Perfect Summer Days, 7-12-22

Low humidity, temps in the 80’s, no wind and sunny skies – absolutely perfect summer days to do just about anything! Last winter I dreamed of day trips in the summer but now that those summer days are here I can’t make myself go.

JB3 came home from the vet yesterday afternoon – my vet called him a “mutant” – he has only 3 toes on his right front foot, he has a boney protrubance on his sternum, he has a kink in his tail that indicates it was probably broken at some time and he has a heart murmur. Hmmmm…

I’m still working on my pink project – it’s taking up too much of my time but I’m working hard to have it finished by the end of the month. Are you working on your #10/pink project? I’m hoping I have a quicker finish next month.

And here’s JB2 perched in a spot I do NOT want him to be!

28 thoughts on “Perfect Summer Days, 7-12-22

  1. Jan Smith

    Hoping that none of 3’s physical eccentricities cause discomfort. Did the vet also say that he is healthy?
    Have to comment on the quilt in the garage! That’s a first for me. Put them anywhere there is space!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – I have many quilts hanging in the garage actually – when our shop was open customers reached the bathroom via the garage so it was a continual quilt show. Yes, JB3 is healthy but I’m wondering if the vet ever really saw him walk – it seems as if his whole right leg is crooked in some odd way which doesn’t actually bother him, I don’t think. He’s protected now except for Ernie Jo Mauer who would like to terrorize him. Grrrrr….

  2. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So, how is JB3 feeling? When we brought Tommy home from the vet/surgery, he hid under the basement stairs on a blanket for several days.
    I am working on a pinwheel baby quilt, which does have quite a bit of pink in it. 🤗

  3. Kathy Hanson

    Cats seem to like places like that!
    I wanted to start my
    “Pink project”. But I have to finish a quilt that I
    Am making for the Veterans Home they are building in Preston MN. Maybe next month!

  4. Georgia

    Beautiful table photo & I see the butter dish has it’s place of honor!

    Not many summer vacationer’s in our neck of the woods (NorCal) – our lake misses all the boaters, but the ducks are enjoying the quiet. I’m fostering a mated pair of beautiful white ducks until new owners get their shed built for them near their pond. Their original owner, thought the ducklings at tractor Supply would be fun to raise, until they grew up & he couldn’t, or didn’t want to put in the work to care for them, & it is a lot of work – not at all suited for a tiny backyard. He doesn’t live on water, so used a kiddy pool & probably got tired of changing out water & cleaning muck a few times daily, if much at all. So he released them all one day on the beach next door. He was just so sure they would take to the lake – wrong! I heard all the quacking & saw a small flock of ducks running from the lake to catch up to their traitorous master. He shut the gate before they could. I herded them all into my yard within an hour, open to the lake & where there is shade, grass, water & food. The owner thanked me. The ducks kept watching for him to return & the smaller ducks finally found an escape route thru our fence 2 days later – the 6 ducks marched up the street like homing pigeons before I figured out they were MIA. (Their sense of direction is a wonder, just wish they would have chosen the lake. The 2 large white’s couldn’t squeeze thru opening. They will not go to the lake in our front yard – it’s a bit of a walk with the drought, but my wild Canook’s & white geese come up daily so I figured these 2 would follow – nope. The female was trying to set, but we discourage as it’s 100 degrees & her preferred site is in the sun. These are beautiful, trusting creatures & it breaks my heart that people are so thoughtless/careless – why I’m writing this. I will miss them – Gertie & Mel. If it doesn’t work out with new owner, I’ll move them inland to where we keep our chickens, with a barn & an in-ground pool – don’t tell my DH!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Georgia – thank you for taking care of the ducks! Doesn’t that guy realize he has imprinted on those baby ducks? People can be so thoughtless and uncaring- I just can’t imagine what those ducks must be thinking. Thank goodness you will help them!

      1. Georgia

        Mary – that’s exactly the problem. I have raised both wild & store hatched baby ducks – there’s a huge difference when ducks have not had their rightful mother. Wild ducklings that have become lost will grow up & eventually return naturally to the wild. Store bought, motherless, is a whole different situation.
        I feel that this could be better solved if the clerk’s selling these animals would take a few minutes to explain these traits to potential buyers who are more in love with the fuzzy babies and not the reality of mature animals & their needs. Our small mom & pop feed stores do this – the big boxes don’t, for the most part – employees come & go, many have no natural instincts or experience with animals like the mom & pop’s.

  5. Joy in NW Iowa

    Yesterday was beautiful! Just perfect! But the forecast is a real cooker!! Will I will be staying 8n my happy place! We do not appreciate having cats on our vehicles either! Ugh! We have 3 visitors…..skunks! In broad day light! Yikes!

