Thank you! 11-8-20

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts about Teya/Jo! You’ve given me such great ideas, encouragement and thanks for taking on this huge job. I have not thought of some of these things like changing her name to Jo – all the bad things in her life happened to Teya. Jo sounds nothing like Teya so that’s it – her name is now Jo!

I think Ivy will be of help – she’s more like a puppy than Hazel and Telly and maybe Jo will sense that. I have nothing but time and patience to give her – it’s going to be a long winter, isn’t it? Thank you over and over for your support, your ideas and your encouragement! I couldn’t do this without you!

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  1. Pat

    So happy you are fostering. I volunteer at a local shelter and I have seen some amazing transformations. Keep up the good work. Hopefully she will soon begin to trust you.

  2. Diane in WI

    Jo was meant to find you. I really like her new name so simple and easy. There are so many good ideas from the readers. It will be interesting to watch Jo grow with your kindness. We used the ticking clock with our cocker spaniel puppy. Take care.

  3. Candy

    I’m sure you will have done this already, but just in case … leave a light or night light on. Our little dog hates to be left in the dark if she’s alone. Good luck to you both … I hope you enjoy getting to know each other!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy -yes, I have left a light on but thanks so much for reminding me.

  4. Vickie Harris

    I’ll add another suggestion. A ticking clock. I adopted a 6-8 wk puppy & she would sleep between my rocking chair & Grandmother clock. 5 months later that is still where she sleeps instead of the kennel &
    foam bed. She thinks that is for her toys. 🙂

  5. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Another tip: if it is chilly or cold, a hot water-bottle safely wrapped in fleece or a blanket, or one of those microwavable warming toys (Warmies) or cloth bags of cherry pits, might be a nice addition to her bed: something she can snuggle up to.

  6. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    You are doing a wonderful thing for Jo, but it just takes time and patience. She’ll be expecting the worst, as she has obviously been very badly let down by people, but if you are calm, and positive and consistent she will come around. Positive reenforcement is what she needs: sh is your good girl, and you have to tell her that every time! One maybe useful tip: we had to help a rescue dog once that had been shut up alone a lot and was very frightened of people and noises in general. To help him get used to people, we played the radio very softly in the background of the room where he was for several hours a day, even if we weren’t there ourselves – nothing raucous, just a background murmuring of voices to get hem accustomed to not being shut in silence, and to make things less lonely. It helped him acclimatise to a normal household. It worked very well, and eventually he would wag his tail whenever we turned the radio on! An audio book kan work even better if it is a mild story, as the murmer of the voice is consistent with no unexpected changes of volume.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts – I do leave the radio on for her all the time as well as a light. I always tell her she is my good girl Jo – over and over. I never come to the kennel unannounced. I start calling that out when I open the door. Our weather is now going to get cold but the shop is warm and she has two great dog beds as well as two easy chairs. I don’t know if she knows how to get up in them or not. I learn something new every day.

  7. Jan from TN

    Mary, I just sent you an email with a link to the 3-3-3 rule for adopting rescue dogs. I hope you’ll read it. I think it will help you a lot. Jo is a gorgeous dog. Patience is the word. It’ll be fine given some time. Good luck. 🤗🐾

  8. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    My heart breaks for Jo, but I have great hope for her, too. With your loving support, she can have a happy life. You are a dog whisperer, Mary, and she will learn that from you. My favorite character in LITTLE WOMEN was Jo. Great name! Do you need anything for her? I hope you will let us know when you do. Good luck.
    76 here today😃

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – I don’t need a thing at the moment – just lots of patience! It thanks for asking!

  9. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    My heart breaks for Jo, but I have great hope for her, too. With your loving support, she can have a happy life. You are a dog whisperer, Mary, and she will learn that from you. My favorite character in LITTLE WOMEN was Jo. Great name! Do you need anything for her? I hope you will let us know when you do. Good luck.
    76 here today😃

  10. Martha C Engstler

    Thank you for sharing the adventures you will be having with Jo. There are so many great suggestions to help her adjust to her new life. I hope and pray she responds well to her new home. With your love I’m sure she will.

  11. Jan Smith

    Sometimes I have to do a catch up with your posts. So happy for Jo to have you to foster her. Excited to watch come around to having trust in humans.
    Loved your niece’s granddaughter’s quilt! Always dazzled by your work, and envy your color savvy!

