The Fall Quilt, 10-19-22

All of this info is a repeat – and the reason you missed this info is because you didn’t read my blog posts. Yes, I do enjoy “entertaining” you but if I don’t write for a longer period of time it’s because I get no feedback.

This book is one of the very first quilt books I ever bought.

I have always loved this quilt.

This is one of the first times I have ever copied the colors in a published quilt.

Have you ever wondered about this very dated round table I always use? Our mom bought it when Rick and I were in high school! Originally the chairs were orange which would have been perfect with this quilt. When I’m gone it will go to Jennys’s house.

I love it against this red building!

And yes, Three matches!

I know it doesn’t look like it but this was one of the most difficult quilts I’ve ever made – it’s that triangle border that almost made me give up.

Reader quilts – thank you!

This reader has been very busy

I remember Charlotte’s Web with great fondness.

160 thoughts on “The Fall Quilt, 10-19-22

  1. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, you are my favorite blog writer. I love all your quilts and comments on the farm and your animals and your life and your collections. I would be soooo sad if you ever stop.

  2. Cheryl Regan

    I look for your blog each day and really am bummed I missed getting an autographed copy of your latest book. I did buy on Amazon. I don’t comment much cuz I just don’t have anything to say. I love your quilt in this blog. Keep on writing plz.

  3. Joanie

    Mary I have that same book. I am going to have pull it out and look through it again. Your quilt is the perfect fall quilt!

    1. Barbara Moore

      I still have many of the Vanessa Ann books; those girls put out some beautiful things. I especially loved their dolls and made several of them once patterns became available. Your quilt is beautiful and just perfect for autumn. Love the colors and your display photos of it are just lovely. It’s Fall in Tucson and the only difference we’re experiencing is dropping temps. October is the month where we start with 90-degree days and end with ones in the 60’s! Sadly no color change here but it does happen in NoAz and we’d have to drive to see it. Loved your corn field photos. I remember once as a kid, trying to eat field corn – that was funny as I didn’t know there was a difference between the farmers’ and my Mom’s home garden corn!

  4. Janice Treml

    Love all the quilt pictures. Need some inspiration to get projects done around here! I would definitely miss your blog if you quit. Only made it to your shop twice but it was a fun experience. Thanks.

  5. Mary Knabe

    I love reading your blog. I’ve followed you for years and was at your Country Threads quilt Shop once. I live in a corn and bean crop farm in west central Minnesota. I appreciate your photos of the fields near you. I sew almost every day and think about what projects to do every day. Keep up the great work. You inspire all of us!

    1. Sandy Bessingpas

      Hi Mary Knabe..just down the road a few miles from you and still quilting Threads patterns are my favorites

  6. Denise Weise

    I love the fall quilt you just finished but oh those triangles.
    I just finished a patriotic BOM by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings which required about 1200 1/2 sq triangles. While they were done with papers it was an arduous process. The quilt, once put together, will be quite nice.

  7. Leigh Ann

    I love Charlotte’s Web still. One of my Christmas ornaments is a little ceramic pig and I always call him Wilbur. Love your quilt!

  8. Margie Fisher

    Oh gosh Mary, I remember that Vanessa Ann book too !
    and Im a lot older than you ! Wish I still had it.
    PS love Charlotte’s Web too! BOOKS can take us anywhere, long live BOOKS AND LIBRARIES !!!!!
    and your Country Threads! First thing I look at in the morning! Thank you, dear Mary and Connie


  9. Jo in Wyoming

    Boy! Somebody has been busy. I wish I had more time for my quilting. Oh! Well, some day.
    On the bright side…I love reading your blog, seeing all the quilts and pictures.
    Mary, are you self taught? Or did you take a beginner quilt class?
    I signed up for beginning and it was so popular, it took a year to get in! After that, I signed up for many classes within 100 mile range. I still love everything about quilting. My first class was in 1986.

  10. Diane in Maryland

    I love your quilt and seeing Three next to it! It looks so pretty on your table with the pumpkin and leaves. The table top looks like marble but I think it may be formica. A treasure for sure and a wonderful memory that it was a gift from your mom.

    Seeing all those quilts made by one of your readers does make me feel like a slacker! The weather has turned cool which makes me feel like getting back to quilting.

  11. Tanya T. in Houston

    Charlotte’s Web is a great reread for a fall day! Check it out of your local library if you have never read it! Everything you need to know in life is definitely in children’s books! Look for a new picture book called FARMHOUSE by Sophia Blackall. too. It will make you smile.

    Glad you kept on with that zigzag border. It is stunning and makes the quilt.

    Fall is here! Cool weather is just perfect after a long, long, hot summer in Texas. Church bazaar is this week!

  12. Karen Juergens

    I have the “Small Quilts” book in my collection-definitely a classic. I made the picnic quilt from the book years ago for tiny grandkids. Unfortunately, I found one of them in the children’s SANDBOX one day and that ended my quiltmaking for them for now. I now make them pillows for their beds, hoping that they
    will stay inside the house!! Did pioneer children treat their handmade quilts in this fashion?So sorry about Rick’s continuing health issues-my husband and I are in our 70’s now, and trying to stay upright! I love your blog-so much creativity and country life rolled into one blog!

