THE WIND!!! 5-6-24

50+ mph all day! My scalp hurts tonight – I should have worn a cap to keep my hair from blowing. The pretend grandchildren came after school and we planted the pumpkins – we made hills but it was so windy I’m not sure what it will look like when it comes up. But really, does it matter?

My scalp hurts from my hair blowing!

You liked Glory Star – I do, too. That fabric is just yummy and the quilt was so easy and quick to make.

I’m making valances for 20 windows. These are the ones I made 35 years ago – can’t find the pictures of course. After the discussion about valances or no valances, I still want them.

I love this old fabric so much! It has a rectangle weave making it easy to cut and sew straight. All of these old valances were even blind hemmed by hand. They were so nice – I wish I had several bolts of this fabric.

I have 2 bolts of this fabric instead and I’ve had it for years with good intentions.

So last night I started while I watched the finale of Six Feet Under. I have watched 65 hours of this series! And I loved it even though it was quirky, strange, offbeat and sometimes just plain out in left field. I will miss these characters – when a series or a book is over and you still think about the characters, you have loved the story. And I did love this story of a family owned funeral home and and the back stories of each new customer who came for their last appearance. It was very touching, friendly, sad, and I became part of their lives for 65 hours plus all the hours I thought about them during my day.

Reader photos

Can you believe this????

Betty – in the upper left is the sewing machine quilt that I made a couple years ago. Here’s the pattern front I found online.

River City Fence came and fixed the section where a tree had come down on the fence and soon they’ll be starting the pasture dog playground.

Oh, it’s been a long day – good night!

44 thoughts on “THE WIND!!! 5-6-24

  1. Betty Klosterman

    The weather report isn’t very good. Warnings all over the TV. 40 -50 mph steady winds with 60-70 mph gusts. High profile vehicles – big trucks, empty trucks — not good, especially the empty trucks. They’ll be wise to stay in the truck stop parking lots. I have a foot doctor appointment that was made over a month ago. I’d cancel it, but I want it. Otherwise, I will be inside the house and watching out the windows hoping nothing flying will hit the house. So look out, this is probably headed your direction????? We’ve had lots of strong winds lately, but not this bad. And rain, too.

    I always thought the weather man should pay attention to my long range appointments as the nasty weather seems to hit then. At least I have maybe 10 miles across town to get there, not 100 miles or more like some people have. Keep the chickens in the barn! Hope it has blown itself out before it gets to Iowa.

    Several people have made the sewing machine pattern. It is a very clever, colorful pattern. Most of the quilt tops I have made are going to Project Warmth. I’m really trying to use up my stash, but that will probably never happen. Project Warmth will get LOTS of sewing stuff when I die. They will put it to good use.

    This will pass, sometime. Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – our wind is from the SE where we have no trees to break it up. I just hate to think it’s going to get worse / guess I’ll have plenty of time to make those curtains, huh?

  2. Jo in windy Wyoming

    You are a better farmer than me. I have a headache from the wind. Ours is 60-70 and about 40 degrees. It’s so cold. There is a dove nesting outside my window. Its branch is swaying up and down. I’m sure it’s hanging on with all it’s got.

    1. Susan in AL

      Do you often have strong winds where you are, Jo? When we lived in Colorado, our neighbor was from Wyoming. She said that no one used flags to indicate wind in WY; instead, they used heavy towing chains because the winds could be so strong!

    2. Betty Klosterman

      Jo in windy Wyoming — You really get it bad. There isn’t much out in the open to slow the wind down.

      I guess I do think too much, but it does amaze me that the birds and other animals who have had no computer, no colleges, no education or help, but they build wonderful nests that withstand storms and blizzards that protect the babies from the elements. They don’t complain they aren’t getting free money, their rights are taken from them, they should be handed everything they want – FREE?

      I have more thoughts but I’ll not get into them.

      In the meantime, we quilters can sew to our little heart’s content. I’m sure we each have several piles of different fabrics, the pattern, etc for at least 10 different quilts??? This is the time to go for it! And just look at the beautiful things we make. I always hope that the little old ladies are looking down and seeing what great quilts are projects of their stashes.

      Keep sewing. It lasts a lot longer than dusting the furniture???? Betty in Rapid City

  3. Cindy K

    I like that curtain fabric. I’ve made curtains for my kitchen (more than once) and for the bathroom. The most recent ones in the kitchen were made from placemats for the valance ($3 for a set of 8 at a garage sale) and the curtains were made from a linen sheet purchased at the thrift shop for a dollar.
    What is that pink plant? Very interesting.
    I too just recently got done watching 6 feet under. Made my grandson’s graduation quilt and have another top nearly completed (another from plaid shirts) all while watching that series. Oh the webs that people weave!

