That Old Saying! 3-3-22

You know that old saying, “When it rains it pours!” – everybody knows that. Well, we are living it right now. After a trip to the heart doctor in Mason City, Rick is now scheduled for cardioversion on March 10th – his birthday!! If that doesn’t solve his heart rhythm he will have an ablation (cauterizing the troublesome nerves around his heart) and if that doesn’t work he’ll get a pacemaker. We also return to Mayo on Monday the 14th to check the ankle ulcer.

I hardly slept last night so when we got home today about noon I had a nap in my chair – I tell you that so that you know I know when it’s time to rest. Haha! You guys worry about me too much.

I am finishing up the February orders and I have just a couple comments:

1. Thank you for including an address label for me to use!

2. I have said this so many times – please tell me what you’re ordering because if I receive a check for $15 how do I know which three patterns you want? Right now I’m holding a check from J.W. in Grundy Center without instructions.

3. We’re going to take a couple weeks’ break while I find some other $5 patterns I think you might be interested in. Use this time to sew up the easy quilts you have new patterns for while we remake the patterns in current fabric.

4. Connie is home from her month in Florida and she will be getting ready for the sale in April. I will also be marking fabric and some antiques – we both have lots of wooden chairs!

5. I’m going to use my sailboat shirt fabric for one of the next $5 patterns – do you have a shirt you’d like to use?

6. I haven’t forgotten we’re going to post the directions for the wool pincushions.

This quilting, farm, animal, gardening blog can never be duplicated! I feel comfortable saying that because Janet included extra money with her order to put towards batteries for the rat trap!!!!! I love it! And this is why we are unique!

So many of you included a little note to me with your order saying you have never commented and are not brave enough to do so. Okay – now we are among friends – we are more alike than different and the. Moments are what make this blog fun – especially for me! We know people by their names and locations such as Jo in Wyoming (Jo – how are you feeling? Do you feel well enough to update us?) Betty in Rapid City who is a wealth of common sense. Marsha in Kansas, Diane in Wisconsin, Sue in Oregon and Sue in Texas, Diane and Squeak in Ohio – I could go on and on!!! Please get brave and leave a comment – we want to know you!

It’s time to do the chores and enjoy homemade soup and garlic bread that our friend Nancy brought last night. And then I hope to spend the evening sewing and watching Big Sky which I forgot last week – doesn’t sound too exciting but calm and normal is good. What are you going to do tonight?

95 thoughts on “That Old Saying! 3-3-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Friday night is the new series of Great Briish sewing bee for me! Major changes on the housing front, building is overwhelming as supplies are delayed, thinking of buying house with granny flat for me now, wish us luck! We all care and pray for you and Rick, best wishes from Sandy

  2. Henners (aka Donna)

    Hello Mary It certainly sounds like you wear many hats caring for Rick, his appointments, the farm animals, Hazel, & the “rats”. Is Hazel good on her own when you’re out & about for hours ? Or perhaps she has a doggie door.

  3. Kathy Hanson

    Oh my goodness!! Enough already!! Hope all goes well for Rick and I pray that you can soon have a reprieve from all of this and get some relaxation! Keeping you both I. My thoughts and prayers!!

  4. Shirley

    Mary, I have had ablation and a pacemaker. In fact, I am on my second pacemaker. About the only time I think about the pacemaker is when I am going through security at the airport. I have to be careful not to go through the box and instead go through the one that moves around a person. I did not have a cardioversion and am interested in what that will do. My heart doctor refers to the ablation as taking care of the “bad characters” in the heart. As a result of Afib I have the Watchman. The Watchman is essentially a mesh bag attached to the heart to collect blood clots. I hope this eases your mind some. I will put you and your husband on my prayer list.

  5. Sandra Goddard

    Prayers being sent for Rick and you. I am on a kick of knitting wash clothes in the evenings.

  6. Cathy - SE Alabama

    Oh my, I have been in those crazy health care shoes. Wishing you and Rick the best. Wish I could bring you a big pot of chicken and dumplings with a side of cornbread.

    I have been watching Call the Midwife. I really need my tv night time friends. It gets lonely at night. My husband passed away right before Halloween last year. I am learning how to be single again. No children. Your blog keeps me feeling like I have a connection out in the world.