  13. Susie Lenz

    I love your latest quilt,Mary! It’s nice 3 was willing to pose with it. The reader quilts are lovely too. In MN we are expecting a warm up this weekend-I hope that is true for those of you in Iowa also. Winter is long enough,we don’t need it to come yet🍁

  14. Martha

    Mary ~~ Your autumn table is simply lovely! What a great story about it’s history. I would have done that border using flying geese units made with Studio 180 Wing Clipper tool. Happy Season of Gratitude to you and Rick!!
    Martha in Maine

  15. Gail in Ohio

    Love seeing all those quilts – and you’re about ready for fall with “Hopscotch and Butterscotch”! Nice of the cat to come over and match it…

  16. Frances E

    Your Hopscotch and Butterscotch quilt is very pretty. Perfect for Fall and perfect against your red barn. My favorite time of the year. I hope Rickis doing better.

  17. Kathy Swanson

    Thanks for re-posting the information for your fall quilt. I have to admit, that I breezed by it when you first wrote about it, but the quilting you did on it REALLY grabbed me! I think it looks like the perfect fall, snuggle quilt that goes everywhere to keep someone warm and cozy. I really do need to try the “straight” line quilting like you do. It is just perfect for so many quilt patterns.

    Our leaves have turned color and blown from the trees, so I am ready to make (and use) a quilt like yours.

    Thanks again!

  18. Brenda In SC

    If this is a repeat post, it is the first time I am seeing it. A lot of times I do not get your posts and go looking for them.
    Your quilt turned out nice and I love the colors. Reader quilts are lovely as well. Not too much on the SC home front…just cold.

  19. RuthW in MD

    Mary, I am commenting as the 22nd commenter, but the original post still says “Leave a reply” as if no one has commented yet. This happens quite often. So I always check for comments. Those quilt tops are gorgeous! Congratulations to that person on completing such nicely colored tops. Thank you for your blog!

  20. Donna Sproston

    Love that quilt! I assume you did not use templates. Rotary cutters and lots of rulers have certainly changed things. I am a great fan of straight line quilting,

    Did you get any snow yet? Seeing photos from a friend in the UP makes me think we are in for a bit more snow than last year.

    I am off to get my cast changed after my muscle lengthening surgery. So far, no falls and no pain! I won’t be sewing for a while. Machine is in the basement, and I doubt I can drive be it with the left foot.

  21. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Your fall quilt is stunning, Mary. I have decided I am a lazy quilter; that border is beyond my quilting skills.
    It is 34 degrees here, mid morning. It was definitely an oatmeal morning.
    I hope Rick’s leg heals nicely. Take Care, 🥰

  22. Sue in Oregon

    I don’t have Small Quilts, but I do have Vanessa-Ann’s Living With Quilts. I enjoy looking through it from time to time. I love the old books now, even though the templates kind of throw me. I learned to cut with rulers from the very beginning of my quilt-making journey.
    Your Hopscotch and Butterscotch is wonderful!
    I love Charlotte’s Web too. I recently found a white ceramic pig that looks just like Wilbur and he has that same sweet face.
    I pinned the last quilt because I may copy the background blocks. I am making a quilt for my great-grandson and it also will have pre-printed animal squares. Hope that’s okay.

  23. Deb in Idaho

    Love the Hopscotch and butterscotch quilt, when I first saw it I want to make it. I haven’t been in the sewing room lately but hope to this weekend. Been busy in the garden clean up. Off to vote, have a great day

  24. Sharon

    I love your quilt too! The orange and brown look so good together.Fall colors are my favorite,probably because I live in Southern California we’re we don’t have fall.90 degrees today 🥲

  25. Sharon

    Just because I don’t comment much doesn’t mean that I’m not reading your blog. I thoroughly enjoy every post!

  26. Beth

    Mary, how old were you when you started sewing/quilting? What’s you story?😊Youre such an inspiration. I just loved going to your shop when it was open. Have a good day!

    1. Debbie G in SE WI

      Hi Mary! I too look so forward to your posts, but never take the time to comment back! I just got in from walking the dog. Brrr! The sun is deceiving of the temp. I finally finished up the 3 sequin and beaded stockings I shared with you a while back. Its so good to get them off my plate. Now I’m working on an ornament for my grandson who loves nutcrackers. Also have a jumper to !make for my granddaughter’s birthday a!ong with some doll clothes. Last night was a basket weaving class. Hopefully I will finish next week. Warmer temps for the weekend will mean mowing one last time and a final cleanup. Tonight is dinner with my book club friends. I’m not a reader, but it’s social time for me!

      1. Debbie G in SE WI

        I just reserved the Small Quilt book you showed from my library!! I’m all over that quilt you made and can’t wait to make one for myself!!!

  27. Joy joseph

    I rarely comment but I read your posts every day. I’m sorry I forgot that blogging is a two way endeavor. I will be more aware of that. Please don’t stop as I’m sure there are lots of quilters like me. ❤️

    1. Marilyn

      Mary rely do love the fall quilt. Also enjoy seeing quilts you share with us. I don’t reply often but enjoy your posts.

  28. Jules from North Carolina

    Your UFO system has helped finish 2 quilts Thank you. I send a picture but was during your techical problems and never saw the pictures. Would you please give your email again and I will resend the pictures Will also save your email to a better place so remember😊

  29. Kay

    I love the colors on your quilt Mary.
    Love red , white and black quilt looks like a crumb quilt.