  12. Kathy Hanson

    What fantastic advice everyone has for you with Jo – or Jo Jo if you take that idea. Yes, “good dog” or” good girl” sounds great too! You have so much love and patience for all animals – and especially dogs, she is bound to do very well and be a happy “good girl” really soon. So glad you keep us updated, will really look forward to the news about her. And, of course, your other animals, Hazel and Telly as well!!!

  13. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Oh, Mary. Reading all these posts is so inspiring and informative. I feed stray cats and try to gain their trust. However, I have never tackled the job you have before you. With your kind heart and perseverance, I am sure darling Jo will come around. Thx for caring. 🥰

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    OH MY! what a honor it is to have such a beautiful, sweet pup named after me! After reading more of yesterday’s post, I’m so teared up I can hardly see! My eyes are watering, my nose is running. I’m a mess.
    She will soon relate the sound of your sewing machine, your foot steps, your soothing reading voice to all things good and positive. Please, for me, add singing to your therapy. I know you know all the words to a zillion songs.

    Rub her ears for me. I’m still a mess!

    1. Kathy in western ny

      Aww Jo you make me tear up too. Now I can’t wait to see what Mary posts next on our girl.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – “Jo” just sounded right to me and I’ll certainly keep you posted about her progress. I’m keeping all the details in a journal in case I would forget. I keep calling her my good girl Jo until she remembers it! I never know the words to songs because I’m always the pianist – I’ll give it a whirl however! Nothing is beyond what I’ll try!

      1. Diane and Squeak

        Mary, Squeak loves “ You Are My Sunshine” and “:Singing in the rain.” She was only 4 weeks and 20 ounces when I found her at Big Lots, but she had had a rough 4 weeks. She cuddles right in to those two songs😃

        1. Carolee Knutson

          My little Westie loves Itsy Bitsey Spider because I walk my fingers up her back to her nose and slide my hand back down when the rain washes the spider out.

  15. Ida

    Would she like a blanket? The warmth might help her relax. My dogs, from labs to a terrier, have all appreciated a blanket to keep them cozy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ida – yes, I did give her a soft fleece blanket last night – I think a cover helps bring comfort – I know it does for me!

  16. JoAnn B. MN

    Love her new name.
    What I have done when we have gotten a new rescue or dog with anxiety I give them a sweatshirt or cloth item with our scent to snuggle with.

  17. Sheila

    Love the name Jo. It’s like a new lease on life for her. Praying for grace and patience in the next days and weeks ahead. But most of all praying for dear Jo. ❤ 🐕

  18. Freda In Oxford, AL

    I like to have a ” two syllable name” for my pets! They learn their name and come when I call! I think “Jo Jo”
    would be a great name! I tried it out…, “Jo Jo” ! What Do You Think!!! In AL, names have to be heard across the ” HOLLERS” ! Much Love to You and your Dogs & Cats!

  19. Lois Ann Johnson

    After reading all of the wonderful suggestions from your readers today, I can’t help but think: “What a great group of people in this blog!” Such thoughtful comments and suggestions–all made to help you and “Jo” get to know each other and be comfortable with each other. I pray that this sweet dog will eventually come to trust you as well as other people in her life. YOU are going to be the person she responds to and I do believe that God brought you into her life to do just that.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann – I couldn’t agree more about this great group of gals! I feel like you’ve all “got my back” and if so, how can I fail? Tomorrow is another day to make some progress.

  20. Connie R

    Jan in NW WI had some wonderful ideas. My daughter has a great way with animals and talks a lot to her pets and calling them Good Dog or Good Girl/Boy as Jan suggested.. So many readers have given such good advice. With your journal in hand, you should write a book about taking care of animals.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    While reading all these suggestions on how to help a dog, or any pet, that has been neglected and abused, I can’t help but think that the same ideas would also help a child that has suffered the same neglect and abuse. It all takes time and a true effort to help. Thank you to all of you. Betty

  22. Paula in Texas

    What a great idea to rename Teya to Jo!! You have so many experts in your life. I know with a human it takes a minimum 28 days for a new habit to become automatic. Jo is certainly damaged, so it may easily take 56 days. I had a friend who rescued an abused dog, and he only had a relationship with her, even after many years of living in the family. She was a sweet dog, but only trusted one person. The dog had been abused by men, and she was always skittish with males. If anyone can win her over, I know YOU are the one that can do it. I really like your idea of keeping a journal. I know you will find certain things will trigger reactions, and maybe even set backs. I look forward to viewing this journey through your eyes.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula in Texas – I could not do this without you readers’ help and support!

