Rescue – once again

Ricks brother and wife, Mike and Linda, have decided to move back to Houston and because of potential health problems due to heat, humidity and parasites, they do not want to take their little dog, Roxie, with them.  Mike also had a shop cat named Ethel who needed a home.

Here is 5 year old Roxie, a Lhasa Apso.

Ethel is a white calico who is still hiding under the bed but I’m sure she’ll love it here in time.

Last night I took on Diane’s challenge to finish my rug by May 13.  Here it is, still on the frame.  I will get it off and weave in the ends tonite and probably start another one.  Does anyone else need a jump start on a rug?  If so, get your strips cut and we will start next Monday.  We will finish our table runner this week and start another rug on Monday.  Let no grass grow under our feet!  If you have your snowball blocks finished, go ahead and sew them together into the mat or runner and press the seams open to reduce the bulk.

You still have until tomorrow to finish your blocks – here is Launa’s red version.  I really like it!

24 thoughts on “Rescue – once again

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – it was fun seeing you in Garner! I have never owned a Lhasa – do you have any pointers for me? Roxie is quite timid so far.

  1. Paula S.

    It’s nice you can take in the cat and pup. They are very fortunate you are their “aunt”. And I love the snowball design. My guest room has a quilt made of snowball blocks. I think they are stunning together!

  2. Loris Mills

    Well those cuties ended up in a good spot if they are with you. Bummer to have to be split from their family though.
    I am one who needs a jump start! Watched the video. Bought a pinked edge blade and waffled at cutting so many yards of fabric. Just need to do it 🙂

  3. Sherry Whalen

    I have about 2 inches of rug to finish – I did about 15 inches yesterday. I gotta finish something! I have starteritis right now.

  4. Launa

    Looking forward to a glimpse of Ethel once she is acclimated to the new family of other critters there.
    Roxie is a real cutie.
    A little breeze is welcomed here today as we’re suppose to near 89 degrees later.

  5. Pamela Klemm

    Glad you could rescue the babies and I am in for next week. Dear Hubby will be gone all week so maybe I can get something finished!

  6. bernadette

    Noticing the seams ironed open. When do you recommend that be done?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bernadette – when sewing the blocks together and then the rows together, I like to press these seams open because of the bulk caused by the connector squares.

  7. Vikki W

    I had a Lhasa and he was quite a character! Definitely not shy, but a little feisty fellow. He loved to hike and camp with us and when our daughter was born he was quite protective of her. My only tip is to watch the fur length. They mat very easily!!! We had Toby professionally groomed every other month (spent more on his hair than I ever did on mine at the time 🙂 So keep her short, like she is now.

  8. Diane

    Ok Mary, I am calling “Uncle”. Just too much going on this week. The four grandchildren (2 live in Cleveland and 2 in Columbus) are finishing up sports, honors assemblies, we’re hosting 20 for Card Club on the 13th–that was the “due” date for the rug. So sad, not going to happen:( I have about 8″ to go so I’ll keep trying, but I’m not terribly optimistic. I am also making a little star quilt like you showed us a while ago. It’s so nice you can help Roxie and Ethel. I’d love to see Ethel when she appears. Thanks for being such a great steward of all things living including your “Bloggettes”. Is that a word?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – it’s ok, believe me! I only had a few rows to finish and I’m glad I did. Thanks for the push!

  9. Paula

    Hello, I love hearing about all your “activities”? Can you post more picture of your upstairs?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – I got busy with other things so have not finished but more pictures will follow

  10. Linda Scott

    What width do you cut your rug strips? Do you use cotton or t-shirt fabric? Trying to get started and decided how old want to go with this.

  11. Penny Brooks

    Hello: Loved meeting Roxie, she is so like my little Miss Wiggly. Wigs has been in puppy heaven for a few years now. She was with us for 17 years. The quietest dog I’ve ever met. Enjoy Roxie, I hope she adjusts quickly to her new home. Good looking rug!

  12. bernadette

    Hanks, Mary, for reply re seams.

    I had two Lhasa Apso — they lived to 16. One I got at only 3 months. The other as a two year old.
    I found them to be very sturdy and loyal. One, my puppy, was incredibly smart and alert and attached to me. The other one who was a show dog that needed a new home, was a cuddle and would go to anyone who would give her attention.
    They are good watch dogs — when you are home. Otherwise, they will be quiet if no one is home. Probably like all dogs. Do keep their hair short because otherwise there will be mats. They hardly she’d at all since they have hair rather than fur. And unless you are good with clippers, they will need grooming every 6 or so weeks. Enjoy. Can’t wait to see what a white calico looks like!

  13. Jan

    Ethel (great name) and Roxie are lucky critters. In time they will adjust and come to love the good home they will have with you and Rick. Love your blog!

  14. Rhonda D

    I’ll bet Roxie and Ethel will be very happy with you! Love the red, white and blue snowballs. I’d love to start another rug for my daughter in law. I have the loom all warped, just need to cut strips.

  15. Cynthia

    You have such a good heart and there will be a very special place in heaven for you.

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