  30. Sharon Ernst

    Mary — I also have that book from way back when! Your quilt is so beautiful! I may have to pull some of those gorgeous colors out of my stash! It’s so perfect for your Fall display! Thank you for sharingit with all of us!

  31. Tina W in Oregon

    The weather is definitely turning here in NE Oregon. Was 39* this morning but the afternoons have been just beautiful in the high 70’s. I need to do a bit more clean up of the yard and garden since the days are so nice . The weather is supposed to turn to rain this weekend, with snow above 3000 feet elevation, so I better get busy! Was able to attend a big quilt show in Spokane, WA last weekend. Lots of quilts and vendors. Had a great time! Your blog is my favorite of the ones I read. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.

  32. Carmen Montmarquet

    I love your quilt especially since it goes so nice with Three! I so enjoy reading your blog and will try to comment more often! Always love seeing and reading about your life on the Farm!

  33. Sandy

    Charlotte’s Web is one of the first “real books” I read to my 1st grandchild, Rachel was born on my birthday October 29, 2004. She became such an avid reader and is now a 1st year at Chicago University. Empty Nest is hard on parents. I think it is just as bad on grandparents. I am esprecially fond of Charlotte’s Web.

  34. Cathy D

    I absolutely love your Hopscotch and Butterscotch quilt! The colors just reach out and grab your attention. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Janet S

    Hopscotch and Butterscotch is an adorable quilt and with great colors. Everyone knows the story of Charlotte’s Web and have seen it in the movie but now I am going to the library to check it out.
    In the meantime, I’m in the process of making a log cabin quilt for my grandson, you know where you put 4 blocks together and get a large block. Well, when I put it up on my design wall, I had enough extra blocks where if I only made 5 more of the small blocks, I would be able to add an entire row. Off I went to the sewing machine. It seems I can’t count because now when I put it up, I am 3 short. How did that happen? First, I am looking to see if I misplaced blocks, but I doubt it. I think I will be doing a little more sewing. Life is good and it keeps me humble.
    Have a great week everyone. Southern Minnesota will be having temperatures in the high 70’s – lucky us.

  36. Marie

    Love that cheddar color quilt. Your blog is always intertaining to read, like visiting a old friend.

  37. Karen in Ohio

    I really like your quilt. It looks like autumn! That book has interesting quilts on the cover.

  38. Ann in PA

    I read your posts but I didn’t get around to commenting as much as I’d like because hubby just had surgery last week and I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t do too much. (it’s a guy thing!)
    I love your Hopscotch and Butterscotch quilt. It looks like a quick and easy quilt to make; however, after you commented on that border, I looked closer and yikes! You did a wonderful job.
    I wanted to say I’m sorry to learn about Rick’s setback. You are blessed to have someone to take care of the farm and animals while you are away.
    Years ago, when our neighbor farmed land for his retired father, a neighbor helped himself to our friend’s corn then had the nerve to complain how awful it was to eat. Of course you know he stole field corn. Serves him right. Our friend’s sweet corn was planted near the house for a reason. lol
    Cold weather finally arrived in PA so we’re hunkering in to watch football (Fly Eagles Fly) & Baseball (Go Phillies).

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann in PA – I love baseball during the playoff season – I think it’s a pretty slow game in the regular season but love the fall games!

  39. Donna

    Love the butterscotch color little quilt. Scares me if tricky fir you. But such a different color.
    You sure inspire me. I keep hoping I’ll get with it again.
    Bout time. The readers quilts r wonderful.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – I’m going to have a challenge for you – keep reading.

  40. Dee carter

    Love your orange quilt. I don’t comment often but read all your posts. Also been a follower of yours for years. Have most of your books and even a few of the goat gazette papers!! Lol

  41. Beth Laverty

    I love small quilts these days because I don’t have need for full sized one. I can always seem to find a place to put a smaller one.

  42. Diana in Des Moines

    I DO read each and every blog post, but seldom respond as I have nothing important to say. I will try to do better.

    Love the fall quilt!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana in DM – and just why is it that you think YOU have nothing important to say? I could say the same – I live a pretty mundane life.

  43. Lisa B

    My mom had that book. I’ll look through the books she took to assisted living and see if she took it with her there.

  44. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Charlotte’s Web, such a beautiful story to share with children. Friendship and sacrifice, random acts of kindness… however you choose to understand it, it’s just lovely.
    I’m feeling a little better about letting my poor Kitty go a month ago, I sometimes think she’s right behind me and then I remember she’s not. There’s an empty spot in front of the fireplace and I still check for her every so often. We came home from a trip a few days ago to a spotless house and I thought, you can tell there’s no Kitty here! Can’t say I miss her fur balls and hair balls but I sure miss her. I’m pretty sure most of your readers understand.
    I love your new quilt and you’d never guess it was that difficult, but I’ll take your word for it. It seems to have turned out perfect so I guess you conquered those triangles!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – and just why haven’t you gotten another kitty by now? I don’t understand.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        We’ve been traveling lately and it hasn’t been the right time to start nagging! My husband doesn’t want to go through the sadness again, he was so upset, so he’s not ready. We’re headed to a shelter Saturday to give them the rest of Kitty’s meds, they have a vet on call and she said she’d be glad to take the refrigerated ones. I thought I’d have to toss brand new bottles, so I’m glad another kitty might use them. I’ll go with my husband this time, maybe a little one will appeal to him. You never know, fur can open a heart pretty quickly.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Carol – good luck at the shelter – there’s a little furball who needs you – sometime.