  7. Pam in NC

    Mary, You are admirable!!! I’m praying for and thinking about you and Rick with all the health issues. Please take care of yourself (like naps!). Let us on the blog, help in anyway you think we can. Thanks for all you do for us!

  8. Jill Klop

    We will be eating green Chile stew and then walking our little dog, Mulligan. I’ve been sewing a Plaidish quilt for a friend of my son’s. It’s a fun quilt, but I’ve run out of blue fabric…one of the main colors I’m using. I wish Rick luck with the upcoming procedures. My brother has had them all!

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    My head spins when I read about all you do in one day! Especially with all of the trips back & forth to Mayo Clinic. You have been a Busy Bee! It was good to know that you can catch a cat nap when you have the time and opportunity. My dear mama taught me about the benefits of a little nap in the middle of the day and how restorative they can be. I will spend my evening with Bailey,* watching some television shows that were previously recorded earlier in the week. I took Bailey out for a ride in the car late this afternoon and brought home some take-out for my dinner. Thanks for keeping us updated on things, Mary–and hope you relax this evening! Be still! *Bailey is my dog!

  10. Rita in Iowa

    Mary and Rick take care and get your rest now. We soon will have spring fever and then there’s no stopping us from enjoying the Sun. I looked in the flower beds and saw one tulip or daffodil peeking out. The yard is very spongy.
    Mary I received the patterns today, thank you very much. Look forward to more of your five dollar patterns.
    Will send you a picture of a comfort quilt I finished in February!

  11. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Herb and I continue keeping you both in our prayers. It is good you have plenty of quilting supplies/projects, so you can switch gears when you have time.
    Right now during the news, I am cutting 2” x 3 1/2” rectangles at the coffee table. I am making my second throw for our camper using Jo Parrott’s Scrappy Rectangles pattern.
    Sandra Goddard, I also enjoy knitting cotton dish cloths during evening tv time.
    Take Care, Mary 🥰

  12. Debbie G in SE WI

    Hey Mary. Good for you for taking a nap! We all need to recharge once in a while. Ran into a long time friend today. Haven’t seen her in probably 2 years. She asked me if I would consider teaching her to quilt. I can’t wait to get started with that. I worked on covering my new sheets of Styrofoam with flannel so I can get them put up in my long arm room today. I’m so lucky to have slot of room so I can have numerous projects up at a time. Trying to figure a way to get to Iowa for your sale. Hoping to find a quilt buddy who will want to come along with me.

  13. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – you sure do have a busy time with upcoming appointments! I hope all will go well at them. I think your evening sounds about perfect – not boring. I’ll be watching tv with the sound off and doing some cross stitching!

  14. Sue in East TN

    I just finished making a copy of a logo in fabrics. It will be given to the state president. I’m looking forward to starting a quilt for my daughter-in-law. She makes beautiful baskets for us. This will celebrate them I hope.

  15. Tammy Guerrero

    I’m Tammy from Indiana. I also have a farm, new grandson that I babysit and love it, dogs, chores, my mom next door who is 83. I barely have time to quilt. But, i try to make time. It keeps me sane! I love hearing from you everyday. It completes my day. I know as busy as you are that commitment can not be easy. But know that we so look forward to it. I wish you and your husband the best. Hope he heals soon. You both are in my prayers. Just make sure you take care of yourself. Your family, farm and friends depend on you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tammy G – thanks, Tammy – I just filled your order this afternoon. It’s on the way – hope you can find some time.

  16. Bonnie Specchio

    We live in central Illinois but we spend our winters in Alabama. We just spent the last 3 days moving out of our hunting camp That we’ve had for 20 years into a newer and nicer camp. So much work! I’m exhausted but I know it will be worth it when we’re finally done. Now that our move is accomplished we will head back to Gulf shores next week to spend another month enjoying our grandchildren there.. We are so blessed to be able to do this in our retirement.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonnie S – don’t hurry – it’s still cold in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa!!

  17. Susan

    Hi Mary,
    We are going to watch Young Sheldon and the 3 shows on after and have pizza and wine. Enjoy your evening.
    Susan in Ohio

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – did you like the armadillo aspect of Young Sheldon?