  4. Jeanie s, Central IL

    I love your pretend grands; you are all adorable! By the looks of that photo, I am surprised you didn’t blow away.
    All these pictures are great. I especially like your purple star quilt and the cute cocker spaniel on a pretty quilt. 😊
    I gathered from tonight’s weather report, your wind will probably show up here. It will be a sewing day. I, also have curtains to make—for our camper.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  5. Sue in OR

    They are reporting that we are to finally have nicer weather starting tomorrow. Oh Joy!! Can’t wait. It’s pouring right now as I write this.
    I love the star quilt…especially that purple rose fabric. No wonder you did not want to cut it. I plan to send for the star quilt pattern. It looks like a fun one to make and fast, which is what I need right now.
    Valances. I need to make one for our door which has a window in it. I had let the previous ones hang for so long they came apart in the wash. Maybe we should have valance and curtain photos.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – window pictures! What a great idea!!! I’ll get these done and then announce our next series.

  6. Martha W in WY

    Love that pot of pink plants. I’m wondering if it’s a cactus of some kind. We will have wind gusts of 70+ mph today. My poor hubby has to be out in it working on farm equipment. I feel for anyone who has to work outside or drive in this weather.

  7. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    I love your Glory Star quilt! What a great pattern for showcasing favourite fabrics. I think I have it in my pattern stash, going to look for it this evening.
    I am a valance person too, especially for windows that don’t have full drapes, but only a blind or nothing. Windows look a bit naked if they don’t have a valence or a drape. Made new drapes last year for the dining room and a matching valence for the kitchen window. It looks so cute.

  8. Donna Jo

    How fun your pretend grands came to help plant pumpkins! They will enjoy the harvest and carving them. That cactus is beautiful! I made curtains and valances years ago for my bedrooms. Thankfully valences aren’t hard to make since you have so many to make.

  9. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Oh Mary, I know what you mean about 6 Feet Under. David and his Mom were my favorites and the very end where you see how each one of them passed, very moving. Great series! We enjoyed “David “in “Dexter “ next , it was also good 👍.
    Your pretend grandchildren are so sweet to come and help, they were raised right! Nice of their Mom to share.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – I did love David but Mom sorta drove me nuts. I couldn’t stand Brenda after awhile. I’m going to find Dexter.

      1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

        Oh Mary, be ready for death again. Just remember he only kills the people that deserve it. He’s a good guy. One of my sewing buddies told us about him and how much she loved him. I had to watch something else before bedtime or I was dreaming of it all.

  10. Linda

    I have never seen a cactus bloom like that….wow…

    Love the Glory Star quilt……

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I really like the fabric you are using for the valances. I prefer to see a valance on windows and I make seasonal ones for a small kitchen window I have.
    The pretend grandchildren will be looking for those pumpkins seeds to begin sprouting so nothing like gardening to keep hope alive. You’ll be teaching them how to drive the lawn mower some day.

  12. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

    I can’t believe the four of you did not blow right into Ohio! That is a strong wind which I think is coming here late Tuesday and Wednesday. Buddy will be in the basement and Squeak on the porch to watch!! Your star quilt with that beautiful fabric is stunning. I think I have that pattern–imagine that–lol.
    Take care everyone.

  13. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    What a day to try planting anything! I do not like to do that when it is so windy, which we have had plenty of this spring. I think you should call your pretend grandchildren your adopted grandchildren. They are so sweet to come and help you in so many ways. We had another .55″ of rain overnight. It was stormy around 2:30 a.m., and we had thunder and lightening, but no damage. My beans and cucumbers are still not coming up, just three or four of them so far and they have been in the ground for 4 weeks come tomorrow. Have a great day. Enjoyed all the pictures again today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – you’ve had much worse weather than us – I can’t imagine getting more rain. After 4 weeks I’m not sure your seeds are going to come up. Yes, they could be adopted. They think it’s funny to be called pretend grandchildren.

  14. Joy in NW Iowa

    So nice you have some pretend grandkids! I’ll bet they love cookies! 🥰.
    All the pictures are so neat.
    Everyone talks about the wind! And windy it is, plus, we were in the safe place in the basement last evening! Yikes! Plus, it was looking like it was going to just rain and then wham…get in the basement! As far as I know, none touched down! We did receive an early hard fast rain with that system. No farming in the near future! It’s been 2 weeks since they started planting and it’s been a long cool wet two weeks! But, we did need the moisture so bad!
    I hope everyone stayed safe during the storms! Betty in Rapid City hope your trip to the foot doctor was good.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – the storm arrived here after I was in bed and I don’t know if we had warnings or storms although after the first crack of thunder Hazel was wrapped around my head! Haha!! I just hate the wind – I can’t work outside again today – just too miserable.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – forgot to say they asked if we could make cookies but I’d already made some so they were still cooling in the pantry. I took supper and cookies to my neighbor who is housebound and uses only a walker. He has a dog named Ellie that I love.