  45. Rita in Iowa

    Ok ladies I’m going to open a can of worms. I’m scheduled for foot surgery on Tuesday, hammertoes, and bunion on big toe. Decided to have all the toes done as to have repeat surgery 2-3 years from now. Also have scheduled total knee replacement surgery in January. Doc says it’s bad. I am not in a lot of pain but want to have it done while I’m essentially in good health.
    Do you have any advise on any of these issues for pre and post recovery.
    I have all the outside work done and the house clean. Hubby has learned how to do the wash and doesn’t mind cooking. We do have a lot of soups and meat cooked in the freezer.
    I have lots of sit down projects ready to work on and hope to get some of them done.

    By the way the quilts are beautiful and I am going to check if I still have the Small Quilts book.

    Thanks in advance! LOL

    1. Beth Laverty

      I have had both knees done. Also both thumbs and three trigger fingers. The best advice I can give is to DO THE THERAPY!!! You will probably not be driving for awhile while the knees recover but make sure you have someone available to drive you. IF you can arrange for therapy at home so much the better.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gosh, Rita, I’m sorry about your upcoming surgeries – I’d like to have a hammerhead toe fixed but don’t want to recuperate without walking! I agree that the therapy is very important – I didn’t want to drive into town for therapy three days a week but I did and my knees are perfect. I can’t kneel on my knees but it’s a small price to pay.

  46. Diane in Colorado

    Charlotte’s Web was the first hard cover book I was given as a child and I still have it! I have loved the story all these years!

    There are certainly some busy quilters in this group!! Love seeing the finishes!

  47. Donna Israels

    Love seeing the finished projects. I’m looking to find the quilt book you mentioned!!

  48. Carmen

    I wonder what the Vanessa-Anne people are doing today. There were big into cross stitch, too! I remember in grade school (country school), our teacher would read to us every day after noon recess. Probably helped us to calm down! A lot of Little House books, but I know she read Charlotte’s Web also. It is a great book.

  49. Deb in Japan

    I have that book too, it is actually one of the few I kept and put into storage awaiting my move back to MN (in the somewhat distant future)! Fun stuff and I’ve made a couple of them – long ago and far away.

  50. Ellen F.

    Always look forward to seeing your post. Love the quilts you share with us. Miss coming to Country Threads to see all the beautiful quilts, cats, other animals and how you decorate around your home.

  51. Chris in Alaska

    That book was one of the first quilt books I bought too ! The shelf in my kitchen with my creamer cows was handmade with a bar under the shelf for hanging a small quilt . I also love Charlotte’s Web . As a first grade teacher I read that book every year to my classes . Never got tired of reading it and watching their faces eagerly waiting for the next chapter .

  52. Karen Pidcock

    I am a new reader of your blog and I’m enjoying your presentations, humor, and beautiful quilts presented to
    Is with flair. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

  53. Jo in Michigan

    Hi Mary, I seen the first blog and the second one now. I don’t comment most of the time. Sometimes I think you don’t write to us because you have too much on your plate. So I patiently wait to hear from you. As I have for many moons. We are all still here and we so appreciate you “entertaining” us. Don’t give up on us♥️

  54. Jan Smith

    Your quilt is fantastic! Perhaps to a non-quilter it doesn’t look hard, but that’s a lot of points to match up.
    Charlotte’s Web was read to my maybe third grade class. What an impression it made on me. I’m sure that book has much to do with the reader I am. Can’t go a day without it.

  55. Jeanine from Iowa

    We had 23* here in southern Iowa this morning. But, like others have mentioned, we are to have a warm up beginning tomorrow, and warmer each day into the weekend. I heard it may get to 80 this weekend. We will take it!
    This morning my husband and I raked pine needles from a rental property. There were a lot that had fallen from a pine tree with long needles. We have had so many twigs and small branches fall from our cottonwood tree this fall. We think it is worse than normal because of the dry summer we have had. Same about the needles. I will say the needles are much easier to rake than leaves, which haven’t fallen on very many trees yet here. I am thankful I can still do it. My husband has issues and cannot do what he would like to do. He does what he can but tires easily.
    I, too, enjoy the blog so much and read it and all the comments every time you post. I enjoy all your news and the quilts you share from yourself and the readers. I hope Rick heals quickly so he can have his surgery.

  56. Alice

    Love your Hopscotch & Butterscotch quilt! It’s different & one of the prettiest fall quilts I’ve seen! I read Charlotte’s Web to my children & I loved it as much as they did! I’ve been putting together blocks that a friend embroidered years ago. She’s deceased now & the quilt will go to her family. It must have been a kit as the blocks are terrible fabric. Lots of shifting. After pinning & unpinning 3 times, I’ll do the best I can at quilting it! This is definitely a quilt I should have said “NO” to!! This isn’t a small quilt either, too big for my small home! I’ll post pictures when it’s done!

  57. Carrolyn v

    Luv u and your posts. I don’t often comment nor talk in general. You amaze me with all u do and how hard u work! What you do for others and animals is truly heroic. You are my hero!