  18. Jessica in Florida

    I’m so sorry to hear about Rick’s upcoming procedure. My husband has atrial fibrillation and has had 5 cardiversions and one ablation over 5 years. Truly scares the heck out me! I will say an extra prayer for you guys tonight. I’m seeing a neurosurgeon tomorrow to hopefully help me figure out what I have had a powerful headache since October 29th of last year! I had X-rays of my neck and an MRI of my brain and aside from small changes consistent with my age, no one can give me an answer. I’m surviving on way too much ibuprofen and a lot of naps. I’ve seen a chiropractor and pain management doctor and nothing works. I’m literally at the end of my rope. The pain is unrelenting and I have no quality of life. I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations, my grandson’s 11th birthday (which I planned!) and every one of his baseball practices and games. I just want the pain to stop so I can be a normal person again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jessica in Florida – Holy Smokes! I can’t imagine having a blistering headache for over 4 months! Surely there’s an answer – want to fly up to Mayo? People do it every day. Rick had these same heart problems 12 years ago, I think. Why it’s back now is anybody’s guess. Will you please let us know how it’s going with you and your horrible headache?

      1. Janet S

        Jessica in Florida, Your headache sounds like a nightmare. While we were at a casino because my husband loves the slots (I don’t but I have to do all the driving). Anyway, I was visiting with a lady who also had a constant headache which couldn’t be diagnosed. She asked the doctors why it started right after her covid vaccine. The doctors believe she must be allergic because they couldn’t find anything else. She also had been in terrible pain for months with no let up. I sure hope you get some relief.

    2. Pamela Papazidis

      How horrible for you. Sounds over simplistic but you have checked with the dentist and eye doctors correct. Hope they find the answer and a solution.

    3. Michele

      Jessica, sorry to hear about those headaches. I too had the same problem and went down all Those roads you are going thru. Hang in there. For no reason whatsoever the headaches mysteriously disappeared after six months. Fingers crossed you will be out of pain soon.

    4. Sheila in WI

      Jessica, I hope the neurologist will be able to get to the source of your problems. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I hope and pray you’ll get relief soon.

    5. Jane

      Jessica, about 30 years ago my teenage son had constant headache. After seeing neurologists for 6 months with no relief, the allergy doctor diagnosed allergy to corn in his diet. Within 2 weeks the headaches Started getting better. Corn free diet n allergy drops under the tongue cured the headache. After a couple years he was able to eat corn products again. Hope you can find relief!

    6. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jessica – did you see the neurosurgeon today? Did you learn anything?

  19. Linda in Michigan

    Mary, you are like that Energizer bunny who never runs down! I don’t know where you get the gumption to sew at the end of a busy day. Naps are wonderful! I learned this is one of the perks of being retired-if you get tired, just take a nap. I will probably be watching Swamp People with my husband tonight, it’s almost a Thursday night ritual, ha ha!
    I’m hoping all the upcoming procedures go well for both of you, you are in my prayers.

  20. Meredith in Cincinnati

    All those miles back and forth to Mayo! Can you at least take some hand sewing while you’re waiting for the doctors! Keeping my hands busy keeps my mind focused. Who knew I was so ADD? (Well, to be fair, my folks did. Always said I was like ‘a BB in a boxcar’. Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – I have an easy to carry Kindle and I have read and read this winter. I do have some handwork ready to take but my fingers just can’t hold a needle well anymore. Too much arthritis, I suppose.

  21. Linda from Georgia

    I finished last months quilt top from the monthly drawing. It sure feels good. You have the best blog around. I love that it is a little about everything!!!! I received my February $5 pattern. Can’t wait to get started.

  22. Diane, Squeak,and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, before I read the comments, I have to respond or I’ll get caught up in the comments and forget what I want to say—old😹. First, on PBS is one of the funniest shows I have seen in years, The Vicar of Dibley. It is hilarious, a little raunchy, and will lift your spirits. Second, I am so glad you are taking care of you, too. Maybe this next surgery will be the one that fixes everything. Whew! You two have had enough. I need to get my next $5.00 order in. I am ready to start the Jelly Roll tomorrow😃. As always, THANK YOU, for taking the time to write this blog. I feel like I know several of the people😃. Hang in there. Be Still. P S. Iowa looked great the other night!

