So much to talk about! 10-20-22

WOW! I loved reading your comments and for right now all I’ll say is this: I’m not looking for adoration, I’m looking for conversation!

Instead of everything I had planned to write tonight I’m going to get you excited for Connie’s quilt along starting Tuesday, November 8. Here is the cover of our new book Fresh Start Quilts.

Connie will lead you through making this quilt called Fresh Air, you know, like a breath of fresh air? This quilt along will appear on Martingale’s site, Instagram, Facebook and here on this blog.

You will need to have a copy of this book to be able to sew along with us – yes, I’m going to sew along, too! The sew along will last 3-4 weeks – depending on what size quilt you’re planning. Next week we’ll talk about choosing your fabrics. Are YOU on board? Come on – it will be fun!!

Here is a block I made with a blue background instead of light – what do you think? Maybe all dark backgrounds would be fun?

I always have a cat laying in my sewing space! Tonight it’s Colton and he hasn’t gotten any smaller, has he?

Baseball, beer and a cat – what’s not to like?

60 thoughts on “So much to talk about! 10-20-22

  1. Kim from TN

    I will enjoy following everyone progress on the quilt along, but I have to many UFO now. We had a wonderful time tonight playing bocce with our league. It was a warm fall evening and lots of camaraderie with friends.

  2. mary marx

    I really like the blue color background. I’m thinking of doing the quilt along. Where do you get the book

  3. Sheila

    Love the blue background, makes the block really stand out. Colton certainly looks very happy. The quilt along looks like a lot of fun. I could be very tempted to join along.

    Sheila in MA

  4. Karen

    I’m in! Got your book and the cover quilt is one of my favorites. It definitely has been a good post season in baseball this year. It’s hard to root for either the Yamkees or the Astros, but they’re playing interesting baseball. My cat doesn’t care what’s on. As long as I sit with my legs stretched out so she can lay on them, she’s content .

  5. Donna Sproston

    Got my book and I am pulling fabrics tomorrow. I will scoot down and back up the steps to my stash on my butt! What fun. I will have to figure out how to man the machine with my left foot, but I am game. Not into baseball and don’t drink beer, but I love Colton.

  6. Susan Linder

    Love your new book – can’t wait to get it!! Where do we go for the sew along?

  7. Joyce

    I think dark squares would look great! I read your blog but don’t comment often:( The book is tempting!! Maybe in retirement! Hope Rick’s foot heals completely and quickly.

  8. Diane in WI

    The blue background is great. Thanks for your comment last night. I sent a reply to you. Colton is so sweet. I’ll have to order a copy of your book.

  9. Barbara

    I love the blue background! I’m always scrambling for neutrals for backgrounds and I like the idea of a color for a background. I’m in!

  10. Jean Sherrard-Fifo

    The sew along sounds fun, especially with that pattern! It’s what sold the book for me. I look forward to all your posts so much so that sometimes i have to ask myself if I’m a digital stalker! Is that a thing??🤪 Absolutely love all the animal pics, especially the kitties. Since our Jack Frost passed away last year our house is kitty free for the first time in 32 years.

    1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

      Jean that is hilarious- a digital stalker but I know what you mean. I don’t comment often but enjoy the posts and reading the comments

  11. Marilyn Miller

    I absolutely LOVE the beautiful colors chosen for the quilt in the cover of your new book. It is a “breath of fresh air.” Back to reasonable temperatures here in west central Illinois along the banks of the Mississippi, at least through the weekend. Farmers are concerned for corn traveling by barge down the river as the river is extremely low right now. I recently say a picture of a barge that had been stalled, run aground, while under load in the channel and had to be moved about by a tow. I hope and pray that it’s not our typical future. We all hear again and again about water shortages especially out west. Scary stuff.

    1. Claudia Voorhees

      I have a million projects going……but I would like be to do a sew along ! I have the book so…. why not!

  12. Marian in MN

    The quilt square is so inviting. Thnx to Connie for doing the quiltALong! Your block is a keeper just like your “keeper”…ha! Beautiful weather at end of October. 75 for Saturday and Sunday here in Minnesota. Love Colton.

  13. Vicki in Seattle

    I have my book and am looking forward to the Quilt Along! I love your block. Hope your Iowa weather is treating you well. Seattle is still covered with smoke from the wildfires up north. We have had the poorest air quality in the world the last two days. Would much rather have the bluest skies!! Looking forward to the predicted rain for the weekend as we are so very dry.
    We do appreciate you, Mary, and thank you for the Blog!

  14. Deb in Idaho

    I love sew alongs but I will have to admire from a far. I have to many ufo’s and Christmas sewing to finish. Since the weather has changed I will be able to sew more. No new projects for me. I love the colors in the quilt and not sure I could do any other color ways.

  15. Karla T

    Oh Mary and Connie! I think I am going to HAVE to do this quilt along! And I just love your blue background! I have some Tilda fabric that might be just the thing for this! And a week ago I gave your book to a friend for her birthday! Now I am going to need one for myself! I confess that I thought about keeping hers for myself, but resisted. And Colton is so handsome of a supervisor.

  16. Rhoda

    Yes I like the sew sling idea but have no book. Amazon???
    Wrestling with my ADT security system where the panel touch screen beeps all the time and we could NOT buy a new battery here plus the doorbell doesn’t work and could not figure out how to change that battery either so after almost 2 hours on the phone a technician is coming between 8-noon tomorrow. She (on the phone) is in the Dominican Republic of course!!

  17. Kathy in western NY

    I pulled some batiks today for the sew along as I haven’t touched these fabrics in my stash in years so now is the time to try it with your book. I am excited as I bought all these from a quilter who made stunning quilts and she had such an eye for color. When she passed away I was offered a chance to purchase her fabrics which I did.

