Wednesday Update, 3-2-22

Gosh, was it just yesterday that we were back at Mayo? Today was a BIG trip to Target – I keep adding things to my list because I put off going so that by the time I DO go, my list is long, the cart is full to overflowing and the bill is high! ugh

I want to get caught up with the reader quilts.

Love the dog looking over the edge!

I stopped at the thrift store again – just to give them another chance. Remember the last time I was there they had an ancient piece of Tupperware priced at $10 – I have the same piece in my cupboard so I know how old it is and in this case vintage is not desirable. Haha!

So here’s what I found today – 4 interesting books, a vintage cross stitch and a sailboat shirt – I have a pattern in mind for this shirt when cut up. Follow along – you’ll see.

The little bits of time I have to sew are still being spent on Good News – I am sick of it!

Remember my friend Carrolyn’s little dog named Cider?

So I’ve been to choir practice tonight, written a blog post and now it’s time for a beer! We have to be at the heart doctor’s office tomorrow morning at 8:15. Talk to you tomorrow!

30 thoughts on “Wednesday Update, 3-2-22

  1. Sheila

    Mary, loved your thrift shop finds. I read The Glass Kitchen, you are going to love. Enjoy the beer, well deserved. Good luck tomorrow.

    Sheila in MA

  2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Yes, it is time for a beer (or two) after the days you’ve had. The DD’s are wonderful, as usual. Where did Carolyn get that neat door mat? It is good you went to the Thrift Store. Caregivers need “me” time. It was almost 60* here today— great after all our ice and snow😺

  3. Dorothy

    Mary I know that you enjoyed that beer tonight after the days that you have had. I agree with Diane. Caregivers need to take care of themselves. Take time for you.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    So glad you wrote as we’ve all been waiting to hear from you. Where is the heart doctor? Rochester? It is nice you got to go to Target — something normal. Normal is nice, especially when medical stuff has been involved. Hospitals have that aura about them and it just isn’t in the normal world.
    Take care and drive careful. Sounds like the good weather is changing. Sounds like spring.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty Klosterman – actually the heart doctor is in Mason City, our home shopping area where I was today. I knew I had too much shopping to do if I tried to do it tomorrow with Rick waiting for me in the car! Haha!

  5. Terry

    I’d love to have more information about the quilt labeled #5 by Nancy TD. Love the pattern, love the fabrics. Oooh! So pretty!

  6. Launa

    Thanks for the great DD pictures today…. cute dog looking over the quilt.
    Tuesday very early morning we discovered the main hiway up to Montana border had been closed by Dept of Transportation due to thick ice from the melting snow. The hiway was sanded n plowed all that night! We had no sand nor kitty litter to put out on our parking pads. Husband slipped, but didn’t fall when he took our dog out about 9 pm! Today the higher temperature n sun melted more snow off the metal roof. 9 pm and it is 40o out.

    Hope all goes great @ the early morning heart doctor! Enjoy your beer, Mary!

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    I guess the news was good from Mayo concerning Rick’s inflammation.
    I bet the beer tasted especially good. Well deserved.
    The quilt show is grand…thanks to all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – how are you doing? Shingles getting worse? Tell me how your symptoms started – I’ve got a friend wondering if he might have shingles. I told him I’d ask you.

  8. Barb Onnen

    The quilt with the ladies around the border is wonderful. The appliance of each of the ladies is so well done. Machine or hand applique? It doesn’t matter. Must have taken some real time. Well done!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barb Onnen – look at the second picture and you can see machine blanketstitch. It’s done beautifully!

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures; the projects are great! The vintage cross-stitch is perfect for you, Mary; it is you! I am glad Rick’s appointment is closer to home tomorrow. Take Care, 🥰

  10. Jane Sondergeld

    Mary you bring delight to my soul. My prayers are with you and hubby. I love your determination and loving spirit. I hope you were able to relax a bit and enjoy that beer! Your collection of pin cushions is unique and lovely. I so enjoy your blog and sharing. Take care and thank you.

    Peace and prayers,

    PS look forward to reading more ❣️❣️❣️

  11. Gloria from CC

    Beautiful quilts today ladies! Julie D from Charles City I believe lives not far from me. If Julie is reading this post, stop by some afternoon. I would love to meet you.
    Good luck on Rick’s heart appointment this morning. I’m sure you’re just loving this weather – 63 on Saturday!