  23. Susan K in Texas

    I sewed today. I’m working on quilting a small wall quilt. It’s a surprise for a friend who I often make commission quilts for. I also finished a child size denim quilt. I’ve been walking around the block once or twice a day and went to my first hockey game since January last night. It’s so good to not have the nerve pain when I move now!
    While doing the pre-op stuff for the back surgery they found several things that I will have to follow up with my primary care doctor and a cardiologist – possible sleep apnea causing heart issues, cysts on a kidney, feet swelling, etc. Tomorrow I start physical therapy for my back so the rest will wait right now.
    Naps have been my friend for a while now. When my back starts hurting the best thing is a nap with my cat Klaus. He won’t let Magnus on the bed usually.
    Take care of you both and yes we are thinking of you. And I do enjoy reading reader comments. It’s like having a group of friends from all over.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – oh, wow, you’re walking around the block? And sewing? You go, Girl! And then just take one health issue at a time.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        I’ve been amazed at how well I’ve felt since the surgery. And yes one health issue at a time.

  24. Jan from Blue Earth

    Is there going to be a dinner out in Garner on March 31, the night before the sale at Connie’s?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan from Blue Earth – well, doesn’t that sound like fun? We talked about going out to eat on Friday night but I’ll toss Thursday out there, too. Anybody coming to Garner the night before the sale? Want to meet for supper?

  25. Diane Bauer

    I am so glad you got a nap!! Prayers for both you and Rick as you continue to work through his health issues. Bet you are glad you did your own knees when you did—one of you at a time so the other can care for the current one dealing with health challenges.

    I worked too hard today so am doing dinner and then sitting down to read. My daughter gave me a book called She Sheds for my birthday and I am enjoying reading it and getting inspired. Long ago I pulled an article out of a magazine that featured a Minnesota property that included a “tea house” out back. I’ve been dreaming ever since of having my own. Most recently, I have learned about the “Tuberculosis Huts” that dotted Colorado Springs in the late 1800s and early 1900s. When the tuberculosis colonies were dismantled, many of these huts made their way onto properties around C Springs and now serve as gardening sheds and the like. If I could get my hands on one of those, I would be very happy!! I love the history! My son said he would build me one and that’s probably the most likely way I’ll get one. I would use it as a creative sanctuary, much like your quilt shop!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, so fun!!! The planning is almost more fun that having it finished – I can escape to the shop and do so quite often. Have you ever looked at those little sheds at Menards or Fleet Farm or some sort of farm store? You could even start with that and “elaborate” on it. Oh, you’re going to have so much fun!!! When you start you must take pictures to share with us!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I forgot to say I’ve never heard of Tuberculosis Huts – Educate me, please.

      1. Diane Bauer

        In the late 1800s and early 1900s, tuberculosis was rampant throughout the United States. Colorado’s climate was considered the perfect environment for those recovering from the disease in the days before antibiotics came on scene. Sanitariums sprung up around the state, with some of the biggest being in and around Colorado Springs. Tuberculosis Huts were small, single-person dwellings with two windows (ventilation was considered important for healing). They were steam heated and had a small kitchen space and a bit of built-in storage. Shaped a bit like a teepee, they were usually grouped in a community-like setting. Most sanitariums have been long ago disbanded and the huts were sold off and moved to private properties where they have found new life as gardening sheds, playhouses, and extra storage. There are two that are in use as a coffee shop in Manitou Springs. One sanitorium is now a memorial/historic site you can still visit.

  26. Diana in Des Moines

    Praying for Rick. Some days, you can’t win! At least they know what’s going on and treating him accordingly.
    We took my mom out to dinner tonight for her 88th birthday. Pizza at Abbie’s in Bondurant. She wanted a new table runner for her small dining table, so did that. Sending flowers to her tomorrow (her actual birthday). She loves flowers, so I try to send every once in awhile just to surprise her. My brother in is in jail (stupid man), so just me to take care of mom. Lucky to still have her and try to help her out when she needs us. Tonight, her printer wasn’t working, so my hubby fixed that. Simple things, you know?
    Getting ready now to watch the Iowa basketball game. Love my Hawkeyes!!

