A Slow Day, 5-7-24

Routine clinic appointment and more curtain work.

Can’t find Dexter on Netflix – someone recommended it.

Right now I’m watching Baby Reindeer which is very startling – about a woman stalking a man and to make matters worse, it’s a true story!!!

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  1. Jean Ruger

    Dexter isn’t on Netflix anymore so I’ve requested it from our library. Can’t wait to get started. I watched Six feet Under a few months ago and enjoyed it…. especially the last episode. It would be fun to discuss the characters in a book club, wouldn’t it?
    If you haven’t watched Rust Creek on Netflix, it’s very suspenseful til the very end. It’s a good one!

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary , Quiet day here.Last evening was rolling thru facebook and this quilt came up I had never seem. I have only been quilting for 8 years off and on. I spent most of the day trying to find the pattern , mo luck so I made a pattern from the picture. the name of the quilt pattern is Old Mill Path and is an antique pattern from 1929. when I was shutting down my computer for the night the pattern popped up and Missouri Star has the pattern. She also has a video which I watched. I ordered the book and drunkard path templates. this design reminds me of drunkard path but in reverse. I have several applique pieces I am planning on working and hope in between I can make this Old Mill Path in soft summer colors rather than a dark and light pieces. I have to work around things here on the homefront doing things inside and outside. Need to get the tomato plants in I started from seed. Some seeds were from a tomato that i liked last summer from the local produce stand. We will see how thing go. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va PS do you have a safe room in case of storms? We do have one but it is my canning room and has steel beams and underground. Not that we use it but only once for a tornado in 37 years in this house. I have been in Iowa and it is so flat. Here we are between 2 mountain ranges.

    1. Connie R in Wis

      Carolyn- I watched the video on the Old Mill Quilt and, I just love it. Thanks for telling us about that pattern. I have a lot of projects already but, I may have to order the pattern and template. I look forward to seeing Mary post a picture of your finished quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – I’m going to look up Old Mill Path!! We go to our basement when needed and take dogs with us. I hope we don’t have to go down this summer because Telly can’t manage it and I’d just have to stay upstairs with her. Our tomato plants are here but not planted yet.

  3. Cindy K

    I have watched Baby Reindeer. It’s an odd one alright. Also watched Dirty John-it’s also true.

  4. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    I didn’t care for baby reindeer. We watched “ the holdovers” last night, very good, on Netflix. Set in 1970. Also “ the Judge” with Robert Duvall and Robert Downy Jr. , a lot of people I recognized. 😻

    1. Hank's Mom

      We watched The Judge on Sunday evening. Good movie. Really enjoyed seeing Robert Duvall again.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Hank’s Mom – The Judge is up next. I really didn’t like Baby Reindeer – scary.

  5. Tina H.


    Have you ever watched Netflix series called Longmire? I watched several years back and really liked it. It is currently available.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      LOVE Longmire!!! I get it on the Outlaw channel. It has westerns. One movie I happened to see in passing must have had a really low budget. The trees that were between the road and camera had been moved into place. The leaves really in need of water and drooping. I suppose nobody was supposed to notice?
      Mary, you could probably really use the “slow” days and let your body unwind. When it rained, the farmers back home went to town.
      My tonenails are all trimmed nice. They are a challenge. And I got a battery for my watch. It has been 2 hairs past a mole for 3 weeks.
      The storms for the midwest are really set for tomorrow. Hope the reports are wrong?
      Take care. Betty in Rapid City

      The storms are really

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Betty – I, too, loved Longmire and wish there were more seasons to watch. Yes, I should use those slow days to rest but honestly it just depresses me to waste my time. There’s so much I want to do – always – and I’ve been like this since a kid. Just yesterday I told my dr the same thing. I have only so much time left in my life – I want to fill it. I haven’t heard that phrase for years – 2:hairs past a mole!!!!! Haha! Love it!

  6. Jo in windy (again) Wyoming

    I wish I had a TV in my sewing room! Sounds like I miss a lot of good shows.

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l watched a few episodes of reindeer, but gave up. Watching grays anatomy now, 20 series, will be something while l quilt in the afternoon, load of rubbish , immature doctors, idiot patients, everyone busy hooking up! Sends me to sleep, but some medical things interesting. Dexter too gory, l go off programs when they have zombies etc in them,give me proper English musders, Agatha Christie etc!
    Getting my next quilt organized, stars ,string pieced, black background, hope it puts a dent in the scrap bags! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – honestly I thought of giving up on Baby Reindeer but Netflix rated it #4 this week so I continued. Do things like this happen in real life? I lead a very sheltered life so I don’t know. It was shocking to me and I’m not sure I could recommend it.