  58. Betty Klosterman

    Don’t get upset, ladies, but did you see “The Good Doctor” last week? I was laughing out loud at their problems. Patient needed a heart transplant and new heart couldn’t be used, so they got a pig heart. Only problem was they brought Wilbur and his heart, intact, walking into the hospital on a leash. Wilbur was a very tame, friendly pig and loved all the attention from hospital staff and patients. It was the hospital’s job to harvest the heart……. Wilbur was sedated and prepped and Shawn wasn’t feeling very confident, but luckily another heart became available before the first incision and they didn’t need Wilbur’s . Surgery was a success, but now what to do with Wilbur. Luckily a recluse patient and Wilbur hit it off. You can’t look for all the details, but it was funny program. We do need laughter these days.
    Now hearing all the “Charlotte’s Web” comments made me just giggle.
    It is windy and I was watching the leaves floating gracefully from the tree across the street. Almost like a ballet. The sun is shinning and the leaves sparkle. Luckily my yard is open and the leaves are blown into the next yard and eventually Nebraska?
    All your thoughts, etc. seem mundane to you, but they are interesting to the rest of us and we know there are others going thru the same stuff we are. Just like visiting with next door neighbors. Nothing great, just everyday stuff. And, of course, all the quilts, critters, pumpkins and old kitchen tables, etc. Mary, that includes your thoughts, too. Keep writing and keep quilting. Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  59. Bonnie McKee

    You are a very brave woman, MUCH braver than I, to make a quilt with a triangle border. Bravo!
    And I love how the quilt matches Three! 🥰
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  60. Teresa

    I love your table top quilt, so perfect for fall. Thanks to the readers who send in their projects, I love seeing everyone’s work. Fall is definitely here with the current cold temperatures, hate having to wear coats again. It’s going to be hamburger soup for supper tonight.

    1. Teresa

      I forgot to add, we get these black spiders that live in our mailbox every summer. Now, we have a large rural mailbox so packages will fit. I used to sweep them out until I read the book, Charlotte’s Web to my kids when they were little. Ever since then, those spiders live in the mailbox every summer, undisturbed.

  61. Linda H

    For Nikki in TX – I apologize for taking so long to respond to your info request…sometimes life just happens I guess…. Joel’s quilt on the Sept 7th post is a Ruth Ann Berry pattern ( The pattern name is Harmony. It is made entirely of triangles.

    Mary, et al: reading your blogs and everyone’s comments is so enjoyable – days can go by without speaking to anyone, so it’s like a connection to the real world (without all of the politics!). Thank you!!

  62. Henners

    Mary I absolutely love the burnt orange table tipper you made Love the color & design.

  63. Glenda Fletcher

    Hi Mary, I did not receive this email before
    Today . My last one was on the 17th about Rick, Tim’s crop, 3 pictures of your Hopscotch and Butternut quilt and blog readers quilts. But not the ones from today.
    I commented on the 18th later on in the afternoon. Maybe by that time you don’t receive them.
    To me on your Hopscotch and Butternut all
    The triangles would be tough for me. It looks so neat tho. Your quilting on it makes it pop. The table yes is old. We had a rectangle yellow one, which I also used for a long time. I wish I would not have given it back to my folks. Jenny will be fortunate to
    Receive it.

  64. Kathy in western NY

    Being a long time reader, how I loved reading everyone’s comments once again.
    Sometimes it’s nice just to know what someone is making for dinner that night!
    Like many, we will have warm temps this weekend to make up for the 40’s today. Farm markets will be packed with families apple picking. I still have and use my moms enamel kitchen table in our garage for serving food from when we eat outside on the patio. How I love it.
    Today I was cleaning out some piles in my sewing room and found a stack of rectangles all ready for masks. Some are batik, some prints. At first I thought I should make a quilt bordering the rectangles with some solids but I changed my mind cause I honestly don’t want a reminder of this pandemic. I decided I need to approach my remaining quilt projects I want to keep doing with the same way so I am going to be happy to see my finished project around. Or loved by someone else. And I am wondering if the two matching smaller quilts are for someone’s dolls so maybe the maker will share the story.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in NY – haha! I just sent you an email because I’ve been missing you – I just hadn’t gotten to your comment yet – I think we should embrace your “what’s for dinner/supper?” I think that would be fun and inspirational to me who gets in a food rut often.

      1. Daine in Maryland

        Good idea! My favorite aunt used to say there was nothing like sitting down reading a good cookbook to get ideas and then going out to dinner! I need ideas for meals that I can make.

    2. Sandy

      Those two quilts in solids are crib/lap size. Approximately 40” x 55”. The charity group they went to will determine how they get used. I really just needed to use up some solids.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Thanks Sandy for letting me know. It’s sometimes hard to judge a size in pictures so I wasn’t sure. That’s a great size for charity as becomes a good nap size too for kids and those solids are striking to use for any age group. Keep on sewing!

  65. Denise Borntrager

    I know that book as well…but the final results are great! Love your color choice as well!

  66. Angie from Baltimore

    It was also one of my first quilt books. Loved the patterns and made several as I could easily quilt them and it didn’t take forever.
    Orange is my favorite color which goes with my favorite season so love the orange quilt. An inspiration

  67. Sheila

    Love your quilt!! Perfect for this time of year. It was meant for 3. Readers quilt are always fun to look at.
    I hope you and Rick are doing ok and that his wound heals quickly. Had our first hard frost here in MA, I had on zucchini that was hanging on. I picked it today, I was afraid my luck would run out. It is still small so it will go into Veggie Quesadilla’s.

    Be well.

    Sheila in MA

  68. Diane Deibler

    And now Charlotte’s Web is on some banned book lists. Come on people,let’s get on censoring you-tube videos and some of the stuff on tv that is not worth watching!