  27. Joy in NW Iowa

    Oh wow! Doctor here, doctor there, doctor everywhere! Our life now days is going to the doctors. Yikes! Sorry you’re in that circle too. If is not for sissies, hope all goes well!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy in NW Iowa – and how do you feel after your back surgery?

  28. Marian in Rochester

    Thanks Mary for your updates. We care about you and Rick. Good luck to him with the cardioversion.

    How are all the animals doing with this hint of spring!
    So enjoy your blogs. Keep, keep in’ on 😊

  29. Sheila in WI

    Glad you hot a nap in, Mary. Sometimes a nap is the perfect thing to restore your energy.
    Thank you for taking time to update and let us know what is happening. Now I know what to pray for. Wishing you and Rick the best going forward… one step at a time.

  30. Paula

    Praying for you and Rick! My husband, Richard, had a total knee replacement yesterday. I think he is doing quite well considering. We are however, exhausted, because we didn’t get much sleep last night. Our neighbors’ cat (1/4th mile away) came into our house three times last night and picked fights with my cats. We have a cat window which will be locked tonight so ours can’t get out and that cat can’t get in. I’ve taken him back home several times, and all I get is that he doesn’t like their new puppy!

    Paula from Texas

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula – well, that’s not right! And your cats shouldn’t have to pay the price of staying in because the bully comes to visit. Are they all fixed? I’m guessing the visiting bully is not and yours are. The owners should see the problem and pay more attention to the puppy and cat learning to live together. My opinion only and I’m always free with my opinion – haha! Sorry.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Paula – your husband will get along great with his new knee AND his knee won’t hurt anymore!

  31. Debra Reber

    Mary, I hope the cardioversion goes well. My husband has had that done twice. I will be praying for you & your husband. I love hearing about all your adventures on your farm. You are an amazing woman!

  32. Teresa

    Oh Mary, praying for Rick that the cardio version works and he won’t need to go through the next options. I’m glad to hear you sat down and got some needed rest. An evening of TV and a delicious meal that you didn’t have to cook sounds like good medicine for both of you.

    What am I doing tonight? Reading your blog and eating tater tot casserole my husband made. Don’t envy me, it’s the only meal he’ll make. We had to scrape the horse pens tonight to smooth out all the frozen hoof prints that make it really hard for the horses to walk on. I have a love-hate relationship with spring for this reason.

    Maybe a roll call of your members and where we live would break the ice and get conversation flowing from all quarters? That first step is always the hardest 😊

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – I am still thinking about your chore today scraping the horse pens – so the horses hooves make deep imprints in the ?ground ?manure ?bedding????? What exactly are you scraping? Do you bed on top of it again? Oh, yes, spring creates many problems, doesn’t it? Especially if you have animals. Educate me.

      1. Teresa

        Yes, when it’s muddy they sink in and create deep hoof prints and when the weather turns colder, all those hoof prints freeze and the unevenness of the ground makes it very difficult for the horses to walk and get to hay and water. Kinda like when you have dogs and most of the flooring in your house is smooth. The dogs can’t get any traction, it’s equivalent to constantly walking on ice. It can lead to muscle/tendon/joint issues because the animals can’t grip the surface with their paws/hooves so they’re in a constant state of stress.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Teresa – that’s just what I imagined but I appreciate the lesson!

  33. Sue Franke

    I read about what your husband will be going through. My husband had three cardioversions, two ablasions and finally a pacemaker. Certainly all challenging but the pacemaker finally did the trick. In the past two years he’s had only one episode that was reflected on the pacemaker report. He went to his doctor and they reset the pacemaker settings and he was good to go. May both you and your husband find peace as you go through this challenging time.

  34. Rosalie

    My husband had cardioversion twice about a year apart and then an ablation…..since the ablation he has had no problems with a fib. I was an ICU nurse and cardioversion and pacemakers were routinely done before they had the capability to do the electrical mapping of the heart and burn off the areas that were causing the atria to fibrillate.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosalie – we are learning as we go and it’s always good to hear this is all very ordinary!