      1. Sandy

        Hi Mary, l think there is a world out there that l don’t want to be part of,leave me in past with 60,s music etc.But then there are many modern things like this group communicating that bring us friendship and fun, so maybe we can have the best of both worlds! (If only we could get rid of the aches and pains too!)

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sandy – oh, you are so right! I was just telling Rick about that awful show. Just bizarre.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Can’t help you with tv suggestions cause mine are basic channel shows and no drama which I like. I tend to read more in the evening to unwind. We don’t even have tv at camp so it’s quiet while I do handwork or cutting of fabric.
    I’m curious what the pattern of yours Mr Green Jeans looks like. I don’t recall seeing that one. Peaked my curiosity when you said scrap buster as they keep accumulating.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I’ll do a search for Mr. Green Jeans – I can’t hardly remember more than the name. And I live by the tv or Netflix – I do enjoy quiet tho so when Rick is gone everything is turned off. I like hearing the birds outside.

      1. Kathy in NY

        Thanks. Is this one of your missing patterns? Nothing like peace and quiet sometimes. Now tonight if my husband goes to camp by himself as he wants to take the old golf cart up and has it loaded on the trailer, I’ll stay home – me and the dogs and the food don’t all fit! I’ll be happy to catch up on Ghosts, When calls the heart and turn the music station or read. Funny an hour drive away and you feel like it’s an immediate vacation.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy – found Mr, Green Jeans – maybe I’ll make a small one to show and then make it available to readers.

  9. Donna Jo

    We saw Baby Reindeer and thought it looked interesting. I did watch Dexter and enjoyed it. My husband watches Outlander on Netflix. I watched the first season and it was good. Other than Wheel of Fortune, I don’t watch a lot of tv. I prefer to listen to music when I’m sewing. I make too many mistakes when I watch tv.

  10. Vicki Ibarra in Iowa City

    I will say that I enjoyed Longmire. My husband often scrolls through TV series and finds many more to watch than I am willing to invest my time in. We did enjoy Outlander. And as silly as Ted Lasso seemed in the trailers, I truly enjoyed that series. Someone asked me what I liked about it and I said it ended up being about kindness. We have watched one episode of The Brokenwood Mysteries (a British show where your first clue is when the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side of the car). I am willing to watch a few more episodes to see where it goes. When it rains, I sew/quilt or watch a little TV. I can’t do both at the same time.

    1. Sandy

      Hi Vicki, brokenwood is a new Zealand tv series enjoyed all around the world! Got to wave my flag for the kiwis!

  11. Joy in NW Iowa

    Yesterday was a recover day after the storms on Monday evening! There was damage within 7 miles in both directions! Good thing we were in the basement!
    Yesterday, Tuesday, was our sew day for the community mission group that makes ‘dignity’ kits for girls. A group packed 30 kits for Ethiopia. Plus, everyone else was doing their ‘thing’! Serging, cutting, sewing, etc. fun group of ladies!
    There is a chance of showers this afternoon into tomorrow. Be in the alert!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – last night we had a very sudden and terrible wind about 8 pm. I didn’t really think tornadoes but more like straight line winds. More rain today. You were lucky having no damage and in the basement!!

    2. Kathy in western NY

      Joy, I’ve made the dignity kits too for girls with a charity sewing group and I often wonder if that’s the only thing sergers are used for anymore but I see they are going for a good price at our thrift stores so must be back in demand. I use to serge pillowcases too but haven’t done that in a long time. I’m glad I kept mine as I think I’d go back using my yardage for pillowcases for Sleep in Heavenly peace group.

  12. Sharon F

    I don’t watch TV, so I can’t help with recommendations for shows. I read for relaxation and entertainment. I want to say a big Thank You! to whoever it was that recommended the Cork O’Connor series by William Kent Krueger when Mary asked us to name a favorite book a few months ago. I’ve been reading that series and am finding it to be very good. Interesting characters are good pacing. Really enjoying it!

  13. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    We like Longmire, too. We also like any BBC shows on PBS like Brokenwood, All Creatures, and others. We are enjoying Elsbeth on CBS–she is a riot:)
    Betty K., I loved your description of your time being “two hairs past a mole”!
    We had tornado warnings all around us last night, but they went North of us. Not sure if any touched down.
    Poor Buddy has a pillow with a fleece on top next to the basement refrigerator. He is sooo afraid of thunder. Squeak goes out on the porch to watch them. ODD children:)
    We are off to Tina tonight as part of the Broadway series in Columbus. We have heard it is very good.

  14. Janet S

    A really good Netflix series , ‘Lincoln Lawyer’. Very well written etc.

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