  23. Jean

    Okay Jo. Little women is one of my favorite stories of all time! Jo will come out on top just like Jo did in little women because of you mary. Praying for a good outcome.

  24. Betty from Canada

    Good idea to change her name. Now she can associate Jo with good things and leave Teya and the bad things behind. It won’t take her long to figure things out because you have treats. Ha Ha

  25. Charlotte Shira

    Jo is a perfect name for her. All she needs is your love and care and you have lots of that to give her. She will come around. Be still.

  26. Jan in NW WI

    I have taken in many rescues over the last 40+ years, some cats, some dogs, some abused, all neglected. While there is no perfect formula, here are a few things that have worked for me. I tried to get on a schedule of sorts I tried to put them in an area where they could/hear and observe the family and were not isolated, but in a safe place (gates etc).. I make them a safe space, bed , toy, blanket, water nearby. I always announced that I was coming into the room where they were : I’m coming to see my good dog with their name”. When I arrived I said “there’s my good dog ____ ” followed by a smile, and a pet. Every move was always started by and ended with ” there’s my good dog___ ” and a pet or stroke or rub and a reassuring smile. While I now have a terrible time getting up from the floor, I would sit next to them, where I could reach them, and read, cross stitch etc. All the while talking to them about any nonsense that came into my head and always interjected with positives “that’s my good girl___”, “aren’t you a pretty girl ___” etc. My husband who is a trooper, would follow suit. All of them got a soft stuffed animal to sleep with and keep them company. If you can get her outside or on the porch, tucked into a “safe space” and keep her company there she may enjoy the change of venue. Repetition was the key. Small steps. One small accomplishment at a time. The same words, tone of voice, always slow and measured yet upbeat. It’s a long haul, but the rewards are endless.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan in NW WI – wow – such good advice! I’m going out there right now to see my good girl Jo!

  27. deborah Grisanti

    I admire what you are doing to help this abused puppy. I think the idea of changing her name is a good thing. Wishing you and Jo the best in getting through this!!

  28. Kathy in western NY

    You will make a difference Mary for her and that’s the best feeling. Love she has a new name associated to your positive happy blog reader Jo !! I thought of you this morning when I saw our little 5 yr old dog creep ever so slowly to our big shared dog bowl of water. He must have been denied water is all I can think of as he walks on eggshells towards the bowl is how sad his life must have been. Like you it’s time and patience and something we have been blessed with.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – oh, your poor little dog! Not allowed water – I had a dog like that once – the minute she got here she started drinking water! And more water!

    2. Janice Hebert

      Kathy in western NY, would it help to have two dog bowls with water in the room. Maybe on opposite sides of the room? This is what I do with my chickens with food and water. Gives the more gentle ones a chance to drink or eat without being picked on. Just a thought. Mary, I will be praying for you and Jo. She seems like she will be a sweet little dog. Jan in MA

      1. Kathy

        That’s a good idea Jan I should try. It’s funny how we just do the same spot with bowls and it never dawned on me the little guy might be happier with his own water bowl. Thank you again for helping me try a new approach.

  29. Jill

    We all love what you are doing! Poor, sweet dog. She will find out what a good life is now. It’s takes a while but I am sure that she will turn around under your care. Your posts are a treasure during this awful time of no retreats and no quilt shows…no gatherings with our quilting besties! At least we can touch base through your blog! Thanks for everything you do! Jill

  30. Kelli L. Heldreth

    You are doing such wonderful work! I know it has to be so difficult and at times discouraging, but keep on keeping on! You are making a difference in Jo’s life even if you don’t feel like it. She needs unconditional love and by taking her in you are demonstrating that. Thanks for loving her!

  31. Angie from Baltimore

    I meant “I LOVE THE NAME JO”. I hate spell check
    I must remember to proof read my entries before sending them. Sorry.

  32. Angie from Baltimore

    I kill every the name Jo from Little Women she was the strong defiant one and the name will give her a renewed lease on life. Bless her and YOU as you take this journey together

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