  35. Carol Eberhardt

    I always say… thank goodness for an ordinary day. I have no desire to be extraordinary or experience extraordinary things. I’m good with my gym class, my sewing, my garden, my Kitty, my family and cooking! I am especially happy to have a lull right now in the medical department. My husband had surgery end of January, and it’s gone very well. So we are low key now and happy for it.
    I’m sorry you’re in a rough patch right now, I hope spring and summer are your times for ordinary!

  36. Judy Andersen in Omaha

    Mary- I am so glad a sweet friend brought you soup for dinner. I love a meal in one bowl that warms you up and is easy to clean up afterwards! My latest tip for soup I just learned recently. I was doing a shrimp bacon and corn chowder recipe off the web. (Cooking with Chef Google again) so before the shrimp goes in, you take 2 c. of the soup and put it in the blender. I blended it until it looked like cream of wheat, no lumps. Pour it back into the soup and add the shrimp. It makes nice thick and creamy soup! My husband does not like soup, especially broth types, so now I blend 2 c. of every soup I make! He likes my “new” soup recipes! Ha ha. Even bean soup that he never liked previously.
    Give Hazel a hug, oh, and your husband too. It is tough getting older when your body just won’t cooperate! I will keep praying for him.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy Andersen – that’s interesting about the soup and blender – so does it just blend things better than in the crock pot for example? I suppose you could blend it and then keep it warm in the crock pot. I’m going to try it!! Thank you!

  37. Charlotte

    Mary–sure you and Rick are weary of your adventures at the Mayo Clinic, but all your friends are grateful when treatment is needed, you can go to a top hospital. Sorry Rick’s treatments are going on and on, but my brother had all the procedures that you describe for Rick, he is about the same age, and after the requisite recovery time, he is back to doing all the things he loves, including going out in a drift boat to fish!
    Sending you both healing prayer!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oh my goodness, that is good news to hear! I hope Rick can get back to gardening, etc this spring and summer. I am looking forward to nice weather which will improve my outlook on just about everything! What’s it like in NYC now? Not spring yet, is it? Did you ever get another cat? Just curious.

  38. Jan Wical

    Hi Mary, I am JW from Grundy Center, and sent you a check for $15 and I am wanting a pattern for Harvey the long, tall bunny. Thank you

  39. Gwen in Pennsylvania

    So sorry you and Rick are spending so much time in the hospital. Glad you are close to Mercy Hospital and Mayo Clinic when Mercy needs help. I am planning to sew some tonight too. I am almost done getting three quilts ready for the FMQ. Then to spend lots of time with my feet up stitching the binding. That last hand stitching down is one of my favorite parts of making a quilt.

  40. Carla

    I knit on my March pair of socks as a way to wind down after having the grands today. I wanted to stitch on the Blessed SAL, but I was too tired. I seem to be having some random, yet reoccurring issues that sometimes wake me up in the night. So I didn’t sleep enough last night. And yes. I’m going to my doctor next week to see if we can figure it out. I can say that nothing amiss appeared on a cat scan, so that’s good. On the bright side, I had a blast sorting through a box of vintage sewing things. So many glass buttons and even 2 Queen Elizabeth buttons. I’m having fun researching. There are glass buttons like I’ve never seen before. I thought of you when I saw the pincushion. Lots of wooden spools of thread, three are silk! Didn’t take much too make my day. Tomorrow I’m going to go get another vintage treadle to add to my flock. It’s hard to pass her up! Will be praying for you and Rick. Hopefully the warmer weather predicted gets to Iowa. Blessings.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – I am so jealous of the fun you had sorting through the old buttons and sewing paraphernalia! That reminds me I still haven’t photographed the last box of pincushions. What was the pincushion? Tomato? Or something even more exciting?

      1. Carla

        The pincushion isn’t terribly old I don’t think. The cushion part in the middle is surrounded by spools of thread in little pouches held in place by a string of elastic. There is some damage to the fabric which is Christmas themed. I’m not sure what to do with it. Do you want it lol? I see there is another Carla here. Hello! From Carla in West Michigan.

