The Last Bouquet

My mother-in-law, Faye Etherington, gave me the seeds for the miniature hollyhocks, actually prairie mallow and today they grow all over our farm.  They are a sweet reminder not only of Rick’s mom but of her namesake, Faye, our little dog who died last May.  With a hard frost coming soon, I picked what is probably my last bouquet of Faye’s flowers and put them in the sweet glass vase I bought last Saturday at Junkapalooza for a buck.

Our friend Rose who visited last summer has a new blog.  Rose leaves a comment here on the blog now and then – she’s the one who gave me the Ernie Joe Mauer fabric from IKEA and she talks about it in her recent blog post.  Here is the link.  I hope this works since I’ve never done it before.  If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll try to figure it out, tech wizard that I am.
Back to the lawnmower – it’s a beautiful day and there aren’t that many left.

24 thoughts on “The Last Bouquet

  1. Cindie

    Such a sweet story and wonderful memories you have through flowers. I have some iris from a neighbor that came from her grandmother. Always think of my neighbor Mary every spring even though that was over 40 years ago. Priceless…..

  2. Ann Barlament

    Love the dainty flowers and story of how they came to be, in your yard.

    I got roots for Purple Iris’ which originated from my paternal great grandmother, Amanda. Her flower gardens were well known in Duck Creek, Wisconsin. They were the sweetest smelling Iris’ …I never did learn what kind they were.

  3. Lois Palmisano

    Mary, love the flowers. Could not get to Rose by just touching the link.
    I entered the address via google search and got Rose! A very nice and informative blog.
    I signed up. Thank Ypu for all you do for US! Lois

    1. pam forsling

      Love your site.sorry the shop closed and I was never able to get there. What is the site for “rose”? Thanks

  4. Mareen

    Mary I need to get more of you seeds – mine looked beautiful last year and this year nothing and the seeds I planted last year were in an envelope I had gotten from Marline a year ago and they were older than that…….they are so beautiful I remember when you named Faye so well I was out to meet her……I said what about Faye and you said perfect………at least that’s the way I remember it…….

    1. Betty Klosterman

      The seeds may still come up. Seeds have a time clock and won’t grow until they are ready. Ensures survival of the species…

  5. bernadette

    How nice you have that connection — Faye Etherington, mother-in-law, and Faye Etherington, beloved dog.

  6. Rose Mikulski

    Hi Mary, thanks for the mention for my blog. For some reason, you have to type the “www” in order to find it so the address is: http://www.somethingrosemade.blogspot

    I know we’re use to not having to type the www but for blogspots I guess you have to, this coming from a tech un-savvy person.

  7. Rose Mikulski

    P.S. the Faye Flowers are so pretty and such a sweet reminder for the special places in your heart.

  8. Linette Stewart

    Such beautiful flowers Mary! I have always loved Spring & Christmas cactus because they remind me of my grandmother. We said goodbye to our 16 year old Beagle the end of August. I just don’t know how you ever get over it. You do so much for others and have such a positive outlook. Both Faye and your mother-in-law were lucky to have you in their lives.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Oh, Linette, I am so sorry! It is so, so hard, it just takes your breath away, doesn’t it? And I don’t think you ever get over it. I still am not even close to being ready for another dog. I think about Faye every single day and wish she were here. I’m sure you feel the same way and even though the pain will lessen, I’m afraid it never really goes away. Will you get another dog? I just love Beagles – I keep Dakota, a beagle, and when she leaves us I will be very very sad.

  9. Diane

    I never knew how Faye got her name–that’s a really nice connection:) I tried the two sites and didn’t get anything, but I’m going to try typing it in to see what happens.

    Cool here in Central Ohio, too, but I love it. Just returned from a retreat. Aren’t quilters the greatest? I’m sure we’re all different political parties, but NO one mentioned anything the whole weekend. We sewed, laughed, ate, and had a great time. Maybe we can teach the rest of the world to do that:)

  10. Donna O

    Mary your little vase with the flowers are so precious. I love fresh flowers in a home but I never have them. Never buy them for myself since my tiny garden doesn’t produce much.

  11. Mary Etherington

    Did everybody read Rose’s comment about typing www before her blog address? I guess I would not have realized that but like I hinted, I am not tech savvy. I know you’ll enjoy Rose’s “blabber” – which is what I call quilt, dog, book, food and general talk to my friends.

  12. Launa Peters

    Packing and sorting my quilt books today…….every one of Country Threads is going with me…… I donated so many books……some out of print…..hope they have good homes.
    Love your mini Mallows in your lovely vase. My AZ friend finally had one huge bloom on her Morning Glory vine. I read about the $30,000 winning pumpkin….imagine growing the fat thing IN HEATED SOIL. Live and learn.
    House is so bare with all the quilts, wallhangings and table toppers packed away…nothing on the quilt racks nor the quilt ladders. Well, it was so good to declutter tho.
    Cataract surgery in the morning. I’ll be in lala land for that, thankfully. I watched some of it online.
    Thanks for the wonderful story about your M-I-L and Faye…….very touching.

  13. Cathy

    Beautiful flowers & a beautiful story to go along with it. I have some hostas & 2 lilac bushes that were starts my grandmother gave me. Very precious to me.

  14. Moe Baly

    Mary thank you for the link to Rose’s blog. I enjoyed it….she now has a new follower in me. Your flowers are lovely but mostly love the story of Faye. (both MIL and doggy) the vase is lovely. Always enjoy reading what you’re up to.

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