The Duesey Day Car Show, 7-10-22

I have never attended a car show in my whole life but since Bob entered Little Red this year I had to check it out.

Block after block of fancy, vintage and collectible cars were on display. I have never seen such cars! Red looked pretty plain compared to most.

Car lovers were everywhere admiring almost 200 cars which just goes to show I don’t know one thing about cars! Haha!

The winner of the show was this silver SSR.

Bob said the owner must have $100,000 invested in this car! And he said they probably didn’t even drive it to the show – they likely brought it on a trailer! Obviously I know nothing about car clubs, car owners, or their obsession! I got a real education today. Tomorrow I’ll drive Red to the grocery store – that’s more my speed! Ha!

I spent most of the afternoon watering plants since now we could use a bit of rain. Tim’s irrigation even started up – must be dry.

Tonight I’m working on my pink project again. Tomorrow morning JB3 is going to the vet – he’s in the kennel tonight so he doesn’t eat any food. There’s something definitely wrong with his right front paw so while he’s under anesthesia the vet can check it out.

So that’s the weekend – did YOU do anything special you’d like to tell us about? We know Jo is in Sisters at the quilt show – can’t wait to hear about it.

29 thoughts on “The Duesey Day Car Show, 7-10-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, glad you enjoyed the car show. JB3 has won a spot in your heart, l am pleased but realize just how much work you put into pets and everything else around the farm.My son and family are going down to the South Island for a week, Stella is excited about driving the car onto the ferry and penguins at the antarctic centre in Christchurch, l will be at home washing quilts before we move.Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  2. Shirley from Oregon

    Hi Mary and all,
    My 2 girlfriends and I took classes all week long at Sisters,,Quilters Affair. My friends took from Sujata Shah and Sue Spargo. I took a class from Jean Wells called Into the Woods. We went to Sujatas lecture also. She is a wonderful speaker and story teller. Freddy Moran was a surprise visitor. In her 90s and sporting cute leggings and her large framed red rim glasses. We had a fabulous time, the Quilt Show was great. Look for it on utube. And, the weather was cooler for this time of year which was wonderful.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – oh, I’m so jealous of you taking classes! And I have loved Sue Spargo’s work for many years. And of course Freddy wore her large red glasses – is she really in her 90’s? I will watch it all on YouTube- thanks for the run down on the show!

    2. Jo in Wyoming

      Shirley, we didn’t know classes were offered. After we found the teachers exhibition, we figured it out. Boy, what a fine treat that was. Also, the Princess Diane challenge. The whole show was so beautiful as well as the town. I didn’t see any litter or smoking. The locals and volunteers must have been exhausted, but they didn’t show it.
      I don’t have a cell phone, so I am waiting for emails with photos.

  3. Cathy D

    We spent a long weekend with friends, camping at Pine Lake near Eldora. It rained a bit Thursday night but we were still able to sit out under our awnings and visit. Spent Friday and Saturday seeking out flea markets, thrift store, junking, and enjoying local flavor. Beautiful weather!

  4. Cathy in IN

    Not anything exciting this weekend as it rained almost all day Saturday & today that good old Indiana humidity kicked in. Tomorrow though one of he riverboats will dock here. They come in playing the calliope. It docks overnight & the passengers spend the night in a hotel. Since it is a wooden boat by law they are not allowed to sleep on the boat.
    When the boat leaves they have to go under the bridge connecting Indiana & Kentucky. They have to lay the smoke stacks down going under. All in all it’s pretty neat to see it.

  5. Chris in Alaska

    Well glad you asked about the weekend ! Here in Interior Alaska our world is filled with wildfires and smoke and hot dry weather and lighting strikes. Not to even mention massive mosquitoes. Best to keep the windows closed to keep out the smoke and heat . Perfect for sewing !

  6. Sherry Whalen

    We are in Freeport IL where we had a lovely time at a family reunion with Al’s cousins. Usually we meet up somewhere in southern MN or northern IA but the cousin who lives in IL said ‘hey come on over here!’ so here we are. We had a pit fire last night and ate WAY too much food today and took pictures of all of us on a carousel. Tomorrow we pack up and are going to visit Galena for the day – we haven’t been there for probably 20 years – and then cross back into Iowa to spend Tuesday in Dubuque. After that? Maybe home. Or not. Lol. We will see what Tuesday brings!

  7. Chris in Alaska

    Forgot to mention about the car show ! When we lived in Indiana before retiring in Alaska, there was a local Volkswagen car group that would have a yearly show and swap meet. Well, I’ve been blessed to have ahead 4 Beetles over my lifetime , and although I’m not really into cars, I loved to go and reminisce about my former loves ! Unfortunately I had to sell my last one , a 2013 , before we moved . Not a good Alaska car except in summer , which is very short .

  8. Sharon

    Little red is my favorite one .I’m 72 and I’ve always drove a red car or truck.Red looks clean even when it’s not.mine go to the grocery store too!I think little red looks great!

  9. Linda from MN

    I am on a cruise with my husband and sister in Norway at the moment. My sister and I have lived at opposite ends of the country for the last sixty-plus years, so I am beyond grateful to have this time with her!