    I wanted to thank Candy for leaving in the comments a couple of blog posts ago, the details on how she made her house quilt. I printed out where she said the house instructions were and have an idea of what mine will be with some strips added. Thank you Candy for taking the time to answer the question on it in the comments area.

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I ‘m in for the quilt-a-long, and I have the lovely book.
    Colton is a beauty. I could enjoy sewing with him. Is Mama Kitty still in the barn?
    It was in the middle 60’s today and predicted to be in the 70’s over the weekend. We will be sure to enjoy some outdoor time.
    Enjoy the baseball and beer, Mary. 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie – yes! Mama Kitty is still in the barn! There’s an old lawn chair there for her with a soft blanket but the last two nights I found her curled up in a pile of new straw bedding on the floor! I’d be so happy to have her in the house but she prefers the barn, I guess.

  19. Gloria from CC

    I am so happy that Connie is doing a sew along with your new book. I’m going to join in – sounds like fun. Your block with the blue background is beautiful but as you know I don’t have many light colors in my stash. This weekend is going to be gorgeous so enjoy!

  20. Mary Ann

    Looking forward to the quilt along. I love all the quilts in your new book and this is a good way to get started.

  21. Susan Sundermeyer

    I’m onboard! Just missing a kitty though. Will a dachshund and a 90lb. lab do? 🙂

  22. Jan McCann

    Love your blog, love seeing and hearing about farm life—and especially all the animals!
    I’ve decided to get a cat again, it’s time. I’ve always loved them and I’ll appreciate the company!
    Your quilt along sounds like fun and will be the motivation I need right now.

  23. Pattie from PA

    I have the book and plan to do the quilt along even though I’ll be on the road part of the time. Currently I’m back in SC at the dog rescue for a couple weeks. Then onto Georgia to have some upgrades done to the RV chassis.
    Then mid November out to the Newmar factory in Indiana for some maintenance before I head southwest for the winter. I’m really looking forward to spending the winter in a warm sunny climate this year. It has been too long.
    I was back at the vet hospital in GA earlier this week and early this morning helped drop off 14 dogs to be spayed and neutered today.
    There is always so to do and I love being busy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – I just love to hear about your adventures at the dog rescue! They are so lucky to have you helping them. And very brave to drive to the southwest for the winter.

  24. Karen Hammond

    You and Connie design such wonderful quilts. Can’t wait to follow the quilt along.

  25. Betty Klosterman

    Is it my imagination, or is the block on the cover of your new book the same as the packaged block that Connie showed in her pictures of patterns from Missouri Quilt? The sew along sounds like fun.
    And you know if you are doing anything, the cat is right in the middle of it, hair and all!! And of course, the purrrrring. Nice.
    Enjoy fall because isn’t far behind. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – oh, Betty, you are soooo observant!! Yes, it’s the cover quilt block – I told you she’s making hers king size so she will have many blocks to make. How in the world could you remember that? I’ll be showing you all her blocks – I haven’t seen them myself. I could never get anything by you, Friend!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I printed out the 3 pictures of patterns when Connie was doing her class. And I’ve looked at them several times, too. Nothing brilliant – I just love looking at pictures of quilts, quilts and more quilts and can’t forget the critters either.

  26. Nancy

    Yes sewing with a cat.(cats) I’m visiting my daughter and while she’s at work, teaching online or at college, I’m sewing. They have 5 kittens ,12 weeks old, that are getting into everything. Then of course there are the 5 adult cats that need loving. This week is sew different for me. At home I have two little dogs at my feet.🤩 Enjoying it all.

  27. Susan K in Texas

    I love that block with the darker background. I’m so tempted to join the sew along but I decided my house needs Christmas quilts so I’ve been working on those lately. I had been getting tops quilted but got bored with the one and started cutting. Oh well – squirrels will take over occasionally.
    I’ve been moving aloes about an hour a day. Why oh why do I keep so many!? I do enjoy them though.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – when I have to move all those huge pots every spring and fall, I ask myself the same thing! What am I thinking? And they get so big – did you see my plant hauler? It has helped! I was just looking in a drawer today and saw several red and white starts – that’s what I would like to work on. Actually the quilt along could be a fabulous red and white quilt.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Oooh I do want a red and white Christmas quilt! Great idea.
        I did see your plant mover. I have a wagon I load up to haul them to the aloe greenhouse. Gary moves the big plants but the plant mover would help.

  28. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning,
    I think the quilt-along may be just what I need. A few months ago I was diagnosed with a serious lung fibrosis disease. I’m on oxygen 24/7 am pretty much stuck at home, in the house. A new quilt project sounds like it might cheer me up. If nothing else I will enjoy having another Country Threads book! 👍☺️❤️
    Thanks Mary and Connie for doing what you do!
    Bonnie in Oregon

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonnie – I am so sorry you have health issues right now – yes, maybe a new project would perk you up – I hope so!

      1. Bonnie

        Thanks Mary. There’s nothing like playing with colorful fabric to lift our spirits! ❤️👍

  29. Becky in WA

    Have the book and it’s terrific. I’m tempted to join in and this would be my first sew-along ever—I usually have too many irons in the fire as it is. Like the dark background and maybe that would make it more fun for you to sew this design again. I have a kitty too, pushing 18 and in good health but he doesn’t help me quilt, lol. Finally getting some soft rain in the Seattle area after our driest, smokiest October ever.

  30. Connie

    This sounds like fun! And doable before Bonnie’s Mystery starts!! And I have a retreat coming up too! Thank you !

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