    1. Deb Bayne

      Diane, I saw that Charlotte was on a banned list just a few weeks ago. Shocked me also. I do remember when we lived in Richmond, VA that the public libraries wouldn’t carry the Harry Potter books or the Wizard of OZ books. Not banned but controlled access, which is worse.

  69. Lynn

    Mary sorry I don’t comment much. I don’t have much to say I guess. Caring for a sick husband and this 77 acres we live on seems to take all my energy. Your life is much more interesting. Keep blogging. Always love to hear about the dogs. I have one golden. Love to see the quilts too. Still working on one started 3 months ago. Thanks!

  70. Debby Krzyston

    Hi Mary, I do write a Comment once in awhile. I always read your Blog. You’re going to be very busy reading everyone’s Comments today.
    I hope your cough is gone!
    Have a nice night,
    Debby🐝 SE Wisconsin

  71. Carolyn in GA

    The “Hopscotch and Butterscotch” is my kind of quilt. Have been working today with some of the same colors. Making table runners to take to FL for 63rd high school reunion!!! Please keep up with your blog, so worth reading and thank you for doing it.

  72. Robin B

    I used to have that book…don’t see it on my shelves anymore, so it may have been donated when we moved.
    It was a good one

  73. Lisa B

    I love your photos and readers quilt photos. Visiting with my mom and found the book in the few that she took with her to assisted living!

  74. Kim

    Mary, I’m glad you posted about this quilt again. I read the first posts about it and decided to look for a copy of Small Quilts and I found the book through my library system. I was very surprised they still have a copy. I’d like to make this quilt and like you I would use very similar colors. Your quilt is beautiful!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – this is not a color combo that I would have figured out myself so that’s why I copied the original. I knew I couldn’t do better – ha!

      1. Kim

        More often than not it’s the fabric colors used that inspire me to make a quilt pattern. Because I no longer purchase fabric on speculation, quilt kits are a big hit with me. I made several Country Threads kits. Presentation is everything. Your photo settings were charming and also inspiring. Thanks to you and Connie for so many years of inspiration and fun quilts to make.

  75. Sherrill

    Ooo, I’ve been contemplating a string quilt and LOVE the controlled colors of the one shown here!! Perfect. Now I’ll have to save a pic so I can refer to it later when I’m ready! LOL

  76. Carol Reents

    I would take the trellis the quilt is displayed on. That is if you are dividing your treasures. The trees are absolutely gorgeous here in central Indiana.

  77. Connie R.

    I too, love your fall quilt. I had to look twice on yesterday’s post to see if you did that straight line quilting on it because it looked so intricate. If you had trouble with the boarder, I don’t think I will try it but, it’s just beautiful.
    We had about an inch of snow on Monday and flurries yesterday. Reminded me that I still have outside work to do before the really cold weather comes here to NE Wis.
    Thanks for thinking of your blog readers during your busy life. So enjoy your blog.

  78. Ginger S

    Love your blog. I leave comments once in a while, but I read every one of your posts…sometimes twice!!! I love reading about your life on the farm. I grew up in Maine, and have lived in New Hampshire most of my adult life. I told my husband that I would have been very happy living in Iowa!!!!
    Love your quilts. I LOVE Charlotte’s Web. Used to read it every fall to my Third Grade students. E.B. White’s Trumpet of the Swan was another favorite of mine and the kids.
    We are having a beautiful fall AND my quilting “mojo” (Whatever that is!) is back. Working on a pumpkin quilt.

  79. Robin C

    I look forward to your posts everyday, even tho I’m not a quilter, my mom is but I love looking at all of them you post. I think you’re an angel with all the light and smiles you bring to our faces as we read your posts and hear about your busy farm life with all your babies… don’t ever think you’re not appreciated, we love you!

    Robin Minnesota

  80. Jessica in Florida

    Hi Mary,
    I’m so sorry I haven’t commented, we still don’t have internet from the hurricane and when I do manage to be somewhere that does, I can’t see the pictures because they just won’t load. THIS IS NOT ON YOUR END!! I can’t send pictures at this time due to the horrible internet issues. Your blog has always been my happy place. When I was dealing with chemo the pics you posted of the animals and the stories you shared always made me smile. I cannot to wait to get back online and play catch up looking at all the pictures I’ve been missing. Sending love and hugs to you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jessica – oh dear! Not knowing how things are going in Florida I am sad to learn you’re not back to normal yet. The pictures we see on tv are pretty devastating but I have no idea where my readers live within the state. I so hope your home is ok and that you’re feeling well once again. I remember when you were getting chemo – it obviously worked for you! Yay!!!

      1. Jessica in Florida

        Our home has very minimal cosmetic damage: lanai screens torn off, soffit and a light gone and lost one roof shingle. Others in our neighborhood have lost so much. We live in Cape Coral and the eye came directly over us. We wanted to evacuate but because the path of the storm wasn’t really known until it was too late to leave, we decided to hunker down and ride it out. LONGEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! I swear I have PTSD from it. We had a normal, 20 minute thunderstorm a few days ago and I went into panic mode. Our beautiful piece of paradise will rebuild and we will be stronger than ever…I know this in my heart. How and when we get there is another story!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jessica – we’re all glad you’re ok and didn’t have much damage. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to endure that wind all night!