  10. Carla J in Michigan

    I’m playing yard catch up, with unwanted tree starts and poke weed in garden beds. Cool mornings were spent there, afternoons tv baseball games while reading, evenings sew a long sewing. Hour glass blocks are time consuming.
    A local town holds ‘Cruz In’ in a couple of weeks. Vehicle must be ‘75 or older to be in the parade thru the community. Vehicles are parked downtown and spectators walk around and socializing. Always a nice evening and turnout is huge. I rode in an early 50’s Pontiac with a coworker one year and been a spectator many times. The host community allows the hot rods to show off on the straight away so revving engines and a few flames are not unusual.

  11. Mary H

    We brought Ada back from Jacob’s wedding and kept her all week. Had so much fun-swimming, gardening, sewing, kayaking, reading, etc. I love kids’ curiosity. She really wanted to know where water went when it went down the drain!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – I need background info – is Jacob your son?

  12. Rita in Iowa

    My weekend started Friday evening with a surprise visit from my daughters and families from Illinois and Texas. They threw a surprise 50th Anniversary party for us. Family and friends came to help us celebrate this milestone. It was a great time for the grandsons to reconnect with cousins that they have spent so little time with.
    It was a fabulous weekend and one to remember!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – weren’t you going to celebrate your 50th anniversary before your families surprised you with a visit? It really is such a lovely milestone – Happy Anniversary!

      1. Rita in Iowa

        It becomes quite an expense because we have such a large family. I have 10 bothers and sisters and my husband has 3 siblings. So when we start including nieces and nephews and their families it become a large number. My daughters put together a lovely gathering and we had over 60 guests.
        As it is my sister had tested herself before coming and tested negative but when she returned home she tested positive. It still doesn’t change anything as we just don’t know if and who has COVID.
        But I’m glad we had the celebration!

  13. Kathy in western NY

    It was fun reading everyone’s comments on their weekend. I will watch the you tube of sisters quilt show. I spent Saturday sewing with 4 friends in a big finished basement so we were real cool as it’s hot out. I had cut out 8 blocks for your Sea Glass Stars quilt from the Scrap School book so I could sew peacefully and just catch up with them till we had a pot luck lunch.
    Our local car show is in a few weeks and I don’t attend it but love looking at the cars drive by my house to enter it.

  14. Alice

    I spent last week finishing up a QOV quilt for my dear friend. It was presented to him along with 5 other veterans at a ceremony our guild held. It’s been 3 yrs since the last presentation because of COVID restrictions. My friend is a Marine Korean War Veteran & just celebrated his 89th b’day on 7/2! I’ve sent pictures of the quilt to Mary. Along with finishing the quilt I baked him a German Chocolate cake, his favorite! Now I can rest for a couple days!! My June was very busy with making this quilt! But I loved it from start to finish!
    Alice, SW Ohio

  15. Kim from TN

    We have been on a 2-week road trip visiting friends & family in Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin. Headed home to Tennessee today. Along the way I have been visiting different quilt shops gathering 15 different ombre fabrics for a class I will take in August. It’s been lovely to see the fields of corn, soybeans and potatoes. I miss the summers in the Midwest but not the winters. The car show looks like fun, and Red is shining brightly.

  16. Jane from St Marys

    We celebrated our grandson’s 1st birthday which is actually on the 2nd of July on Saturday. They had a bouncy house & the ice cream truck came! It was fun to watch his other 4 cousins & him play….they melt this Grandma’s heart!

  17. Lynn in Scottsdale

    We met a cousin for lunch and attended mass at her church, spent several hours filling out our primary ballots, changed our smoke detector batteries, and watched movies (I did some embroidery and crochet while watching).

  18. Linda in Michigan

    Mary, I’m like you, no interest in cars and don’t know much about them. Car shows are a hot commodity in this neck of the woods, so I’ve been to many. My feeling is, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! Ha, ha. A fellow quilter’s husband has an antique auto, and he has to keep it locked up, as vandals like to steal parts off these old cars. Another quilter and her husband travel all over the country in a long line of antique cars- to each their own, I guess. It was a quiet weekend here, lots of boaters taking advantage of the wonderful summer weather. I’ve been working on cross-stitch, not much quilting.
    Little Red is so cute, do you store her in the winter?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in Michigan- I did leave Red in the garage all winter – I was told the salt on our roads would destroy the finish. But I intend to drive her all summer!

  19. Dorothy

    Mary I’m not a car gal either but my childhood friend is. In high school when the rest of us had pictures of the Beatles and Bobby Sherman in our lockers she had pics of cars, married a mechanic. We have plans to meet up with them in Morris, Illinois in a few weeks for a car show that has 800 cars!! Should be fun!!

  20. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    We came back from NC on Friday. We spent almost a week with daughter, son in law, his mom, the 2 Grand daughters and 3 of their friends. FUN time with 5 girls ages 18–20. All 5 head back to college in August—4 at Muskingum Univ and at Louisville. Sunday we attended a beautiful celebration of life for a 54 year old friend. Wayyy too young. Her choir sang and they were wonderful. One grand daughter adopted Archie on Sunday—he is a Millie and Squeak twin , but a boy😹😹. Love your red truck/car, Mary.

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