  41. Carla

    My husband had an ablation procedure and was very successful! I can’t believe that they are making him wait until March 10. Is ot out of rhythm all the time? That is a scary situation. Good luck to Rick.

  42. Launa

    So many well wishes for you and Rick coming from readers in all directions! Adding my prayers, too! Hope you receive some good answers with Rick’s heart situation!
    Tonight our retired son served the four of us a dinner from beef ribs he started very early morning in a crockpot!
    Our weather is a much warmer 47o outside this 8:39 pm evening than on Tuesday morning when hiway 93 was closed due to very thick ice from thawing snow n rain from North Fork to Montana border!
    I thought of you when local news ticker mentioned a winning NO on needing front license plates!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – so a front license plate is NOT required in Idaho? I just spent over. $90 for a front license plate holder that doesn’t have to be drilled into the bumper!!!! I haven’t driven Red since last fall and just as soon as the weather straightens up, I’m driving Red to church.

      1. Janet S

        Mary, My son has a ‘little blue’ instead of red. He only drives it in the summer during nice weather. I just love it when he takes me for a ride. Those adorable trucks sure get a lot of attention from other motorists.

  43. Anonymous

    Hi Mary,
    My husband had a cardioversion March 25,2021. an ablation on April 2,2021 and then they
    put a pace maker in on April 5, 2021. His heart is working well and his blood pressure is good.
    He has some other health issues, but we just take it one day at a time and enjoy the
    simple everyday blessings God gives us. I know you do that too. Prayers that the procedure(s)
    go smoothly and Rick feels better soon. Take care!

  44. Sharon in California

    My husband had aFib and had the cardio version that lasted for almost a year,then had the ablation a few years ago which worked great! Hope Rick has good results too!

  45. Dee

    Well, it’s after midnight, I am just checking my email before I go to bed. I was invited for Dinner and a Movie tonight. My granddaughter invited me, we had a good dinner, then went to see Dog! It was great. Not to sappy, not to hard to watch. I’m having the 4 little great grandkids in a couple weeks, so tonight’s granddaughter and I talked options of fun things to do with little kids. Then we also birthday shopped for a 1 year old. Fun Night for sure!

  46. Charlotte Shira

    Oh for sure…when it rains, it pours! But things will get better. Glad you are taking care of yourself. I laughed when someone commented that you are like the energizer bunny! That’s how I think of you too. I get tired just reading about all you do.
    My husband had a cardioversion which worked well. They talked about an ablation but decided on drugs instead. That controlled his a fib pretty much.
    Tonight I had Bible study from 7-9:00 on zoom. We are still on zoom because one of the couples moved to southern California. I also watched Big Sky. What a crazy show but I can’t stop watching it.
    Praying for Rick and you.

  47. Kim

    The simple kindness of sharing homemade soup along with the friendly comments and encouragement here on the blog make life easier and a happier time. As always, all the good outcomes for Rick. Happy to hear that you took a nap! 😉

  48. Kim

    The simple kindness of sharing homemade soup along with the friendly comments and encouragement here on the blog make life easier and a happier time. As always, all the good outcomes for Rick. Happy to hear that you took a nap. 😉

  49. Deb E

    How I wish we could get rain here in Northern California (Roseville, to be exact). We’ve been in a drought for way too long, and water is getting increasingly precious here — farmers are going to have to let fields lie fallow for lack of water. Glad that there is a plan in place for Rick (with back up plans) — that is also good to know, in case . Aren’t naps in a comfy recliner just the best? We bought a new sofa (a fortune for us, as everything in fabric we saw required 3-6 months to get here & was cheaply made anyway), and the leather version with recliners at each end was in stock, USA made and well made. An overbuy for us at the time, as the recliners weren’t needed (also have zero gravity and lumbar support adjustments). Then weeks after the purchase hubby broke his ankle. That zero gravity has really help in healing and I’ve found I LOVE taking naps in my recliner. We realized everything happens for a reason and that this IS our last sofa – it will see us both through the rest of our lives as the quality is so high. In the meantime, home projects are gradually getting done, but much slower till that cast comes off in mid-March!