  81. Carolyn - NE Illinois

    For whatever reason, I didn’t get the email with tye quilt info either. Mine had a picture of the quilt, story about the corn, etc. Although I am glad to have the info now! I look forward to your posts- I feel like I’m getting a letter from a neighbor!

  82. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary, I have read you for a few years and grown to love you and your family of animals, plus you hubby! I love to quilt and make cards. But I am a total sucker for animals! Don’t ever give up your blog thinking we don’t care about you!

  83. MaureenHP

    Every few years, I still like to re-watch Charlotte’s Web. It’s just such an innocent and delightful story.

  84. Nancy Wines

    I love your table top quilt. The colors are so warm and yummy. It has turned chilly here in Florida which I know everyone must be chuckling about our definition of cold! No snow for us!

  85. Jill

    Would you mind giving the dimensions to the red/white quilt you showed us earlier in the week, please? You gave the width of the stripes but is there a pattern I could purchase? I love it! Thank you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – now just stop and think about this a minute – you can add those strips together and figure out the size of the quilt yourself. You could also make it square by cutting top down the number of strips or longer by adding more strips. It would be easier if I just gave you the answer but I want you to be able to do this in the future by figuring it out. Try it and get back to me – there is really no formal pattern. There were some directions years ago but I have no idea where those went to when we closed. Now I expect to hear back from you about this – I will help you do this.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – I literally came across the pattern by accident – it was called Midtown Lap Quilt? What?? I would never have remembered that name. If you want a paper pattern, send $5.00 and a SASE and I’ll send it by return mail.

  86. Joyce from NY

    Love your blog Mary, all your beautiful quilts & animals & plants & interesting adventures. I always read it & all the comments. I have learned so much from you & your readers! Please keep blogging!

  87. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Love your fall quilt. The colours are beautiful and would be perfect in my home. It’s fun making smaller quilts that can be used on tables.

  88. Brenda

    Y.i can understand those borders driving one a bit first glance one thinks it would be easier due to the larger center eyesight would never get even one block finished

  89. Kris in WI

    Mary – I would like to report that I’ve been busy cleaning up the yard, covering the air conditioner, and getting the snow shovels lined up, but not this fall. I’ve been grounded with a health issue and the Mister is watching me like a hawk (bless him). I swear he WILL give me a heart attack if he keeps sneaking up on me, “Just checking,” he says. And I’m supposed to be keeping track of HIM and his Parkinson’s Disease! I did bring my small sewing machine upstairs (my quilt world is in the basement) and am planning on sewing some 9-patch blocks for LWR quilts. It is just not as convenient as my quilting corner where everything is the right height (I’m short) and within arms reach, but it will do.

    We have had a beautiful season of color with cold but bright sunny days. Our trees are the prettiest they have ever been. Supper tonight was easy on the cook…a relish tray, tomato basil soup, and grilled gouda cheese sandwiches.

    Your quilt looks lovely on your table. I’m all for straight line quilting on my next project.
    Thanks for keeping the blog going and thanks to the readers who respond. I read every comment and laugh out loud sometimes! That makes the Mister come in, “Just checking!”

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – I loved your response – sorry to hear about a health issue but sounds like Mister is keeping you in line. NEXT fall you can work outside.

  90. Diane in WI

    Your quilt is wonderful. It is perfect for autumn decorating. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the corn. Bernard would be impressed because the ears are filled out right to the ends. What a nice crop! I haven’t sewn much. I’m finishing cleaning out the old house before the Elkhorn Fire Department uses it as a practice burn on October 30. It will be strange to not see the house. It’s been cold and windy here. We even had snow showers on Monday. Too early for that! Have a good day tomorrow. Take care.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in WI – will it hurt you to watch the house burn? Don’t watch – don’t make yourself watch. Go shopping that day or have lunch with a friend. I think it’s sweet that you know that Bernard would appreciate Tim’s well filled out corn. It is really so beautiful, isn’t it?

      1. Diane in WI

        I don’t know if I will watch. This grandparent apartment is absolutely wonderful. Everything is so convenient. The old house has so many things wrong. There for a while something was going wrong every week. I told a friend that all the memories I have are with me and not in the house, but I suppose it will be difficult to see. I also told my friend that life keeps going forward and I have to go with it. Bernard’s dad always had ears of corn in the back window of his car. He would come out to the farm and pick a couple of ears to check on how dry and dented they were. If you see Tim, congratulate him on his beautiful crop for me.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane in WI – Tim and Ellen read the blog but maybe not all the comments so I will tell him!

  91. LaNan

    I do like your orange quilt…it reads fall not necessarily Halloween. I always read your blog but haven’t had time to comment lately. My daughter gave birth to identical twins boys at 34 weeks…lots of trips to the nicu. They r doing quite well but using my time to help my daughter as much as I can. And they have a 2 year old sister waiting for them to come home!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      LaNan – TWINS!!! How wonderful! How are they doing? Boy, is your daughter going to be busy with a 2 year old as well. How much did the twins weigh?

  92. Heidi

    Had I seen the pattern in the book I would have passed it over because orange is not a favorite color of mine. Seeing yours made up I really like it especially the straight-line quilting on it. So pretty.

  93. Debbie R. Iowa


    I love reading your blog. I get over 100 emails a day but I always search for yours and read it first. Most of the others go directly to the trash bin before I even open them. I was doing the same thing with Louisa Enright’s blog. So excited for her to be moving closer to her family and wonder where Jackpot will end up.

