Just pictures! 10-21-22

So many questions to answer, so many quilts to post, so much to talk about!! But I’m busy watching the ballgame so I’m going to throw out a bunch of pictures tonight – I’ve got some really nice reader quilts to show you tomorrow, too!

Keeper and Moe
Three – he’s so photogenic!
Jake’s Quilt

More about Jake’s Quilt later.

Remember my beautiful vine?

Back to the ballgame.

43 thoughts on “Just pictures! 10-21-22

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Great post…one question. How did you get a picture of Heidi with your phone sitting on the table?

  2. Nancy Wingo

    What has happened to neighbors and their children? Was Jake the young boy you taught to quilt?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – Reed was the 10 year old I taught to quilt – he’s driving now and all grown up. I miss him.

  3. Diane from Colorado

    Fun pix of the kitties tonight!!!

    I remember Reed (read your comment above)—hard to believe he is driving!! I miss him, too. I was so sorry when his quilt lessons ended.

    Enjoyed warmer weather today and that was nice! I think the weekend ahead is supposed to be warmth in advance of rain next week. I leave for Colorado Monday morning—back home in time to take up all of the leaves, I’m sure! It has been a good visit!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, won’t your dogs be so happy to see you??? You’ll all be glad to get back home. Hope your mom got her new mattress.

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Oh Mary I got to hold an 8 week old golden doodle puppy when I got my hair cut today at my hairdressers house. It was so sweet and I fell in love with that little ball of fur. Boy my dogs were not happy to know I cheated on them when they smelled me up and down when I came home!

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, started putting together a scrap 16 squares quilt today, got fed up sewing together strings after a couple of small quilts, so sending all the strips sewn to the group that make quilts for the women’s refuge.The new cat and dog have certainly made themselves at home! Life has never been so good! Enj8y the ball game, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I sometimes reach that point, too – just get rid of what’s left and move on to something more fun.

  6. Beryl in Owatonna

    Great pictures, quilts and pets!! <3
    I started pulling frozen plants today too…hope to finish tomorrow. I did have a couple that were still green but I cut them off. I wanted to get this done while it is warm and then it can rain next week…we need that too.
    Hoping your eye is doing better and the bruise has subsided and that Rick is on the mend too.
    Enjoy the games!!

  7. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Loved the pictures. Three is beautiful and super photogenic.
    Enjoy the game, Mary. 🥰

  8. Kris in WI

    Mary, as much as I liked the sweet pix of the kitties (who could resist those love sponges?) and the one of the two characters on the couch with that “Who me? I didn’t do it.” look on their faces, and oh dear, your poor morning glory tree, that night time picture of your house complete with quilts and wagging tails says, Welcome Home!

    Enjoy the rest of the ball games and thanks for leaving the light on for us.

  9. Rita in Iowa

    Great pictures Mary. Love that the readers point out things in the pictures. I have to go back and look at them again. Finishing up quilting on a top and then will get the binding sewn on.
    Hope the your team won!

  10. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    It is always fun to see the kitties and pups😀. Squeak and Buddy are enjoying our warm up for a few days. They are indoor, but also screened in porch cats😀. It is a beautiful time of year in Central Ohio.

  11. Margie

    Mary, I know it is a lot of work taking pictures, posting pictures and finding things to chat about, but you bring such joy to us who sometimes just need a greeting from you. Thank you for posting. Hope you enjoyed your ballgame!!

  12. Beth Haynes

    Thank you for posting so regularly. I really enjoyed all the pictures today but I must admit, Three, I think is my favorite. I had an orange and white cat who was quite the character and though Tremont had more orange, boy, these pictures being back memories. Have been sewing finally and getting myself ready for a quilt retreat in early November. Can’t wait. We still have color hanging on and we have sunshine today here in NH so what is left is nice. My husband has been doing the clean up in our gardens. We got a 5 lb sweet potato this year. Still sweet.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beth – a 5 lb sweet potato???? Sounds like your husband is a great gardener. Three is very photogenic – I don’t know what it is. Partly it’s because he follows me everywhere and I have many opportunities- haha!!

      1. Beth Haynes

        Yes, he is a good gardener. He is now retired from dairy farming, so needs to keep busy! Fremont followed us everywhere also. BTW, Heidi looks like my first cat.

  13. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    Well doesn’t a pile of fabric with a pretty quilt square on top make a nice kitty pillow?

    Temperatures cooling off here. Finally can be outside without breaking into a sweat after 10 minutes. As always, gorgeous sunsets.

    Enjoy your ballgames. Our Cardinals finally had a winning game on Thursday night.

