Tablerunner or Tablemat

Guess it depends on your table – mine is round so I want a table mat.  I want it square and not too big so 4 x 4 seems about right to me.  If it seems a bit small I’m going to add a border rather than make it 5 x 5.

I think I’m going to change out those 2 really dark blue squares.

Here’s a sample runner, 3 x 5 and of course you can make it longer depending on your table.  If you have a harvest table, you will probably want it longer.  If it’s a standard rectangle, this might be fine.  It’s all trial and error.  Make it 12 and try it on your table. If it’s not big enough, make 3 more blocks and try it.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m using my shirts with solid red and solid white.  I’m going to sew it together and show you tomorrow.

Your assignment today is decide what size you want to make, count up the number of blue squares you need to cut and multiply the number of red and white squares you will need, 4 of each per square, red or white.  I will give you 2 days to complete this assignment.  Please have your blocks completed by Thursday.  If you’re an overachiever, go ahead and start sewing them together.

Get ready, set, SEW!

5 thoughts on “Tablerunner or Tablemat

  1. Sandy Bessingpas

    Rainy day here so I started my squares. I am pressing my red corner seams toward the square and the cream ones toward the corner..they should nest together when I sew the blocks together..this is a fun project. Thank you

  2. Launa

    Mary, You are so speedy. My eyes see the 4 darker blocks as a center medallion with the other 12 around them. Looks so nice to me with the way your smaller red and white corners make the second pattern. I had set out some different reds from left over 5″ charms…….so I’m wavering on doing white and blue corners.
    Thanks for showing the different samples of a longer or square runner. I’ll probably sew 4X4 with 16 blocks.

  3. sandra

    Thanks for the pattern.I love to decorate for the season,and it will use up some of my scraps.I thought the crazy mom’s vortex would empty my scraps.But no such luck.I think, the scraps multiply and divide at night when I am asleep.

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