  15. Diana in Des Moines

    I too love the Glory Star quilt! Sent my $5 this morning.
    I like valances. A bare window is so boring, don’t you think?
    Been watching the Cubs. We were without access due to my hubs switching to You Tube TV. I whined long enough, so he signed up for Marquee streaming, and now I can watch ALL the games. I am a happy camper!
    Finished up my 14th donation quilt of this year. My goal was 12 for the year. Now I can work on something else until I have to start sewing for our Christmas craft sale.
    almost 1 1/2 inches last night in my rain gauge, and thankfully, no wind this morning!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – are you talking Chicago cubs? I bought the WNBA – if it’s just the money keeping me from watching what I want, then I guess I’ll have to pay for it because I want to watch what I want to watch!!! We still have the wind today and I just can’t work outside another day in it. I’ll make curtains instead.

      1. Diana in Des Moines

        Yes, the Chicago Cubs. Been a fan since I sat at my dad’s knee and listened on the transistor radio! It’s not the money, we had to buy Roku or Fire sticks and I TOTALLY don’t get any of that so I resisted, but told him Sunday I NEEDED MY BALL GAMES! Happy wife, happy life!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diana – I can’t understand the tv anymore either. In fact I have to watch WNBA on my iPad because I don’t know how to put it on the tv!!! And I definitely Italy don’t know how to transfer it to the big tv for Rick

  16. Mareen Nedved

    Oh Mary – do you remember 20+ years ago when you made my curtains for my house in FC??? They were so cute and used them for years!! And the color of that quilt and the material are just beautiful!! Thank you for posting all the pics I know I do not send or write in much but this blog makes my day!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – yes, I do remember those curtains! I only know how to make one kind – ha! Im glad you enjoy the blog – I always appreciate the comments so much – otherwise it’s just me yakking on and on and I already know what I said – haha!!!

  17. NancyTD

    The kids sure have fun at your house! Hope it is a bumper crop of pumpkins.
    Love your quilt and the large print for the backing too. Slowly I use some of my stash. I think I will never see the end, though!
    Yesterday we worked like crazy to mow and trim the yard. It is another rain day today. By the time the sun comes out again it be too long again. It is a beautiful emerald green.
    Our road got graded and gravel yesterday. It was very dusty with the wind. A stay inside afternoon!
    Pictures are enjoyable. Nice fabric for your valances .

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      NancyTD – our road was treated just yesterday for dust – it’s so helpful. The county puts sodium chloride on the section just south of us to the north end of our property. It costs about $250 but is worth every penny! Yes, the kids want to sell the pumpkins – it was so windy we couldn’t put the seed packets on the markers so it will be a big surprise what comes up where. They couldn’t understand why I’d want to do that – they’ll understand as the pumpkins come up nd they don’t know what’s where. Ha – a learning experience for sure.

      1. NancyTD

        We get our chloride on May 21. Our road is about a third of a mile and 14 houses. Only 4 houses have paid so far. It seems the non paying are the ones who go the 30 mile speed limit and cause the dust! Why they can’t seem to understand they use the road is beyond us! I think it is very disrespectful.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Nancy – isn’t that the way of the world? There are the workers and the non workers, just like the payers and the non payers. And the non workers/payers seem to come out the best. Very discouraging.

  18. Jackie Baumhauer

    My husband and I watched it years ago. We looked forward to watching it every week. Another good good one is “Mad Men”. I don’t usually watch TV, but I liked these two series.

    1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

      Oh, yes! Loved Mad Men , so cool seeing the 60s in the workplace😻!

  19. Marsha in MI

    That’s some crazy wind to be outside working in! How nice of the kids to help! You must be a fun “pretend” grandma!

    I have that sewing machine pattern! I should find it and cut it to take to retreat in September.

    Lots of nice reader’s pictures!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – I’m going to move that quilt to my sewing room – I have only one wall to hang quilts but I love the sewing machine!

  20. Li

    Oh dear. If you tied down a head covering or a cap you might have strangled yourself in that kind of wind.

  21. Connie R. in Wis.

    Love your Glory Star quilt and the beautiful fabrics you used. I’m going to have to use some of those special fabrics I’ve been saving too. Better to enjoy them in a quilt instead of in a shelf. Thanks for spurring me on to use them.

    So many of the Country Threads patterns are timeless! New colors and fabrics reinvent them all over again. One of my favorite Country Threads patterns is Mr. Green Jeans. I’ve made it several times with recycled denim or chambray along with fabrics from my scraps. So much fun to make too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, yes! I had forgotten about Mr, Green Jeans – great one for scraps.

  22. Gloria from CC

    Love the Glory Star quilt and I think I have that pattern somewhere. A good quilt to finish before July 4th.
    We’ve been in WI for the last week so we missed that wind. I hope we don’t arrive home to a bunch of damage. Caitlin got her first pontoon ride on Sunday and today she met all my Churchberries friends (Rice Lake,WI quilt guide that I have belonged to for 17 years). Everybody wanted to hold her and pet her. Love the flowering cactus.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – and so easy and so fast – yes, I should make it again in r,w,b! And Caitlin met her new WI fan club! So fun!!!

  23. Viv in Idaho

    Love to hear about your pretend Grand kids. What a special gift for them and you!

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