    Thanks for all you do Mary.

  14. Susan K in Texas

    Great pictures! Kitties and dogs and quilts. I had an orange and white cat named Cocoa. He was a great cat that my son found at the bus stop. My son handed the kitten (about 4 months old) to my husband and ran back to catch the bus. We already had two cats so weren’t going to keep him. Our vet offered to find him a home but when I took him in I couldn’t part with him. After the boys left home and the other two kitties moved to kitty heaven he became my constant companion. It was hard to say goodbye when he got cancer in his face. He was with us 14 years.
    My husband has been watching baseball too. He grew up in Houston so is rooting for the Astros.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – we’re rooting for the Astros, too. Rick lived there for 22 years before we got married. Loved the story about Cocoa!

  15. Sue in Marion, Indiana

    I love the kitty photos. My sister and I are still going through Dad’s house and I found his copy of Jim Wight’s book about his dad, James Herriot (real name Alfred Wight). I avidly read all the James Herriot books , watched the original Masterpiece series on PBS and have been watching the new series. When our mom died in 2012 my dad took me and my 2 sister to England, Scotland, and Ireland. We stayed in York for a couple of days, and Dad hired a cabbie to take us on a long drive through the Yorkshire countryside, ending in Thirsk. ‘Skeldale House” is now a museum, and we got to tour that. Dad also wrote to Jim Wight years ago and got a reply so I’m glad we got to visit. I’m now re-reading James Herriott’s Cat Stories…going to need to reread all the books!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I loved your story about James Herriot – I didn’t know that wasn’t his real name! I, too, own and have read the books and watched the PBS series, old and new. I can’t wait till it comes on again. Skeldale House is a museum – of veterinary items? Don’t you love James and Helen? I do.

      1. Sue in Marion, IN

        Mary, Alf Wight’s real name was James Alfred Wight, but he was always called Alf. He named his son James and JimmWight also became a vet and took over the practice. The museum is a lot more than just vet equipment. It’s the actual house they lived in and where their practice was housed. There’s a lot of info geared to kids and taking care of animals; google: http://www.worldofjamesherriott.com

  16. Dot

    I love Keeper’s big ears!

    And Three surely knows who his Mommy is. One hot summer day, while playing tennis, my daughter had to climb a fence to rescue a feral kitten who had fallen into a community swimming pool next to the courts, after the lifeguard had said, “I hate cats” and walked away. She took the exhausted wet kitten home to join her other three cats. He’s a handsome black and white fellow, who loves her the best, and wants to sleep on her pillow at night.

  17. Ginny

    Thank you for posting a picture of sweet Heidi, she is my favorite of all your cats. Three certainly is a handsome boy. All your kitties and puppies are special to me.

  18. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    I like to take pictures and make cards with the pictures. The first picture of three would be beautiful for a birthday card or thinking of you card. Love the blog, all the pictures and all your animals. Thank you for all you do for all of us

  19. Mary in Missouri

    Hi Mary, I read your email, but there were no photos showing, just those little square boxes and your titles. I came to comments to tell you and see that all the photos show here. That’s an interesting problem. I read some of the comments and did not see anyone else mention that they did not see the photos in the email.
    I LOVE your photos. I have several quilt finishes to send to you. Need to get that done!
    Sorry to hear that Rick’s surgery was postponed.
    Mary O.

  20. Mary in Missouri

    Mary, this is Mary O again. This is also very interesting…. The email photos did not appear on my iPad but they do show on my iPhone.
    Mary O

  21. Billie

    No problems with pictures on this end! Love the cat pictures! How many cats do you have?
    Have a great weekend.

  22. Jane Plourde

    Love the updates of everything. My life must be boring as I have no story to tell but just want to thank you for your blogs and pictures.

  23. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love your pictures, quilts and animals! I would love an animal in the house….but hubby says no, what would we do when e go away? Ugh! Well, thankfully w still can go see our kids in Michigan, so there it is. We finished Harvesting yesterday, hubby tested positive for Covid! Ugh! I may have had it thinking I had a cold?? He’s coughing a lot and hoarse, we thought he was getting a UTI so went to the doc. So it goes…it w8l be here forever. I didn’t make it to the sewing machine today. Made a big breakfast with pancakes etc. which hubby was craving.so I won some wife points there. Have a good Sunday!

    1. Marilyn

      Mary really like the colors you chose for the quilt..Jake’s quilt. Do plan to order it.
      The quilt-a-long will be fun. I am watching the baseball games this year first time for a long time and really enjoying them.
      The pictures of the cats were great.
      Thank you

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