I do not and will not get Windows 10 — thought maybe that was the issue but many other places I visit work fine. My Windows 7 works just fine and has until your and the small -text-with-yahoo issue came up recently.

    Hope this helps …


  20. brenda A in sunny AZ

    Sorry Katie,
    I have both an iPad and MacBook Pro and it is happening on Apple products. So much for that theory!
    I hate machines that think and act like they’re smarter than me!

  21. Katie Hayse

    I never noticed any distortion, but I use my IPad. Looks like from the comments it is not happening on Apple things. However, I have noticed on my computer either. Technology is a trial, isn’t it?!

  22. brenda A in sunny AZ

    I’ve had the same distortion problem here, when I switch to the comments area. No big deal. But I do have a question regarding the sizes of the snowballs. The measurements you gave us were 4-1/2″ squares and 1-1/4″ corner squares, and yet the pictures you have sent of the finished blocks look more like a 6″ square or a much smaller corner square. I tried it with 2″ corner squares — too big — and 1-1/2″ squares which seem to be the combo I’m looking for. Am inspired to do a red and white exhibit in our library show case next February, with a red and white full size quilt on the wall. Should be fun!
    Thanks for your daily postings and all the farm life I used to enjoy in CT.

  23. Launa

    Morning Mary, The pictures from chicken scratch are great, BUT when I checked COMMENTS yesterday the pictures were elongated. Just checked to comment and Emma and speckled chicken are distorted. Doesn’t bother me……so good to see Faye is out and about nosing around.
    Wish I had caught the name of a new to you fabric shop in Clovis or Fresno area shown on TV news. They buy back yardage we thought we needed, but never used in our stash…..They look it over thoroughly, fold a certain way and insert in plastic sleeves; store those sleeves on end on shelves like a long play record. News said they started out at some quilt shows and popularity kicked in.

  24. Marsha

    Maybe it’s her issue. All of your posts have been coming through just fine, including the one I am looking at that you posted today. I have not seen one distorted photo. Just FYI.

  25. mary

    Look ok in email,but if click to read comments per blog , then theyget skinny

  26. Helen

    Mary, I get your newsletter by email. When I open the email, the picture looks fine. But when I click on the title and it takes me to the blog, the pictures are distorted. So there you go. Hope that means something to someone who knows more than me about this sort of thing! 🙂

  27. Holly

    The pictures aren’t distorted in the email preview or if I open it in the email. If I open it up in Google they are distorted (narrowed and elongated). It’s weird. If I double-click on the picture to open it, it’s fine. I think there’s a gremlin in there somewhere. PS I love the chicken.

  28. Rhonda D

    I haven’t been able to check in for awhile but they’ve always looked good both in the email and on your site! This one looks oddly stretched (lengthwise) on the site- but it may be my ancient laptop’s screen.

  29. Bernadette

    Today’s pics are fine. I think I did get distortion opening pic of new dog on my cell phone (yesterday?) (long and narrow picture), but no problem with opening and viewing on my laptop, which is where I am now. I do notice, however, that on my laptop, I have to scroll left and right to see the entire picture and your text, so I tend to read your blogs on either my ipad or cell phone — so it is not sized to fit, and I don’t know how to fix that. Happy to see little Faye out in the barn area. Love that plump, black chicken and the speckled one, too. Emma is cute. Has the Lhasa come to live with you already?

  30. Dorothy

    Pictures are fine, if I don’t “open” the email. When I do, pictures are “stretched” But if I don’t “open” the “title of the email”, I don’t have the whole message or the replies.

  31. Linda Hanley

    Hi Mary – I’m older than you and all your pictures have looked fine to me!!

  32. Wanda

    Pictures on my computer have all been distorted for about the past week or so. Tall and skinny. Have not tried looking at them on my iPad.

  33. Diana

    Looks perfect to me! I sure envy your life – love the animals as well as all your quilts, projects and plants!!

  34. Marian

    Interestingly, after posting my above comment, the photo of Emma IS DISTORTED….hmmmm…???

  35. Marian

    Photos are great and I enjoy them so much!!!! Mine are fine on computer and iPad.
    And, also, how is your Faye?

  36. Janice

    This latest test photo is distorted photo for me (apple laptop). Actually, the last good photo was the Junk Bonanza posted back on April 22. Since then they all appear distorted (skinny vertical).

  37. PJ

    This photo looks great, but honestly I have not noticed any problems with your pictures…How is Faye???

  38. Wanda

    Mary, the images you’ve been sending arrive fine on my computer, but they become distorted when I open the Comments section where your message with photos is repeated as the heading. For me, it was true yesterday and again with this message today. Forgetting the problem, though, your test photo is gorgeous!

  39. Marilyn

    Sorry to be the one – but my pictures are more distorted on the blog – ??? Poor Emma has a long belly and the chickies are tall and skinny – do not have a clue about fixing the pics – M

  40. Marilyn Hooton

    Mine were distorted, skinny looking lol. Not all of them were. I thought it was on my end. Today’s are good.

  41. Michele

    When I read the blog as an email, the photos look fine. When I click and open the actual website, they seem distorted for me. So, this could be on our end. Remember your “interesting words” are the main attraction for most of us to keep reading your daily blog!!!!

  42. Gayle Lacey

    Hey, Mary — I love the photos, but they have been distorted on my computer, and this new one is also. Tall and skinny! But animals are wonderful no matter how you look at them.

  43. mary margaret

    I get your pictures just fine! Not distorted at all! Cute pic of emma!

  44. Carolyn

    No distortion here. Receiving is good. Love your blog I look forward to it and your farm life being a farm girl myself and a quilter. Keep up the good work.

  45. Kay Crandall

    Mary, your photos have been coming through just fine on my computer. No distortion on any of them.

  46. MartyCae

    The pictures I have been receiving are fine. Thanks for the lovely picture you sent this morning. We are under water in Estherville! Help! 🙂

  47. Donna O

    Mary such cute farm animals. The pics come thru fine unless one wants to add or read comments then they are a bit distorted. But in the email they are not distorted on my end

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