    1. Julie D.

      Gloria I would love to meet you! Do you live by midway? I live on Timber/230th just off of the interstate. You always have beautiful quilts!!! I’m a long-time Country Threads fan!!!

      1. Gloria from CC

        Julie – yes I live on Midway. Let me know what works for you and we’ll meet. I think we like similar quilt patterns and material. I learned how to quilt at CT in

  12. Debbie R.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the sailboat shirt. I love going to thrift stores and like to buy books there since they are usually cheaper than a second hand book store. I recently read the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I know it has been recommended before by people in this blog community so wanted to thank them for the recommendation. Very good book. Hope you can get caught up on all your day to day activities soon (and make less trips to Mayo). Thanks for or entertaining us.

    Debbie R.

  13. Bobby in Maryland

    You have a good eye for interesting things from the thrift store! I love the cross stitch picture. The saying that is stitched there is one my father used to repeat often…and he was a true friend to anyone who passed by. It brought back such wonderful memories of him.
    I love the flowers and acorn quilt…..I would have to name it “Awww, nuts!” If has the sunflower on it, the State flower of Maryland and nuts. This past fall there was an over abundance of acorns and black walnuts, which brought an abundance of squirrels!
    Bobby in Maryland

  14. Vicki

    I love the quilt by Julie D, but especially love the quilting! The colors in the quilt are soothing. Mary, hang in there with all the hospital and clinic visits.

    1. Julie D.

      Thank you Vicki! It is actually a Country Threads charm square pattern in “Sew Charming” book. It was quilted by a lady in Gowrie, Iowa. She is so creative!

  15. Janet of MN

    The quilts today are all stunning. Like Vicki said, the quilting by Julie D is amazing. Someone is sure expert with a longarm. The ‘ladies’ quilt is another stunner. I could only hope to have the patience to tackle that one.
    I don’t know if all states have it but here in Minnesota we have those little houses/boxes sitting outside(and in some stores) where you put a book in that you are done with and anyone who passes by and wants to read it, they just help themselves. We also donate books at our library which will sell them for .50 cents for a paperback and $1. for hardbound(kids are cheaper). Some libraries have a bookcase set aside for this and they also have book sales a few times a year. I’ve gotten some great books and when I’m done reading it, I just return it to be recycled.

    1. Julie D.

      Quilting is not by me–I could never do anything like that! But, it is done by a lady in Gowrie, IA who is friends with a friend of mine! She does extraordinary quilting! I want to send her a BIG quilt! The quilt pattern is from one of Mary and Connie’s book and was made with fabrics I had on hand with the exception of the backing.

  16. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary, good luck at the cardiologist today. I’ve missed you the past few days. Holy Moly, today’s quilts are something else! The autumn one is great! Those ladies though – wow! It’s still cold here in upstate NY. High of 30 today. Supposedly spring is coming! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Glenda Fletcher

    Yes, I can see doing 2 separate trips. I don’t like being rushed in shopping, especially at a thrift store. Love going to them. Don’t have a lot around us. You find so many good items. Hopefully Rick keeps on the mends and you can get him back to par. I liked the quilts that you posted today. I also would like to have more information for #5 by Nancy TD.

  18. Wonda Myers

    I like the good news pieces! Must be big if your tired of it!
    Hope has a good doctor visit. Getting old is not easy. Hang in there.

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Glad Ricks appt is closer by than Mayo Clinic cause as we get older sometimes appts are closer together and I hate losing a whole day to a medical appt.
    Your blog readers are still showing us wonderful creations!! Thank you all.
    Can’t wait to see what you make with the sailboat shirt. Do you use only 100% cotton ones? I am afraid I would melt a piece if it wasn’t. I never mind buying reasonable books cause I recycle them to others or take to a little library near us or donate to the library book sale. Reading is a very reasonable form of entertainment for me!

  20. Kathy Hanson

    I hope all goes well today – hopefully you will be able to slow down soon! I love your Orchids, mine are blooming too – they are so gorgeous!

  21. NancyTD

    Terry I can’t tell the name of the pattern or fabric of my #5 finish. It was a kit of a few years ago. I have the scraps in a bag and no pattern to be found. It was pieced and not quilted for a long time. Sorry that I can’t share with you.

    1. Terry

      Thanks for getting back to me, Nancy. It’s sure a beautiful quilt. It has the look of an “early” quilt and is a perfect showcase for those large florals. Just gorgeous!

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