    Love your orange quilt. I have been working on my postage stamp quilt. I have been cutting 1 1/2” squares for over 10 years and have finally started sewing them together in 64 patch squares. Once I get them all to that point I will try to put it together into a larger quilt. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I will send pics of my process so far. Not sure how long it will be before I have the finished top done, but it could be years.

    Love Charlotte’s Web. My favorite books growing up were the Nancy Drew series. I couldn’t wait until the next one came out so I could spend my babysitting only on the lates book.

    Love your blog!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie R – I heard from Louisa that she gave Jackpot away – I simply cannot imagine giving one of my dogs away. It made me so sad – she said he’s happy but it still upsets me. There are days when I’d like to give Keeper back but I would never do that – when I see him sleeping in his chair I think about him being in that cold dark kennel and know I did the right thing.

  94. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    wow! 119 comments and still coming, I’m sure. I am a longggg time lover of not only the blog, but also the Goat Gazette😃 I do comment pretty often., but right now we just seem to be running, running. My husband is also having some health issues so they take time. So sorry Rick is, too. I am hoping to comment more soon. Your Fall quilt on the table is perfect. And, the reader quilts are wonderful. My mom was an English and Latin teacher and a librarian. All of us are readers. I, too, worry about the unchecked censorship that is happening in some schools. Cold here.

  95. Ethel from Illinoiis

    Dearest Mary,
    if you only knew how
    many hearts look forward to your daily emails!
    It didnt enter my mind to think that we didn’t do ‘our’ part to make YOU feel as good as we do.

    It’s not a good day w/o a visit from you.
    Your compassion, your sharing your daily Life, your “get up n go”, ideas, inspiration to
    be better and do better….
    God bless you …. God loves you and so do we!

  96. Kim from TN

    SO glad to read the mail this morning, I love this blog. I think I really like your new quilt because of the colors, perfect for fall. We had our first frost last night and its cold here this morning in middle TN. I love all those string quilts, something I would love to make. Great variety of quilts, feeling inspired.

  97. Judy

    I really love your Butterscotch quilt both the design and the great colors. Perfect for fall. My first quilt book was It’s ok if you sit on my quilt!

  98. Cindy K

    I just wanted to let you know that I check your blog daily. I rarely leave comments on blogs because I find whatever I was going to say several other people have already said. It doesn’t make sense to me to clutter up comments with more of the same thing. I do enjoy reading all the things you include in your posts – daily life, critters, quilts, etc. I know a lot of bloggers have stopped blogging and switched to other formats. I don’t use those other formats just Facebook so I do enjoy reading blogs. I hope you continue posting.

  99. Helen Jane (TX)

    Good Morning Mary…I have always enjoyed your blog since I found it (years back)…Ethel from Illinois “comment” is same as my views, also many others. Wow! You are appreciated! After you mentioned your first quilt book I went sorting thru and found one from the early 70’s I paid $4.00 for. It is cooler mornings here and helps us feel energized. I read all the comments and look for “what Mary is up to” …your quilts are beautiful! hmmm! Wonder what Connie is doing at her Lake Home?…

  100. Pamela Dempsey

    The corn pictures are pretty! My dad always said he liked field corn better than sweet. Your red/white quilt is so pretty 😍! We just adopted a rescue shepherd mix yesterday and spending our time getting used to each other. He was so scared yesterday but this morning he’s walking around and even ran a little. The vet thinks he is 8 months old but didn’t have social interaction or playtime. Our cat 🐈‍⬛ isn’t happy but she will have to get used to him.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – thank you for rescuing the dog – I’m sure he is so scared and has no idea that you’ve just saved his life! He’ll be a great dog and grateful as well.

      1. Pamela Dempsey

        🥰 he hadn’t been in a vehicle so got sick twice. We just want to love on him , yes, he will be spoiled 🤭

  101. Candy

    Mary, your new fall quilt is wonderful! I think we all have older quilt books that we could browse through and re-imagine patterns using our own fabrics. I’m always trying to get inspiration for using up my stash. Hmmm, maybe I should spend more time sewing and less time looking, LOL! Someone mentioned hamburger soup for dinner. We’ve got rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so that’s on tomorrow’s menu. Tonight’s a football night, so maybe sandwiches in front of the tv?! Have a great day!

  102. Bobby Sutton

    I have this book of small quilts too, also one of my first books bought after taking up quilting as a hobby and joining a guild. I took it out to look through it again. I remember thinking these little quilts were perfect for beginners. Fortunately I didn’t try ‘Hopscotch and Butterscotch’ as a first quilt. It may have ended my quilting journey right then, 🙂 …30 years ago! But I’m going to try it now. I love 💕 yours. Bobby in Md.

  103. Sharon in North Carolina (previously in Oswego, Illinois)

    I remember Charlotte ‘s Web as well. A favorite that I have reread over the years. Timeless. I like your quilt. I haven’t tried making that style border yet. Thinking it may prove interesting. Always enjoy reading what is happening by you.

  104. Barbara Firesheets

    Mary, your quilt turned out beautiful! Love seeing the reader’s quilts too.

    I love old furniture. There are so many memories attached to pieces that have been in the family.

  105. Jackie in NY

    Wow I love that fall qulit too! Love the colors! Oh Charlotte’s Web was one of my favorite childhood books and movies!

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