  6. Carolyn S Knott

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your cooling off period. We here in Texas are still in triple digits. It is just disgusting to have temps in the 90’s at 10:00 in the morning. Yesterday I thought I was safe to be out puttering in the yard at that time but no. Had to come in after 30 minutes I was drenched. I’m 7 weeks post knee replacement and feeling like doing life again and it is just too hot. So to say I’m jealous is an understatement. So please enjoy your time of cooler weather. I have actually done a little sewing since my leg doesn’t swell like it did for a while. So to me that is a joy. I enjoy reading your blog so keep on blogging and stay cool.

  7. Janet of MN

    You sure don’t want cats on that beautiful car/truck. My son has a blue SSR (which I love) and several cats so he has to keep the SSR in a garage with the doors shut all the time. Nothing else he can do. Weather near the twin cities is also really nice – for now.

  8. Margaret in North Texas

    Mary, your porch is so inviting! Just start planning a once a week road trip–just get in the car and say”Which direction are we heading?” Might be fun–don’t let summer get away.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I had one “perfect” dog from a breeder in my lifetime but my rescues have this and that which needs attention and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Who would take care of them with their issues if we who love animals didn’t give them the life they deserve. JB3 will be at his rest home with you. Fed and loved.
    I hear ya on going out on day trips. I am trying to get myself in gear to just go get groceries today. It’s so pleasant to just hang out at home and do what I want cause I seem to say I don’t get a thing done.

  10. Kris in WI

    JB2 thinks your Lil Red is a real COOL car, especially on a hot summer day. The quilts in the garage made me chuckle. Love it! I’m having screened porch envy on a beautiful day like today. The lilies are so pretty and I’ll bet your ‘new’ butter dish sparkles and casts rainbows in the sun. I’m headed to the basement to finish cleaning up after the monsoons over the 4th decided to leak through a window well. (Picture sad face here) Then it is on to piecing the back for #10 and maybe play with pink, too. Enjoy your day, everyone!

  11. Linda Rowe

    I had to laugh seeing a quilt hanging in your garage. True definition of a quilter. Every year my friends and I took a quilting road trip. Country Threads was a must stop! Sure do miss it! It’s so great to be able to follow your posts and see that you are doing well!

  12. Susan K in Texas

    Goodness JB3 has a list for such a young kitty. He’s getting back at you for the vet visit by sitting on Little Red. That or he knows how pretty he is!
    Too hot here to think. Plants are struggling.
    I’ve been sorting through scraps. Trying to get a handle on my sewing room. It’s nice and cool in there.

  13. Jan Hebert

    Uh oh, I think he should be called “Trouble”! I feel the same way about day trips – most of the time. I so want to go for long drives again, like we used to. Up the coast to Maine, or up to the Lakes Region in NH, I love long rides but with the gardens it seems all of our time is here. Oh well, I’ll be glad when we start getting the fruits of our labor! Enjoy your day Mary! Jan in MA

  14. Michele

    LOVE your green colored lilies. I have pink, yellow and orange lilies but nothing that shade. Beautiful!!!
    Too bad the lilies will be finished before the county fair flower show, although…………………….. LOL.

  15. NancyTD

    JB3 could be scratching the finish on your car. You don’t want that expense of a paint job. Flowers are pretty on your table.
    It has been hot and humid here. Get up early to water. Don’t seem to find time to sew. Slow at getting my work done in this heat.
    Another Grand daughter and her family arrive on Sunday for a week visit. Everyone has come to see us this summer. Nice.
    JB3 is lucky to have you to ❤️ him. You are giving a great life.

  16. Sue in Oregon

    At least it’s dry weather so maybe the cat tracks won’t show??
    I am also working on my pink project. It is a small one because that’s about all I do now.
    Your lilies are beautiful on that table topper. What is the name of that block?
    I giggled when I saw the quilt in the garage. Nice touch, Mary.

  17. Amy Kollasch

    I am so happy to have this break in hot weather. Except of course, that means it’s time to mow again. Too bad to hear that JB3 has so many health issues going on. Sounds like he wasn’t treated too well previously. I hope to be able to start sewing again next year. Renovations are at a stand still right now and of course the room under renovation is the room I am going to use as my sewing space. I have to lug out everything from the closet when I want to sew and that becomes a chore. Easier to do in the winter when there isn’t so much to do outside. Happy sewing everyone 💓

  18. Launa

    My cat used to sleep on the hood of my Datsun 260Z in the garage n I had to have the Z repainted! Was the best vehicle I had!
    Not much sewing getting done here yet!

  19. Jill klop

    Ironically, I had already started a pink project before you chose July’s color! I just have to quilt it and bind it!

  20. Diane from Colorado

    I love your cute table topper, Mary!!
    If I ever find the top of my table, I’d love one like it to cover my table! Right now, my sewing machine is covering the table, so there’s that!! Ha!

  21. Bobby Sutton

    Looks like Little Red is admired by people and cats! Lol. I brt Little Red was very much admired in the parade. I was happy to see you did not have the medical boot on during parade day. Hope your foot has healed completely.
    Bobby in Md

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