  50. Debbie

    I’m sorry that it’s pouring right now. The sun will feel all the better for it.
    Have you caught any more rats? Are they as destructive as mice?
    Thank you for getting me interested in quilting.

  51. Mrs Goodneedle

    I continue to hold Rick up in prayer for God’s healing touch and for peace and comfort for you both. Yes, I agree that your blog is a huge source of inspiration and connectedness to so many, on so many levels and topics!! I have tried again and again, without any success, to contact the pattern maker of the BEST T-SHIRT QUILT EVER. I guess it’s no longer available. 😢

  52. Candy

    I hope you don’t mind a change of subject … i’ve been looking through my scraps and came across a piece with this on the selvedge: “Bird in Hand by Country Threads for Benartex”. It’s a mottled ( almost camo looking) rose pink. Did you & Connie ever have a fabric line(s)? If so, maybe I hadn’t found your blog yet. Just wondering … I might want to save that one if you designed it! Have a nice, relaxing weekend … maybe watching basketball!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Candy – yes, we did just a few fabric lines for Benartex but honestly we just hated the process so chose not to continue. Bird in Hand was one of our fabric lines – maybe the last one.

      1. Candy

        Thanks for replying, Mary. I don’t know how long I’ve had this fabric (or where I got it), but it’s a great blender. Only about a fat quarter left now. I’ll be stingy using it … LOL!

  53. Carolyn BARNETT

    Mary, my heart goes out to you and Rick. I have spent the last 10 years caring for a daughter that has brain cancer and the endless trips to far away doctors, hospitals etc. i spent many a long night sitting in the car, during COVID, waiting to hear from the ER nurses whether my Lauren would be admitted to St Jude’s hospital in Fullerton, Calif. I now have the additional work of caring for my husband who has Parkinson’s and dementia as well as a defibulator for his heart. In early January we found mold in Lauren’s room from a blocked condensation line in our AC. This has led to repairs and additional updates on our home… Sometimes I am so weary all I really want to do is escape to my sewing room and make a quilt!! ( The best form of escapism!!!) But…the best part of all of this is that I know that the LORD is by my side, holding my hand throughout the day, comforting on every side, and teaching me how to be patient, kind, loving (especially when tired). Mary, you are surrounded with so many friends in your community, whether in Iowa or the internet, that love you and demonstrate it by encouraging words and prayers. Keep looking up Mary!!! God is controlling everything that happens to you and Rick. He will get you through this!! Sending much love, Carolyn Barnett, Alta Loma, California PS I am watching the best show on Britbox called McDonald and Dobbs. Has anyone seen it?? Just love the quicky characters and story lines!!

    1. Connie R

      Carolyn, you certainly have so much to deal with too. You’re in good hands with God. I can tell you have great faith that will carry you through. Enjoy whatever quilting time you can find. I’m praying for you.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn- you note is truly inspiring! Thank you! I can’t believe all you are facing – your husband, your daughter – no wonder you’re weary but your right. None of us can face it all alone. Thank goodness, we both have our faith to turn to. I will also look for the tv show you mentioned. The whole month of March I will spend watching college basketball – I love March Madness!

  54. Linda in

    I sympathize with you. We are on the medical visit merry-go-round. In September my husband was in extreme pain from kidney stones. We spent 9 hours in the emergency room. It was mid December before he was done with urologist visits, scans, lab work, and the procedure to break up the stones. We have to travel about an hour to get to decent medical care. In January he had a cardiology appointment which prompted a stress test and then a heart cath. He needs bypass surgery but can’t even see the surgeon until the end of this month. We will be traveling 2.5 hours to get there. We will have to go back again when he has the surgery. I need cataract surgery, but can’t start the tests and set up the surgery because we are pretty much in limbo until we see the surgeon. We used to travel with friends and visit our daughter’s family in Illinois several times a year. It’s almost impossible to do anything between his primary care, podiatrist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, urologist, vascular, and dental appointments!
    I try to sew and quilt as often as I can. It is my stress reliever!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I know exactly what you mean – go sew something for a little break – just sew squares together if nothing else – order a pizza and watch college basketball if you’re so inclined. That’s my plan today.

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